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The Four Skills Digital Marketers Need Today

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The numbers I’ve seen show what skills are most valuable—and it’s no surprise that they’re all digital. Today, 90 percent of marketers don’t feel equipped to navigate the digital landscape, but in my research I found that 93 percent of marketing jobs require a digital skill set. The post The Four Skills Digital Marketers Need Today appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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Leading Leaders: PR Pros Need Sharpened Leadership Skills

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Nicole Rodrigues shares five ways PR pros can sharpen their leadership skills. The post Leading Leaders: PR Pros Need Sharpened Leadership Skills appeared first on Spin Sucks. entrepreneur Leadership education empower your team leadership skills leading a team leading leaders PR Professionals teamIt's time for PR pros to become leading leaders.

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7 Skills New Marketers Need to Succeed

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How can you tell the difference between the skills that are necessary and those that are just hype? Checkout Formstack ’s new infographic on the “7 Skills Marketers Need to Succeed.” You might be surprised by which marketing skills are worth developing. The industry is constantly changing and it can be a challenge to keep up. Innovation Marketing Personal Branding

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Online Communication and Relationships: The Missing Skills

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The post Online Communication and Relationships: The Missing Skills appeared first on Spin Sucks. Online communication creates amazing opportunities for us as communications pros to connect with colleagues, clients, consumers, and communities through the online channels. However, we must use it as a tool and not a replacement for communication or relationship building.

Bridging the Skills-Gap with Competency-Based Learning


In the eLearning industry we call this the skills-gap crisis, and it affects both college graduates and skilled trade workers alike. employers were having a difficult time filling jobs, and the survey ranked “Skilled Trade worker” as the toughest job to fill. Of the hardest hit facing the skills-gap crisis is the manufacturing industry. However, it isn’t all bad news.

4 Key Project Management Skills That Business Owners Need

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4 Key Project Management Skills That Business Owners Need. Good project and program management skills are crucial for those who own a business. Even if you have little past experience in managing projects, improving your skills in these areas will enable you to better manage projects and programs as an entrepreneur. Communication Skills. Leadership Skills.

Six Skills Every PR Pro Needs

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So it’s time to think about the key skills you need to have going into 2012 and beyond. Now we have to take that skill and learn how to optimize our content so it’s being crawled by the search engines, while also being highly valuable and engaging. If you missed it a few weeks ago, the New York Times  wrote a piece about redefining public relations. Yes, 30 years ago.

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Four Skills for Successful Client Service Negotiations

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Laura Petrolino provides four fundamental skills needed for client negotiations that both build relationships and provide successful outcomes. The post Four Skills for Successful Client Service Negotiations appeared first on Spin Sucks. Successful client service often requires you to help your client see things from a different perspective and lead them down the right path.

Five Skills You Need You Won’t Learn In PR Class

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The Five Skills You Won’t Learn in PR Class. Management skills need to be learned so you can lead a team that works together in the best interest of the clients. There are many, many other skills you need as a PR professional that you won’t learn in the classroom, but I’m out of writing time for the morning. Communication communication skills non-pr skills PR Professionals PR pros pr skillsWe’re going to test how much fame and fortune that brings to those of you who dare ask us a question. The business dashboards. Learn it.

Lawyers: Are LinkedIn Skills Endorsements & Recommendations Unethical?

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If you aren’t familiar with the LinkedIn Skills & Expertise feature, which was launched in the 4th Quarter of 2012, I wrote about it in Part 1: LinkedIn Skills Endorsements: What’s Going On? , and Part 2:  LinkedIn Skills Endorsements: Take Control Of Your Skills , complete with screen shots for my visual readers. by ABA Legal Affairs Writer,  Rachel M.


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LINKEDIN HAS BEEN VERY BUSY THIS WEEK They just rolled out a new feature called Skills Endorsements that allows your 1st degree connections to “endorse” your skills and expertise with one click. Social Media Uncategorized Consulting Endorsements Klout LinkedIn Marketing New Development Skills Skills & Expertise Strategic Marketing TestimonialIt is an interesting feature as it allows the credibility that can come from others speaking up on your behalf. Some might say it is a [.].

The Most Underrated Professional Skill

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It's nearly impossible to pinpoint - with accuracy - the "best practice" that all of them possess, but there is always one skill that they all have: their ability to speak in public. There's a massive amount of business books that cover leadership and the skills required. Still, if you become a confident and comfortable public speaker, that skill set can often get you further than most. Learning presentation skills was a huge part of my professional development. leadership skill. presentation skill. speaking skill. Speaking in public. It is not.

