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Nielsen Report: Blogs Still on the Rise | ClickZ

Nielsen. Nielsen Report: Blogs Still on the Rise. By the end of 2011, the Nielsen/McKinsey company had tracked over 181 million blogs around the world, up from 36 million in 2006. readers to Nielsens 181 million global blogs, but one can reasonably ask whether there are almost as many writers as readers. And women bloggers represent a desirable audience for advertisers, especially CPG companies. Susan Kuchinskas has covered interactive advertising since its invention. About us Contact us FAQ Write for us Advertise Report a bug Newsletter problems?

The 9 Ways to Advertise on Snapchat [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Nielsen Media Impact. Is your brand advertising on Snapchat (or exploring the option)? Snapchat is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to attracting the minds, hearts, and eyes of social users — especially younger social users. On any given day, Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18 to 34 year-olds in the United States. The problem for brands? Check it out! Social Media

The Complete, Always-Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising

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Social media has been found to be the most effective digital advertising channel for getting more impressions, clicks, and conversions. You can spend as little as $5 per day on Facebook advertising and see significant results. This article is our best shot at covering all the important aspects of Facebook advertising for someone who is just starting out. Advertising

What New Data Tells Us About Blog Advertising

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Advertisers have partnered with bloggers for years, particularly in the women’s lifestyle space, because of the highly targeted and desirable audience (women 18-34), the association with premium content, and high social engagement. With the rise of new social media channels, influencer marketing company  Mediakix  evaluated who’s advertising with bloggers and how this space has grown.

The Power of Online Referral Marketing

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Marketing Referral Marketing BuzzFeed driving traffic to your website through referrals Get high profile referrals Nielsen study reach out to an influencer referrals social media advertising Start a Referral Program Study Your Analytics the ROI for your advertising budget word of mouth YelpReferral marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business, online and off.

Facebook Under Fire: Do Marketers Care?

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For a company expected to earn $17 billion this year, maintaining the confidence of its advertisers is paramount to retaining its expected future position as the leader in attracting brand advertising dollars. Clients from great startups to established Fortune 500 brands are continuing their bullish investment in Facebook advertising despite the accidental misreporting of video duration and completion metrics. The most important metric affecting brand advertisers is the increase of “video views to 100 percent” by 35 percent.

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Facebook Announces Several Metrics Updates, Corrected Bugs

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Facebook pointed out that it already taps companies including comScore , Moat , Nielsen  and Integral Ad Science  for third-party verification, and it is exploring additional options. Clarified calculations: We’ll clarify some calculations to make sure they reflect how our products are being used by advertisers. More details from the social network are included below. percent.

What Social TV Means for Marketers

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And then it was time to learn about Social TV from Mike Hess at Nielsen. The most interesting parts of Mike’s presentation, though, was when he discussed how Nielsen is paying particular attention to the multi-taskers – the people who watch TV while participating on the social networks. Think about that if you’re a television advertiser. Social TV. Actual TV.

Social Networking Stats: 42% of Those With Foursquare App Are Active Users, #RLTM Scoreboard

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Nielsen’s “Social Media Report 2012″ report revealed that 42% of the 25 million people who have downloaded the Foursquare app are using it at least once per month. Nielsen ranked Foursquare behind only Facebook (78 million) and Twitter (23 million) in terms of July mobile app users, according to AdWeek. It’s like, “Hey, it’d be easier to advertise in this one newspaper if everyone in the world reads this one newspaper.” Social Media Statistics Dennis Crowley Foursquare Nielsen Social Media Report 2012 social networking statistics

Key Factors For a Successful Client-Agency Relationship


Back in February, our CEO Jonas Klit Nielsen , shared his thoughts in a guest post on Findgood’s Blog. Advertising Agency Collaboration Creative Industry Mindjumpers Social Media Trends business Client-Agency Relationship Efficiency Findgood IPA Jonas Klit Nielsen Mad Men Marketing social media agency transparency trustTransparency. Trust. Increase Collaboration.

