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How to Use Social Media and Analytics for Better Customer Loyalty

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We just wrapped up a webinar with Bitly entitled “How to Use Social & Web Analytics for Customer Loyalty.” ” Blaise Lucey, Senior Content Strategist at Bitly, and our very own Brooke Andersen, Account Manager, talked about: The changing loyalty landscape. Examples of great social loyalty programs. Setting Goals Comes Before Content Planning.

7 Surprising Differences Between Male and Female Millennials: Webinar Recap

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If you missed our webinar last week on the 7 surprising differences between millennial men and women and their social media usage, we’re here to give you a debrief. Female millennials, report that they’re very influenced by loyalty rewards and points, freebies and discounts and coupons. To check out the full webinar click here. They Interact with Brands Differently.

Join Paul Roetzer for a Special Author Q&A Today

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We’ve spent all month so far talking about planning, and had a fantastic and funny webinar last week about strategic planning and PR. Such as, why loyalty is so important to him. By Lindsay Bell It’s already mid-November, which means we’re this  much closer to Christmas. It’s just painful to think about, really. If you missed it, be sure and download it.

53% of Americans Who Follow Brands in Social Are More Loyal To Those Brands

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Packages start at just $347 , and you get exclusive access to our grand unveiling Webinar this Thursday, October 11). Meanwhile, I’ll give you some appetizers, Click to read more » Social Media Research The Social Habit brand loyalty loyalty social media results social media ROIyou can get it all, and first, by subscribing.

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The New World of Member Engagement – Webinar Series


Young Association Professionals , Aggregage , Association Universe and Infinite Conferencing are are excited to bring an amazing series of interactive webinars on how association professionals need to think and act differently to drive member engagement.  She frequently presents at leading industry association conferences and often appears in social media-related webinars and podcasts.

Create the Right Goals for Your Website


Increase webinar registrations” is a better goal. Increase webinar registrations by 10% by December 31, 2016” is even better yet. You could get 100,000 visitors to your website a month and have 100 of them sign up for a webinar. Better to aim for 100 registrations per webinar, no matter how many people visit your site. In this case, that content is a webinar.

A Beginners Guide to Content Marketing [Plus Infographic]


Companies have long created white papers, articles, charts and graphs, videos, and reports to position their brands as thought leaders and industry experts deserving of loyalty, with the goal of generating leads and sales. Webinars. Content marketing has changed the way consumers research and buy your products. Active evaluation (researching potential purchases). Blog posts. Photos.

Owned vs. Earned Media: Measuring the ROI

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We know, intuitively, that paid, earned, and owned media increase brand awareness, unaided recall, and loyalty. It can include white papers, eBooks, webinars, podcasts, video campaigns, and email marketing. For instance, create a free webinar that teaches your prospects about a problem your company solves. So where did that leave us? Earned Media. The cool thing? Owned Media.

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10 Tools for More Productive Online Marketing


Recently they have unveiled their automated marketing feature, landing pages (customized and optimized for your brand), and webinars that can be viewed by hundreds or thousands of people, depending on your plan. This means a certain amount of brand loyalty already present to drive it. Online marketing is a many headed monster. GetResponse. You are only limited by your imagination.

5 Shifts to Fix Your Social Media Metrics

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Compare Social Media Channels Head-to-Head I recently participated in a Webinar with Expion, a terrific social media management platform for big companies (and a sponsor of this blog). In fact, I very much recommend you jump over to their website after this post and download all of the slides from the Webinar. Very worthwhile.

Crisis Communications from the Inside Out

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Loyalty. Naturally, loyalty towards an employer cannot be established from one day to the next. On the employer’s side, a correct assessment of achievement, ensuring possible promotion, ethical conduct, and CSR programs are all acts that can increase a sense of loyalty. By Kornel Bohm. Whether you like it or not, employees are a major component of any crisis communications.

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Do You Know How to Create the Perfect Content Marketing Strategy?

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Or focus on building brand loyalty ? Webinars & videos. Here is an example of repurposing and sharing multiple content types: Say you completed an awesome webinar about an aspect of a service you offer. You can take the slides from that webinar and transform them into a PDF for SlideShare. Creating and curating content is important to businesses both big and small.

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Are you using old skool strategies with new media tools?

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When a conversation with a corporation like Whole Foods feels like I’m talking to a person who cares about me and my little problem it results in building loyalty to the brand. If you want to learn more about how to create a social media strategy that is mindful and effective, I’m leading a webinar for the Foundation Center on September 10, 2014. No, you don’t.

How to Use Competitive Social Monitoring on Twitter

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From whitepapers to webinars, from eBooks to events, if it is happening, it will show up on social media. By the time I reach the end of the list, I usually have three or four key activities that are driving the mentions—things like: whitepaper, blog, webinar, event, study, survey, PR, partnership, announcement, fundraising, launch, etc. Partnered webinar. Sweet!

