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104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)

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Not a shock: retailers and restaurants are the most engaging industries on Twtitter. Looking at marketing surveys and studies from the past year, a few trends are clear, among them that buyers are firmly (and increasingly) in control of the purchase cycle. They prefer searching to being found, and will often be close to their final decision point before talking to a salesperson. Forbes ). 6.

The Pillars of Online Marketing Success in 2014 & Beyond


Cyber Monday in 2013 saw retail sales via mobile devices hit $400 Million in the US alone. The post The Pillars of Online Marketing Success in 2014 & Beyond appeared first on SocialFish. Therefore, as you set your sight on crushing it online, keep studying the audiences and trends to determine your path. Image source. Develop for Mobile First. Image source. Source image.

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The Modern Guide to Social Media for Retail

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It might feel counterintuitive, but 90% of shoppers turn to social media for retail and often look for help with buying decisions. With that shift, consumers paved a new purchase journey for retailers to follow. Here are six tips to help you grow your retail business on social media: 1. Social media can be very rewarding for retailers, but you only get what you put into it.

[Cool Infographic Friday] The Rise of Social Retail


In fact, if we look back and compare the first quarters of 2014 with 2015, we can see that the social media share of e-commerce referrals was at a whopping 198%! Other Online retailers are raking it in as a result of social, in fact in 2014, the top 500 retailers had revenues of $3.3 In fact, almost 2% of all e-commerce traffic in the US is coming from social.

Tweet, Pay, Love: The Modern-Day Social Media Pop-up

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This is a guest post by Rupa Ganata, co-founder of men’s grooming online retailer Yes Sir ,  and of  Brand us Social  (BUS). Coming soon: the @YesSirMen social barber shop [link] Pay with a tweet from 18th-20th Sept #W1 — LondonPopups (@LondonPopups) September 9, 2014 Other brands have already explored the concept of the Social Media Pop-up.

American Apparel: “We’ve made as much as $50K in one flash sale on Twitter”

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This is quite different from the more traditional retail schedule that pushes out products each season, and in limited amounts. American Apparel (@americanapparel) January 18, 2014. Social Media Case Studies American Apparel clothing flash sales Promoted Tweets realtime marketing retail ROI social media ROI Twitter Twitter marketing Those are some pretty impressive numbers.

How NOT to Run Your Social Media

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Additionally, in 2009 furniture retailer Habitat decided it might get more traction by including trending hashtags such as #trueblood, #iphone and even #mousavi (who was running in the Iranian presidential election at the time) in tweets about competitions and discounts. Guest Post by Josh Lyon. Social media is a great tool for engaging with consumers. For the most part, brands use it well.

Winners And Losers In The Digital Age

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He recently presented his data-based insights and predictions on who is pushing ahead and who may not make it across the finish line in everything from social media and retail to brands at DLD NYC. retail. businessmodel digitalage dld dldnyc l2 marketing marketingprofessor nyustern retail scottgalloway socialmedia startup But what does it really mean? and who is losing?

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Pinterest Marketing for B2Bs


Traditionally viewed as a hot spot for product retailers for most of its history, Pinterest has been virtually ignored by B2B companies looking to reach their target market. However, with a rapid increase in the number of users on the network and a high level of referral traffic, now may be the time to stop ignoring the network and to take it seriously. Think Visually. Use a Tool or Two.

103 Compelling Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)

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anticipate an increased budget for 2014, while just 3% foresee spending reductions. 54% of B2B marketers plan to increase spending on content marketing in 2014. Within the Fortune 500, telecommunications (53%) and specialty retailers (48%) are most likely to have blogs. Which emerging platforms are essential (or even worth investigating)? Between large and small businesses?

Influicity Introduces YouTube Influencer Marketplace

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Influicity is currently working with a major retailer on a national activation, with 6 other campaigns in development. Social Media Campaigns Kick-Off 2014 World Cup Social Networking Stats: Millennials Are 56% More Likely To Find Brand Content On Social Networks. Influicity’s search page, where clients can select their influencer search filters from the menus on the left.

