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It Pays to Provide Customer Service via Twitter (Report)

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In the telecommunications industry, customer were willing to pay $17 per month more for phone plans when receiving replies within four minutes, but when that wait exceeds 20 minutes, the will only pay $3.50 Customer satisfaction scores from customers who receive responses when they tweet businesses average one entire point hither, 2.66 compared with 3.66.

Success Stories From Twitter’s Front Lines

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Here are just a few recent examples of Fortune 500 brands in quick-service restaurants, telecommunications, fashion, retail, consumer packaged goods and financial services–each making the most of Twitter. A QSR increased awareness of new items on its breakfast menu. telecommunications company wanted to acquire new subscribers and gain insights on Twitter in order to scale customer acquisition. Twitter has had an extraordinary year by any measure. Twitter’s open nature lends itself to this approach. tool paused Twitter ads promoting breakfast items after 10 a.m.

Facebook Eyes Free Basics Launch in U.S. (Report)

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MoffettNathanson  telecommunications analyst Craig Moffett  sounded a note of caution, telling Fung: There’s a bigger question of opening a Pandora’s box. Facebook Internet Brian Fung Craig Moffett Free Basics mobile MoffettNathanson Mulicultural Media Telecom and Internet Council Nicol Turner-Lee telecommunications the washington post wireless carriersFacebook’s  has brought its Free Basics  application with free Internet services to underdeveloped countries worldwide, and now it may be coming to the most developed country.

The True Omni-Channel Is Convergence

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Many massive media and telecommunications companies banked on this happening (remember that whole Time Warner AOL deal ?). telecommunications. Convergence used to be a bad word. In the early days of the Internet, we tossed around the word "convergence" much in the same way that we toss around the words "social media" these days. It was this "be all. End all" catchphrase to let the world know that soon, we would not have multiple media platforms. you get the idea). That word. Convergence was akin to saying, "money pit." they are one. apple.

A Life Without Technology

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If you study history, many of the same arguments that are made as to why the Internet is ruining our society and culture can be found when we first saw the introduction of public speaking, the printed word, telecommunications and on and on. telecommunications. There's no doubt that technology brings with it some scary things. The scariest of them all is of the uncertainty. Human beings are creatures of habit and any introduction of anything new typically raises an eyebrow (at least) or pitchforks (more often). Twenty-fours hours a day and seven days a week. Where else, but online.

16 Billion Things To Think About

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Telecommunications companies started buying television studios and then built websites or bought magazine companies or newspapers or radio stations or whatever. telecommunications. advertising bbm blackberry crossplatformapplication digitalmedia digitalsocialexperience email facebook facebookpaper freemium innovation instagram instantmessaging iphone marketofone mediacompany mediaconglomerate messaging onlinesocialnetwork paper portfoliocompany privacy risk snapchat sociallives telecommunications textmessaging traditionalmedia twitter unifiedmessagingplatform whatsapp

Clay Shirky on Creativity: “You Can’t Fake Interestingness”


“In this video of his talk at PSFK CONFERENCE NYC, Clay Shirky talks about the work of Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. I surely don’t need to say anything other than NEW CLAY SHIRKY VIDEO!! ” Humanize Social Learning

Telstra NBN – Goodbye copper networks

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Yet we seem to have coped with the TV being brought into the home, the massive increase in telecommunications such as home phones, faxes and mobiles –  wow, my mum and dad even figured out how to use an iPhone! Technorati Tags: Australia , copper , mobile , national broadband network , nbn , telecom , telecom australia , telecommunications , telstra. You can read about it here.

Learning About Creativity By Watching Creative Types

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Shirky (a professor from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University ) walks through five fascinating student projects that will truly get you thinking about the level of creativity that you bring to work each and every day. interactive telecommunications program. c2mtl. clay shirky. cognitive surplus. commerce. conference.

The Web Is Dead! Long Live Smartphones!