Leadership Skills and Being an Introvert

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It made it very hard to develop great leadership skills. Leadership Skills and Being an Introvert Nerves of steel? Plus, these past few years been actively studying, reading a ton of articles and the like about improving my leadership skills. It was uplifting to see which leadership skills I actually already kind of rock at. Why the hate? And work-wise? And then some.

6 Skills You Need To Be A Social Media Professional

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Since then, social media – and the skills needed to succeed in it – has changed substantially. Skills You Need to Be a Social Media Professional. Instantly identifying patterns and being able to capitalize upon them are some of the skills that separate good social practitioners from great ones. Image from Listening. Pattern Recognition. Improvisation.

8 Steps to Develop Your Leadership Skills

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As people enjoy a summary here is this weeks Bob-o-graphic on how to develop those leadership skills. Careers Leadership self awareness in business personal growth amy jen su leadership skills develop + skills brand podcast Self awareness is such an important part of being in business.

Post Election Digital Skills Shortage

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We already have a shortage of workers with digital skills and recruiters report that they are struggling to find people with the right talent. Predictions are that tighter immigration laws will make it even harder to find technically skilled workers. Marketing and PR jobs are one area where digital skills are in high demand. The Top 10 Digital Skills Needed in PR.

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THERE’S SOME CONCERN OUT THERE A frustrated connection in one of my LinkedIn groups asked why skills that have nothing to do with her skills are being added and endorsed by her connections. She felt these skills were at odds with her expertise, and wanted to know why it’s happening. First, LinkedIn offers others suggested skills to [.]. Social Media Uncategorized Add Skills Coaching Consulting Endorsements How-To LinkedIn Skills Skills & Expertise Section of Your LinkedIn Profile Take Control

What are Leadership Skills for Social Leader?

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Because I firmly believe as much as leadership skills stay the same, the ''how'' of leadership evolves over time. Social leadership may be yet another business term, however forget the wording, look at the substance.Leadership skills, management qualities will NEVER change however in a networked age the delivery and the how ARE changing.the question is this.

10 Important Skills and Traits Your Social Media Manager Will Need in 2017

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What are the skills to master and traits to have? We’ll share 10 skills and traits that are crucial to being a great social media manager and relevant resources to help you improve in those areas. Skills vs Traits. Throughout this post, we’ll discuss the various skills and traits we feel are most important for social media managers. Writing skills. Patience.

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37 Free Marketing and Social Media Classes to Elevate Your Skills Today

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It’s enough to wonder … Where can you go for the best, most useful marketing information? I’ve had the chance to test out and research a huge amount of resources, and I’m excited to share with you 37 free marketing and social media classes that you can enroll in to upgrade your skills across the board. . Skill level : Beginner. Skill level : Beginner.

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A Master Class In Presentation Skills

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presentation skills. This is a what a presentation can and should look like. Over these past few days, I have the pleasure of attending Google Zeitgeist 15. It's a very exclusive (and invite only) event. best describe it as Google 's version of TED. They curate both the content and the audience to ensure that something magical happens. and it always does. No slides, no tricks. Stand. brand.

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Big Data: 5 Essential Skills for Public Relations to Master

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Let’s face it, most people who go into public relations do it because our skill sets run in a certain direction. ” However, we can’t let an aversion to our less developed skills intimidate us. There are mountains of data and we don’t really have the skills to see what they all mean and really connect the dots. Essential Skills to Master Big Data.

[Cool Infographic Friday] The 10 Most Important Work Skills in 2020


OK, no surprise to you guys why I love this one. Source: Cool Infographic Friday

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Secret Skill of How to Make Money From Ideas

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There is one of our life skills that becomes even more is a communication skill but not in the art of writing or is the art of listening. Creativity Entrepreneurship how to make money ideas digital world life skills self publishing entrepreneur In a world of information, indeed information overload. In a digital world where self publishing is easy.

Which People Skills Are Most Important in Social Media?

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Mainly, the importance of people skills. How studying people skills leads to learning a new art. “There is an art and a science to both social media and people skills.” There is a lot of opportunity out there for the learned player but you must be skilled and ready to go when you get there. You Can’t Fake Authenticity. In This Episode. Resources.

Top Skills for 2016 from LinkedIn

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This list of the top 25 skills that can make you more marketable in 2016 and beyond was published on the Official LinkedIn blog. The data was gathered by analyzing all of the hiring and recruiting activity that occurred on LinkedIn in 2015 to find the 25 hottest skills required. Most are technical skills, but number 2, 3 & 4 are vital for marketing and & PR jobs.

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Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Developers: Use Your Skills In The Fight Against Diabetes!

