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7 TweetDeck Alternatives You Should Start Thinking About

agora pulse

There is some very real talk about Twitter offering a paid subscription to power users which would be contained within TweetDeck. Its mobile app is already gone and there’s a very real possibility that the desktop version of TweetDeck could be removed or upgraded to paid only. What About Mobile TweetDeck Alternatives?

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Hootsuite vs Tweetdeck: I’m Going Owl The Way

Jason Yormark

For quite some time Tweetdeck was my preferred choice when it came to social media management software. And for awhile Tweetdeck was meeting my needs, but I just grew increasingly more frustrated with performance issues with the Adobe Air platform. It certainly doesn’t suffer from the slow downs I experienced with Tweetdeck.

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Five content marketing tricks of a great social media consultant

Sherrilynne Starkie

Here’s five content marketing tricks to improve content marketing initiatives. As in most professions, an experienced social media consultant knows certain tricks of the trade to content marketing work better, faster, easier. Dark Arts of Content Marketing. Trick 1: Be specific when setting goals.

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From Free to Exclusive: TweetDeck’s Subscription Shift To XPro

As all things social move to monetize, the popular social media management platform TweetDeck has transitioned into a paid service: XPro. As the “Pro” name suggests, XPro provides marketers, journalists and power users with tools to maximize their impact on Twitter.

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13 social listening tools for your brand in 2023

Sprout Social

You can then analyze the data to uncover insights that will inform your marketing decisions. This gives you a better understanding of your market and audience, so you know what’s trending and popular. The platform identifies upcoming trends so you can align your marketing strategy accordingly.

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How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency: Step by Step

agora pulse

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start a social media marketing agency. . Want to start your own social media marketing agency? In this article, I’m sharing hacks and advice on how to start your social media marketing agency. How to Delight Clients at Your Social Media Marketing Agency. A Brief History.

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The Top 10 Stress-Free Social Media Planning Tools


In the vast foggy sea of digital marketing, your social media planning tools can light the way forward. or FREE for all Hootsuite Enterprise accounts Who it’s for: Visual Instagram marketers 4. But, those who are primarily social media marketers may find the platform lacks capabilities. Try Hootsuite for free.