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How to Use a Bullet Journal for Business

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There are lots of uses for a bullet journal in our personal lives, but what about for business? The post How to Use a Bullet Journal for Business appeared first on Spin Sucks. Gini Dietrich has some examples and shows you how to use it. entrepreneur Time Management national clean off your desk day pinterest spin sucks goals wunderlist

Keeping a Journal: The Power of Daily Writing

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The practice of keeping a journal is not foreign to writers, but experts say it's a very powerful tonic for anyone who does so. The post Keeping a Journal: The Power of Daily Writing appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories On Writing and Advice from Ernest Hemingway Ad Blocking, Brand Journalism, and the Publisher’s Dilemma Content Marketing Most Certainly is Not Dead.

Facebook Journalism Project: A Complete Guide

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Facebook’s efforts to bolster its relationships with media and news organizations and journalists  continued with Wednesday’s introduction of the Facebook Journalism Project. Simo introduced Facebook Journalism Project as follows: Facebook is a new kind of platform, and we want to do our part to enable people to have meaningful conversations, to be informed and to be connected to each other.

Journalism Is Not Content Marketing

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didn't consider that "true" journalism. I was a rock writer. always held journalism to a higher standard. The power of journalism has shifted. What's going on with journalism today? Journalism is here to act as a bridge between government/corporations and the citizens of a society. Journalism - Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.  . journalism.

The Future of Journalism from Warren Buffet’s Viewpoint

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Last month, in a move that surprised many of us close to journalism, Warren Buffet bought newspapers – 63 of them, in fact. But when posed a different way, most everyone in the room either doesn’t read the major dailies ( New York Times , Wall Street Journal ) or they subscribe only to the digital version. Now Buffet is not known for making high-risk or crazy investments.

Journalism and the Cluster Theory: What it Means for PR Pros

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Journalism is facing the cluster theory, or the idea that industries move to one or two locations. The post Journalism and the Cluster Theory: What it Means for PR Pros appeared first on Spin Sucks. Gini Dietrich explores what this means for PR pros. Communication Trends joshua benton narrative science nieman lab slack zoom

Social Media, Journalism and “The News Will Find Me”


just posted a great slide deck of a presentation she gave recently on the impact of social media on journalism to the New England Press and Newspaper Association ‘s Winter Conference. The awesome Debra Askanase of Community Organizer 2.0 The  Guardian  states: “Help the  Guardian  shape the news by talking to our editors and reporters about upcoming stories as we work on them.”

As Journalism Weakens, the Fifth Estate Strengthens

Geoff Livingston

The weak economy and the evolution of Internet media have done more to shake up traditional journalism than any other events in the past 60 years. The journalism field has yet to successfully adjust to the new economic realities of shrinking print ad budgets and online media consumption. Yet not all people have these kinds of journalism skills. Creating a Stronger Fifth Estate.

Become Healthier By Keeping a Food Journal

Justin Levy

Start a food journal. And if you decide to not change what you’re going to consume, you can easily send that photo to Evernote or any one of a dozen food/diet/health apps which will help you to keep a digital food journal. After keeping your journal for the next week, overlay your food journal with your calendar. Question:   Have you kept a food journal before?

The New Journalism

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This is an amazing story (and you can watch the video that started it all below), but it's also another shot against the bow of traditional journalism as we've known it to date. The new journalism (and the new Marketing) is about having a nose for news. The new journalism (and the new Marketing) won't be a as heavily reliable on the traditional media channels, because now we have other ways to get stories to spread and reach critical mass. This is the new journalism. journalism. the new journalism. Everyone likes a feel good story. It took us. not them.

Live Journaling a Tough Mudder: Fire, Electrocution and More

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Over the next two days, I will be traveling and live journaling a trip to South Carolina to run a Tough Mudder with local DC ad exec and friend Scott Stephens. How do you top punishments like dressing in drag and walking in front of the White House with a sandwich board that says “I’m an author, please hire me?” ” That’s easy! The Pain. Electrocution ?

Digital Journalism and PR

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The world is changing, how people consume media is changing – by the day.  We’re fighting for the attention of every reader.  It’s hard, but we have to figure it out and learn how to produce better journalism.”. Online PR digital journalismJim Brady on the Changes in News Consumption. Ten years ago the Internet was in its infancy and most people read newspaper and watched TV news.  We were all accustomed to a 24-hour news cycle. Newsrooms are still under financial pressure as they see their circulations dwindle and ad revenues go up in smoke. Join my circles on Google+.

Jennifer Nycz-Conner on How Technology Is Transforming Journalism

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Jennifer Nycz-Conner is an editor at the Washington Business Journal , where she serves as the business anchor on WTOP and she runs the Working the Room column. She has seen how digital media from blogs to today’s newer technologies like Meerkat and Periscope have changed journalism. Fifth Estate business Conner evolution Jen journal journalism Nycz Washington WTOP xPotomac

Jodi Gersch on Social Media-Driven Journalism

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She will be speaking on a panel with the Washington Business Journal’s Jennifer Nycz-Conner at xPotomac on how the digital media revolution’s continuing impact on journalism. GL : What’s the biggest thing you have seen changed in journalism as a result of social media? Social Media data Gannett Jodi Gersch journalism local national trends USA TodayActionable.

