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Book Review: Social Media Marketing

Webbiquity SMM

With Social Media Marketing: Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media , the inimitable Liana “Li&# Evans has provided the definitive handbook for social media marketers. Wikis (Wikipedia, hundreds of specific topic-focused wikis). Social Events (e.g., Eventful, Meetup, Upcoming, etc.).

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The Blog Is Dead: Long Live the Blog


This definition had connotations of timeliness, of narrative, and of a personal focus. Whether we’re blogging with words, videos, audio files or images, regular updates to a site—even one like microblog Twitter—are generally regarded as “blogging&#. Image by @lox. How do you define what a “blog&# is?

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Tired of All-Hands Meetings? Try an INTERNAL Unconference

Social Media Strategery

Pre-Conference After receiving approval to move forward, we established our “home base&# – a wiki page on our Enterprise 2.0 About a month before the Unconference, we sent an email out to the team asking for people to propose potential topics via the wiki. So, how did we do it? And more importantly, was it successful?

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Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Lesson #6 Master Wikis. Take for example, their WetPaint wiki for marketing students looking for career guidance. Like Marshall recently mentioned in his post Wikis Are Now Serious Business , Wikis are not just for internal use, but can be used for many things.things like teaching, for example. He pointed to Liz B.

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How to Write a Social Media Policy

Webbiquity SMM

Introduction and Definitions. Microblogging sites (e.g. Or, if that seems overwhelming, use the outline below as a guide. Essential Topics for an Organizational Social Media Policy. Provide a short introduction and then define what you mean by “social media.&# LinkedIn, Facebook, Plaxo, Hi5, etc.). Social sharing sites (e.g.

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It’s 2AM, Do You Know Where Your Organizational Information Is??

SocMed Sean

Now, add modern day blogs, tweets, text messages, forum posts, comments, status updates, videos, podcasts, and wiki posts to your list and what do you get? Definitely! My Documents, file shares, document repositories, WIKIs, etc…)? no blogs, wikis, microblogs, etc…)? More information?

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Need a little Social Discipline?

Janet Fouts

I follow almost 4,000 people on Twitter , over 1500 on Linkedin , and more on Facebook , Google+ , blogs , forums, a zillion social networks, wikis and more. Nobody else does either, at least not by themselves and definitely not every day. I’m not bragging, there are plenty of people with more, it’s just a fact of my life.

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