Fri.Mar 22, 2019

LinkedIn Adds New Meeting Planner Tools Within it Messaging Stream

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has added some new options to make it easier to plan meetings direct from your messaging stream

How to Spring into a New Season with Fresh Content

Ignite Social Media

As Spring approaches, it’s important to start strong and capture your audience’s attention with content that’s fresh and relevant to the season. If you work with a brand that’s ahead of the game you’ve probably already started to produce and capture spring content. No matter what stage of the process you’re in, these four tips can lead you to a content calendar full of spring social content that’s on point for the season ahead. Spring on a Relevant Hashtag.

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Facebook Discovers Another Data Security Issue, with Millions of Passwords Inadequately Stored

Social Media Today

Facebook has found that millions of user passwords were being accessed internally via a plain text document without adequate protection

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New Features for Snapchat Location Ads

Ignite Social Media

Snapchat has stepped up its ad game in terms of trying to show brands that their platform can get people to physical locations. Snapchat location ads have been around for about a year, but they recently added additional features for brick and mortar locations. Snapchat Location Ads. Just in case you are not familiar with Snapchat locations ads , these ads are meant to help drive people to visit specific retail locations.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Pinterest Adds Former Walmart CTO as it Ramps Up eCommerce Push

Social Media Today

Pinterest has hired former Walmart CTO Jeremy King as it continues to ramp up its eCommerce push ahead of an IPO


Power Your Tribe- #MindfulSocial with @Comaford

Janet Fouts

This week on Mindful Social I talk with Christine Comaford about her newest book: Power Your Tribe. The book hits home on a lot of levels, particularly when we’re talking about creating a safe space for growth, energy, and creativity in the workplace. Listen up! Here’s an excerpt from the book on the concept of emotional agility: Change and Growth Require Emotional Agility. What if I told you that a bird doesn’t need its wings to fly from A to B?

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Facebook Reminds Us That Binary Deep Learning Classifiers Don't Work For Content Moderation

Forbes Social Media

Rather than treating everything as a binary classification problem, we need to recognize that some problems require more complex deep learning solutions

Twitter Releases Major Events Calendar for April to Assist with Strategic Planning

Social Media Today

Twitter has released its latest major events and key dates calendar, covering the month of April 2019

Three Flaws In Framing Clean Water Access And Climate Change As Rivals

Forbes Social Media

The global water crisis is a subset of climate change. Here are 3 flaws with framing them against each other


In 2020, Native Advertising will be More Programmatic and Mobile - but Less Social

Social Media Today

While content marketing has exploded, paid promotion of such has not caught on in the same way. Contributor Chad Pollitt says that this is about to change

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Top 5 learnings from our Social | Media Day 2019


Last week, quintly hosted an exciting new event we called Social | Media Day – bridging the gap between social media marketing and the work of some pretty incredible news and media companies we partner with. At our HQ in the heart of Cologne, we welcomed 50 customers, partners and other industry heads from a ton of news outlets for a full day of great talks, learning and sharing knowledge. quintly news Social Media Marketing

The Importance of Emotional Marketing and Connecting with Your Audience [Infographic]

Social Media Today

By tapping into emotion, brands can help expand their audience response and reach. Take a look at this graphic

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The Ins and Outs of Deep Learning


Deep learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that offers innovative applications in many areas of technology. Algorithms driven by deep learning are being used to recognize speech, predict earthquakes, identify images, detect cancer, and make predictions. Deep learning trains computers to learn on their own. Content Intelligence Tech Deep Learning

3 Ways To Spy On Your Competitors - And Why You Need To Start Doing It Now

Forbes Social Media

How do you get an advantage over your competitors? In this article, discover how to spy on your competitors and what you need to spy on in order to improve your own digital marketing strategies - and gain that ever elusive competitive advantage

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Social Media Not a Marketing Strategy for Nearly 40% of Small Businesses

The Realtime Report

Social Media Not a Marketing Strategy for Nearly 40% of Small Businesses. Many small businesses still not convinced social media is a valuable way to reach their audiences, but some are reconsidering that position: 22% plan to invest in social media in the future. More than one-third of small businesses lack social media accounts, according to a new survey from Visual Objects, a website showcasing portfolios of top creative firms around the world.

Facebook's Failed AI Showcases The Dangers Of Technologists Running The World

Forbes Social Media

The world’s most influential social media company appears to lack even the most rudimentary understanding of the deep learning and content filtering technologies it has placed at the center of its future existence, how its platform is being used or how the real world it seeks to connect really works