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12 of the Best Free Stock Video Websites for Great Footage


Read on for a list of websites for stock footage you can repurpose, remix or reimagine, without any stress about copyright infringement. Clips with a Creative Commons 3.0 can also be used for free, with credit, and may be remixed or adapted. You just need a good list of free stock video resources.

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13 Sites to Find Free Creative Commons Music for Videos


Fortunately, you can score (no pun intended) the perfect soundtrack for your next video for free by using free creative commons music. As with free stock photos and free stock videos , you can peruse creative commons music libraries to find exactly what you need. What is creative commons music?


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Great videos on the creative culture and remixing…

The Way of the Web

Part 2: Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo. And oddly enough in the spirit of remixing, it reminds me a lot of another great film about remix culture, RIP! A Remix Manifesto , written and directed by Brett Gaylor. What’s particularly interesting is that Kirby lists RIP!

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Picture This

Social Media Marketing

I'm not a lawyer (I don't even play one on TV), but I can tell you that many online images are covered by a Creative Commons license. What's Creative Commons ? It's a nonprofit organization that offers free tools that help to increase collaboration and sharing. You can find out more about them here.

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15 Places to Find Free Images for Your Blog

Writtent Blog

Creative Commons Search. The official Creative Commons website lets users search websites for free-to-use images from a variety of sources, including Google Images, Flickr and the Wikimedia Commons. Aside from just image search, you can use it to access Creative Commons music, media and video files.

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Common Creativity: Understanding the Rules and Rights Around “Free” Images on the Web


Image by Jayel Aheram, licensed under Creative Commons Sites offering free copyright images are gaining in popularity throughout the blogging and web design communities alike, but they are by no means created equal. Enter: the world of Creative Commons licenses. The licenses. Attribution-ShareAlike: CC BY-SA.

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How to Get More Vimeo Views the Easy Way!


Using the Creative Commons to get more Vimeo views Vimeo allows you to add a copyright to your videos which prevents theft of your ideas, stealing, and downright copying. That’s where a creative commons license comes in. Part of a creative commons license dictates that you have to mention the source.

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