Will A Brands Next Big Move Be A Journalism Department?

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Flipping from content marketing to journalism. I was thinking about this Blog. I was thinking about citizen journalism. I was watching Geoff Livingston present at Webcom Montreal last week, and things started to click. Maybe the reason this Blog has some level of success is because it's more like journalism than it is about what Twist Image offers and sells (I prefer to write relevant articles about this industry). Is the world ready for real Brand Journalism? brand journalism. citizen journalism. journalism. journalism department. brand.

Great journalism – impartial but not neutral?

The Way of the Web

It’s sad in some ways that a lot of great writing and journalism has been inspired by tragedy and loss, but at the same time, it often allows some good to come out of the events by providing insight and inspiration. Three articles I’ve read recently reinforced that, along with also highlighting an interesting point from a book I’m currently reading on media ethics which states that journalism should be impartial but not neutral. Journalism: Impartial not Neutral. Neutrality is defined as refusing to take sides or make a judgement.

The Future of Media in a Digital World

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On October 13, I attended the event, “Journalism Disrupted, Journalism Reborn: The Future of Media in a Digital World” hosted by Weber Shandwick, that included a seriously impressive panel of experts—and perhaps most impressively, it was an all-women panel (one of the first times I’ve seen this in Silicon Valley). By Juliet Travis. The Future of Media Panel. Can’t Do Both.

How Are Journalists Engaging Audiences on Social?

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Communication Media Relations cision citizen journalism communication tool engage audiences on social media facebook Geofeedia journalism journalists meerkat monitor social posts by location periscope slack social curation social listening social listening apps Social Media social media journalism social streaming source of news Storyful Twitterappeared first on Spin Sucks.

Journalism And The New Media With Jay Rosen

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My professional career started off in Journalism (this was prior to becoming both a Publisher and Marketer), so yes, I have a soft spot for all things Journalism. There's also an important link between Journalism and Marketing. There are few who are looking at Journalism and the New Media with a sharper eye than Jay Rosen. Rosen teaches journalism at New York University , where he has been on the faculty since 1986. He is the author of PressThink , a blog about journalism's ordeals in the age of the Web, which he launched in 2003. journalism.

The Future of Content Marketing is Now

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Brand Journalism In 2007, American Express launched OPENForum as a way to support small businesses across the United States. Brand journalism puts the storytelling in the hands of corporations. Brand journalism. You don’t have to be American Express to launch brand journalism. By Gini Dietrich Content marketing exhaustion. Content marketing overload. Vision.

Top Journalism Techniques for Smart Bloggers


Go ahead, pick up the  New York Times ,  Wall Street Journal , or the  USA Today. Top Journalism Techniques for Smart Bloggers. This guest post is by Matthew Brennan of Stop for a second and consider this blog post opening: “Matt rose from his unpadded chair, and stopped to scratch his head and stare at the empty document on his computer. Zoom in, zoom out.

Three Challenges to Remote Work and How to Overcome Them

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Companies around the world are embracing remote work options. However, workers still face challenges when working outside of a traditional office. Jackie Jensen interviews three remote workers and shares their challenges and how to overcome them. The post Three Challenges to Remote Work and How to Overcome Them appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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The 12 Traits that Define Managers vs. Leaders

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entrepreneur Leadership boss vs leader leadership traits micromanagement wall street journalThere is a big difference in the traits of managers vs. leaders and, sometimes, the best colleague is someone who exhibits a little of both. The post The 12 Traits that Define Managers vs. Leaders appeared first on Spin Sucks. Comments I have learned to answer “What do you think?” Before I ask.

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Tweet late, email early, and don’t forget about Saturday: Using data to develop a social media strategy » Nieman Journalism Lab

Inside Jim Brady’s new job at Journal Register Company Links on Twitter: Al Jazeera English introduces The Stream, Brady goes to JRC and making a better FAQ » The Nieman Journalism Lab is a collaborative attempt to figure out how quality journalism can survive and thrive in the Internet age. News organization should pay attention, too. and on Saturdays. Go figure.

Citizen Journalism: Who is a Journalist Today?

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Citizen journalism doesn’t only apply to major political events or disasters. Citizen journalism is one of the hottest buzzwords in the news business right now.  Many newsrooms are implementing some sort of citizen-journalism initiative. People today are always on the look out for new and faster ways to get their news. Opportunities to act as a citizen journalist abound.

Six Ways to Use Earned Media to Grow Your Business

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Communication Media Relations citizen journalism media relations public relations plan seth godin start-up pr talkwalker alertsEarned media is one media type (of four) in an overall public relations plan. Here are six ways to use it to grow your business and build expertise. The post Six Ways to Use Earned Media to Grow Your Business appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Convergence of Marketing and Journalism is a Recipe for Better Content

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In this week’s Baer Facts, Kyle Lacy from ExactTarget and I talk about a recent blog post by social business smartie David Armano that illustrates an emerging marketing team structure that includes journalism/editorial guidance. This is an interesting and exciting development, as it wasn’t that long ago that marketing and journalism were like two beta fish in adjacent bowls.

