Fri.Feb 01, 2019

Why Business Professionals Should Be Posting Reviews on Social Media

Social media is essential for business professionals, and while every platform has its own unique content options, we’re seeing a lot of business professionals posting reviews on social media. Of course, if every post is a review, this will turn a lot of people away.

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Facebook Removes Clusters of Indonesian and Iranian-Based Pages for Manipulative Behavior

Social Media Today

Facebook has removed another cluster of Pages for 'coordinated inauthentic behavior', originating from both Iran and Indonesia

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How to Create a Killer Instagram Bio in 2019


When was the last time you updated your Instagram bio ? Since your Instagram profile is the new homepage , having a good Instagram bio is more important than ever to help you attract new followers.

Three Steps to Monetizing Your Data through Customer Intelligence

The Realtime Report

Three Steps to Monetizing Your Data through Customer Intelligence. By Andrew Wells and Kathy Chiang. How intelligent is your company about your customer? Do you know enough about them in order to create a personalized customer experience?

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Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

How brands woo their social media audience on Valentine’s Day


Brands need to make the most out of every event or holiday that comes up to help boost their engagement and Valentine’s Day is certainly no exception.

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2019's Deepest, Funniest And Weirdest Super Bowl Commercials

Forbes Social Media

Why wait until Sunday to start your own Monday morning quarterbacking?–On On the commercials that is. What do this year’s early releases say about us and what do we say about them


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The Deeper Science Behind Sounds And Flashes In Frost Quakes

Forbes Social Media

All of a sudden, lots of headlines about frost quakes. Here's a deeper scientific dive


275: How One Blogger Quit Her Job and Started a Lifestyle Blog


The post 275: How One Blogger Quit Her Job and Started a Lifestyle Blog appeared first on ProBlogger. How One Blogger Took Action, Left Her Job, and Began a Lifestyle Blog. Today marks the end of our series featuring stories from new bloggers. We really hope you’ve enjoyed them.

Social Media Backlash Against Jeep Super Bowl Teaser Evidence Of Big Game Ad Risk

Forbes Social Media

Executives at online risk management company Crisp Thinking discuss why auto companies advertising during the Super Bowl broadcast could be susceptible to social media backlash, and how to manage such a crisis. NYSE:FCAU

Amazon Still Pushing Biased Facial Recognition Software To Law Enforcement, Military, MIT Researcher Contends

Forbes Social Media

Amazon continues to sell software which MIT research reveals to have a bias when identifying women and people of color. The company provides a new reason why they have not submitted the software for further testing

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

The Digital Future And Human Labor

Forbes Social Media

What does the Industrial Revolution offer in terms of a model of how to adapt to the expansion of new technology like AI and algorithms which are quickly replacing human jobs