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Get Your Business Moving: 9 types of Mobile Marketing

Harp Interactive

More and more businesses are realizing the potential of mobile devices as a viable medium for call-to-action advertising. And don’t think cell phones are the only mobile medium worth considering. There is a plethora of technology that offers mobility and convenience to its users who are embracing this new lifestyle wholeheartedly.

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Is it the Mobile time?

Social Media Network Marketing

With 300 million mobile subscribers, 47 million active users and advertising revenue of Rs 600 crore, - how mobile could be called new media. An ultimate Swiss knife in mobiles. Sending SMS alerts is the commonest mobile advertising method, where supply outstrips demand. A good picture of the future of the medium.

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Intro to Foursquare, Brightkite & Location-Based Social Media


You can use most location-based services on your laptop, but they are more powerful and more useful on a mobile phone, like an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. The most widely understood method is through Global Positioning System (GPS) data obtained from navigational satellites in geosynchronous orbit. How Does It Know Where I Am?

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Top 10 Apps for Windows Phones


Tell this app the size and current temperature (room or fridge) of your egg, and it’ll use GPS/weather info to work out the precise cooking time for your desired consistency. Input your details once, then send them quickly and easily via SMS or email to new contacts. BBC Sport Mobile. Download BBC Sports Mobile.

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Mobile Marketing Goes To The Dogs

Diva Marketing Blog

He kindly agreed to share his latest article about mobile marketing with Diva Marketing 's community. I have read that as many as 60 million consumers were exposed to mobile advertising in a recent month and that analysts think the mobile market could be as big as $3 billion in billings within the next 4 years.

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10 Best Women Safety Apps For Android


Family, friends, or other family members can be notified of their whereabouts using the GPS trackers. It is intended to offer details such as GPS Tracking, Emergency Contact, Safest Route, Visibility, and Walking route or accessibility to public transportation. The app uses GPS to alert users of the location’s security.

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Best Android Keylogger Apps In 2020


In all such situations where you want an advanced solution to monitor online activities through mobile phone, we recommend using keylogger apps. With a GPS location tracker, it helps you find real-time location of a targeted device. ? It works effortlessly on your mobile device. Best Android Keylogger Apps: 1. Get it Here.