23 Outstanding Social PR Guides

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Social Media Marketing Social PR Allison Freeland Amanda DiSilvestro blogger outreach Carah Von Funk Caysey Welton Charlotte Varela Chelsea Adams David Meerman Scott Deborah Weinstein Frank Strong guest blogging Jayme Soulati Jayson DeMers Jon Greer Jonas Klit Nielsen Justice Mitchell Laura-Lee Walker Lisa Buyer Lou Hoffman Shane Snow social media newsrooms social PR Steve Goldner Wendy Marx

Facebook’s Atlas to Wind Down Ad-Serving Business, Focus on Measurement

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Facebook announced Friday that its Atlas  advertising platform will phase out its ad-serving activities to focus on measurement. Facebook then introduced a completely revamped Atlas , focused on “people-based marketing,” at Advertising Week in September 2014. Head of client measurement Erik Johnson  provided more details on the plans for Atlas in a blog post : More than 300 of the world’s top advertisers have run measurement campaigns with Atlas in the past 18 months. As we expand our work with clients in measurement, we’ve decided to sharpen our focus with Atlas.

Two Cheers for Facebook’s Celebrity Influencer Crackdown

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This week, the social media giant began requiring public figures with verified profiles to adhere to its policy for advertiser-sponsored posts. That jibes with recent research from Nielsen  showing that only 8 percent of North American consumers say that celebrity endorsements resonate with them, even as 66 percent trust consumer opinions posted online. When the Federal Trade Commission began cracking down on influencer marketing earlier this year , it was clear that the practice had hit the big-time. More proof that 2016 was a breakthrough year for influencer marketing?

The Shocking ROI of Influencer Marketing

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Americans trust recommendations from real people significantly more than we trust advertising and promotions from brands, in any guise. Influencer Marketing ROI Blows Online Advertising Out of the Water. Influencer Marketing influencer marketing influencers nielsen catalina silk tap influence white wave foodsInfluencer Marketing Isn’t New. No paid media was employed.

The Digital Agency of the Future [Report]


Piggybacking on trending stories alone won’t cut it in 2013 – it will be about making meaningful brand connections with those trending stories.” – Jonas  Nielsen, CEO, Mindjumpers (follow on Twitter @ Klit_Nielsen ). Mindjumpers has contributed to a new report issued today by Skyword. The report deals with how digital agencies today are facing a new fragmented reality.

When the Wrong Mouth Speaks

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have some doubts about the Nielsen study, but I agree with branded content taking last place on trust. Never in the chart do you see the words “produces content” even though Edelmnan is a leader in native advertising and content production. Nielsen research Strategy tactics WOMM word Word of Mouth Remember when social media meant talking with people online?

10 Examples of Social Media ROI [Infographic]


This evolved into attracting an audience via a one-to-many approach, with brands using tools like survey responses, subscription data, and Nielsen scores before delivering advertising via traditional media. Advertising Brand Branding Facebook ROI Social Media Social Media Marketing Twitter Marketing Social media marketing Does social media drive ROI? Easy, right? Vitabiotics.

New Research Shows Twitter Boosts TV Ratings (sometimes)

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In another bandwidth-deficient edition of The Baer Facts, I talk with  Kyle Lacy  of  ExactTarget  about new research from Nielsen that shows tweets causing  actual increases in television ratings. Comprehensive new research from Nielsen found that in 29% of the cases, Twitter chatter actually caused increased viewership. Nielsen found that this effect works both ways.

Interview with Social Media Citizen: Jonas Kit Nielsen

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Home Content RSS Log in Social Media Citizens Home Case Studies Reports SMC List TOP Lists Video Consulting Portfolio Interview with Social Media Citizen: Jonas Kit Nielsen September 8th, 2010 by Giedrius Ivanauskas Leave a reply » Share Jonas Klit Nielsen is co-founder and Managing Partner of Mindjumpers , a leading social media agency based in Denmark. Valid XHTML 1.0

New Platforms + Meager Results = Same Old Song And Dance

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In the early days of digital marketing, brands would be completely confused why their advertising was not performing, when there was such a large and growing audience online. remember the always-present debate with brands that went something like: "if all of these people are online and the advertising is so highly interactive, why don't our ads perform for us as well as our TV spots?" In fact, I still hear remnants of this argument with certain industries, to this day (just replace "tv spots" with some other kind of traditional advertising). advertising agency.

