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Best Webinars of 2014

Spin Sucks

By Gini Dietrich On the fourth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… four free webinars, three strategy games , two  Crazies secrets , and the PR win of 2014. We stopped charging for webinars this year and we hope the content you’ve received has been valuable, executable, and fun. Melissa Agnes , of  Agnes + Day , killed it with this webinar on crisis communications.

Six Must-Watch PR Webinars

Spin Sucks

On the sixth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you…six must watch  PR webinars ,  five PR books , four PR podcasts ,  three productivity tools ,  two Spin Sucks Crazy secrets , and the one PR tool you need for 2016. Now, obviously this is a tad difficult because ALL of our PR webinars are must watch. You’ve “Earned” It: PR Webinars for Earned Media.

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AMA: The Spin Sucks December Webinar

Spin Sucks

AMA on Spin Sucks Here is the copy Lindsay Bell wrote for the webinar registration page : Admit it, you’ve always wanted to know Gini Dietrich’s shoe size. Actually, if you send a carrier pigeon, you’re guaranteed to be featured in the webinar. Then, at the end of the webinar, we’ll have a live Q&A so you can ask questions then, too. Her beauty secrets!

9 Tips for a Successful Webinar Event


Webinars serve multiple purposes. In business, webinars can be a valuable tool for solidifying relationships with your clients. Depending on its content, you may even consider hosting a webinar-for-profit. Even though the audience enjoys the benefit of not spending time and money to travel to a central location, they are still spending time to attend the webinar.

Join Our Free Webinar: Battle of the Chatbots

Ignite Social Media

Join us Wednesday, July 20 th at 1pm EST for this webinar as Jim Tobin, President, Ashlie Lanning, VP of Community Management, and Derek Roessler, Community Manager will discuss chatbot use cases, trends as we see them, and why chatbots are being talked about. In this webinar, you’ll learn: What are chatbots and how are they evolving? Chatbots. Either way, they’re here. REGISTER NOW.

5 Expert Tips for Converting Your Webinar Audience

Convince & Convert

My last two posts covered my most important lessons for attracting your webinar audience and engaging your webinar audience. Let’s now complete the arc with how to convert your webinar audience into customers and future advocates. For attracting your webinar audience, I covered how to: Choose a relevant topic. Some webinar hosting platforms have this capability built in. Alternatively,

Where is Everybody? Why Webinar Attendance Doesn’t Matter

Spin Sucks

If you’ve ever produced a webinar, you know exactly how this beleaguered producer feels. . You have more than 1,000 people registered for your webinar, and as you near the zero minute, only 300 or so have logged in. With webinars, you are the producer and the performer. If you hold webinars rarely, and your topics are always new, you’ll have higher attendance rates.

Produce, Promote, and Host a Webinar to Generate Qualified Leads

Spin Sucks

couple of weeks ago, I did a webinar for Content Marketing Institute and ON24 on  How to Host a Successful Webinar Every Time. It was a take-off of  Host a Successful Webinar with These 16 Steps   that I’ve written about both here and in Spin Sucks , the book. Host a Webinar that Generates Qualified Leads. Should we generally market webinars using eastern time?

Nonprofit Webinar Series – Social Fundraising

Janet Fouts

We’re doing a series of webinars over the next 4 weeks that should really help you create compelling content, build your network and start some sharing and participation among your networks. Free webinars you say? These webinars are totally free and you only have to sign up once to be able to come to all 4. Register Here. Here’s the line-up. June 21 – 1 pm PT.

14 Steps to Hosting a Successful Webinar

Convince & Convert

Following is a step-by-step list of how to host a memorable, interesting, and useful webinar. For instance, we did a webinar about  Google analytics. Set up the webinar with your provider ( brightTALK ,  GoToWebinar , Adobe Connect , and  WebEx are some of the favorites) and grab the registration link they provide. Now it’s time for the webinar. Do this two weeks out.

Confused About Facebook Changes? (Free Webinar)

Almost Savvy

By popular demand ( well, demand is a strong word, it’s more like popular request ), I’m offering a complimentary webinar on Tuesday, October 18. While it may seem that David Bowie is referring to Facebook when he sings, “Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes.” ”  I’m pretty sure he had something else in mind. ” and “Where do I find…?”

How to Use Google Hangouts On Air to Run Your Next Webinar

Convince & Convert

Which brings me to webinars. love speaking and presenting, but I don’t love the costs associated with doing webinars. Yet, when I look at the activities in 2013 that brought the biggest boost to my email list, webinars were hands-down the most successful. Webinars allow you to share your expertise and further build the know/like/trust factor with your community.

7 Surprising Differences Between Male and Female Millennials: Webinar Recap

Ignite Social Media

If you missed our webinar last week on the 7 surprising differences between millennial men and women and their social media usage, we’re here to give you a debrief. To check out the full webinar click here. Using data from Global Web Index , we were able to uncover several ways in which millennials use social media differently and how that impacts brands in the space.

AWESOME WEBINAR ALERT: How to Make Money from Social Media


If you’re trying to accelerate your business growth or make a viral impact, check out this FREE webinar from my good friend and social media maven Melinda Wittstock. Frustrated with trying to figure out how to make money from all that time and effort you spend on social media?  What if you knew 10 influencers to multiply your conversions to one million? . link].

