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Snapchat: An Emerging Platform for Teamwork and Collaboration

Waxing UnLyrical

While Snapchat has been used for brands and other public relations campaigns, it can be used for collaborative and teamwork efforts as well. In fact, I used Snapchat for the first time this semester to not only showcase what I am doing in my classes, but also to document, share, and collaborate with my students and fellow PR professors on projects and assignments. Visual Chat session.

Monday Roundup: Collaboration

Waxing UnLyrical

So this week’s roundup focuses on how collaboration can play a major role in successful campaigns and projects. 1.  Collaboration Tools for Social Media Teams: You Don’t Have to Do It All Alone. Why: Slack is just one of the tools I personally use for collaboration. Collaboration Tools to Improve Your Content. Around the Web Community collaboration

Social Business: Four Real-Life Truths about Collaboration


The 3 U’s apply to collaboration as well – source: Nicola Millard (Scribd) I haven’t been blogging a lot in recent months. Many departments, countries, languages and actions: you can imagine it learns one a few lessons on social business and collaboration. and collaboration. At the same time, however, real-time collaboration is seen as very beneficial.

Sharing and Collaboration

Geoff Livingston

This collaborative shift is caused by technology in the form of social and  mobile, and a new “we” ethos brought on by millennials. Last week, my friend Jeremiah Owyang and the Altimeter Group team released a major study called The Collaborative Economy that drove this point home. My Shared Collaborative Experience. Not Everyone Wants, Needs or Can Afford to Own.

Teem’d: The New Collaboration Tool


It transforms how organizations create, collaborate, and publish social media content at the national and local levels. Our platform uses a workflow process to create a collaborative environment where users (your hand-picked team of employees!) Teem’d works around two simple ideas: Group Collaboration: A Group can represent a branch, office, department, class, city, troop, etc.

From Social Sharing to Creative Collaboration

Social Media Marketing

The Power of Collaborative Consumption The personal arena is by no means exempt from this modern paradigm shift, however. The collaborative mindset is gradually beginning to be applied to production and not simply to consumption. Move toward Collaborative Production? What exciting new realities do you think the next stage in collaborative production holds in store?

The value of collaboration


The Value of Collaboration #1: Reducing internal service costs. The solution has 4 parts: Use the collaboration platform to store answers you already have. The Value of Collaboration #2: Reducing how much your firm prints. Now, at work, I can store all those docs on the firm’s collaboration platform and access them via an iPad. This isn’t a new idea.

Collaboration supports successful campaigns

Akamai Marketing

Collaboration is a sign of strength, not weakness and we can make each other and our clients even more successful. In fact, social media in itself IS collaboration. So when you find your chief: Despite that wide range of professional backgrounds, social media professionals tend to be very collaborative. If your a social media pro, do you collaborate much?

Can Marketing and IT Collaborate?


Inability on both sides /either side to see the strategic value in collaborating? Socially driven collaboration infographic from Vanessa DiMauro. Apparently not – despite all the evidence showing that they need to.  Is it time to stick your marketing and your IT folks in a room and get them to hash it out? What’s the problem here? Turf wars? General disdain for each other?

5 Ways Marketing and Sales Can Collaborate for Better Content

Convince & Convert

Content Marketing content creation content marketing editorial approach employee generated content internal collaboration salesIf marketing and sales departments want to get firing on all cylinders, they need to work together. While the two groups have a reputation for not getting along, they at least need to be polite if they want to succeed. But guess what?

Defining Social Business: a Call for Clarity and Collaboration


It’s also a call for collaboration. Collaboration is one of the ideas we encounter a lot in a social business context. However, in this case, I call upon YOUR collaboration. This morning I launched the idea of c reating a collaborative (e)Book on social business on Twitter, it seemed to interest people, despite the day and time. Please do collaborate on this one.

Civic Crowdfunding vs Tax – Collaborative Government #Gov2

Laurel Papworth

Collaborative projects eg. By the way, World of Warcraft is good for teaching that… digital economy government Online Communities social media Social Media Australia #budget2014 collaboration democracy Let’s have a look at. some basic democratic activities and then. compare it to social media funding, civic crowdsourcing and peer to peer industries. Petitions online.

Thoughts on Collaborative Social Innovation

Geoff Livingston

could not help but wonder how can B Corps and nonprofits and general do-gooders leverage the power of new models like the collaborative economy to share and make great things happen? You can see how collaborative model could offer significant progress to the cause space. Cause change collaborative economy crowdfunding GOOD legos oil spill Social Media tornadoes

Why collaboration is not as easy as it seems


To develop cooperation with others and to collaborate, you need to understand what you have in common. This is the chimera of collaboration culture composed of elements from many different segments of culture and between people. Analyzing Collaboration Culture Clash from Rawn Shah. Loved this deck by Rawn Shah. ————– ( photo credit ).