The Tune-Up Of TV

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Yahoo News ran a fascinating news item titled, Nielsen shows how people use TV differently , recently. According to the article: "Because of the changes, Nielsen is considering redefining what it considers a television household to include people who get service through Netflix or similar services instead of the traditional TV signals, Turrill said. During the first three months of 2012, the average consumer spent about 2 percent less time watching traditional TV than the previous year, Nielsen said. " Nielsen is evolving its definition of TV. nielsen.

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David Fischer Responds to Facebook Video Metrics Flap

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Suzanne Vranica and Jack Marshall  of The Wall Street Journal  reported last week that the social network disclosed the glitch in a post on its advertising help center several weeks ago, admitting that it only included video views of more than three seconds, which artificially inflated its data for average time watching videos, and Facebook said in a statement to the two reporters: We recently discovered an error in the way we calculate one of our video metrics. We also renamed the metric to make it clearer what we measure. And so the miscalculation overstated this metric.

What’s the Best Social Media Monitoring Tool? It Depends

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Nielsen BuzzMetrics. If you’re familiar with terms like product placement and slotting fees, and your brand is familiar to consumers through prime time TV advertising, you should probably evaluate this tool. Nielsen’s monitoring covers more than 100 million blogs, social networking sites, discussion boards and other sites where consumers can post content. Forrester Research has named Nielsen a leader in brand monitoring solutions, saying “the vendor has the strongest strategic vision and currently competes at a scale unmatched by any other competitor.&#.

Social Media In 2012: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (5 Must-Reads)


From the Nielsen Social Media Report for 2012. 8 Big Social Media Disasters of 2012. By Dori Zinn With our favorite restaurants and brands offering deals and gifts on Facebook and Twitter, there’s no shortage of companies eliminating the marketing middle man and advertising straight to the consumer. 2012 was an exciting year in the social media space. Seriously obsessed.

When TV Becomes An Accessory To YouTube

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And when advertisers designate video views as the objective of their campaigns, that step translates into up to a 60% decrease in cost-per-view for video ads, the company said." Billion From Video Advertising This Year. To this day, most media pundits still see Google as a one trick pony (search advertising). Seeing over a billion dollars roll in from video advertising in one year on YouTube points to something very interesting: Google dominates search advertising (which it does). banner advertising. nielsen. search advertising.

How to Increase YouTube Engagement [Infographic]


Nielsen says that it reaches more U.S. adults ages 18-34 than any cable network, a sweet spot for advertisers. Is YouTube marketing worth it? More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month. I t is the second most popular search engine and the third most popular site in the world.  Before jumping to conclusions, check out this infographic from QuickSprout. Add annotations.

Facebook for Marketing Research: Political Polls #auspol

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read an article on Wendy Harmer’s Hoopla Polls Fake Story  by @gabriellechan that got me thinking about Nielsen polls, sentiment analysis and focus groups. Nielsen, Gallop, Newspoll, I don’t care, you all suck. Especially when most of the people contacted are a tainted database – “people on our business list” is I think Nielsens database. Sort of.

Using Social Media as a Communication Tool [Infographic]


In fact, social media is transforming the way organizations communicate — the many social tools that are available today are very cost-effective compared to traditional approaches such as email and online advertising. Social media is about more than marketing and branding — it’s quickly becoming an essential part of customer outreach for brands.

The Shift To TV Everywhere

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The promise to advertisers was all about the captive audience at a set time on a set date. Yes, the branding power has now been extended because people do use a DVR or download their shows from iTunes , but this changes the advertising model. There is no doubt that brands and their media reps are getting smarter and better at capturing attention, but the format of TV advertising must adjust to this. advertiser. advertising. advertising model. nielsen mckinsey company. Television has always been based on two pillars: Destination. Passivity. media.

