Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) | Safe or Not?


As the name suggests, Free and Open Source software (FOSS) is a crossover between Free Software and Open-Source Software. To understand all of this in-detail, let’s first understand what is an Open-Source Software? What is an Open-Source Software?

Can Open Source be Helpful to Extend Apple’s Home Automation to More Devices?


Extend Apple’s Home Automation Through Open Sources. Image source: Image source: This is where the Homebridge open source HomeKit extension comes to the rescue that helps other devices to connect with the Home app.


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Why aren’t there more women in open source (and what are you gonna do about it?)

Janet Fouts

I’m a big fan of open source and as a woman who mangles a line of code here and there, I’m constantly amazed when I see how few women there are working in the field. Instead it’s a celebration of some very cool women who work in open source right now and an invitation to you who might be thinking about working on an open source project, or making the choice to support open source projects and developers yourself.

Thank you and some free books for Christmas reading

The Way of the Web

Blogging books ebooks free books gaming hacking inspiration marketing open source pdf Virtual Worlds WritingIt’s the season of goodwill, so it seems a perfect time to say thank you to everyone that’s visited my blog, followed or message me on social networks, or kindly referred me to potential new clients. Plus everyone that’s helped me set-up sites, answered my own questions, and anyone that’s come along to the #DPiP meetups or chatted at conferences etc.

What is OpenVPN | OpenVPN Explained


But What is Open? OpenVPN as a protocol is an open-source protocol and contains rules and procedure to setup a secure connection by encrypting and creating a secure transport for the data to get transmitted from one place to another.

How To Cast Android TV To Windows 10


Being able to open videos, apps on the Play Store and navigate around the Android TV UI right from the comfort of your Windows PC. Go to Device Preferences and scroll down till you locate Developer Options and click it open. Source:

Google Chrome Under Attack, Here’s How To Stay Safe


The detected susceptibility is related to the open-source JavaScript rendering engine that Chrome and other browsers like Vivaldi, Opera, Brave, and Microsoft Edge based on Chromium use. We hope this information has been an eye-opener for you.

CentOS 8 Discontinued | CentOS 8 Replaced by CentOS Stream


Because Red Hat is open-source, CentOS simply used the scripts of Red Hat Distribution and made a new OS, which was, in fact, available for free. Keep visiting Tweak Library for more such updates.

Jitsi Meet VS Skype – Which is the best Video Calling App


Here we bring a quick comparison between Jitsi Meet, a new open-source free video calling app, and Microsoft’s Skype. Free open source. Jitsi Meet is an easy to use, open-source free video calling app. Open source, free to use video calling app.

Get All Guns Blazing And Block Ads On Android


Open Chrome. Blokada – It is open source and free. Source: Source: It is free and open source. For more such content keep reading Tweak Library. Android devices have become such an intrinsic part of our lives.

Best Custom ROMs For Android 2020


Not all but many devices support this free and open-source operating system for the Android mobile platforms. Lineage OS serves as the source development for other ROMs. Omni ROM is a custom Android ROM that is feature-packed and based on Android Open Source Project.

Microsoft Office vs Libre Office (Full Comparison)


However , one can easily download an extension from the vast library of add-ons available for Libre Office. You can open traditional MS Office file formats like Docx and XLS and can also run many more formats than any other office suite available in the market.

Easy Steps to Install Ungoogled Chromium


Chromium is the open-source framework and engine from which Google Chrome was derived. Open checksum calculator. For more such tech-related content, follow Tweak Library on all social media platforms.

Best Linux Video Editing Software To Get This Year!


Whether it is its open source nature or security purpose, Linux has always been considered as best for programmers. Kdenlive is built on QT and KDE Frameworks libraries and its video processing is operated by the MLT framework. . We are open for conversation too! .

Best GameCube Emulator For Android in 2020


It’s an absolute free & open-source video game console with the ultimate compatibility from Windows to Linux & Android. Like the Dolphin emulator, Nds4droid is also an absolutely FREE & open-source GameCube emulator you can ask for.

Seriously!! Can We Run Windows 10 on an iPhone X?


Image source: Add the source: [link]. An open source application, UTM functionalities are iOS 11+ supported and all free. . appeared first on Tweak Library. Who’d ever thought this would be possible?

How To Install Third-Party App Stores On Android


Android, an open source operating system, lets you tweak for more options and settings unlike an iOS device. Install from Unknown Sources. Once you toggle on the ‘Install from Unknown Sources’, rest of the process is similar just like it was to install APKs.

Ways To Monitor VPN Connection On Windows 10


– It Uses Open VPN. Which is an open-source protocol which prevents your connection from being detected by firewalls and filters. Source: When the Command Prompt window opens, type pathping and the remote PC’s hostname or IP address.

Check Out The Best Parallel Space Alternatives in 2020


Not every user is quite comfortable with using Play Store apps as users have had good experience with open sourced apps. So in case you are looking for open sourced Parallel Space alternatives, you must go for Shelter.

WHO is Ready to Launch Coronavirus App Today


The app has been developed as an open-source tool that will be quite similar to WhatsApp chatbot at the initial stage. . Image source: The post WHO is Ready to Launch Coronavirus App Today appeared first on Tweak Library.

