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Perhaps the best question marketers can ask themselves when facing a future free of stuff is this: If you had to quit your current company and build a startup in the same vertical, how would you build it? nielsen. startup. Audio streams trump everything when it comes to music. That may seem obvious, but one could argue that it is both sudden and scary to see just how quickly consumer behaviour has changed.

Facebook Under Fire: Do Marketers Care?

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Clients from great startups to established Fortune 500 brands are continuing their bullish investment in Facebook advertising despite the accidental misreporting of video duration and completion metrics. In addition to Moat, Nielsen, comScore and Integral Ad Science , other partners will start to verify ad viewability and attention metrics in the next few months. Facebook has been under a lot of scrutiny over the recent discovery that its video duration metrics were incorrect.

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5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Scaling Startups


While large operations have the luxury of being able to dedicate entire teams to their social media marketing campaigns, startups simply do not have that option. Statistics from Nielsen show that 43 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when they hear about it on social media. Building and maintaining a social media presence is vital for businesses of all sizes, but for startups looking to draw attention, it can be a game changer.

[Cool Social Tools] IssueLab: To Unlock PDF Jail, Share What You Know


Startups and tech vendors are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms – SocialFish readers love to read about new tools and apps! Nielsen-Norman said they are “unfit for human consumption.”

4 Ways the Twitter You Know is Changing Forever

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An exclusive partnership with Nielsen , buttressed by its recent acquisition of social TV data firm BlueFin means Twitter itself will provide data that analyzes tweets and provides ratings for the social impact of television shows.

It’s Not Too Late to Return the Social to Social Media

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Consider: When Nielsen asked consumers which form of advertising they trust, 84 percent said they trust recommendations from people they know, and 68 percent said they believed opinions posted online. Marcus Nelson has founded five successful startups. Image via BigStockPhoto.

What to Consider When Building an In-House Social Media Team


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5 Proven Strategies for B2B Social Media Marketing


We're a small B2B software startup and we focus on testing out new campaigns/tools and are constantly reviewing the metrics to determine what's working. 3 Mark Zuckerberg: The iPad Isn't Mobile 4 iPhone Versus Android: Nielsen Delivers the Num. View More » Dev & Design 7 A/B Testing Resources for Startups. Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Mobile 2.0

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HOW TO: Gain Twitter Influence


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How to Hack Your Efficiency with an Agile Blog Planning Process

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CoSchedule is a startup that believes in agile development. As a startup, we change fast. As a startup, we try not to waste any time doing things that aren’t working. Peter Drucker said, “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”

What the Future Holds for B2B Social Media Marketing


4 Frighteningly Fun Zombie iPhone Games Apple Launches Online Store in China 5 Fun iPhone Accessories for Kids Apple Now Offers Free iPad Engraving View More » Mobile iPhone Versus Android: Nielsen Delive. New Startup Seeks to Turn Your Mobile.

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The 9 Conversion Habits of the World’s Most Successful Bloggers


According to an eye-tracking study by the Jakob Nielsen group, viewer attention drops dramatically beyond the fold. According to the research done by Nielsen , “92% people trust a recommendation from a peer and 70% people will trust the recommendation from someone they don’t even know”. I’ll refer back to Nielsen group’s scrolling behavior study : Notice how attention spikes right at the end of the page? This is a guest contribution from John Stevens.

3 Ways to Turn Blog Posts into Engaging Instagram Content


According to eye-tracking studies reported by Nielsen Norman group, internet users prefer looking at images that carry information. Whether it’s finding out the latest productivity hacks, or figuring out the best startup business models, Jonathan is all about making sure that anyone that calls themselves an entrepreneur has a chance to continuously improve. This is a guest post from Jonathan Chan of Foundr Magazine. You are probably here because you are a proud blog owner.

Picking a new social media monitoring service


The initial startup for any search also takes some time to populate with the proper information. Pricing - $13,000/year with unlimited searches, existing customers get the same rate for 15 months Nielsen Buzzmetrics – Now this tool was awesome when I sat in the demo.

The Future of Blogging: I Had to Tell You This

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A prediction about the future of blogging; a platform actively used by over 181 million people (Nielsen data for October 2011). This is an important blog post, because it makes a prediction.

Social Media Metrics Superlist: Measurement, ROI, & Key Statistics Resources


The Top 20 Social Networks of 2008 From Mashable: Discussion of final numbers from 2008, and with them, a look at the rankings and trends within the top 20 social networks, according to Nielsen Online.

Content Aggregation For Links, Traffic And Buzz


I’m thinking, for example, of the usability articles by Jakob Nielsen (great content but perhaps too dense for some people) or the excellent articles by Kevin Kelly in The Technium. I’m researching bloggers habits and tools for my current startup service: Bundlr.

What’s So Funny About Social Media and Online Marketing? 2010 Edition

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Marketing’s Greatest Creation: The iPhone Cult by The Great Startup Game. Remembering Leslie Nielsen: His Best Quotes by Funny or Die. Anyone can tweet, post or email a funny or clever link and waste a few minutes of your day. This post is more ambitious: wasting your entire day.

Social Search at LinkedIn Beats Google - ReadWriteWeb

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LinkedIns 361% year-over-year growth handily beats Facebooks 56% growth in the same period, according to the latest stats from Nielsen: However many people have pointed out to me that my case is unusual. startups. ReadWriteWeb. RWW Network. ReadWriteWeb. ReadWriteTalk. Last100. AltSearchEngines. About. Subscribe. Contact. Advertise. RWW Daily by Email. RWW Weekly Wrap-up. Web Apps. Trends. Google. Microsoft. Facebook. Archives. Social Search at LinkedIn Beats Google.