Improved Social PR via the Employee Advocacy Route

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Source: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey. You can track customers right from your advertising efforts to where they make the purchase. Guest Post by Jessica Davis. When doing my due diligence for this post, I came across a transcript of the #PRprochat that happened in July 2014. satisfaction (cont) #PRprochat. Shonali Burke (@shonali) July 10, 2014.

This Week in Social Media - 3/26/2013

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Well, Nielsen continues to shed light on this as it discovered that an increase in Twitter volume about live TV correlates with an increase in TV ratings across varying age groups. So-called "native advertising" is being discussed more widely these days. At the Native Advertising Summit (see? mobile Advertising this week in social technology news Marketing social media PR

Just get us the Millennials! #Marketing #Fail

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23% of Millennials have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, making them the most educated generation ( Nielsen ). Are you prepared to use social media as a communication tool, not just another advertising medium? I can’t count the number of times I’ve sat in meetings with brands large and small and heard the marching orders. 38% of Millennials are bilingual. Tweet this.

Why @Jill_Rowley is Changing the Culture of #Oracle to Become an Enabled Social Business #df13 #SocialSelling #socbiz

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This distinction is important, as last year’s Nielsen study found that people were more likely to trust recommendations from friends or trusted online sources than from anywhere else. Download ~> Free Chapter 3 – “Brands Under Pressure” Advertising & Mktg. Social selling isn’t selling at all – It’s helping. different kind of ROI. FOR EWORD by David C.

What Does 2013 Hold for Social Media?


As for 2013, Mindjumpers’ CEO and founder, Jonas Klit Nielsen, predicts that we are heading towards a future where brands invest in people who are highly skilled in content creation and where brands become publishers: “Companies need to be ready to think as publishers and not marketers. As of 2012, social is already too big to ignore. What does this mean? Read the entire report here.

Digital Marketing Predictions from the Experts: 2017 Edition

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Targeting will become more precise as data sets and machine learning continue to develop, which will make digital advertising more cost-effective and influence more brands to go digital-only in their advertising. We were blown away by the level of insight we received, from new ways to measure ROI to channel-specific tactics. Here are a few highlights from the Predictions Guide.

How to Drive Value into Your Social Marketing

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Social media has evolved from social interaction to big business as advertising dollars are now being diverted from traditional marketing to social media marketing campaigns and advertisement. Nielsen Survey on trust in advertising. Learning the latest trends – backed by solid stats – can help you spend your time, money, and effort is best ways. Buffer.

The Future of Social Media Is Mobile. Are You Ready?

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Think about these three statistics: 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands ( Nielsen ). Mobile Advertising Via Social Media = Opportunity. Despite the rise in ad-blocking, social advertising still presents a huge opportunity for brands. There are currently 2.6 billion by 2020. people in the world by 2020.

Thanksgiving Marketing Statistics You’ll Gobble About

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Another interesting “battle of the sexes” tidbit, comes from a 2014 Nielsen study which showed more men than women actually visit stores on Black Friday. NRF reports: Traditional methods of advertising still resonate with consumers when it comes to sparking ideas for holiday gifts, however online searches and social media both serve as preferred inspiration channels for shoppers.

Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Debuts New Ad Types, Vine Gets Direct Video Messaging

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YouTube to run TV ads promoting video creators in big 2014 push – a new campaign – which will promote three YouTube creators with ads across Google properties, TV, print and out-of-home signs – marks the first time YouTube has purchased TV ads to promote specific creators or channels (Advertising Age). Facebook. Twitter. Google+. YouTube. Let us know in the comments below.

The Three Things, Edition 3

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Howie on Advertising. Football season always has advertising on my mind. I am a big fan of Bob Hoffman  who writes Ad Contrarian. When I made a career change from direct B2B sales of high tech industrial parts to advertising/marketing mid-career so much stuff did not make sense. Things I would read about advertising confounded me. Look at that! Michael on NPR. I’m torn.