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Five Forms of Mobile Media

Geoff Livingston

1) Short Messaging Service (SMS) : Second generation or 2G digital cellular networks (PCS) enabled SMS, which was the death of pagers in the 90s. Mobile app savvy application apps gamification geolocation gowalla GPS Key Yarmosh mobile savvy apps smartphones SMS web

Get Your Business Moving: 9 types of Mobile Marketing

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GPS, Navigation Devices: Location based real-time marketing is going to be the next big thing; it’s time marketers, who are not already taking advantage of localization opportunities, consider this growing medium. Your customers are not confined to their homes or offices.

Six Tips to Go Mobile without Going Broke

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A consumer searching for a jewelry store on his/her smartphone will see the nearest jewelry stores relative to the GPS-enabled device in their hand. So, why not share deals, information, and updates with your customers via SMS? For a simple guide to get started with SMS Marketing, check out the Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing by Tatango. Cost: Varies depending on the SMS Marketing Software partner. Today’s guest is post is written by Eric Koester.

Twelve Steps to A Strong QR Code Campaign

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They also can make use of the GPS, phone, SMS, Internet connection, and more. Stephanie True Moss is the founder and chief creative officer of True Moss Communications, Inc. and editor of The mobile revolution is happening!

Top 10 Apps for Windows Phones


Tell this app the size and current temperature (room or fridge) of your egg, and it’ll use GPS/weather info to work out the precise cooking time for your desired consistency. Input your details once, then send them quickly and easily via SMS or email to new contacts.

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Unlocking the value of Foursquare « The Cube

Gemma Went

It doesn’t force me to verify with GPS (if your phone has one, or if you have it on, or if you get a signal). Reply Luke permalink 30/01/2010 9:36 pm Hi Gemma, Yes I agree, lets hope foursquare tighten up their verification process with GPS, like Gowalla and Rummble do.

to End Poverty

Stay N' Alive

Thus far, several projects have been proposed : "Building a Fighting Poverty Apps Store" "Twitter GPS Locator App" "First Aid App" "Tsunami Twitter/SMS Broadcaster" "Medical Twitter Broadcaster" Medical "ChaCha" You can read more about those over on the Hacking Poverty website. If you're wanting to do something good on January 21st and 22nd, save the date, book a flight and a hotel, and come to Utah for what is certain to be an unprecedented event.


Mobile Marketing Goes To The Dogs

Diva Marketing Blog

Like a good bloodhound, if my phone was equipped with a GPS system (alas, it is not) advertisers could find me almost anywhere. Both state that content providers must obtain approval from subscribers before sending them commercial SMS or MMS messages or other content. This seems to be the week to share thoughts of some of my smart friends with you. Perhaps we should begin a new series on Diva Marketing. Sharing The Thoughts of Smart Friends.


The Public Doesn't Need to Know What Gov 2.0 is, But They Do Need.

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For example, the city of San Francisco has a “Mom&# map – with the locations of all the playgrounds around the city and it is GPS encoded. Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0