Memejacking: How to Get Started Marketing with Memes

Waxing UnLyrical

Memes are one of those things. For most of us, memes are a trifling way to spend the day: a source of laughter or, albeit less frequently, inspiration. For marketers, memes may have come to represent something very different: an “in” with the “Internet culture” crowd.

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Marketing, Jacking and Mining Memes

Geoff Livingston

Image by MeMe. One bubbling trend in online marketing is meme marketing. Memes are ideas, behaviors or styles that spreads from person to person within a culture. Now guerrilla marketers and companies want to create their own memes. Another image by Meme.

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Meme time! How are you going to change the world in 2012?


I don’t know if Craig Newmark intended this post to be a meme, but what the hey, I’m taking that ball and running with it. First, read the post and all the great things several nonprofiteers are going to be working on in 2012.

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How to Know If Your Brand Should Hop on a New Social Media Trend

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Trends can be found everywhere but social media is the best place to find the freshest and most relevant trends today. The client is emailing you, asking if their brand should jump on the new social media trend that everyone seems to be talking about. How old is the trend?

Watching the Content Marketing Trend Fade to Black

Geoff Livingston

Content isn’t going anywhere, but the content marketing trend may be disappearing much quicker than we think. This trend movement more to do with marketers failing to deliver results with general content than the role branded content has on the Internet.

Free Tools for Monitoring Hot Search Trends

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Free Tools for Monitoring Hot Search Trends by Adam Sherk on October 1, 2009 This week Google started embedding a Hot Trends graph at the bottom of search results pages for queries that fall within their top 100 fastest-rising search terms, as seen in this example screenshot: While checking out search trends is interesting for users, it can also be valuable to publishers.

5 Exciting Social Media and Marketing Trends to Know in 2017 – Noah Kagan [SSM055]

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What if you could predict the future and gain access to the latest social media and marketing trends that will eventually make a huge difference in your business? 5 Exciting Social Media and Marketing Trends to Know in 2017. Talk about important marketing trends!

Seven Minutes To Viral Video Success

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Who would know better how to make an online video go viral than the person who is being paid to watch for trends on YouTube ? He is YouTube's trends manager and he sees what goes up (and what never makes it.or Are there trends that you can see when something does go viral? memes.

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Twitter’s New Tailored Trends Simplified

Shift Digital

Trends are Twitter’s way of helping you discover popular and emerging topics people are talking about within Twitter. How often do you check out the tailored trends in Twitter? For example, the tailored trends in my Twitter account at this very moment include #TellTheTruthTuesday (sounds x-rated to me), #SignsTheRelationshipisReal and #GirlsLoveItWhen. Remember tailored trends will be default so you must adjust your settings to keep seeing worldwide trends.

How To Create Stunning Social Media Posts For Holidays, Trends, Events And More

The Social Media Hat

Social Media How To Create Stunning Social Media Posts For Holidays, Trends, Events And More. PromoRepublic - the new Calendar of Content Ideas helps you create stunning social media posts based on holidays, trends, events and more.

Speakin' Like Them

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meme fun social media"If you wish to persuade me, you my think my thoughts, feel my feelings and speak my words." - Cicero I've previously cited this quote by Cicero as one that demonstrates the timelessness and universality of human nature.

4 Social Media Tactics That Are Going Away Like the Landline

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You don’t want to give off the vibe that you’re someone who is looking to spam them or clutter their newsfeed with memes and quizzes. The key to sustaining long-term success on social media is in our ability to adapt to the latest trends and ensure that we’re aware of the tides as they change.

Decoding the Facebook Algorithm: A Fully Up-to-Date List of the Algorithm Factors and Changes

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Posts that are timely or reference a trending topic. Would you call this a low quality post or meme? News and Trends Best Of Facebook FAQ Facebook Tips popularIf you do Facebook marketing , one thing that you might want to understand is the Facebook algorithm.

Keeping a Pulse on Stranger Things: A Look at Trends in Social Conversation

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And Billy’s character was probably the most polarizing this season – fans hated his character, but trends in conversation indicated that a lot of viewers loved his bad-boy, heavy metal looks. This post contains spoilers for Season 2 of Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” We warned you.

The Psychology of Change: How We React When Our Favorite Social Networks Shift

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And the memes started flowing. News and Trends Social Media MarketingInstagram changed its logo on Wednesday, and as with almost any significant change to a popular social network, the internet was split. Some loved it. Others disliked it.


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On any given day, if you take a look at the trending topics on Twitter , ( a good service for tracking that is ) you'll be treated with a barrage of those mini tic tac toe symbols, resulting in words, phrases and acronyms that ostensibly stand for something.

Everyone Can Now Create Twitter Moments: Here’s All You Need to Know

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When they originally launched, Moments were intended to help Twitter users keep up with what the world is talking about at any given time without having to follow loads of new people or watch trending topics closely. News and Trends Resources

5 Reasons Snackable Content is (Still) Awesome

Visually SM

This social media content category might be composed of small, easy-to-consume chunks of information—think a tweet, or a Facebook video, or an Instagram meme—but it is nonetheless a mighty force for the good of your brand.

The Technology Part to Your Content Marketing Plan

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As a question and answer social platform, Quora is a really good resource for finding trending topics. Meme Generator. If you’re looking to add some humor to your content mix, try using memes!

Why Transmedia Is The New Viral Gold For Influencer Marketing

The Realtime Report

Writer and analyst Kevin Allocca works with YouTube trends. If we were to unpack how this meme-able influencer embraced community remixing, it would look a lot like the inevitable shift from storytelling to storymaking.