Effective Marketing from Bob the House

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Often, what happens in an industry is a certain marketing trend will become popular, say SEO or webinars. by biggreenpen Related Stories Five Wake-Up Calls for the Chief Marketing Officer Brand Consistency Engages Employees and Creates Loyalty Timehop Helps You Build Community with Nostalgia. By Laura Petrolino I know this house named Bob. That’s right, Bob. My friend. through.

Quick Way to Improve Customer Experience

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One area that always makes me smile is webinar registration by social media experts – often on some element of customer experience ! There may only be one letter between these two words but there is a huge difference in that one letter to your bottom line – are you distressing your customer and de-stressing the customer? Customer Service customer experience

9 New Social Media Statistics and What They Really Mean

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Bricks are more sturdy content initiatives with higher production values such as white papers, webinars, research reports like the one I’ve examined here, and so forth. The only problem I have with loyalty as a success metric is that very few companies actually measure that loyalty to determine the impact of social media on lifetime customer value, propensity to promote the brand, etc.

How to Get Your Social Media Audience Engaging With You Elsewhere Too

Offer a Free Webinar to Add Value and Capture Emails. If you have an engaged social audience and want to get them feeling more invested in your solution, use your social channels to promote a free webinar on a topic that your audience cares about and your product addresses. You can even edit your webinar recording later on to create bite-sized video clips for your product pages.

How to Use Analytics to Increase Instagram Engagement

Peg Fitzpatrick

Cross-pollination between social media networks is a smart way to grow your following and improve brand loyalty. View the full Slideshare from a recent webinar here and you can catch the webinar here on-demand. Do you use analytics to increase Instagram engagement ? How Nothing is super complicated, it just takes time and a little elbow grease. Track your biggest supporters.

Google +1 and the Future of Search

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Sean McGinnis consults with small to mid-size customers about DCAL – Digital Customer Acquisition and Loyalty. Please join him and the Spin Sucks Pro team for our May 19 webinar on SEO Insights for Online Marketing. He blogs about SEO, Internet marketing, social  media, leadership and a variety of other topics at 312 Digital. Search Engine Progress. Google +1.

How to Build a Strong Social Media Presence

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The single most effective way to build loyalty and trust is by sharing valuable and useful information with no strings attached. Join Me and Peg Fitzpatrick for a FREE Webinar. Sign up for this FREE webinar and don’t worry if you can’t join us live. You have taken the time to invest in social media. You have even created and implemented a  social media strategy.

11 Big Myths About Social Media and Content Marketing

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crushed them originally a few weeks ago on a webinar for the Content Marketing Institute : Myth 1: My customers are not social. And to me, that makes social primarily a loyalty and retention play, not a straight customer acquisition play. Further, given that social is mostly a loyalty play, that puts social in the same strategic camp as email. They are myths. Conceivably, yes.

4 Psychological Ideas for Creating a Stellar Content Strategy

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The key is to project authority on the topics you cover in your blog posts and webinars in order to bolster your credibility. Brands are leveraging this theory to build loyalty. Image via Being a successful marketer is less about being lucky and more about understanding buyers’ psychology. highlight to tweet). The Halo Effect. Information Gap Theory.

To Do List Contest: Making Time for Social Media

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As you know, our webinar next week helps you understand what to do next with social media through building an online community. With engagement comes recognition and thought leadership, followed by trust and loyalty.  Well you mean, besides a feeling of accomplishment, a spark of creativity in their week, and social media engagement 101?  A free seat in our webinar, of course.

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Secret to a Killer B2B Social Media Program

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At this stage, content can include client case studies, product fact sheets, educational webinars hosted by an executive from your company, etc. Continue to provide ongoing solutions to their problems in the form of valuable content, and ultimately people will reward you with their business and loyalty. Frustrated. If you want results, first stop talking so much about yourself.

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How Does Digital Marketing Differ From B2B to B2C?

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According to a survey by content marketing company Conductor , they found that, “Though B2B content marketers use a variety of content types from presentations to webinars to whitepapers to e-books… both B2B and B2C marketers use videos and blogs the most. The following is a guest post by  Eleonora Israele. So what sets these two categories apart? Image Source. Audience Demographics.

How to Write a Great Business Blog Post


If a colleague needs help promoting a relevant webinar, write about it. Karma is important when it comes to building loyalty among your readers and only writing about your own stuff is boring – even if you’re super smart and expert at what you do. Here are just a few tips that might just help your blog writing stand out from the crowd. 1. Have an opinion.  This is not the news.