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In all seriousness, people are spending more time in mobile apps than they do online, according to the International Telecommunication Union. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! The web is dead! guess all those business owners who’ve told me all these years that their customer doesn’t use the web were right. really hate being wrong. It rarely happens. Yet here we are. What

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The Most Engaging Industries on Facebook and What to Learn from Them


According to a recent study carried out by Socialbakers , a global social media and digital analytics company, the leading industry in terms of response rate on Facebook is the telecommunications industry. The most socially devoted industry next after telecommunications is airlines followed by finance, retail and fashion. Claro. KLM Airlines.

Awesome Association Jobs This Week – February 23


The membership roster comprises more than 3,000 professionals from both the business and creative sides of the industry who come from a broad range of disciplines, and represent cable telecommunications, broadcast, digital, film and print media. Our Marketing and Business Development Department provides leadership and coordination of all marketing functions. photo credit ). Jobs Jobs Jobs

8 Marketing Trends to Implement in Your 2012 Marketing Plan


Cell phones subscriptions will top 5 billion globally before 2011 (Source: International Telecommunication Union). What a year was 2011 for social media and marketing! Things moved at the speed of light, right?  I watched and experienced first-hand the marketing and social media landscape change, consolidate, focus, develop and evolve all at the same time. Offline and online.  Be authentic.

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Master List ?(A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples)?

For an additional 500, be sure to visit Master List 2.  And the third 500 has started on Master List 3. To learn how to contribute/edit, visit the Administration page. Wikis  Automotive  United States  David Bausola   Ford   Hurra Torpedo campaign   Presentation sharing  Automotive  United States  Philippe Deltenre   Ford   Where are the Joneses? adenin Facebook Page   Social networks  High Tech  United States  Meryl K. Evans   adenin TECHNOLOGIES Inc. Adenin Twitter   Microblogging / Microsharing  High Tech  United States  Meryl K. Whittemore   ePi Tech Inc.

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Social Media During Emergencies

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Utility companies need to get in on the action:  Regardless of what type of utility, TV, Gas, Electricity, Telecommunications, updates on preparation and their own emergency steps should be incorporated as well. However, here in Hawaii, we’ve had 3 major tsunami evacuations in as many years and our own electric and gas and telecommunications companies remain silent. And now, my attention turns to the East Coast as Hurricane Sandy bears down and effects half the country. wasn’t alone. Evacuees throughout the state were convening online and offline.

The Success of Customer Service is Dependent Upon True Social Engagement

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About 2 years ago, I connected socially with a corporate communications employee at a large telecommunications company. In the example of the telecommunications company, the representatives I spoke to were both “powerful&# people by title but were actually completely ineffective in actually adequately addressing user concerns. All in all, it sounds really lovely. That was it.

Virtual Event Technologies Defined


Videoconferencing. A set of interactive telecommunication technologies that allow two or more locations to interact via two-way simultaneous audio and video communication. This is the first in a new series of guest posts by famed blogger on social media and events, Jeff Hurt, of Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. Image by Splitbrain. It can be perplexing. Virtual Event Definitions. Content-Capture.

Interview with Social Media Influencer: Karen Asoyan

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Subsequently, the loyal clients, who post and share their opinions on our services, turn into trend-setters. A: As a telecommunication company, do you have any specific SM practice? K: Yes, I guess so. The presentation was held in an unusual format – near Moscow, in a circus-like tent where lots of mobile and telecommunication experts shared their ideas.

Facebook Connectivity Lab’s Aquila Aircraft Takes Flight

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Nearly one year ago, Facebook announced that its Aquila high-altitude, long-endurance aircraft was ready for flight testing , and the social network took the next step Thursday. Global head of engineering and infrastructure Jay Parikh  announced in a Newsroom post  that the first full-scale test flight of Aquila was a success. Each test will help us learn and move faster toward our goal.

