Here’s How to Make Snapchat Notifications Private on iPhone


Getting notifications on your home or lock screen is one of the best services you get absolutely FREE of cost. & imagine you stop getting app notifications, there is a possibility that you may miss out on some important info that could’ve been useful for you.

How to Fix iPhone Reminders Not Working


If you use Reminder app for your daily work management then you very well know the pain of missing an important appointment because of your iPhone reminders not working. Also Read: How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling On iPhone. Check Notification Settings for Reminders.


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Best Weather Apps for iPhone In 2021


Here we have accumulated a list of the best Weather Apps for iPhone. Also Read: Best Currency Converter Apps For Android and iPhone. Best Weather Apps for iPhone: 1. MyRadar Weather Radar: The first app on our list of Best Weather apps for iPhone is MyRadar Weather App.

How To Use iPhone’s Secret Button- ‘Back Tap’ on iPhone?


We are today going to reveal the name of the iPhone’s secret button. With the list of improvements and new updates iOS14 has also introduced a new button on iPhone 12 and iPhones working on iOS14. Back Tap- The Secret Button On iPhone. Which iPhones Support Back Tap?

What To Do If the iPhone Screen Went Black?


There are several iPhone users (especially iPhone X and 8 users) who are facing a hard time dealing with a black iPhone screen. Reasons Why You Are Seeing A Black iPhone Screen: Software issues. Culprit App is causing iPhone black screen.

App Providing Shortcuts on iPhone Returns From Ban

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Launcher was banned by Apple last year for a violation of their design guidelines, due to the ability of the app to create a widget that leads to other applications and functions on the iPhone. Launcher adds shortcuts to your notification center to make it easier and faster to call a contact, open an app, get to social media and more. It will also walk through how to install the app into your notification center in four easy steps.

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How To Refresh WhatsApp in Android and iPhone


So, keeping this in mind, I have come up with an idea to write an article on how to refresh WhatsApp in Android and iPhone (apple). How To Refresh Whatsapp in Apple IPhone. How To Give Access To WhatsApp on Your IPhone device. Now you have learned the process of how to refresh WhatsApp on the android device, let us see how we will refresh WhatsApp on the iPhone. How To Refresh WhatsApp Contacts on iPhone (Apple). STEP 1: Open your WhatsApp app on your iPhone.

Stepwise Guide To Set A Custom Ringtone On iPhone


Make your own custom ringtone and use it for your calls or other notifications. Do you ever wish to have a custom ringtone on your iPhone but always dropped the idea because of paying Apple a certain amount? This article is all about creating and setting a ringtone on the iPhone of your choice. I’m going to help you learn how to change and set a custom ringtone on iPhone with a step by step guide. Also Read: How to Record and Capture Screen on iPhone and iPad.

How to Import Photos From iPhone to Windows 10 in 2021


The case isn’t quite the same with the iOS device if you are planning to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10 PC. Here we are majoring in focusing on importing photos from iPhone to Windows 10 PC because if you look at the facts, nothing else covers more space on our devices than images.

Unlock iPhone Even after Wearing Face Mask


release that may have a new feature that will let you unlock your iPhone even if you are wearing a mask. Release Brings COVID-19 Notification API & New Features. Additionally, the much talked Exposure Notification API that will be a great collaboration of Apple & Google to help the world prevent COVID-19 spread. release we can expect that the iPhone users who would be trying to unlock their devices will see another security layer to pass.

How To Factory Reset iPhone: A Complete Guide


Every user who is factory resetting his iPhone has its own reasons and requirements. For some it is a last resort to fix an iPhone that is facing problems like crashing of apps, running slow and getting stuck at home screen. Why to Factory Reset an iPhone?

How To Make Chrome As A Default Browser On Android & iPhone


But first, you need to install it from respective app stores for mobile devices i.e. Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone and directly from Google’s website for Windows or Mac. Locate Apps & notifications. Set Google Chrome Default Browser On iPhone.

15 Awesome Social Media Apps for iPhone

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Tweetbot is an iPhone app for managing Twitter. Quick reply from notifications. You kick off the live streaming from your iPhone but then you can switch to various cameras or to a desktop view. Buffer’s mobile app is another iPhone tool that is simple and easy to use with a good design. You can now build them on your iPhone app! The post 15 Awesome Social Media Apps for iPhone appeared first on Social media and content marketing technology.

Tweetie 2: The Best iPhone Twitter App


Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Halloween Mania Music Mix | Main | Time to Elf Yourself for the holidays » November 10, 2009 Tweetie 2: The Best iPhone Twitter App Tweetie 2 is the successor to the popular original Tweetie iPhone app by atebits. It is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, now! Tweetie 2 is so far ahead of every other iPhone Twitter app, it's astounding.

