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14 types of social media every marketer should know

Sprout Social

If you want to improve your social media marketing strategy , you need to know about the different types of social media content and how or where you share that content. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 14 types of social media every marketer needs to know. Types of social media.

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Why Engagement On Your Social Platforms Is Important For Your Next Trade Show

Webbiquity SMM

Trade show or event marketing offers an excellent opportunity for businesses and marketers to gain valuable face-to-face time with potential clients, customers and business partners. However, digital technology, and social networking sites in particular, have fundamentally altered the way events are experienced.

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6 best social media monitoring tools 


A social media monitoring tool can track: Monitor mentions of your brand. Track relevant hashtags. We’ve curated a list of some of the best social media monitoring tools in the market to help you fine-tune your marketing strategy and perform better on social. Get competitive intelligence.

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11 best social media listening tools


Social media listening tools can do a whole lot of things to boost your brand’s performance on social. With social media listening tools, you’re constantly in the loop of what is being said about your brand, competitors, industry, and even a particular keyword or hashtag that’s trending. Pricing: Free.

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9 Types of Social Media and How Each Can Benefit Your Business


One thing that’s changed since the early days of social media is that many platforms used to focus on one function, such as social networking or image sharing. Now, most established social media platforms have expanded to incorporate live streaming, augmented reality, shopping, social audio, and more.

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How to Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy Right Now

Rebekah Radice

If you want to succeed at social media – once and for all – you need to begin by reviewing your use of social media. Which social networks support your goals? Take a look at which social networks are worth your time… …And which ones are wasting more time than you have to give.

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App dot net- It’s not Twitter

Janet Fouts

Founder Dalton Caldwell created this new network–known to fans as ADN– a mere 12 weeks ago as an ad-free, real-time social network. Join the Movement at from AppDotNet on Vimeo. Mentions (@jfouts), Hashtags (#ADN) work pretty much the same. Wait, here’s a video, I’ll let him tell the story.

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