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11 best social media listening tools


Social media listening goes beyond just looking at your emails and notifications for @mentions of your brand. To avoid such mishaps what you need is a social media listening tool. As humans, it’s impossible to have an ear to the ground at all times for mentions of your brand, but with a dedicated social media listening tool that just might be doable. Is there a difference between social media monitoring and social media listening?

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The Ultimate List of Social Media Definitions You Need to Know


Social media is a constantly evolving field. It can be difficult to keep up with all the new social media definitions that seem to emerge almost every month. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive glossary of social media terms. Dark social.


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Want better results? Start with social testing

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When you’re talking about your brand’s social media strategy and someone asks why you approach some aspect of social in a certain way, what do you say? Getting started with social testing. Social media tests are structured and measurable.

How to Use YouTube Analytics and Track the Right Metrics


Toggle between Overview, Reach, Engagement, Audience, and Revenue. Toggle between Overview, Revenue, Discovery, Audience, Interactive Content, and Playlists. Other sources include Direct URL or External. Learn more about how to use Google Analytics for social tracking here.

The Complete Pinterest Advertising Guide to More Valuable Ads

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Pinterest, in a nutshell, is a social media network where users create boards and “pin” items of interest to their created boards. Pinterest users are unique from other social media platforms. You can do this if you feel comfortable accessing your site’s code or metadata. Finally, you’ll enter the destination URL for your product and click, “Promote Pin” to launch your campaign.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data From Android To iPhone Officially


Media. How To Fix Invalid Media or Track 0 Bad – Disk Unusable Error >. How to Increase Work Productivity With Social Fever >. EXIF Metadata – When To Keep And When To Not Keep >. How To Organize Recovered Photos Using EXIF Metadata >.