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Understanding B2B Online Reviews


Obtaining online reviews as a B2B industry or organization is not quite as easy or common as it is for your typical B2C business. Especially for those businesses who engage their audience or consumers through social media, online reviews can be fairly easy to acquire. Online reviews made on social media can reach a very large audience and be spread quickly. Respond to Reviews.

When Millennials Take Over [Book Review]

Waxing UnLyrical

By all accounts, Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter’s new book, When Millennials Take Over , launched to riotous success at SxSW last week. I’m going to now add my $0.02 (and yes, book reviews are back on WUL!) – it’s awesome. Go get it (disclosure: I received a free review copy but no other incentives, monetary or otherwise). Disclosures (some repeated): I received a free review copy of When Millennials Take Over, but no other incentive(s) for this review. When Millennials Take Over [Book Review] is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc.

22 Expert Guides and Reviews of 200+ Social Media Tools

Webbiquity SMM

In the posts highlighted below, 20 (or so) social media marketing pros review more than 200 tools, ranging from popular, widely used tools like Buffer, Hootsuite and Feedly to intriguing but lesser-known apps. ” 28 social media management tools rated, scored, and reviewed (study) by VentureBeat. Image credit: Buddy Media. Which are most worth investigating and investing in?

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The Right Way to Ask for Customer Reviews

Convince & Convert

Unless a majority of them are negative, having more reviews is better than having fewer reviews. Sometimes, the total number of reviews for a product or company is prominently displayed on the website, and can serve as visual shorthand that helps consumers decide to click or purchase. There‘s a fine line between encouraging reviews and demanding them. No doors. No walls.

How Fake Reviews Ruin Your Reputation

Small Business Mavericks

Instead, someone in their marketing department thought it would be a good idea to buy fake reviews. Not only did they buy positive reviews of their own products, but they purchased negative reviews of the competition. Don’t buy fake reviews! Fake reviews will hurt your reputation. All it takes is for it to go public that you purchased fake reviews and you’ll lose trust among the very people you are trying to engender it with. That’s why you never want to purchase fake reviews. Samsung is in hot water. Very bad idea.

Yelp Consumer Alerts Filters False Reviews

Spin Sucks

Some of them post reviews online. positive online review can be worth its weight in gold. Leading businesses and marketers to try to figure how to encourage customers to post positive reviews. Some businesses have offered compensation for good reviews. Online user reviews sites are plagued by false reviews.  Yet, what exactly constitutes a fake review?

Webinar Software Comparison: 9 Popular Services Reviewed


For example… Your Review. You''re reading Webinar Software Comparison: 9 Popular Services Reviewed , originally posted on Kikolani and copyrighted by Kristi Hines, freelance writer and professional blogger. The post Webinar Software Comparison: 9 Popular Services Reviewed appeared first on Kikolani. Blogging Business Reviews Tips Webinar Software Compared.

How to Fight Back Against Negative Customer Ratings and Reviews

Convince & Convert

That’s the power of ratings and reviews. Bad reviews can be a sinkhole for sales. Your business can be lambasted on online rating-and-review sites. You might get a scathing review by a customer who didn’t like your “tone.” Or maybe receive a one-star review because a certain wine was out of stock. Step 1: Relax, Negative Reviews Aren’t the End of the World.

How to Create a Google Reviews Landing Page for Your Business

Convince & Convert

What you may not have come to grips with yet is how a new Google+ is going to affect your Google Local Page, the page where you used to accumulate all of those outstanding reviews from happy customers. But before we explore how to get more awesome reviews, let me bring you up to speed on the latest from Google. How to Get More Reviews. called the Google Review Link Generator. This

Seek or Shout: A Review

Spin Sucks

I don’t know why the new service from Cision makes me want to play hide and seek. Perhaps because it’s named Seek or Shout ? It makes me all juvenile. But the service itself is not juvenile (apparently that’s just me). Well, now Cision has a similar service, but it’s for journalists, bloggers,  and  PR pros. Shout to let the community know you have a story to tell.