How More Calls and Conversations Will Provide You with Strategic Business Intelligence

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She leads the public relations, social media and content marketing programs for 800response and CallFinder, delivering telecommunications solutions and web-based marketing technology tools including sophisticated Call Routing platforms, real-time Call Tracking, Custom 800 Number service, and Call Monitoring services like Call Recording. This is a guest post by Jeanne Landau.

103 Compelling Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)

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Within the Fortune 500, telecommunications (53%) and specialty retailers (48%) are most likely to have blogs. As the use of social media in marketing has become ubiquitous, marketers have turned their attention to making the use of business social media more sophisticated and strategic. Which emerging platforms are essential (or even worth investigating)? Between large and small businesses?

What Makes Customers Loyal to Brands?

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To find out what brands can do to make sure their customers stay loyal, international telecommunications provider Toll Free Forwarding surveyed a sample of US consumers. Image via In 2016, brands should be doing everything possible to promote customer loyalty. So what is it that encourages them to stick by a product, and what lessons can we learn from them?

B2B Testimonials: Seven Things to Do When Clients Won’t (or Can’t) Talk

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Blind case studies: write those case studies, just use generic descriptors (e.g., “a large telecommunications firm”) in place of the actual client name (e.g., AT&T or Verizon). Recommendations and reviews are common in the consumer world, where customers routinely yelp, buzz and epine about everything from air conditioners to yard ornaments. Image credit: Carla Zanoni.

Clay Shirky Is Back (And He's Taking On China)

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He holds a joint appointment at NYU as an Associate Arts Professor at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) and as an Associate Professor in Journalism Department. A few years back, he decided to move to China instead of Silicon Valley to better understand what was happening in technology today, and to further study the effects of the internet on society. it's not the stork.

What Small Businesses Need to Kickstart a Programmatic Ad Strategy

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In the telecommunications industry, for example, the use of CRM data resulted in online campaigns that were 39 times more effective, according to Neustar. Business and customer data has existed for ages. Mostly, however, it sat hopelessly trapped in handwritten ledgers, filing cabinets, and floppy disks, a precious resource untapped. Customer Data is Gold. Driving Results with Data. Social Network for Communities


To name a few industries at the top of my mind – like telecommunications industry, our prime differentiator is our Public Communities. The ambitious team has already set foot in social networking, telecommunications, file sharing and storage, user communications, and project management. One of them was the team from said Zhu-Song Mei, Founder and CEO.

Mobile Will Restore Brevity to Media

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Africa’s entire information infrastructure expects to leapfrog landline telecommunications and computers. If social media endangered the 30 second spot , then mobile media will restore brevity to content creation. Long blog posts and articles are best read on computers and tablets, while short videos, photos and brief updates will be preferred on smartphones.

6 Social Media Stats to Improve Your Brand Presence


The sectors with the best response rates being telecommunications and the airline sector. Recently, Awareness, Inc. social marketing software company, released a new report: “ 6 Mind-Blowing Social Media Stats – And What They Mean for Marketers ”. Provide adequate training: As you would for a call center, develop approved responses to common customer inquiries. Her strategy?

Four Mobile Marketing Growth Areas

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Cell phone subscriptions look to have topped five billion globally at the end of 2010 ( International Telecommunication Union ). This first ran on MyMobiManager , a company that creates content management systems for the mobile web. Creative and fun, if you’re looking for help in that area, you should check them out! We love you, but oy! And apps? Forget about it! Mobile Browser Ready.

Traditional Media brainwashing Australians about Social Media

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NSW Police said that while there are no specific offences in NSW dealing with telecommunication , charges can be laid against stalkers or those considered to be intimidating or menacing a child, if there is sufficient evidence. NSW Police have been made aware of a Facebook page that has allegedly made disturbing death threats against baby-faced singer Jack Vidgen. People do. People do.

