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Top 6 Rules of Digital Marketing: Learn from Matomy and Other Masters


Because you want your website to scale easily to tablets and other mobile devices. These days, one of the best things you can do with your website design is create an easy to navigate and uniform visual that translates well on standard sized screens and smart phones. No more one design for the laptop and another for the phone.

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How to Promote Yourself Using Social Media for HCRCA | Bare Feet Blog

Bare Feet Studios

Free eBook on howto manage your online identity: Your website is your prime real estate. Your New Media Voice Text Blog Podcast Internet Talk Show Photo Blog Live Video Stream Internet TV Tech IQ: Smart Phone Mobility RSS Ef?ciency It’s not just your name and your avatar! Culture matters.


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Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy

Viper Chill

This isn’t the first time I’ve tackled big markets – I used to have clients in some of the biggest niches out there (casino, mobile phones, etc) – but it’s the first year where I’ve really started to take on these industries for myself. end u will have 20 small sites but No big site.

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The Ultimate Guide The 10 Key Steps on How To Start a Blog That Makes Money

Your Escape From 9 to 5

The speed of the internet has increased, the audience has become larger and smart phones and tablets have become ever present. Social media and smart phones. Do they print off an ebook and put it on his desk? These include “Follow us”, “like” us, subscribe or download our free ebook Easy to read fonts.

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Boost Conversions Step 1: Review Your Offer


“Did you like my eBook?” People have changed their careers after reading Pat Flynn’s free ebook. Recently on my blog we talked about whether or not the free ebook giveaway is dead or not. Most people agree that it’s not, but we all agreed that the poor quality ebook is dead. It means nothing.

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Help! My Baby is Sick and Someone is Stealing My Money!


I noted, as usual that mobile visitors represented about twenty percent of my overall traffic, split roughly 50/50 between tablets and smart-phones, which is exactly what I would expect from reading the latest tech news headlines. Mobile is growing like crazy. Smart-phone users aren’t quite so keen to buy stuff, yet.

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189: How to Create Amazing Videos for Your Blog Using Your Smartphone


Recently at SMMW I bumped into a fellow Aussie by the name of Justin Brown who was doing a workshop on how to create great video using the camera that most of us already own – the one in our smart phone. Justin teaches how to create great online video at his site – It’s probably worth looking.

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