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How to Screen Record FaceTime with Audio on iPhone, iPad, & Mac


So let’s check out the ways to screen record FaceTime with sound on iPhone, iOS. & & Mac : Screen Record FaceTime With Audio On iPhone. Screen recording FaceTime with sound on iPhone is possible without any third party support. The Screen Recorder in your iPhone is enough to record the screen on FaceTime call. Just follow the below steps & get your video recording with audio: Go to Settings on your iPhone.

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SoundCloud Mobile App Adds iPhone Playlists Feature


Their current move is to entice users to use their service rather than having stacks of music downloaded onto their phone with a feature that allows you to create playlists right on your iPhone. Those who have the SoundCloud mobile app on their iPhone can simply tap the options button, located next to the heart button, on any song. You can now build up those lists on your iPhone instead of building them on your desktop at home and only listening passively on the go.

App Of The Week: Mailbox

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This week’s app can help iPhone and iPad users do just that. Secure transfer and notifications. You can also choose to have it send you push notifications on your phone, letting you know when you have messages you need to take care of. Apps Mobile Apps Mobile Tips apps checking email gmail ipad iphone mobile apps new way of viewing your inbox push notifications

Don't Take A Technology Sabbatical

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From the overall sound of the device to notifications on every applications or piece of software. I don't need to leave the iPhone away from my bed, because it is my alarm clock. The truth is that you will never need a sabbatical from technology, if you simply start taking control back from notifications and alerts. . iphone. notifications. How long can you go without your smartphone? Let's be candid. Very candid.

Quitting The Internet

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We will be talking to someone, and our smartphone will beep (or, worse, we will think of something else) and completely implode whatever connection is in front of us for some alert on our iPhones. How many notifications do you have set up in your life? A notification that a meeting is about to happen? How to take your life back (without making your daughter create an access code to your iPhone). My smartphone and laptop have zero notifications. iphone.

Don't #Unplug From Technology

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How many notifications do you have set up in your life? A notification that a meeting is about to happen? My smartphone, laptop and tablet have zero notifications. There is only one notification set and that is a customized vibration tone on my iPhone for when my spouse calls and/or texts me. Instead of letting the technology and their notifications manage you, start managing your technology and notifications. iphone. notifications.

You Don’t Have ADHD, You Have A Thousand Obligations: Finance Apps That Help


No wonder your spaghetti notebook is afraid to send you notifications! Android Apps iPhone Apps Tech & Gadgets android finance app finance app finance apps iphone android apps iphone finance app iphone iphone apps So the first of the month flitted by. As did the fifth, and then subsequently the month ended. Oh, months, will you ever change your ways?

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FINALLY! A Viable Solution For Posting Photos To Instagram From Your Desktop!

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The problem is, Instagram is really designed for use with mobile devices and the only TRUE way to get photos from your DSLR to Instagram is to transfer your photos on to the memory of your iPhone or the SD card of your Android device and upload the from the Instagram app. Essentially, you can schedule the Instagram post in Hootsuite and, when it comes time to publish, you will get a notification to complete the publication process in the Instagram app on your mobile device.

Check Out The Different Ways You Can Delete Apps on iOS 13


The avid iPhone users are quite aware about the issues they had to face with iPhones in the start. Once you are there, you will get the notification to remove the app from desktop or uninstall it from your device. How to Delete Apps on an iPhone (iOS 13).

Is Technology An Addiction, A Crutch Or Normal For Who We Are?

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I'm addicted to my iPhone. My simplistic technique (which I still apply and recommend that you do as well) is this: turn off all notifications, pings, rings, ringtones, etc. On the iPhone, you can create a unique tone/pulse for specific contacts. I don't think I do it more/less than the average bear, but because so much more of my life is operated through the iPhone (note taking, banking, travel, reading books, magazine articles, shopping, etc.), iphone.

Facebook Quiet Mode, What Is It & How To Enable It?


Facebook’s Quiet mode feature lets users turn off the push notifications. Using this mode, users can set a timer for the time they do not want any push notifications related to Facebook. When you enable Facebook Quiet mode , the main interface gets hidden by a full screen notification. This notification tells you how much time is left until the feature is active. How to Use Do not disturb Mode on iPhone.

Sleeping With Your Smartphone

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Before bed, I find myself doing one last glance at the inbox, checking Facebook and Twitter for some light entertainment, and then I usually switch over to my Kindle app to end the night with some book reading before my eyelids get heavy and I drop the iPhone on my face. Turn off all notifications. iphone. It used to be a whole lot simpler. I don't know about you, but I used to come from work and charge my smartphone at the small table near my front entrance.

Google Glass And Thinking Differently About Technology

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It was as fascinating as the first time I tried a mobile phone or put my hands on the screen of an iPhone. That while someone is standing in front of us, we can be making eye contact while truly being distracted by whatever notifications the glasses are pumping through. Citizens have moved from simple camera functionality to full-boar HD video that can be recorded and streamed live from an iPhone. iphone. Google's Project Glass is a very interesting product.

