The Complete Guide to Instagram Stories for Brand Marketers

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It’s no question that Instagram Stories have become a major component of every brand’s social media marketing strategy. Since launching in 2016, this singular feature of Instagram not only garners the attention of over 500 million users every day but 25% of Millennials and Gen Z users leverage Stories for product consideration, making it a very powerful business tool for brand marketers to leverage.

5 Ways to Tell Your Brand Story with Instagram Stories

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As goes for the user, so should go for brands. We all know we need to feature submissions from our fans in our content strategy somehow—it’s what keeps them posting about your brand! But, sadly, not all user generated content (UGC) is created equal, and when your brand has a defined visual identity, that can be a problem. At Natives, one of our favorite examples of this is Delta Airlines ’ #SkyMilesLife UGC story series. 3) Covert Hashtagging and Geotagging.

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While surprise sets are now the norm at festivals, the experience isn’t just about the music or even the FOMO (fear of missing out) anymore, as music and culture festivals have evolved into the place for brands to connect with their hard-to-reach millennial fans in a meaningful way. Coachella (and other music festivals) might be a microcosm of the community-driven economy – but some brands are missing the bigger picture. Brand Marketing

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That prime real estate features the best content the brand has access to: the stories their customers are sharing on social media. After selecting posts that meet their brand criteria, they’re able to feature a dynamic and engaging collection of inspiring images featuring real fans from that day. This live content display creates brand affinity for Big Sky and encourages their fans to share their stories, amplifying the word-of-mouth power of social sharing. Brand Marketing

Quick Tips for Making the Absolute Most of Your Hashtags

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Hashtags help businesses expand their reach, build their brand, and establish a community when used properly. Use hashtags to put your content in front of people searching for keywords associated with your brand or industry. Smaller brands, in particular, can take advantage of the power of the hashtag to reach more of their audience. Here are three smaller brands that are doing just that! Geotag or add locations relevant to your post or business (i.e.,

#SproutChat Recap: Creating Content for the Travel Industry

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This week, she joined #SproutChat and shared her insights for making the content your travel brand produces stand out and getting visitors in the door. If you don’t have the resources in-house, ask for permission on Instagram to use geotagged posts or hire a freelancer. SproutSocial A1: Definitely visual UGC! A1: Our clients love featuring UGC submitted by happy customers after they return from a trip across all their social channels.

How to accelerate Instagram growth (without buying followers)

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It’s a place where people create, share and interact with both their friends and their favorite brands. As with any social platform, brands that want to get the most out of Instagram need a substantial following. People are looking for consistency and timeliness from the brands they follow. However, it’s the conversations you have with those people that turn casual visitors into brand advocates and loyal fans. 70% of Instagram’s hashtags are branded.

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Learn more : 7 Great Ways Brands Are Using Instagram’s “Questions” Sticker. When used creatively, augmented reality provides new ways for potential customers to interact with your brand, such as seeing what your products would look like in their home or which glasses look the best on their face. For brands, the company logo is usually the best avatar choice. Many brands use a blog as a way to share engaging content with their audience and establish their industry expertise.

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