Not Tracking Social Media ROI is Your Fault

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B2B companies in particular should have multiple lead-generation opportunities on their website, including contact forms, content downloads, email subscriptions, Webinar registrations, etc. The accuracy of this reporting is improved with multi-channel attribution that shows when customers use multiple means (for example: google search, twitter, linkedin, blog post, webinar) before purchase.

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Are You Missing out on These Facebook Business Page Tips?

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The best Facebook Business Page tips are all about building brand loyalty , awareness and increasing your overall engagement. Guy Kawasaki has an Events tab that allows fans to see all his upcoming webinars so they can get involved. With 1.09 billion people logging in daily, Facebook is a huge resource for your business. The marketing potential is high, but how do you maximize it?

You Can’t Buy Brand Advocates or Social Media Friends

Pam Moore

Importance of focusing on loyalty, not just quick wins. Free webinars:  We are also launching a series of webinars and training opportunities to dig even deeper.  It’s not news that social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are moving to a pay to play model. Results in the social world of today require more planning, integration, and money. iTunes.

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How to Speak Like a Human (and Why It Matters)

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Speaking in human makes people listen, gets you leads, and builds loyalty. find it’s helpful to imagine myself having a chat with one of my favoritest clients, mentally explaining our new product (or the webinar that’s coming up next month, or whatever I’m trying to promote), and then jot down the “transcript” of the conversation that’s playing in my head. 2. Write the way you talk.

7 Creative Ways to Visually Brand Your Business on Social Media

Rebekah Radice

It promotes a feeling of calm, and can symbolize loyalty. Webinar/Presentation. When you think of visual marketing , what comes to mind? More than likely, it’s the vibrant, eye-catching images that filter through your social feeds. They’re the ones that capture attention and drive action. But what about the flip side? Those dark and blurry images devoid of any real meaning. Quotes.

87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012

Webbiquity SMM

Though 94% of corporations use social media in some way and 58% of executives acknowledge that social media is useful for lead generation and developing brand loyalty, 70% of CEOs have no presence on any social network. 51% maintain blogs, 42% conduct webinars and webcasts, and 41% produce videos. Should you include Pinterest in your mix? Increase use of video marketing? Pingdom ). 9.

Engagement – the new ROI?

Proactive Report

Marketers need to appeal to the individual and engage with customers on a one-to-one basis.”. A new report from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council indicates that engagement is what drives brand loyalty and both customers and marketers agree that deeper engagement and personalized contact is what gets results.   as a reward for their loyalty.  Engagement is the key to success.

Engagement – the new ROI?

Proactive Report

Marketers need to appeal to the individual and engage with customers on a one-to-one basis.”. A new report from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council indicates that engagement is what drives brand loyalty and both customers and marketers agree that deeper engagement and personalized contact is what gets results.   as a reward for their loyalty.  Engagement is the key to success.

57 Notable and Unique Content Marketing Ideas

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Webinars. Customer Loyalty Programs. These initiatives can increase loyalty and referrals. Organize, sponsor, and promote a remote seminar or conference, where you invite industry leaders and experts to share via Webinar or Telecast software. Create a little tension and energy around topics that matter by sponsoring one of your own over webinar or a Twitter chat.

How Social Sharing Fits Into the Customer Journey

Simply Measured

Our recent webinar with Pixlee  was a smashing success! – How social media sharing can be put to use to help move customers through the awareness, consideration, purchase, loyalty, and advocacy stages. We covered: – Specific social marketing tactics you can use in the different stages of the customer journey. Check out the recording above, and the highlights below. 1.


10 Ways to Use Social Networks for B2B Marketing

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Knowing more about the issues and concerns of your target prospects can also inspire ideas for product enhancements or new products, services or processes that lead to increased sales, greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, and/or new market opportunities. 9. Rather, once you have a network established, use social media to promote “gated” content like white papers or reports, invite followers to register for webinars, and promote your newsletter on your blog and other content pages in order to build a list for lead nurturing. profile alone won’t get you much.

Future of Social Media Report with Jason Keath CEO of Social Fresh

Pam Moore

Customer loyalty or brand awareness? Free webinars:  We are also launching a series of webinars and training opportunities to dig even deeper.  To be successful in business using social and digital marketing strategies and tactics, you must do more than simply focus on the near term. You must know where you are going and how you are going to get there. Get use to it. iTunes.

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55 Fresh Ideas for Your Christmas Newsletter

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Customer Loyalty. Host a Webinar. Your competitors may be too focused on their personal holiday vacations to consider hosting a webinar. Image source. The winter holiday season means really, really big business. December consumer shopping will exceed  $469 billion dollars this year. In And one of the very best ways to accomplish that is through an amazing Christmas newsletter.