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What To Do About a Filtered Yelp Review


customer goes on Yelp to leave a review, ends up writing a 5 star masterpiece longer than most Hemmingway novels, and Yelp filters it out. Not only is your business deprived of an awesome review – chances are that your formerly satisfied customer is a little ticked off, too. Filtered Yelp Reviews are Still Reviews. It’s happened to the best of us.

A Review of Livefyre

Spin Sucks

Review of Livefyre originally appeared on Spin Sucks on March 15, 2011. Community Social Media analytics jenna langer jeremy hicks jordan kretchmer livefyre reviewIf you visit Spin Sucks often, you already know about Livefyre , the commenting system we’ve been using since September. New sign-in options (Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Livefyre, or your own account).

How to Master Ratings and Reviews on Social Media

Ignite Social Media

Another day, another post about the importance of online reviews. We could throw out stats like how one negative review can cost you up to 30 customers , or how 4 out of 5 consumers reverse their purchase decisions based off of negative reviews , but we’ll assume you’re fully aware of the why , and want to get to the how. From Yelp to TripAdvisor, the reviews about your brand are out there. Like all actions on social, responses to reviews should be a part of your brand voice and strategy, and handled by a trained team that knows the ins and outs of your business.

Web CEO SEO Software Platform Review


Reviewing Your Data. You''re reading Web CEO SEO Software Platform Review , originally posted on Kikolani and copyrighted by Kristi Hines, freelance writer and professional blogger. The post Web CEO SEO Software Platform Review appeared first on Kikolani. Reviews You want to know the secret to a comprehensive SEO strategy? You and all SEO enthusiasts. That’s about it!

Is Your Business Ready for Holiday Season Ratings and Reviews?

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In order to truly capitalize on the holiday season, you have to play a strong offense and defense when it comes to your online ratings and reviews. Be Prepared for LOTS of Reviews. Shoppers are also writing more ratings and reviews than ever before. What to Do When Reviews Start Coming. You may very well be slammed with negative reviews. Let’s quickly review.

Gartner: fake social media reviews

Sherrilynne Starkie

Checking online reviews has become a normal part of consumer purchasing decisions, and so, companies are paying for or faking these reviews to gain favour and influence preference. By 2014, we could see up to 15 per cent of all online reviews being ‘faked’, according to Gartner, the research company. Would You Pay for Fake Positive Reviews? Down a new path?

The 4-Step Code of Conduct for Winning at Online Reviews

Convince & Convert

You need the same kind of discipline when managing your online ratings and reviews. While some business owners may think they don’t have to deal with what happens on rating-and-review sites, they’re wrong. Yelp processes 26,000 new reviews per minute , and customers pay more attention to them than ever before. This means checking your ratings and reviews sites every single day.

My Apple Watch Review: 5 Reasons It Works

Jason Yormark

After a few months of letting the reviews filter in, and actually being able to try them out in a store, I ultimately decided that I did want one as the look and feel issues were addressed shortly after getting to try one on. There are a plenty of Apple Watch reviews out there, most of them favorable, and plenty of ones saying it’s not worth it. Would it be too bulky?

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Book Review: Optimize

Webbiquity SMM

Book Reviews Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Marketing Web Presence Optimization Content Marketing content optimization content strategy digital marketing tactics gaming search algorithms integrating SEO Lee Odden optimize book review Optimize how to attract and engage more customers search engine optiization search optimization program SEO SEO audit SEO copywritng

Get a Bad Review Off the First Page of Search Results

Spin Sucks

There is a bad review online? disgruntled former employee leaves a bad review on Glassdoor ? woman I met at Social Media Marketing World works for a company that has a pretty bad review on Ripoff Report. They also have one really good review on Yelp and an A+ rating from the BBB. When you add “reputation” to the search, you find the Ripoff Report review.

Review 123

Book Review: The Power of Unpopular

Spin Sucks

Just like all of the other books I receive, I promised to do a review only if I liked the book and thought it would bring value to you (be grateful I don’t review the crappy ones). I was not popular in high school. I was not popular in college. It took me well into my career before I had enough confidence to speak without mumbling because I was so painfully shy.