[Cool Infographic Friday] The History of Social Collaboration


Social technology has become such a natural habit for most people. If you’re not on Facebook, then Twitter is your first port of call. Communication has become so digitalized that in this day and age, it’s a necessity. HighQ have devised a great infographic illustrating how communication has evolved over the last 40 years… An infographic brought to you by HighQ. Potluck

Open Letter to the CxO: Can You Survive the Age of Integration and Collaboration?


The only way to make that success happen is integration and it requires a collaborative culture. customer culture is a collaborative integration culture It’s my role, your role and that of management to create engaging experiences for employees. And engagement is what makes people productive, passionate and collaborative. An open letter to the CxO. No, I’m not a blogger.

Social Business: the Essence of Collaboration and Purpose


The wisdom of the crowd, participation, co-creation, engagement, empowerment, collaboration,… The literature and ‘collective wisdom’ regarding social business is filled with statements on how important all these expensive words are today. What drives collaboration? Collaboration is most certainly not always a question of mass as is sometimes advocated. There is hope. We have.

Propel Your Organization Forward Through Collaboration

The Realtime Report

Propel Your Organization Forward Through Collaboration. Any organization that is attempting to become better needs to consider the idea of tying up loose ends and reviewing current operations before moving forward. Consider why you should have (or add) meetings to your organization with a focus on the following issues: Open Communication. No Excuses Not To Be Present.

What True Collaboration in Digital Marketing Looks Like (And How I Learned It)

Simply Measured

Go make a friend on the email/display/search/SEO/web/personalization/video/some other team. I’ve been amazed and impressed at how any social marketers have begun the effort to start working collaboratively with other functions in their organization’s marketing department. Let’s go beyond functional awareness of what our teammates do and move into true collaboration. Social marketing?

Bloggers Unite! A 10-Point Guide for Blogger Collaboration

Convince & Convert

Here’s a blogger collaboration guide to get you started: Note: If you’re already doing some blogger collaboration, check your activity against this list. Click to read more » Blogging and Content Creation andy crestodina blogger collaboration blogging content creation social networkingWeb marketing isn’t a solo endeavor. How many of these ten points have you got covered?

How SocialStudent Improves Engagement and Collaboration @KatyTroughton #IBMConnection #education

Blue Focus Marketing

What is IBM doing to help empower students to better engage, collaborate, and take a leading role in the social age? The goal of SocialStudent was to provide participants with a real-world collaborative environment similar to the ones they’re likely to experience once they’ve graduated and entered the workforce. Does SocialStudent sound like a promising step forward to you?

Show 435 - Best Practice for Online Collaboration

Engaging Brand

Anna Farmery  talks with Lionel Roux from Wimi - a company  Wimi specialising in collaborative work tools. We Collaboration online - why are people reluctant to it? What is the strength of collaboration online? What are the best practices for online collaboration? Can you analyse the efficiency of online collaboration? Anna Farmery talks with Lionel Roux from Wimi - a company Wimi specialising in collaborative work tools. We discuss Collaboration online - why are people reluctant to it? What is the strength of collaboration online?

Adobe Disrupts Enterprise Collaboration With New Tool for Marketers

Stay N' Alive

Enterprise collaboration is quickly becoming the future of communication within the enterprise. Using tools like Yammer , employees have been able to collaborate between themselves on internal "social networks" where links, photos, and information could be shared. Each new element appears as a card in the feed for employees to collaborate.

In the Collaborative Economy, Are Local Classifieds in Trouble?

Stay N' Alive

I''m a big fan of my friend Jeremiah Owyang''s principle of " The Collaborative Economy." The Collaborative Economy is a new phase of this principle, where instead of only sharing online, close friends, family, and some times strangers are now using online tools to find ways to share in real life. This is why I fear for local classifieds markets. This is where the trouble begins.

If You Want a Culture of Collaboration, You Need to Accept the LOLCats Too

Social Media Strategery

If you want to create a vibrant culture of collaboration, you need to be OK with pictures of LOLCats, posts about the NFL playoffs, arguments about Apple and Android, and criticism of company policies. Collaborative communities don't just start innovating because you build a website and send a memo. And someone who makes a LOLcat has already crossed over that gap.

Robust Collaboration Tools to Empower the Modern Social Media Marketing Team


With access to a bountiful supply of new and tested collaboration tools and services, there certainly are no excuses for fouling up on managing your online marketing campaigns. Here are 7 powerful tools to get you on the right track and since 97% of businesses already using collaboration software have reported being able to service more clients efficiently , there’s no better time than now.

Why Agencies Need to Play Nice In the Sandbox

Spin Sucks

Collaboration between agencies shouldn’t be a game of tug-of-war, but a civil meeting of minds, where trust is built, roles established, and goals aligned. Collaborative marketing is meant to be a boon for business, not a contest of one-upmanship. Steve Randazzo has more. The post Why Agencies Need to Play Nice In the Sandbox appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Engaging the Next-Gen Workforce through Collaboration #SocBiz #Leadership #Leaders

Blue Focus Marketing

And so, these panelists were asked what their companies had done to make their collaboration and social networking solutions appealing to their workforce.  . I’m here reporting from IBM ConnectEd 2015 (@ IBMConnect ) in Orlando, Florida. Thanks again to everyone involved. Specifically, the panel addressed the intersection of technology and humanity. Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

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How I Got My Job As Director Of Social Media – Step 1: Build Experience Then Blog, Tweet, Collaborate!