GPS 94

Best Gmail Alternatives in 2021 ( For Security and Privacy)


Open-Source Email Service Provider. Open Source. That’s why our code is open source and basic ProtonMail accounts are always free.” This Open-source email service provider offers top-notch security features, including server-side email encryption.

Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps To Optimize Your Network Strength


Wi-Fi Analyzer (Open Source). Wi-Fi Analyzer (Open Source). Wi-Fi Analyzer Open Source app is yet another in the list. On the top-right, choose the Filter icon to open a number of options. For freshly curated tech content, keep following Tweak Library.

Can’t Uninstall Chromium? Here’s What You Can Do


Chromium is an open source browser which was released back in September, 2008 by none other than Google. Type Control Panel in the Windows search bar and click on open from the right-hand pane. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

10 Best Free WinZip Alternatives


This drawback is not appreciated by users because their data gets lost and they again hassle to get it from backup or the main source and here the need for a free WinZip alternative arises. No need for NXPowerLite to open compressed files.

Cost 70

How to Set Up a VPN on Your Router


Both the VPN Clients have a few features that makes us use them more including, third party tools, open source firmware, & absolutely FREE to use. The post How to Set Up a VPN on Your Router appeared first on Tweak Library.

How To 100

How To Manage Android App Permissions


Android is an open-source platform that gives the user a chance to tweak with its settings both as a developer and a user. Follow these steps: Open Settings. Open it and you will see two sections Allowed or Denied. Keep reading Tweak Library for more similar content.

The Feud Over Apple Privacy Label – Tech-Giants Don’t Like It


Also Read: Can Open Source be Helpful to Extend Apple’s Home Automation to More Devices? Note: We at Tweak Library don’t support any of the options mentioned above. Keep Visiting Tweak Library for more such tech-related content.

Best Advanced SystemCare Alternatives For Windows


This is a free yet open-source disk space cleaner and a distinctive computer system optimizer. Features : Free and open-source cleaning utility for Windows PC. Keep reading Tweak Library for more such content.

Best PushBullet Alternatives in 2020


Snapdrop is the only open-source web-based platform working across all platforms. Do not forget to follow Tweak Library on all social media platforms. The post Best PushBullet Alternatives in 2020 appeared first on Tweak Library.

Best Video Compressors For Mac 2021


It is open-source software that is available free of cost. Source code can be changed and the software can be changed to a sound compressor. The post Best Video Compressors For Mac 2021 appeared first on Tweak Library.

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Most Common Types of VPN Protocols


In Tunnel mode, data is sent through multiple tunnels created between the source and destination and is encrypted through different gateways. As the name suggests, this protocol is aimed at creating a secure tunnel between the source and the destination.

Types 95

The Best Final Cut Pro Alternatives 2020 (Free & Paid)


Though the UI design looks a bit old but the way this open-sourced & FREE tool works is commendable. The post The Best Final Cut Pro Alternatives 2020 (Free & Paid) appeared first on Tweak Library.

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10 Best Video Players for Windows 10 – 2020


VLC Media Player: Source: Wikipedia. Zoom Player: Source: Softpedia. Users can import the whole library videos and put them in a playlist. On the downside, it has no option to select a particular folder to add to the library, it rather scans for all the videos on the device.

Video 78

Anilinkz Alternatives And Similar Sites


Amidst so many anime streaming websites emerging online, there is a tendency to put them all in an extensive library which can easily be browsed and viewed. Anime Simple also has a dedicated team of developers who open-source changes they make to the website in the form of patch notes on the site’s sidebar. Large anime library with new titles constantly being added. However, it still has a large anime library, with new episodes and titles emerging every day.

Sites 100

10 Best Photos Viewer Alternative For Windows 10


You can also add or remove the background of your photos and can add a tag to them so that you can find them quickly while browsing around your photo library. It is the open-source free photo viewer which is used for photo editing and viewing which will accentuate your edited photos.

Cost 65

How To Use PowerToys On Windows 10?


Latest version of PowerToys for Windows 10 that was released back on *th May, 2019 and made available as open-source on GitHub. Once downloaded, open the executable file and follow the installation prompts. This further lets you view the content without opening the file.

How to Send Anonymous Emails: 5 Methods


Image source: Verisign Blog. Image source: Tech Grapple. Image source: Online Tech Tips. Image source: Finding Fuel. The post How to Send Anonymous Emails: 5 Methods appeared first on Tweak Library.

How to Reset Firefox To Default


Firefox is undoubtedly a secure, fast, reliable, user friendly open source browser that is used by millions of users globally. If you have any open tabs then they too will be reopened after the Firefox refresh.

The Best Alternatives to Google Authenticator For 2020


It inherits open-source base and has amazing features that make it an ideal choice for its users. We are open for conversation too! . The post The Best Alternatives to Google Authenticator For 2020 appeared first on Tweak Library.

Is Virtual Reality Finally Ready To Be Social?

Ignite Social Media

The folks at Facebook/Oculus sensing this shift, recently announced its forthcoming web browser, Carmel, which is supposed to bring virtual reality to the web through the use of applications built in a javascript library called ReactVR. ReactVR is sort of a misnomer in that it’s just Facebook’s existing React javascript library that works within browsers that support the WebVR API. Maybe…no, not really. Perhaps. I don’t know. Read on.

API 124