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How Social Bookmarking Works [Plus 7 Tools To Help You Do It]


That’s where social bookmarking comes in. Bonus: Download a free guide to learn how to use social media monitoring to boost sales and conversions today. What is social bookmarking? Social bookmarking is a way for users to search, manage, organize, and share web pages. How does social bookmarking work?

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How to Syndicate Your Blog to Digg

Ari Herzog

It used to be taboo to promote your own blog articles on Digg but, since June 2010 when the social bookmarking site was improved, this is no longer frowned upon. Presuming you have an RSS feed for your blog, you merely have to log into your Digg account and follow the prompts to verify to Digg you are the owner of your blog.

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YouTube - Diigo V3: Highlight & Share the Web! Social Bookmarking 2.0

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Social Bookmarking 2.0. Diigo: By far the best social bookmarking tool out there! bookmarking. Social Bookmarking in Plain English. Social Bookmarking Tutorial: Using Social Bookmarking: Making the Web Work for You. & Social Bookmarking.

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Nine Notable Uses for Social Bookmarking

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Webupon > Social Bookmarking. Nine Notable Uses for Social Bookmarking. Bookmarking doesnt need to be limited to tracking websites for yourself. Social bookmarking sites excel at maintaining an online grouping of websites for many purposes (e.g. for ways to use social bookmarking more creatively?

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Know About Social Bookmarking Sites - Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

Social Bookmarking sites are handy at two levels. There are various sites that enable Social Bookmarking. The popular ones are Delicious, Digg, Stumbleupon and so on. What happens at Social Bookmarking sites: At initial level you start off by registering like you would at any other Social site.

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122 Social Bookmarking Sites and How To Use Them

Little Web Giants

The last few years have seen many in the SEO community proclaiming that social bookmarking sites are dead. Black hat and grey hat techniques that were effective prior to Google’s Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda updates often leant heavily on social bookmarking sites. How to use social bookmarking sites.

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Confessions and Reflections of a [Former] Digg Addict

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

In the past few weeks, however, even Digg’s other top users are seeing that Digg is becoming more difficult of a social news site to enjoy, and after stepping away from Digg for awhile, I have some thoughts and reflections on how it was and possibly how it should be. The community had to react. Completely.

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