Scratch That One Little Customer Itch

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Last Thursday, Twitter deployed a handful of features that give us all much more control over the notifications that we receive. In short, you can disable notifications from people you're not sure of. All you have to do, is go to your Notification pane, tap settings and then hit "advanced filters." While it's only one little check-box with the words "mute notifications from people who haven't confirmed their phone" it has - without question - scratched that bad itch.

All You Need to Know About Making Phone Calls on a Mac


Here we are talking about making phone calls on a Mac & we know that it’s possible with the help of iPhone. But here we are discussing not taking help from an iPhone & directly try to make calls on a Mac: How to Make Phone Calls on a Mac. Obviously, you can receive calls on Mac as well as on iPad but while making calls, even iPad transfers the outgoing calling function to iPhone. Using the exact same iCloud account on both devices (your Mac & iPhone).

A Life Without Technology

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Many people are often shocked to hear that my iPhone never makes a peep. My iPhone will not beep, vibrate or blink when emails, tweets, or Facebook updates arrive. On the other side of this communication, I check my emails (and other digital notifications) when I want (not in the moment that they happen). digital notification. iphone. There's no doubt that technology brings with it some scary things. The scariest of them all is of the uncertainty.

The Most Powerful Stat You Need To Know About Online Video

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Many would argue that they simply won't pause The Avengers movie in their basement and continue the experience on their iPhone , while they head to work on the subway, but it's becoming apparent that we (the consumers) often say one thing and do another. It's downloaded on to my iPad and iPhone. Will I watch it on my iPhone? My experience in how I watch it (on an iPhone, iPad, laptop screen or TV) are wholly different engagement experiences. iphone.

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How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts from Your Desktop or Phone


How to manage multiple Instagram accounts from an iPhone or Android. How to have multiple Instagram accounts on iPhone or Android. Personal accounts use a mobile notifications workflow, so you’ll take the final step to publish on your phone. How push notifications work with multiple Instagram accounts. If you have push notifications for multiple Instagram accounts turned on, you will get notifications for all of them on your mobile device.

38+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools and Reviews

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Manage all of your social media accounts from a single login on your iPhone? A free online project management and collaboration tool, similar to Basecamp , that lets users switch between projects with one click, delegate tasks, track task changes, subscribe to tasks and receive notifications, and manage people on projects with groups. Cool iPhone Apps. 5 Awesome Spreadsheet Apps for the iPhone by Search Engine Journal.

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Here’s How to Free Up Space on Your Apple Watch


From iPhone to iPad, iPod, & Mac, every one of those Apple devices come with variants except Apple Watch. Yeah, when it comes to the iPhone or iPad, you can easily choose on the basis of RAM or memory but it isn’t the same with Apple Watch. Apple Watch & iPhone.

Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In

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Turn off your notifications. We love our iPhones (I love my iPhone). iphone. Is your head buried in your lap? After attending the TED 2012 conference in Long Beach, California last week, I could not help but think about how pervasive technology and media is in our lives. Surprisingly, I have not been thinking about it in the best possible light.

Here’s How You Can Keep Social Media Usage In Check


Disable Social Media Notifications. We are more inclined to pick up our smartphones and peep into a social media platform as soon as we see a notification. The best way to limit social media use is to disable these notifications.

How to Secure Google Drive with Face ID or Touch ID


How to secure Google Drive with Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone. Depending on your device, Google Drive app has Face ID and Touch ID on iPhone and iPad. For iPhone users, WhatsApp has released a Face ID lock option. Follow the below-mentioned steps to secure Google Drive with Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone or iPad: 1. While you are secure Google Drive Account with Touch ID or Face ID, remember that Privacy Screen may not protect: Notifications.

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My Apple Watch Review: 5 Reasons It Works

Jason Yormark

Also, the Apple watch is heavily dependent on your iPhone currently. Word on the street is that the next version or software updates may improve this, but for now, you must have an iPhone, and you can’t stray too far from it for the watch to optimally perform. Convenience – I have an iPhone 6 Plus. Having the Apple Watch drastically limits the need to pull my phone out when receiving any sort of message or notification.

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How To Record WhatsApp Video Call


You can opt for using inbuilt-features of your Android or iPhone device i.e. the already available screen recorder app. Here, we have listed some of the best ways with which you can record WhatsApp video calls on both Android and iPhone. How To Record WhatsApp Video Calls on iPhone? To record WhatsApp video calls on your iPhone with iOS 11 or later, you need to follow this simple pile of steps. Read Here: How to record screen on iPhone and iPad?

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Where do Facetime Live Photos go and How to Find Them


The shutter button appears when you start a FaceTime call via your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac device. Moreover, as of now, there is no way to stop the notifications on the device of other people while clicking live photos during FaceTime. However, to stop the notifications you can opt for taking a screenshot. If you wish to take a screenshot, press the Volume Up and the Side button of your iPhone or iPad. Also Read: Is Your FaceTime Not Working On iPhone/iPad?

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