Facebook Live: How to Stream a Webinar

Jon Loomer

One of the most exciting recent developments is the ability to stream webinars to pages and groups via Facebook Live. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for you as a marketer and how you can start streaming webinars today. About Webinars. Webinars are a great sales tool for marketers. The Advantages of Webinars via Facebook Live. This is a big deal.

4 Key Insights from Our Dark Social Webinar

Simply Measured

Today we had our Dark Social webinar. personally thought that the Q&A session was just as powerful as Brewster’s deck, and I encourage you to fast forward to the end of the webinar recording below if your time is limited. My top four insights from the webinar were: Now over 80% of social shares come from Dark Social.  How you can measure Dark Social.

Top 5 Webinars of 2016

Katie Lance

This year we had the pleasure of partnering with many amazing companies to host webinars on a variety of topics. We also hosted several KLC webinars on everything from Facebook ads to content strategy. While it’s hard to choose just a few favorites, today I wanted to share five of our top webinars from 2016. The post Top 5 Webinars of 2016 appeared first on Katie Lance.

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3 Use Cases for Chatbots: Webinar Recap

Ignite Social Media

So you missed our chatbot webinar? Check out the full webinar here. The post 3 Use Cases for Chatbots: Webinar Recap appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this debrief featuring 3 main use cases for chatbots we see happening right now. Easy Ordering. Customer Service. News/Entertainment.

5 Reasons to Attend the Social Attribution 101 Webinar

Simply Measured

You’ll walk away from this webinar ready to get started building a successful attribution program in your own organization, whether that means exploring models and going DIY, putting a social API in the hands of your analysts so they can create a unique, business-specific solution, or accessing software that can take the guesswork out of connecting social to bottom-line impact. 3.

How Social Media Affects Search

Spin Sucks

It’s our first webinar of the year and we kick it off with the one and only Andy Crestodina. He also hosted our second most popular webinar in 2014 so you know you’re going to get something good. For those of you who do know Andy, you already know you’re in for a treat and will leave this webinar with pages full of notes and a brain full of ideas. CT, 10 a.m.

Free Webinar: Unlock Your Twitter Brilliance

Absolute PA

Free Webinar! That’s the date and time of my free training webinar. If you can’t make that day sign up anyway and I’ll send you the webinar recording, deal? Date: Tuesday 29th May. Time: 8.00pm UK (12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern, 9pm Central Europe). You heard it here second! those who joined me and Keren (from Top Left Design) at our Social Media Workshop in Brighton.

[Webinar 6/25] Content Strategy Field Guide


Register Now. ICF Interactive  and  Adobe  have teamed up with  Advertising Age  to show you the ins and outs of developing your very own targeted content strategy and building the ultimate personalized customer experience. Join us on Wednesday, June 25th at 2pm ET as ICF Interactive’s Colin Eagan presents a step-by-step field guide to help you navigate your way through the digital content jungle.

[Webinar Replay] #GetSocialSmart: Social Media Strategy in 2017

Katie Lance

Thanks to everyone who joined us today for our brand-new webinar, #GetSocialSmart: Social Media Strategy in 2017. If you were unable to join us live, here is the replay: In this webinar we covered 10 steps toward crushing your social media strategy in 2017. The post [Webinar Replay] #GetSocialSmart: Social Media Strategy in 2017 appeared first on Katie Lance.

Think Tank Webinar on Social CRM next Wednesday


This webinar also kicks off our monthly Think Tank webinar series on topics that are important for social media practitioners in associations and nonprofits. So you’ll definitely want to join us live. Don’t miss it! Special thanks to CommPartners for their help producing the series.  Join us next week ! Think Tank

[WEBINAR] Why #B2B Marketers Should Leverage Employee Use of Twitter w/ @michaelido @PeopleLinx

Blue Focus Marketing

[WEBINAR] Why B2B Marketers Should Leverage Employee Use of Twitter. In this webinar, you’ll learn: •    Why it’s important to empower your employees on Twitter. •    How to enhance brand awareness and drive traffic through Twitter. •    How to connect with B2B thought leaders and influencers on Twitter. Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

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IBM Webinar: Leaders Will Bubble Up Through Social Learning #SocBiz #HR #NewWayToWork

Blue Focus Marketing

We are excited to be participating in the upcoming IBM webinar, “ Changing the Learning Culture ,” where Blue Focus Marketing cofounder Mark Burgess and I will join Scott Edwards, Product Manager, Smarter Workforce, for a discussion of social employees—focusing on the best training models and strategies for establishing an engaged, sustainable culture. How important is it?

Use Media Relations for Search Engine Optimization

Spin Sucks

Boys and girls. I, Gini Dietrich , am hosting our monthly webinar next week. If you attend the webinar (or watch the recording later), you will learn: The three-pronged approach to using media relations for search engine optimization. If you attend this webinar, you need to be prepared to do some work. Webinar Details. By Gini Dietrich. Ladies and gentlemen. CT, 10 a.m.

