Mon.Mar 11, 2019

10 Ways to Fight the Decline in Organic Reach on Social Media

Social Media Today

Struggling to maintain your social media referral traffic as algorithm shifts reduce the effectiveness of your approach? Check out these tips

Fostering Community and Hope One Story at a Time

Waxing UnLyrical

Guest Post by Christy Silverthone. It wasn’t long ago that I was on one of Shonali’s Pioneer Calls , seeking advice for a campaign I was working on called, “ Safe Families for Children, ” a volunteer-based respite resource for families going through a crisis as well as an alternative to foster care.

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New Social Media Advertising Opportunities Outside of Facebook

Ignite Social Media

In this day and age, advertising on social media is practically a must if you want your target audience to see your brand message. With just under $24 billion in ad revenue in 2018, Facebook seems to be the basket that marketers have chosen to place all their eggs.

Tips For Improving Your Business Finances

The Realtime Report

Tips For Improving Your Business Finances. When you’ve invested your time and money in a business, as well as making sure you make an impact you also want to get a return on your investment. For this reason, keeping your finances as low as possible is a must.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

FREE Webinar: Converting Customers with Social Media Content

Ignite Social Media

Be honest. Are you still planning social content using a monthly calendar? Through experience, we’ve found this won’t drive business results. We’ve created a new approach that converts customers through social media content.

How SEO can (and should) inform social media marketing

Sprout Social

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are two major points of focus for most digital marketers these days. They have co-existed for ages, yet they are seldom used in conjunction. This is unfortunate because both of these industries have grown and matured quite a bit over the years side by side, and they have a lot in common: both SEO and social media marketing aim at reaching and connecting with your potential customer.

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Interview with SMSsummit speaker Lauren Brommer of Cisco

Social Media Strategies Summit

Lauren Brommer is an experienced digital marketer with a passion for social media. Currently at Cisco , Lauren leads the US social media strategy where she works cross-functionally to ensure customers are met with engaging content on Cisco’s social channels, insights from social listening inform the go-to-market strategy, and the power of a live event is multiplied through social reach.

Six Signs That El Niño Is Very Healthy Right Now

Forbes Social Media

Six weather and climate factors indicating a healthy El Niño right now


The Three Most Crucial Takeaways For Brands From Shoptalk 2019

Forbes Social Media

Shoptalk 2019 offered a lot of insight into the top concerns for retailers, and shed light onto possible strategies for succeeding in the future

Global Mass Surveillance And How Facebook's Private Army Is Militarizing Our Data

Forbes Social Media

In our rush to livestream our lives into Facebook’s walled garden, we are signing away the rights to our privacy, our thoughts and even our likenesses to a private company that can do what it pleases with our information and is under no obligation of any kind to tell us what it does with our lives

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Why Eschewing Public Engagement Is Your Nonprofit's Key To Facebook Live Video Success

Forbes Social Media

Nonprofits often wonder why their Facebook content -- and particularly their live-streaming videos -- are not receiving a lot of traditional engagement. But success often comes when nonprofits look beyond the 'like' button to measure genuine impact

It Turns Out We've Been Concerned About Facebook's Privacy Since The Beginning

Forbes Social Media

Is our conversation about Facebook and privacy something new, born of the Cambridge Analytica scandal or did the events of last year simply bring the dormant issue of privacy back into the global conversation after three years of silence

Twitter's Anti-Harassment Tools, Reviewed

Forbes Social Media

They're just okay? The new ones recently announced seem the best yet

The Intrusiveness Of Internet Advertising: The Not So Hidden Persuaders.

Forbes Social Media

Consumers' ability to control when and how they watch ads on the net is being eroded by the increasing intrusiveness of online advertising. The risk that many consumers will be alienated is high

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Social Media Isn't Faster Or Better Than The News

Forbes Social Media

In a world in which data is increasingly seen as a bulwark against misinformation, perhaps we should spend a bit more time reexamining all of the truisms we take for granted about what our data actually tells us

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7 Steps - To Avoid The New Instagram Cryptocurrency Fraud Wave

Forbes Social Media

Following a new wave of Instagram Cryptocurrency fraud in which fraudulent sellers offer luxury brands to anticipated buyers at bargain prices, each user that consider a purchase of an item via Instagram might review a potential purchase using the following seven-step process. NASDAQ:FB

Price 45

New Cryptocurrency Wave Of Fraud Hits Instagram In Sweden

Forbes Social Media

High-end brands, as well as consumer electronics, have recently been advertised for spot prices up to 300 Euros primarily to the general public. Individuals are being asked to transfer crypto and when transfer is completed, the seller vanishes with the money and the products are never delivered. NASDAQ:FB

Price 44