How Your Brand Should Tell A Beautiful Story

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retail. advertising b2b b2c blackfriday brand brandattributes casestudies casestudy commercial customerloyalty cybermonday digitalmarketing documentary internetculture marketingchannel media nationalgeographic onlinevideo patagonia retail shopping shortfilm socialmedia testimonial whitepaper wordofmouth wordofmouthmarketing wornwear youtube yvonchouinard and the true challenges?

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Living (And Working) In The Digital Age


Rakuten, a Japanese web retailer, also offers financial services. Guest post by Hilary Smith for SocialFish. ———— The famous Greek philosopher Plato said that necessity is the mother of invention. That means when there is a need for something, people have to find ways of getting it or achieving it. This has already started to happen in some markets. More like this.

4 Lessons from Responsive Design for CMOs

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For a big-box apparel retailer, for example, free shipping can prove effective in rewarding high-value customers and cultivating loyalty among a brand’s average customers. Posted in Advertising Content Marketing Conversion Optimization Customer Experience Design Innovation Interactive Marketing Internet Optimization Web Design. Rule #1: Don’t Become Complacent. Rule #2: Always Be Refining.

Five Signs the Future Belongs to User-Generated Content

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Retail companies the world over are taking to holistic commerce and everything it brings to the table. Disclaimer: Pic-n-Post is a client of RedShift Writers. Hello, WUL readers! Remember me? used to write here all the time. It’s been a heck of a ride! Image: mayeesherr. (in West Bengal!) via Flickr, CC 2.0. Here they are: 1. Harlem Shake vs. Gangnam Style. Holistic media and commerce.

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Top 5 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Campaign is Failing (and How to Fix Them)


Surveys show that 84% of consumers said they were more likely to visit a retailer who offers a loyalty program – get creative and focus on building loyalty. This last 2-3 years saw businesses flocking to social media in droves. Thanks to the push from the media and success stories of a few top businesses, everyone came looking for their own pot of gold. Yet not many found it. Implementatio

106 More Amazing Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 and 2015

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And yet – 80% of brands advertised on social media sites in 2014. But only 14% trust advertisements. ( #Socialnomics 2014 ). Google+ #7, LinkedIn #9, and Twitter the 10th largest country. ( #Socialnomics 2014 ). Retailers are the biggest spenders on display ads, accounting for 21% of total spending. Internet Retailer ). Internet Retailer ). HubSpot ).

The True Omni-Channel Is Convergence

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" The wake-up of retail. Over the past several months, I have spent a serious (and significant) amount of time presenting to retailers throughout North America. Senior retailers from some of the world''s biggest brands at events for Google and Twitter , to local merchants with unique retail specialty at retail association events. Internally, retailers will say that becoming omni-channel is the true imperative. Amazon has been teasing at a physical retail operation for a long time, and it seems more real than ever before. online retail.

Business Led by Technology: How Mobile Commerce is Dominating Total eCommerce Activity in 2014


Retailers have adjusted their services to cater to the mobile customer, including redesigning their websites to cater to mobile visitors along with company-specific apps. Business Led by Technology: How Mobile Commerce is Dominating Total eCommerce Activity in 2014. This is a guest contribution from online journalist and entrepreneur Megan Ritter. Mobile Tech: Pros and Cons. General

The End Of Showrooming (And Webrooming)

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" Showrooming is when a consumer goes to a physical location and uses a mobile device to either compare prices with other retailers or complete their transaction with another retailer (even later at home). Showrooming has been a headache for retailers for several years - and continues to be a challenge - as more mobile devices become increasingly connected and pervasive for consumers. It''s an always open retail landscape. Build a strategy that embraces and understands the contextual reality of consumers in 2014. retail. retail landscape.