How Nonprofit Pros Use Twitter


————— According to the most recent Nonprofit Communications Trends Report , 76% percent of nonprofits are now using Twitter. Don’t be so quick to jump onto trends and memes — they usually *aren’t* the right way to engage your community.

3 Ways Social Media Changed This World for the Better


It’s somewhat in trend these days to keep talking about how social media actually made us lonely. We keep sharing examples and funny memes on how people used to meet each other in person and these days everyone just keeps staring into their phones.

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4 Social Media Trends for Business in 2010


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact 4 Social Media Trends for Business in 2010 by Pam Dyer on January 22, 2010 Share StumbleUpon, Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, Digg, Xing… The list keeps growing as social media becomes intertwined in the daily lives of brands and consumers. While it’s easy to get caught up in the specific new technologies that are constantly emerging, companies should focus on business trends and themes in 2010.

Facebook Audience Optimization: Better Engagement and Insights for Pages

Jon Loomer

Use trending memes and hashtags. The suggestion of trending memes surprises me a bit since Facebook at one time punished memes in the news feed. However, the main point here is to tag related trending topics.

The problem with Facebook


Now the incentives are misaligned: - individuals want to see great content, but they are now seeing more paid content and organically shared content which appeals to the lowest common denominator (babies, weddings, and banal memes). WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Fewer PR Organizations Plan to Increase Focus on SEO and Social Media in 2011

Adam Sherk

And the number of organizations that stated they would focus less on SEO increased from 4% to 6%: While these are small changes I find the trend discouraging. At that time 57% for SEO was an encouraging figure: Let’s hope the SEO trend shifts back up in 2012.

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Harambe Live: Secrets to blowing up your company’s social channels

Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that became the biggest Internet meme of 2016, is now the subject of a tribute and viral marketing event. ” It’s a meme-heavy presentation that combines the two things Vincent is passionate about: social media and Harambe the gorilla.

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5 Attention Grabbing Twitter Marketing Tactics for Non-profits


Share fresh, trending content consistently. You could use visuals in a number of formats such as images, charts, infographics, memes and videos, to name a few. Twitter is perhaps one of the fastest-moving social platforms.

8 Tools to Curate Content for Social Media


This tool won the “trend setter” products award and many others. Type a keyword in their search engine and find stories (relevant news, live events, popular campaigns, conversations, and even memes) worth sharing on the topic.

6 Chrome Extensions That Are Perfect for Content Marketers


You can also stay up to date on all the latest trends within your industry as Pocket suggests content through the Recommended tab on its website. The tool also lets you create and add memes, tag influencers and even has a Coach that teaches you how to make good posts.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Launching a Branded Hashtag

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In 2007, anyone on Twitter could type in #SWSX and see what events at the Austin based conference were trending. Brands can also join into existing conversations, where it makes sense, by using trending hashtags.

Social Media & Government: Cutting Red Tape for Increased Citizen Engagement

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Social media isn’t just a way for us to send memes, find entertaining videos or keep up with the latest pop culture trends. It’s one of our primary forms of communication. In fact, social media was ranked as people’s top choice for customer care in our Q2 2016 Index.

How to Prioritize Your Social Media To-Do List

Simply Measured

While researching the best cat GIF’s and 90s memes can be fun, there is real work to be done and it can get very overwhelming on a medium that never stops. Staying up on industry trends.

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101 Marketing Tools and Technology Tips for 2017

Razor Social

According to Emailmonday , roughly 49% of companies use some type of marketing automation, and this is an upward trend. Compare Historical Traffic Trends. Being aware of what’s happening now is important, but so is looking back at your traffic reports to identify historical trends.

Georgetown Lecture: Social Gets Bigger and Blander

Geoff Livingston

have become a redundant meme over the past five years. The trend holds true for media as well. Mobile Social Media adoption augmented reality cmo study commenting facial recognition google input liking mobile pictures professional project glass sharing technology text trends

The 20 Best New Social Media Tools to Try in 2017 (And How to Use Them)

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As part of our State of Social Media 2016 campaign , we’ve scoured Product Hunt for the latest trending social media tools and created a list of 21 products for marketers and teams to try in 2017. Simply select the meme and will add the captions and effects for you.

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16 Tips for Using #hashtags HINT: You’re doing it wrong :P #socialmedia

Laurel Papworth

They are current and trending while happening, but rarely make it into a second or third week. Understanding Memes #PoopTweet and random stuff. Random Joke Memes. Hashtags as a popularity contest (trending, crowdsourced).

10 Unexpected Places to Find Business Blogging Inspiration

Writtent Blog

Integrating memes, trending television shows and films, or even celebrities into your content gives you an almost unfair advantage. Google Trends. He cautions against using any negative trends that could reflect poorly on your brand. Twitter’s Trending Topics.

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7 Emerging Content Marketing Specialties

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We’re increasingly hungry for visual content, and the wisest brands are producing a lot more videos, memes, images and Slideshows in response. Build your company around multi-talented content creators, keep a close eye on trends, and you’ll have nothing to fear from the future of marketing. Content Marketing Marketing Trends Online Marketing There’s just no question that the internet has drastically changed the face of marketing.

Is Wi-Fi Making You Anti-Social?

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Not only did the technology allow for the circumvention of traditional mass media, but use of social media in the Middle East and Africa also allowed for the proliferation of the freedom meme , the idea that the age of Arab autocracy is over and that the Middle East demands democracy. Social Media Research Alohanet David Murton Guest Posts social media and society social media research social media trends wi-fi wireless internet