Facebook, Microsoft Team Up on MAREA Subsea Cable

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MAREA will be managed by Telxius Cable, Telefónica ‘s new telecommunications infrastructure company, and Telxius will serve as the cable’s operator and be responsible for selling capacity. Facebook and Microsoft  are going under, as in underwater: The two tech giants will team up to build a new, state-of-the-art subsea cable across the Atlantic Ocean. Construction on the 6,600-kilometer cable will begin in August, and MAREA is expected to be completed in October 2017, connecting the U.S. We think this is how most subsea cable systems will be built in the future.

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Horizontal Marketing

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We still do (think about banks, cable companies, airlines, telecommunications and a few others). Warning: this going to sound self-serving: Marketing has to stop being a vertical within the business and must become horizontal across all business lines. Period. End of sentence. Businesses, fundamentally see the concept of social business as a fad. As if, suddenly, the employees within the organization will no longer be connected to one another and no longer engaged on a smartphone or tablet (meaning they are not only hyper-connected but completely untethered). It has to come from the top.

The Social Media Fatigue Myth

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When was the last time you picked up the telephone, made a call, hung up and then turned to the person next to you to marvel at the invention that is telecommunications? Are you getting tired of Social Media? A few years back, there was a slew of Blog posts, Podcasts and in-person conversations about Social Media fatigue. This was just before Twitter broke big. There was a feeling of, "yes, I'm now connected to a lot of people and we're all sharing all sorts of stuff, but now what?" Social Media truly went mobile and local. ahh, the choices. Social Media fatigue is a myth.

50 Amazing Mobile Marketing Statistics That Will Move You to Action

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Source: The International Telecommunications Union ). Mobile isn’t just a trend, it’s a total revolution in the way consumers interface with technology and businesses. It’s no exaggeration to say that smartphones and tablets are the biggest thing to hit marketing since the internet appeared. Mobile devices will account for 25% of global internet traffic by 2014. Source: HubSpot ).

22 Effective SEO Tips to Optimize Your B2B Website

PWB Marketing Blog’s directory has dozens of categories from Construction to Industrial to Telecommunications. Do you ever wonder why your B2B website isn’t getting more traffic? It could be that your website isn’t properly optimized for search engines. Google indexes not only websites, but also images, videos, local listings, news stories, blog posts, and more. Now that’s quick! Blogs have both.

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3 Customer Service Secrets


That means you need to make them feel valued at every point of contact with your business: whether it be on-line, via verbal telecommunications, or face-to-face. Good customer service is the cornerstone of any business; it helps create the right impression and encourages repeat business, helping your business to grow and prosper. They are spending money with you. Email this to a friend?

4 VoIP Apps for iPhones


By incorporating support for the numerous telecommunications technologies used by different mobile voice and data providers MobileVOIP enhances your communications options while reeling in excessive long distance expenses. Voice over Internet Protocol has come a long way baby! There are those that will mourn the loss of gobs of money by these competing carriers. Tribair. MobileVOIP. netTalk.

51 Profitable SEO Niches to Dominate with Low Competition

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And the first result isn’t some other huge telecommunications provider offering this as a service. Today I’m going to reveal some of the most interesting online niches where there is a lot of money to be made. These are niches which have a level of competition that allows you to compete, and fast. — Glen Allsopp (@ViperChill) July 11, 2016. ” Near me. That’s it.

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What Keeps The Chief Marketing Officer Awake At Night? - Part 3

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very senior Chief Marketing Officer at one of the largest telecommunications companies in North America leaned over my shoulder after someone mentioned the famed Gartner report at an event, and sighed, "if I hear about this report one more time, I am going to blow a gasket." Is Gartner right about Chief Marketing Officers spending more on IT than the Chief Information Officer in the coming years? " Still, it is hard to argue that every business is now a digital business. Are marketers still scared of technology? The timing was - somewhat - precarious. no boot up time).

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Which is the Best Permalink Structure For Your Blog?


Richard Richsh blogs at Selected Hosting ,  holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications and has a substantial experience in Network and Sever Management. This is a guest contribution from  Richard Richsh. WordPress is the most preferred platform by many beginners and developers across the globe for its ease of use. You can take it from here!