How To Write A Post That Will Rock Your Facebook


The ideal length for retail brand posts is a very crisp and concise 1 – 40 characters, for reader engagement up to 86% greater than average. Guest post by Cari Bennette. ————-. Are you getting the kind of response you want from your Facebook posts? You know, the kind where you get lots of reader engagement, ‘likes’ and clicks on your calls to action? Interested?

How Do You Sell?

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They have a solid distribution partner who’s getting them into key retail outlets, but that’s not energizing the brand in their minds. I have a funny skill to come up with Yogi Berra-esque quotes that are off-the-cuff at the time, but then prove to be even more accurate than I realized initially. What they were looking for from me was a marketing plan to penetrate one of these markets.

Beware Social Media Faux Pas During The Holidays

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But the mega-retailer was caught flat-footed by indignant tweets concerning the burden these extra hours placed on Kmart employees, taken away from their families on this family-focused holiday. By Peter LaMotte No business sets out to commit a social media faux pas—especially during the holiday season. Hallmark and Holiday Cheer Hallmark also ran into social media trouble in 2013.

Using YouTube for B2B


As a means of connecting with its retailed brands like Serta and Simmons mattresses , the store developed a YouTube playlist of the “ Top 5 Funniest Mattress Commercials.” YouTube reigns over online video sharing. The site’s content ranges from official music videos to homemade cat clips, with so much in between. Think again. Research the Market. How-to Tutorials. Boost SEO.

SEO and the Stock Market: How to Profit from Google Penalties

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was rolled out on May 22nd, Retail Me Not’s stock dropped 10% or in other words, Google’s change helped to wipe $170 million from their market cap in a single day. Here’s a list of businesses I found which have IPO (Initial Public Offering) hype around them for 2014. Homeshop 18 are an Indian online retail store hoping to IPO on the NASDAQ later this year.

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How Marketers Can Get Back to Modern Marketing

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Not long ago, Eric Swayne wrote a piece entitled Back to School 2014: A Social AND Shopping Occasion. His post looked at the whole “back to school” process and mindset from a retail perspective. He took us along as he, like so many of us, made the trek to their favorite retailers to load up their children with all the necessary and obligatory supplies and apparel.

How to Build a Billion Dollar SEO Empire

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Jacob King was the first person to discover this back in 2013 and prompted Barry Schwartz, owner of Search Engine Roundtable to question whether Retail Me Not and other brands under Google Ventures’ watch would ever be subject to Google penalties. Only a large public backlash against Retail Me Not tactics would likely ever result in this happening, though. Billion dollars.

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The Creative Power of “You’re Right” and the Destructive One of “But”


Today I want to talk about two of them: the creative power of “you’re right” and the destructive one from “but” Creative Power of “You’re Right” My very first corporate job right after finishing my undergrad degree was at a major food retailer in Germany. Their culture was all about getting things right. Get the ordering right. “But….here

Understanding B2B Online Reviews


Unlike customer reviews for consumer industries like restaurants and retail, where sites like Yelp and Urbanspoon make it easy and convenient for customers to post their experience with a brand or business, there are not nearly as many commonly known platforms for posting B2B online reviews. Online reviews made on social media can reach a very large audience and be spread quickly.

The Speed Of Brands And Other Stuff

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Some days, there is a significant discount, other days it is closer to the full retail price. This is what digital does that makes the future of retailing so fascinating. What if every product on the shelves at physical retailers had no prices on them, but just a barcode (or a digital price tag)? What would retail look like? Competition becomes fierce and suddenly the technology running retail looks more like high frequency trading systems that are customized than anything else. future of retail. retail. retail technology. retailer.

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There's No Patience In Business

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Ultimately, when it comes to the retail experience, I believe there are two types of consumers: The ones that want to get in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible, and then those that want a bit more of an experience (they want to walk around, get information from the sales associates, be handled just a little bit). In short: consumers knows more than most retailers about what they''re buying, and if they don''t, the information is readily available in the palms of their hands. and he was raging against the retail experience and RadioShack ''s most recent announcement.

