Thu.Nov 15, 2018

Social media news: Top 5 feat. LinkedIn’s Top Voices

Sherrilynne Starkie

The top five must-know social media news stories of the week feature a Google’s new app for small businesses, LinkedIn’s Top Voices list, Facebook welcoming in French regulators, Pinterest’s UX improvements and Instagram’s new time tracking feature.

6 essential ways to boost your Instagram growth

Social Media Today

Develop your community and gain visibility on Instagram through quality content, audience interaction and more

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How I Used Facebook Lead Ads to Create a Quiz

Jon Loomer

One of my favorite things to do is solve problems by using a tool in ways it wasn’t meant to be used. In this post, I will outline how I did that by using Facebook lead ads to create a quiz. First, credit goes to Lucas Elliott of our team.

Template for Your Social Media Strategy

Ignite Social Media

Social Media Strategy Template for 2019. With 2019 rapidly approaching, now is a good time to revisit your social media strategy. A lot has changed over the past year in terms of how people are using social, ad units, targeting capabilities and new media formats.

Introducing Stories Creator: Quickly Create Thumb-Stopping Content for Stories

Buffer Social

As a social media marketer, a big part of your job is to build awareness of your brand and drive conversions on various social channels. This could mean creating an engaging video for Facebook. Planning out and scheduling your tweets for the week.

Shazam! Some Experts Fell For a Fake Product From A Nonexistent Company In A Fraud Test

Tom Groenfeldt

Cyber and security professionals showed a charming willingness to provide personal information to a fake company with a fake product set up for International Fraud Awareness Week

Connect to People You Know

Ari Herzog

That’s the philosophy of Christina Milanowski in a LinkedIn conversation about why people connect with each other on social media sites. She elaborates why she connects with people: “My rule of thumb [on LinkedIn] is that I’ve met them in person or connected with them in the past and I could remember how if asked,” adding that her Facebook friendship strategy is if she’d recognize the person on the street and say hi.

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Get to connection faster: social customer care powered by HubSpot and Sprout

Sprout Social

Social media has evolved from a nascent marketing channel to an integrated part of all business functions. It’s become critical for businesses to develop a sophisticated approach for how they find, communicate with and support their customers on social.

Is LinkedIn Poised To Be The Next Big Social Network. For Brands?

Forbes Social Media

As companies seek new ways to engage customers, employees and stakeholders, while also wrestling with the fallout from scandals on Facebook and Twitter, a surprising number are turning to LinkedIn

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service


Customer service plays a central role in all businesses. Businesses are driven by customers, and when there are customers, there’s a need for customer service. But with the digitization and the increased usage of social media, the way brands work with customer service is changing.

Top 10 Thanksgiving Social Media Posts


Thanksgiving is not just about delicious turkey. It’s about family, friends and being part of something bigger. Here is the list of top performing social media brand content around Thanksgiving.

#237: 5 Ways to Create Binge-Worthy Content with Melissa Cassera

Amy Porterfield

To binge or not to binge…that is the question Ok, I have a confession to make…I totally LOVE to binge-watch certain shows like Housewives, Game of Thrones, and my latest binge has been The Handmaid’s Tale. So good! Anyway, I’ve heard from enough of you to know that you, too, love a good binge session. […]. The post #237: 5 Ways to Create Binge-Worthy Content with Melissa Cassera appeared first on Amy Porterfield | Online Marketing Expert.

Facebook, Facing Backlash, Fires PR Firm It Hired To Discredit Soros, Other Critics

Forbes Social Media

Facebook terminated its contract with Definers Public Affairs following a bombshell New York Times investigation that detailed how Facebook hired the Republican opposition researcher to counter criticism of its role in spreading Russian misinformation

10 of the Best Email Newsletter Templates We’ve Seen

Social Media Strategies Summit

By 2021, the total number of business and consumer emails sent is expected to reach 319.6 billion. That number is based on an expected annual growth rate of 4.4% since 2017. The reason for this growth is simple: email has a median ROI of 122%. That’s over 4x greater than any other marketing channel.

Why Amazon Runs Toward Government With HQ2

Forbes Social Media

Amazon will move to the seat of U.S. government with new headquarters in Northern Virginia — not to fight regulators but to join them. Government oversight can hinder business. But it works to the advantage of industry incumbents who spend big money to gain political influence

10 Tips to Help You Land a Job as a Freelance Blogger


The post 10 Tips to Help You Land a Job as a Freelance Blogger appeared first on ProBlogger. This post is based on Episode 185 of the ProBlogger podcast.

Do Algorithms Really Control Society?

Forbes Social Media

For all its vaunted technological might and all its claims that its behavioral engineering algorithms can readily nudge its users towards desired behaviors, Silicon Valley’s social media companies have managed only to create a toxic brew of horrific hate speech that they cannot seem to get rid of

How Facebook Changed From Utopian To Orwellian

Forbes Social Media

As the curtain is gradually pulled back on the workings of Silicon Valley’s social behemoths we are increasingly seeing that their public utopian image was merely a façade for a rough and tumble world so narrowly focused on growth at all costs that it almost destroyed democracy

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How To Buy This Chinese Social Media Leader For Less Than 6x EBIT

Forbes Social Media

SINA and Weibo saw their stock prices plummet by 50% or more since their recent highs on trade war concerns and the unexpected rise of Douyin, a Snapchat-like short-video platform that has already reached 500 million monthly users. As a result, SINA shares seem undervalued currently. SINA:NASDAQ TWTR:NYSE WB:NASDAQ

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Zuckerberg's Manifesto And Our Algorithmically Controlled Future

Forbes Social Media

As Facebook increasingly reorients its company towards an AI future in which algorithms make all decisions across the site, what does this future portend for democracy

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