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Top 5 Best Ad Networks for Small Publishers in 2020| Adsense Alternatives


Is your Google Adsense approval getting rejected whenever you are applying for it? Also read, Google Adsense Tutorial. Whenever we speak about the best ad networks for bloggers, we think that Google Adsense is the best ad network. But to apply for Google Adsense, we have to stick to its terms and conditions.

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How to Make $30,000 a year Blogging


Lets look at a few: CPC Ads – lets say we’re running mainly AdSense on our blog and that the average click is paying 5 cents. That equates to 1643 clicks on AdSense ads (note: AdSense also runs CPM ads so it’s not quite as simple as saying you need 1643 clicks… but to keep this simple lets just go with that).

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How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View? We Tested It!


Either set up or have an active AdSense account you can link to your channel. YouTube’s CPM (cost per thousand impressions) varies per region. YouTube’s CPM varies by industry. Different ad types tend to net better views and different CPMs. CPM $70.82 CPM $70.82 Have advanced features access on YouTube.

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Link your AdSense and Google Analytics Accounts for some Profitable Analysis


Are you an AdSense publisher? It’s been possible to link Analytics and AdSense for a while now, but I come across plenty of publishers who are either yet to do so or who are not actually doing anything with this information. It had a higher than average CPM, a pretty good CTR, and decent traffic—an all-round good performer.

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Increase Your Income With Google Adsense

Viper Chill

You are here: ViperChill » Income » 6 Vital Lessons from a $200/day Adsense Account 6 Vital Lessons from a $200/day Adsense Account Written by Glen, this post has 92 Comments I’ve written about buying and selling websites quite a lot here as recently, that’s how I’ve been spending most of my time.

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How To Make More Money Blogging

The Social Media Hat

When I was running Google AdSense ads, allowing Google to place ads for related products on my home page, sidebar and in banners below blog posts, I was making a whopping $50 a month. Instead, I've found ways to create far more lucrative opportunities for myself and my blog, and they have nothing to do with Google AdSense.

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How to use YouTube Analytics to optimize your video performance

Sprout Social

If you’re a YouTube Partner with an associated AdSense account, you’ll have access to a couple of additional reports on how much you’re bringing in. Playback-based CPM: The estimated gross revenue per thousand playbacks. YouTube has seen its fair share of “Adpocalypses” over the years. The Estimated Earnings Report.

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