Review 103

Crowdbooster Review: Social Analytics & Optimization

Jason Yormark

Related posts: RockMelt Review: Social Media Web Browser. I had signed up for Crowdbooster a few months ago, but never really got around to giving it a close look until the past week or so and I’ve become a fan. What’s The Same? You get access to usual stats around followers, tweets, mentions and retweets for Twitter as well as fans, comments, mentions and likes for your Facebook page.

How to Leverage Positive Reviews in the Post-Holiday Glow

Convince & Convert

One of the best ways to increase your chances is to promote your positive ratings and reviews. Promote Your Positive Ratings and Reviews. Ratings and reviews sites are not only highly frequented, they’re also highly trusted. Because of that, you need to highlight your good reviews as much as possible. Respond to Positive Ratings and Reviews. highlight to tweet).

5 Steps to Finding the Best Rating-and-Review Sites for Your Business

Convince & Convert

However, ratings and reviews consistently affect your bottom line in the same way, no matter what’s happening in your market. Managing the rating-and-review sites that are driving (or not driving) sales for your business can help you get business more reliably. How to Find the Top Rating-and-Review Sites. Are any high-profile reviewers complaining? Be direct.

Review of Content Marketing Measurement Platform Squeeze

Spin Sucks

By way of background, I get asked to review a lot of products, books, and services. But I rarely post reviews on Spin Sucks , which goes to show you how very little I’m impressed. But when Jodi Echakowitz asked me to check out Squeeze , I promised her I would, but that I would only do a review if I love it. I have something new for you to try! And love it I do. 11 p.m.

A Review of Google Social Media Tools


Social Media Uncategorized Google Google Buzz google social media google social media tools orkut review of google social media Google has often been blasted for failing to understand social media and capitalize on the rise of this communication channel. When asked about Google social media tools, the average person will immediately mention Google+. Orkut. Google Buzz. Google+.

25 Google Plus Resources, Articles, and Reviews to Help You Get Started


25 articles, resources, and reviews to help you understand the basics of Google+. collection of tools, reviews, and tips. tips google plus How to plus resources reviews tricksGoogle+ (or is it “Google Plus&# ?), the search giant’s big social initiative, has arrived and there’s a lot to learn. Google’s answer to Facebook has been in the works for a year and has been delayed several times due to disagreements about its design, purpose, and execution. Even though Facebook’s traffic seems to be slowing in the U.S. nice side-by-side comparison.

Poke the Box – Book Review

Justin Levy

Book Reviews ReviewsSeth Godin recently released his new book, Poke the Box (Amazon affiliate link), as part of the Domino Project. As an avid reader of Seth’s, both his books and his blog, I was excited to read it. That last point is really important to me as a reader. This is never the case with Seth’s books. And Poke the Box followed that same pattern.

Reviewing 30 Days of Livefyre Activity

Ari Herzog

Reviewing blog analytics since July 25 when Livefyre was installed here , you will notice a steady count of visitors. If you are inspired to add a comment with your thoughts, please visit Reviewing 30 Days of Livefyre Activity in your browser. Your fine eye may notice a slight decline in readers which is likely due to a mere 12 articles published here over the past month. Weekly visitor metrics from every Monday elaborate: June 20: 408. June 27: 516. July 4: 338. July 11: 430. July 18: 429. July 25: 400. August 1: 364. August 8: 399. August 15: 444. Thank you for reading!

38+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools and Reviews

Webbiquity SMM

Find tools to do all of the above and much more in this collection of helpful business, online and social media tools, apps and reviews. Frequent best-of honoree Ann Smarty reviews five spreadsheet apps for the iPhone that “allow you to look at anything from profits and annual earnings, to employee checks and monthly expenses” anytime from anywhere. PingTags. Buffer.

