Who’s Driving the Data Movement? Social Media Managers

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At the end of the day, this group of people will drive results and progress for your brand. If you’re serious about making data-informed decisions for your brand, then give social media managers a seat at the table. Social media is one of the few places you get data on your brand.

Server Melting Traffic Generation Methods


First off, to make the most out of your FB PPC campaign, you don’t want to use the “CPC” method, you’ll want to use the “CPM” method. When you go to setting up you FB Ad campaigns, you’ll have the option to choose from either CPC or CPM.

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The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Manager: How to Create, Manage, Analyze Your Facebook Ads

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Brand awareness or conversions). Delivery: Reach, Frequency, CPM, Impressions, etc. Audience Insights is a tool to help you learn more about your target audience with aggregated information about the audience’s demographics, location, behavior, and more.

Monitoring vs Analytics [Infographic]

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A good DIY choice for small brands looking for a no cost option. Socialmention – another free service for monitoring brands with a nice user experience (including some nice graphs and metrics) and the ability to do date range targeting. ANALYTIC AGGREGATORS.

Social Pros 12 – Derek Halpern, Social Triggers

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Read on for insights from Derek, and Eric’s Social Media Stat of the Week (this week: for Facebook advertising, CPM rates are up 41%, CPC rates are up 23%). Eric’s Social Media Stat of the Week: CPM Rates are Up 41%, CPC Rates are Up 23%, and Ad Engagement is Down.

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