The FTC and Social Media: You Have to Disclose

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Mary Engle, director of the division of advertising practices at the FTC told The Wall Street Journal that, “while this was the FTC’s first case regarding Twitter and misleading behavior, it’s unlikely to be our last.” Communication Ethics #gamechanger deutsch disclosure in social media FTC FTC disclosure FTC guidelines mary engle playstation vita wall street journa

The Five People Essential to Your Next News Release

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Communication Media Relations clear communications communications expertise Google Doc grow in your writing journalism background journalists media relations nbc news releases PR Professionals strategic writingWhen you are faced with producing an important news release, Daniel Bliley says these five types of people are absolutely essential to its success. News releases written.

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How to Launch a Successful PR Campaign Without a News Release

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Magazine increase brand awareness increase mindshare leverage your investor relationships O’Dwyer’s PE Hub Quartz techcrunch the press release is commoditized news use data to get PR results Venture News venturebeat wall street journal what's the future of the press release Can you launch a successful PR campaign without a news release? Can data help you?

Poor Media Literacy Spawns Fake News Successes

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As social media has risen and traditional media have lost market share, news outlets have moved to tabloidesque journalism from formerly trustworthy brands. started reading more conservative outlets, the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, as well as the Washington Post and USA Today. In the visual world, that includes producing and consuming quality media in a loud environment.”

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How to Achieve Your PR Goals When the Novelty Wears Off

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Communication Planning Bullet Journal Celebrate Small Victories celebrate small wins Do One Small Thing Each Day Five Tips to Achieve Your PR Goals grow your career in PR How to achieve your goals how to achieve your PR goals how to set goals New Year PR goals New Year Resolutions pr goals Review Your Goals Regularly tips to grow your business tips to grow your career Write Your Goals Down

Five Reasons People Aren’t Reading Your Blog

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Cue the whining about the death of long-form journalism ; the fact that people don’t read anymore; that our attention spans have shriveled to the size of peas. . Blog Social Media all-in-one seo pack linkedin pulse long-form journalism news releases WordPressBy Rebecca Devine. By now, most companies understand they need to harness the power of social media and content marketing.

Content Marketing Strategy? Think Like A Reporter

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As Daniel Newman and Michael Brenner discussed in Forbes , brand journalism is the evolution of content marketing–so applying a journalistic approach to content marketing strategy makes a lot of sense. Content Marketing Marketing Strategy Social Media Marketing brand journalism content marketing strategy Daniel Newman inverted pyramid Mark Schaefer Michael Brenner reporter's question

Media140 Sydney: Social Media Twitter & Journalism

Laurel Papworth

Somehow she never got around to addressing what the event was actually about SOCIAL MEDIA and traditional journalism.  Media140 Sydney: Social Media Twitter & Journalism is a post from: Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy. I spoke at Media140 Sydney – I want to highlight some of the “arguments&# used against social media by the panels, also focus on Everybody co-creating The Human Narrative and the diminishing role of journalists who take news from one part  of the community and deliver it to another part:  It’s not YOUR content. It’s our content. My view? 

Survey: 60% of Physicians Believe Social Media “Improves the Care They Deliver”

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Many physicians are making use of social media – as a way to manage new information, discuss the latest journal articles or research, and to help provide quality care. ” Twitter is also useful for David May, MD, who looks to other doctors on the platform to offer their opinions and add to the discussion about the latest journal articles and research. “The Dr. Robert S.

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Twitter’s Verified Accounts Application Process (Infographic)

SocialTimes Twitter

Verified accounts debuted on the social network in 2009 , and Twitter’s July announcement paved the way for potential verified accounts in categories such as music, television, film, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports and business. Readers: Have any of you submitted applications to have your Twitter accounts verified?

PR Pros Not Keeping Up with What Journalists Want

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Combined with the social media and citizen journalism phenomenon, the  Oriella Digital Journalism Study  shows journalists are now swinging back to trusted – and credible – sources for information. I’m sure most of you remember when the plane went down in the Hudson River. Do you also remember the photo that accompanied most of the news reports? What Does this Mean?

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Increase Productivity with a Bullet Journal

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Then I discovered the Bullet Journal a few months ago and it completely changed how I take notes. It works with any notebook but they do sell an official Bullet Journal for $20. The post Increase Productivity with a Bullet Journal appeared first on Puzzle Marketer. The problem I’ve always had with my notebooks is that they are painful to revisit. It Index. Future Log.

Six Tips for Better Business Writing

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In today’s text, Twitter, social media world, people are getting more and more lazy about their grammar and spelling, according to This Embarrasses You and I* , an article in the Wall Street Journal. Communication Writing AP Stylebook better business writing Chicago Manual of Style text language text speak wall street journal writing“I am losing the battle.” Use it!

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