SocMed Sean

My collaboration with these team members expanded my areas of expertise and helped me expand my understanding of how to bring people together using technology as easily as possible. Blogs Facebook Featured People Social Twitter Workplace YouTube blog career collaboration intranet job knowledge management social media social networking tipsCool, eh? Let’s be clear, though.

How to Embrace Collaborative Content

Convince & Convert

Finding customers, employees, associates, and collaborators will become more and more important for content marketers to produce content that is valuable. Tweetable Moments We are surrounded by data like never before, but we are starved for insights. jaybaer Tweet This. The Convince & Convert blog was named the #1 content marketing blog in the world by Content Marketing Institute.

Three Myths About Ghostwriting for an Executive

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Communication Writing Blogging collaboration content content marketing content marketing world Freelance Writing ghostwriter ghostwriting ghostwriting is collaborative ghostwriting myths ghostwriting myths busted Public Relations thought leadership Transparency writingGhostwriting is not easy. You have to learn your client's voice, what he/she likes or dislikes. Sometimes your expertise is challenged. Other times you only communicate with your clients' assistants. Berrak Sarikaya is set to bust a few ghostwriting myths.

21st Century Collaboration in Action: The Path To Belgium’s First AMC


The post 21st Century Collaboration in Action: The Path To Belgium’s First AMC appeared first on SocialFish - Social Media for Associations and Nonprofits. Guest post by Marc Mestdagh, ceo 2Mpact, Executive Director of BSAE (Belgian Society of Association Executives) – follow him at @2Mpact. Here’s looking at you, AMC! Report:  [link]. Life would have been so beautiful. Go on!

[Cool Infographic Friday] The Collaborative Economy


Altimeter is doing a lot of research about collaborative startups. Read all about it here. Social, In Theory

Nonprofits, Technology and the Social Collaboration of the Future


You may recall that I spent an amazing couple of days at the Mashable Social Good Summit in New York City a couple of weeks ago. A big, big important theme that came out for me was that of how social responsibility and social collaboration need to be better connected. I’d like to post here two videos of short talks that particularly resonated with me. hope you’ll take a few minutes to think about how technology can enable distributed, but better connected, better collaborative social good efforts. Key tweets from my stream are included.

General Mills Embraces Collaborative Storytelling with “Hello, Cereal Lovers” Social Media Community

Convince & Convert

Inspired by the passion and enthusiasm people have for cereal, there’s a new, “Hello Cereal Lovers” co-branded social media community from General Mills that is generating buzz for its creative and collaborative visual storytelling approach. Love cereal? You’re not alone. The cereals are celebrated through a delicious array of mashups , recipes and bowl selfies.

Social Media Case Study: Collaborate with Traditional Media

Bare Feet Studios

The post Social Media Case Study: Collaborate with Traditional Media appeared first on Bare Feet Studios. Let me introduce you to my client, HCAP – Honolulu Community Action Program, Inc. They are among the top 10 largest nonprofits in Hawaii, with a wide range of services being provided across O?ahu. Somewhat surprisingly for an organization of its size, it had managed to.

Digitalization and the human element in technological change


Examples include marketing automation and CRM projects, social collaboration initiatives and […]. Digital business Digital transformation Human business Social collaboration change management collaboration digitalization empowerment engagement Ovum Richard Edwards It’s a phenomenon we see in virtually all areas of business.

How I’m Using Google+ to Create Content and Collaborative Opportunities on my Blogs


Yet another is talking to us about a potential ebook collaboration. While there are many benefits of using G+ to drive traffic, deepen reader interaction, build your profile, and so on, I’ve been pleasantly surprised in the last few weeks by how wonderful a place it has been to build collaborative opportunities and generate content. How I’m Using Google+ to Create Content and Collaborative Opportunities on my Blogs. Social Media blog content collaboration NetworkingEach day as I sit down to G+ I see the most amazing conversations happening.

Get Ready For The Collaborative Economy

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He calls it, The Collaborative Economy , and he thinks it''s going to change everything (again). In June of this year, he launched his latest research report called, The Collaborative Economy. the collaborative economy. Episode #372 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Jeremiah Owyang is on to a new thing. " Think about Uber , AirBnB and even Netflix. world where we share stuff. not own it. spent an afternoon with Owyang a few weeks back in Menlo Park (but we recorded this conversation prior to that). airbnb.

Why the collaborative economy bears keeping an eye on


I’m fascinated by this great deck from Le Web (where I MUST go sometime soon) from Mark Suster  about the collaborative economy, which as you know I’ve mentioned here before in relation to Jeremiah Owyang’s work on the topic.  I’m going to reach out to him and ask if he’d have some time to tell us more about this. In the meantime, see what you think.