How to Plan an Editorial Calendar: Webinar


In this webinar (available in full on ), you’ll see how Darren and the managing editors for both Digital Photography School and (that’s me!) How to Plan an Editorial Calendar: Webinar. Wondering what is the best way of setting up an editorial calendar? Itching to know what kind of posts work well, and what you should have more of? General

Use Media Relations to Generate Qualified Leads

Spin Sucks

In April, I hosted a webinar called  Use Media Relations for Search Engine Optimization. But I also promised to do the third prong—lead generation—as a separate webinar this month. Webinar Details. The webinar is one week from today— June 25  at  noon ET  (that’s 11 a.m. Register for the webinar on that page and you’ll be good to go! By Gini Dietrich. CT, 10 a.m.

How I’m Promoting My Webinar Series with Facebook Ads

Jon Loomer

In June, I started a free webinar series for beginner , intermediate and advanced advertisers. Until the kinks are worked out of my process, I’ve focused only on remarketing to the groups who sign up for these webinars. As it currently stands, I conduct all three free webinars (always live, but the content changes very little) on the final Monday of each month. Your Turn.

Social Media Marketing for Franchises – Webinar (via Social Media Workbench)

Saying It Social

Please join us by registering below!   I'm pleased to be part of an upcoming free webinar with some smart marketers in the franchise industry. On Tuesday, February 8th, Engage121 is hosting a free online panel discussion called Social Media Marketing for Franchises: Approaches to Making it Work. I am thrilled to be one of the panelists during this important discussion. And, this is your invitation to join us for free! On Tuesday, February 8th, Engage121 is hosting a free online panel discussion called Social Media Marketing for Franchises: Approaches to Making it Work.

The Most Profitable Year of My Life, Thanks to Google [Webinar Replay]

Viper Chill

A few weeks ago I did my first ever Webinar in the marketing world after being asked to speak to members of a community called Link Club. This is 80% of what I spoke about on that live webinar, replayed for you here in a new video. If the reaction is good, Diggy is going to share his ‘Future of SEO’ webinar in the next few weeks. Social Media

Creating and Selling Ebooks Webinar


This webinar (available in full for members) features ProBlogger Marketing Ninja Shayne Tilley outlining the strategy for getting the best return on your efforts creating and selling eBooks. Creating and Selling Ebooks Webinar. It covers: Sell Sheets: Do you need one? What is it? How to make a good one. An effective book outline. Thinking about your audience. General

eBook 11

Announcing the 2nd Edition of I'm On Facebook--Now What??? (Plus a Free Webinar by Me!)

Stay N' Alive

And we''re kicking it off with a big launch webinar where we''re going to dump all our knowledge about Facebook into a full 1 and a half hours (and you''ll win free stuff in the process)! This is actually the first webinar I''ve played a part in organizing so if it goes well maybe I''ll do more! want you to sign up for the webinar, in order to celebrate the event with us.

How to Write Blog Posts that Get Read and Shared

Spin Sucks

We had such great success with Andy Crestodina’s webinar last month on influencer relations , we hope to keep the professional development and engagement level at the same high pace. And, let’s be real, I know a lot of you attend our webinars live just for the chat. Webinar Details. Register for the webinar on that page and you’ll be good to go! CT, 10 a.m.

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Free webinar on Twitter for Australian Teachers – PIL Microsoft Teachers

Laurel Papworth

I’m teaching a free webinar on Twitter for Australian Teachers – it’s on the PIL network for teachers and sponsored by Microsoft. **. It’s often said Twitter is one of the most powerful teacher professional development tools available. But how do you master it? From beginner to expert, these courses will challenge and empower you. Information about the courses.

[Webinar Replay] How to Maximize Open Houses Using Social Media

Katie Lance

In this exclusive webinar hosted with Anthony Mann, CEO of AM Open House agents will learn how to leverage their social media strategy to maximize open houses. As mentioned in the webinar, here are some additional links to checkout: 5 Tips for Getting Better Results from Facebook Ads. Check out a few of my favorite apps for promoting open houses.

Will You Join Us in Destroying These 3 Webinar Myths?

Convince & Convert

All demand generation webinars are not created equal. To me,  webinars are a high art form of content marketing  because they can breathe life into static content such as research reports, case studies, and white papers. Done Some really inform, inspire, and yield positive commercial outcomes while delighting their audiences. Read the whole entry. » Content Marketing

Is Facebook Using Instagram Stories to Overthrow Snapchat? | Social You Should Know

Ignite Social Media

Did you miss our webinar on Chatbots? If so, we have a handy recap of the three use cases we discussed in the webinar posted on our blog here , and it’s also available for you to watch on demand here. We let loose a little more in this webinar, so I highly encourage you to listen to the webinar on your next lunch break.

You Can Call Me “Boss”: Smart PR Measurement

Spin Sucks

During the conversation in the comments, I promised to get her for a webinar so you could hear her gorgeous voice. She begins the PR measurement webinar by helping you think through two things: What are you trying to do? Webinar Details. The webinar is one week from today— March 19  at  noon ET  (that’s 11 a.m. She’s not afraid of data. PR Measurement and You.