New Nonprofit Workforce Study from Work for Good


Anyone working in the nonprofit world knows the magnetic draw of doing good for others and their communities. In addition to first-hand testimony, this ebook offers ready-to-execute steps for attracting, engaging, and retaining talented employees in a highly competitive job market.

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Why Human-Curated Content Outstrips Computers Every Time

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From Cision , a free ebook called Power Your Story: Content Marketing Essentials. on Vimeo. Social Pros Podcast brand communities content marketing digital marketing social media Social Media Marketing social media strategy social media tools Social Pros

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ViperChill Monthly Report 3

Viper Chill

ViperChill has been ‘relaunched’ now for 2 and a half months and the community has grown by over 1,000 subscribers in this time which amazes me. If you can’t see the video then click here (ViperChill) or here (Vimeo). Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!"

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #137

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eBooks Now Multi-Billion Dollar Category for Amazon - Galley Cat. CEO Jeff Bezos had this comment: 'After 5 years, eBooks is a multi-billion dollar category for us and growing fast - up approximately 70% last year.

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85 Takeaways from New Media Expo 2014


Grow and nurture your community. If someone wants to request a refund, try to keep the money in house by offering them another course, ebook, etc. Remember that you do not own YouTube, Vimeo, or other video networks.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Videos from Australia


10 ways to build your blog readership – if you’re looking to grow your blog’s community, take a look at these tips! Fair royalty rates for ebooks – if you are producing an ebook, where do you weigh in on the publisher’s royalty rates? Be sure to check out my Australia playlist on YouTube or Vimeo for more videos – currently a total of 8 videos with a few more to come.

14 Ways To Earn $14 Blogging in 2014


Join the lucrative eBook industry. Still waiting endlessly for some motivation to publish your viral eBook idea ? You need an eBook to position yourself as an expert, simple as that. Or, how about writing a $30,000 eBook like ViperChill did?

PB162: How Lisa Took Action and Built a Six Figure Business


She started a free 21 day challenge which really took off and then created a paid 8 week program to offer to her community called ‘Small Steps to Whole Food’. Off the back of that, she created a paid eight week program to offer to her community called Small Steps to Whole Food.

216: How to Create a Style Guide for Your Blog (and Why You Should)


My name is Darren Rowse and I’m the blogger behind – a blog, podcast, event, job board, and a series of ebooks all designed to help you as a blogger to start a great blog, to grow your audience, and to build some profit around that blog. Really great conference, very good community. Another word that we use a lot both on ProBLogger and on Digital Photography School is ‘ebookEbook is presented in all kinds of different ways on the web.

233: Tools We’re Using to Get More Subscribers and Customers in 2018


Later it was turned into an eBook, which we’ve since updated. That eBook sold tens of thousands of copies. A blog, podcast, event, job board, series of ebooks, and courses, all designed to help you as a blogger to grow your blog, to get the blog started but also to grow it and to build profit around your blog as well. We then turned it into an ebook which I then updated in 2012. There’s two versions of the ebook.

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14 Things I Think I Think About Social Media

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