Tue.Mar 06, 2012

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Social Tip: Organizing Photos In The New Facebook Timeline

SocMed Sean

With the rollout of the new Facebook timeline to most users, there has been a lot of confusion about how you used to do things in Facebook and how you do them now. For me, one of the most confusing has been the organization of photos. Because I upload a lot of photos to Facebook from my phone, every photo lands in my “Mobile Uploads” folder (also known as an album) by default. Cheers!

Best Facebook Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tools of 2011, Part 2

Webbiquity SMM

As it approaches one billion users, Facebook has evolved from a site where friends and family share photos to an online marketing juggernaut rivaling Google. And while its primary marketing value is on the B2C side, more than a third of B2B marketers also rate it as their most active social network. What common mistakes should marketers avoid? How can Facebook be used to support an SEO strategy?

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Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Developers: Use Your Skills In The Fight Against Diabetes!

SocMed Sean

I am a sucker for a challenge…almost to a fault. I just can’t walk away from a good opportunity to wrap my brain around a problem. I'm a sucker for a good whiteboarding session. Photo courtesy of RRix on Flickr via Creative Commons. The funny thing is, while I love to pick apart a problem I’m not usually the person that actually identifies the solution. It’s a rush.

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The Serious Goings-On Behind The Social Networking Scene

Waxing UnLyrical

I just got an email from a very smart professional whom I happen to like a lot. We met on someone’s blog, followed each other “home,” and now see each other on social platforms pretty much daily. We share each other’s links, support and tease each other on Twitter, and share brief direct message dialogues every now and again (no, not about you. So what was the email about?

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

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Shiny Object Syndrome Hurts Us All

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is written by Doug Haslam. During the last several years as social media emerged, we in the communications industry have railed against “Shiny Object Syndrome.” ” Well, many of us have. Others have gleefully promoted it. To you I say, “stop it.” ” Shiny Object Syndrome hurts us, and I hate being lumped in with a train of fools. .

(Social Media) Haters Gonna Hate


According to Urban Dictionary , “a hater is a person that develops a strong dislike for another, solely basing their own opinion on personal judgment rather than objective merit. The formation of a hater’s contempt commonly arises from jealously and/or resentment.” ” At one time or another you will come across these people, offline and online.

Mobile is an Opportunity to Re-Humanize Your Company


…or so says Dan Keldsen at Human 1.0 in this slide deck. Check it out. The Mobile Tribe – Human 1.0. View more presentations from Dan Keldsen. __. This post includes a slide deck. If you’re reading this in a reader and can’t see them, click through to the post. Humanize Mobile

It’s Not Just Pinterest RE: Copyright & Legal Issues


Because Pinterest is the hot topic of social media, it has come under a lot of scrutiny. First about the use of affiliate links, and now about copyright issues in relation to items saved (or “pinned”) by users. Essentially, people are freaking out and removing their Pinterest content because they fear the legal repercussions. But is Pinterest the first to do this? Not by a long shot.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Are You a Corporate Rebel?

Social Media Strategery

One of my new favorite sites is www.rebelsatwork.com/. Started by Lois Kelly and retired deputy director of intelligence for the CIA, Carmen Medina , the site is meant to give corporate rebels a platform to share their stories and ideas and help more corporations and big organizations succeed because of (not in spite of) their rebels. What's a corporate rebel you ask? What makes them tick?


Myrland Marketing

I’ve been around long enough to have witnessed the beauty of advertising on broadcast media when broadcast media was all we had. I cut my teeth in a heavily promotional environment at Time Warner Cable, where I spent nearly 10 years in Marketing Management, where we used existing tools such as radio, TV, direct mail, telemarketing, [.].

Klout and the Reality of Return on Influence

Convince & Convert

Video production by my friends at Candidio. Fast, inexpensive, great service. Abbreviated transcript below. Please watch video for entire interview.). Jay: Welcome, everybody. It’s Jay Baer at Convince & Convert , joined today by a very special guest, my good friend Mark W. Schaefer. Mr. Schaefer, how are you, good sir? Mark: I could not be better. Jay: What does that W stand for anyway?

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Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In

Twist Image

Is your head buried in your lap? After attending the TED 2012 conference in Long Beach, California last week, I could not help but think about how pervasive technology and media is in our lives. Surprisingly, I have not been thinking about it in the best possible light. There's something about the here and now. Prior to the many sessions at TED 2012, the hosts would remind people to turn off their mobiles. The hosts didn't just ask us to set our phasers to vibrate, they demanded that we put them away and forget about them to truly benefit from the event. It didn't stop there. It's you. freedom.

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

Google Puts Feet on the Street

Geoff Livingston

Google’s DC Office Featured Love Bugs on Valentine’s Day The Wall Street Journal slammed Google last week for launching another social network when one wasn’t needed (um, yeah, that’s why Pinterest is doing so poorly, right?). Meanwhile, Google has quietly been deploying its local offices to meet with businesses and internet aficionados. The company wants [.]. Marketing Social Media ComScore google Grassroots Intel Pinterest Tumblr Word of Mouth Zynga

Social Media, Monitoring and Research: Opportunities and Risks


We all know social media monitoring solutions and processes can provide valuable information regarding our brands, competitors, customers, individual preferences, trending topics, the market and whatnot. On top of these platforms, more cross-channel oriented solutions and specialized surveying and research applications, enable us to listen to the voice of the customer on social media [.]. Blog Customer relationships Research Social CRM Social media marketing customer research market research social media monitoring

Are the Content Needs of Your Audience Caught in Your Blind Spot?

Blue Focus Marketing

I was watching one of my favorite TV ads in the Allstate “Mayhem” campaign. In this ad, the Mayhem character appears as a vehicle’s blind spot, hanging on to the driver’s side window and preventing the driver from being able to see passing cars. As the driver prepares to change lanes, Mayhem reassures her through the side mirror by saying “You’re good!” The View from the Outside of the Maze.

How do you stay organized?

Jeff Esposito

Over the past year or so, I have done a lot of planning that has involved organizing ideas from my head to a more permanent place. In the digital age that we live in, one would probably think that this place was on a computer, tablet or platform like Evernote. While all of those tools have their merits, they just aren’t for me. I prefer the trusty staple of pen and paper. How do you stay organized?

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Do you have 'necessary ignorance' for social media?

Engaging Brand

I ask because I believe social marketing feeds on necessary ignorance. Consumers need to be intrigued enough to find out more. Business needs to be intrigued by a potential need to develop great products - arguably not thinking about what consumers want, but what they will want when they see it! Business must understand the needs of the consumer to develop marketing strategies. Leaders need to have necessary ignorance to be able to ask the right questions instead of being the font of all answers. Social media can then be used to bridge the gaps.it

Tools to Streamline Your Video Marketing

Bill Hartzer

Guest Post by Neil Davidson. We hear a lot nowadays about how video marketing is becoming more and more important, both for traffic generation & SEO as well as for site performance. This is true, but getting value through your video marketing in the early stages can be challenging and causes many to give up entirely. As with most things getting started is the hardest thing; how do you produce and market your videos in a short space of time and on a tight budget? This post will give you some pointers to 4 tools that will enable you to produce and market a video within 2 hours – often less.

Are You Really Visible To Your Target Market?

Small Business Mavericks

One of the follies of many small businesses is to assume that organic search engine traffic derived through a strong SEO program is all that is required to succeed. For some businesses, a combination of paid and organic search traffic does produce the best results. However, these are not the only channels to deliver potential customers. If you are highly visible to your target market across the Internet, then that visibility could deliver far more traffic than paid and organic search. People are fairly predictable. They are also creatures of habit. So how visible are you?