Tools 103

Book Review: Marketing in the Round

Webbiquity SMM

Book Reviews Marketing Strategy Social Media Marketing Social PR Web Presence Optimization becoming a social business Geoff Livingston Gini Dietrich marketing in the round book review marketing round Miyamoto Musashi must-read business books The Book of Five Rings WPOBecoming a social business means change, which is never easy. Four Marketing Round Approaches.

Monitor & Engage With Facebook Reviews From the Smart Inbox

Sprout Social

Since its launch in late 2013, Facebook Reviews has quickly become one of the most popular ways for consumers to leave direct, public feedback for brands. Today, in order to help brands gather and acknowledge this valuable customer feedback, we’re excited to announce that you can manage your Facebook Reviews from Sprout. Manage Your Facebook Reviews From the Smart Inbox.

Facebook 2016 Open-Source Year in Review (Infographic)

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook launched 77 new open-source  projects in 2016, yielding 60,000 commits and bringing its total to nearly 400 projects and more than 500,000 followers. Open-source developer advocate Christine Abernathy  offered an overview of the social network’s 2016 open-source efforts, as well as the infographic below, in a blog post.

LXRSEO Review – Getting an Edge on Competitors in Search


You''re reading LXRSEO Review – Getting an Edge on Competitors in Search , originally posted on Kikolani and copyrighted by Kristi Hines, freelance writer and professional blogger. The post LXRSEO Review – Getting an Edge on Competitors in Search appeared first on Kikolani. Reviews You know it when you’ve seen it. We’ve all experienced situations like this. Tools.

Facebook Knows What You’re Watching, New Pinterest Analytics, Yelp Adds Video Reviews & More | Social Media Snapshot

Harp Interactive

Categories: Blog , Facebook , Google Plus , LinkedIn , Pinterest , Social Media Marketing Tags: Facebook , How You Rank , linkedin , Pinterest , Pinterest analytics , yelp , yelp video reviews Catch up on the need-to-know changes and updates in social media that affect your business and brand…all in one place. Blog Facebook Google Plus LinkedIn Pinterest Social Media Marketing How You Rank linkedin Pinterest analytics yelp yelp video reviews

Watch out Google & TripAdvisor, Facebook Reviews are on the Rise | Social You Should Know

Ignite Social Media

This week we see Facebook challenging the likes of review sites, YouTube adding community-oriented features to drive engagement and minimize trolls & inappropriate comments, and social media sites threaten Google in terms of product research, all of this, in this week’s Social You Should Know. Facebook Takes On Review Sites. Nice move, YouTube.

Book Review: The Social Media Strategist

Dave Fleet

“Page turner.” ” Not words you usually expect to associate with a social media book. For anyone who is looking for a solid primer on social media within corporations, though, those two words perfectly describe Christopher Barger’s book The Social Media Strategist: Build a Successful Program from the Inside Out. Nowadays he plies his trade at Voce Communications.

Olivier Blanchard owes me a highlighter, Social Media ROI Review

Josh S Peters

Book Review Social Media Olivier Blanchard. WARNING! This book drains highlighters faster than a semester of advanced college classes. Which means it’s good so go buy it now! If Olivier’s name sound familiar to you that might be due to the guest spot he has in  Twittfaced. It truly is the best book out there on the subject, and it’s not even 100% about ROI. In Twitter.

ROI 58

Spin Sucks Year-in-Review

Spin Sucks

As we launch into 2017—and we're making many of our readers create a measurable PR plan—we thought it important to do a Spin Sucks year-in-review to prove you just have to get started. The post Spin Sucks Year-in-Review appeared first on Spin Sucks. Gini Dietrich has more. Related Stories The Spin Sucks 30-Day Communications Challenge PR Content Strategy: Let’s Talk Shop!

Clarity, Control, and Performance Reviews


Surprisingly enough, you can start with performance reviews. ” In the paper I explain some of the flaws in our industrial approach to performance reviews (specifically the way we link them to compensation) and outline a different approach that focuses on creating valuable, skilled, growing, and successful employees. Performance reviews are a great place to start.