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How to Get a Footer Link from (And Why I’m Continuing with “Dark SEO”)

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Unfortunately the latest Google updates have had a huge impact on RMN in the stock market: I’ve heard some rumors that there are some highly profitable hedge funds which do nothing but play the stock market for companies that are highly reliant on SEO (as are Retail Me Not). When I first started out with SEO I was determined to be as “whitehat” as possible. love Gmail.

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Social Media Sites Rank Lowest For Customer Satisfaction

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ACSI 2014 Website Satisfaction: Credit Unions 86. Specialty Retail Stores 79. Internet Retail 78. Out of websites in 33 industries, social media sites provide the least satisfying experience,  according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ACSI) first-ever website benchmark. Released today, the study found that average website satisfaction is 78.2 Banks 85. Hotels 84.

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6 Content Marketing Takeaways from 30 Days of LinkedIn Publishing

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Assuming that writing is “leadership at scale,” a writer’s greatest ally is re-publishing — previously written words can often find a whole new audience. With that in mind, from June 2nd – July 2nd I started a little experiment. I put LinkedIn’s new publishing platform to the test. The results have been excellent: I amassed over  255,262 total views  in a month. 255,262 total article views From 0

Video Ads, Facebook, and Marketing

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The plans, according to Internet Retailer , include targeting every woman in the United States who is over 21 with a video ad promoting their holiday magic & spirit. By the time you read this, Macy’s massive Thanksgiving ad campaign will be in full swing on Facebook. Anybody who interacts with the ad by commenting, sharing, or liking it will be targeted with follow-up ads about their sales. Every woman in America? I’ll be curious to see if I get one on my feed. Are You Looking At Video Ads? But it is going to become one sooner or later, if things keep progressing.

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3 Scientific Studies With Real Insight Into Social Media

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team of three professors worked together with a small Asian retailer to investigate how Facebook influenced sales. We can’t rule out the possibility that this particular fashion retailer just wasn’t skilled enough to use “broadcast” messages on Facebook to generate sales, of course, but that was the result. Let’s take a look. 1. Facebook API data. Wrong.

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Everything You Need to Know to Run a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

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For example, let’s say you’re building a mobile loyalty list to drive customers to retail. We had a cross-functional team that included members from teams responsible for retail, in-store signage, digital creative, email, IT, social media, promotions, the discounts budget, as well as 2 external teams. That means there may still be a lot of your customers that don’t have smartphones.

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How Google Trends Helps Employers and Job Seekers

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For example, according to our search on October 16, 2014, Jennifer Lawrence is the most popular actor, and also the fastest growing. Amazon is the most searched retail company and 50% more popular than #2, Walmart. Have you seen the More Cowbell sketch from Saturday Night Live? It’s more than just funny. Believe it or not, it’s a powerful metaphor for a successful work life.

8 Deep Questions to Define Your Blogging Strategy

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An eCommerce retailer of men’s designer shoes could decide they need to focus more broadly on couture fashion trends, in order to capture the broadest range of customers possible and have enough subject-matter to blog daily.  The majority of blogs aren’t a success. While that truth is harsh and depressing, don’t let it deter you from establishing a content strategy. How Are You Different?

People Get Sued For Doing This OnLine - Social Media

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? People Get Sued For Doing This OnLine Here is a situation: Suppose You were browsing through a huge Retail Site and You come across a product that catches your desire and now you just cannot live without. So you buy it and eagerly await its arrival. When it arrives, You rip it open and see it - and find it''s. terrible. Disappointed, you go back to the same WebSite and leave a Negative Review to warn others and also this way you are informing the Company and venting your anger. Perhaps you are hoping that the Product be replaced et al. damages?''.?? Be careful when you are OnLine.