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I am a sucker for a challenge…almost to a fault. just can’t walk away from a good opportunity to wrap my brain around a problem. Photo courtesy of RRix on Flickr via Creative Commons. The funny thing is, while I love to pick apart a problem I’m not usually the person that actually identifies the solution. You see, I’m a connector. It’s a rush. Do you know the feeling?

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15 Digital Skills You Need in 2015

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7 Essential Negotiation Skills for Bloggers and Marketers


However, bloggers and marketers need negotiation skills as much as they do their creative process. Whether negotiating million dollar contracts or simply negotiating who will do the dishes, negotiation skills are used in nearly every aspect of life. Bloggers and marketers that embrace negotiation, honing those vital skills, will certainly reach new levels of success.

Analytics: A Vital Digital PR Skill

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How to measure it requires learning new skills. Online PR Social Media Strategy digital media Online News online newsroom skills A benchmark for you: If you are not spending 30% of your time in 2013 with data, Ms/Mr Marketer, you’ll fail to achieve professional success. Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google. That’s quite a statement. Landing Page Report. Twitter.

7 Digital Marketing Skills Every Professional Needs


Digital Marketing Skills You Need to Succeed. 1. So it’s absolutely crucial that you hone your interpersonal e-mailing skills. As the internet becomes an increasingly dominant part of business, all professionals have a duty to become proficient in basic digital marketing skills. Digital Marketing Skills Every Professional Needs. Whatever you are, be a good one.”.

What Mad Men Skills Do You Need To Rock Your Marketing?

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With that, we can''t forget the soft skills. So, what are some of the softer skills that marketers need? Today, Marketing Charts published an interesting news item, titled, Which "Soft Skills" Are Most Important for Marketers to Possess? Before clicking over to the article, I jotted down some of the skills that I thought might be most important (and yes, creativity and being a strategic thinker were at the top of the list along with some thoughts around collaboration and being someone who can integrate efficiently with disparate teams and people). skills.

Why I Bet On a Pro Poker Player to Lead My Marketing Team

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When hiring, focus on skill sets rather than education or experience. entrepreneur Hiring analyze tactics corporate culture data and analytics diverse workforce diversity in the workplace effective digital marketing employee skill sets employees with diverse backgrounds. focus on skill sets good leader hiring jackpot key poker skills poker and marketing professional poker player programmatic programmatic media buying recruiting and hiring successful leader team leader unorthodox hiring practicesComments Hooray Sean for having the smarts to hire a diverse workforce!

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The New Skill Every Social Media Marketer Must Possess

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In The NOW Revolution , Amber Naslund and I predicted that social media would become a skill rather than a job. This is happening, and my Social. Click to read more » Social Media Staffing and Operations marketo Social Media Marketing social media operations social media staffing

Is Writing Still the Most Important Social Skill?

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Tweetable Moments Done is better than perfect. annhandley Tweet This Storytelling in a Visual Age Visual storytelling has been getting a lot of chatter over the past few years: the rise of visual social media outlets like Pinterest and Instagram, the proliferation of tools for creating excellent visual content, etc.

16 Social Media Podcasts to Take Your Marketing Skills to the Next Level Today

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Here are two podcasts with a strong community focus, plus a bonus third podcast with ties into customer support (a really great skill for social media marketers to have). 1. What should you do if you want to become the best at what you do? There’s probably a long list, with lots of options. In our case, that means social media podcasts ! So the big question is: Where to start? and 2.

Skills: another new LinkedIn feature | Sherrilynne Starkie

Sherrilynne Starkie


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For more on LinkedIn Skills’ Endorsements, you might find these two posts informative: LinkedIn Skills’ Endorsements: What’s Going On? LinkedIn Skills’ Endorsements – Part 2: Take Control of Your Skills. Myrland Marketing Moments are short, direct, to-the-point Marketing words of advice that only take a “Moment” to read.

The Most Important Content Marketing Skill and How to Master It

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You’ll need a number of skills to master content marketing. It’s about eliciting responses and developing the oral communication skills of the quiet students. They have to have good communication skills to get the message across to students. The most important of them is teaching. The article details five lessons for earning an A in education. Ask your audience. Fun It Up.

Task Delegation for Control Freaks: Stop, Drop, Delegate

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entrepreneur Leadership delegation laura petrolino leadership skills learn to delegate randy hall task delegationDo you struggle to effectively delegate tasks, even though you need to? Laura Petrolino shows you how to break the control freak cycle and learn to delegate like a pro with these steps. The post Task Delegation for Control Freaks: Stop, Drop, Delegate appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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