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Facebook Announces Crisis Response, Charitable Giving Tools at Social Good Forum

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Facebook used its Social Good Forum in New York Thursday to introduce several tools for its users in the areas of crisis response and charitable giving. Readers: What are your thoughts on Facebook’s Social Good Forum announcements? Images of Facebook Social Good logo, Mark Zuckerberg and the Social Good Forum courtesy of Getty Images/Kevin Mazur. Community Help. Fundraisers.

Try Forums For Social Media Acquisition

Social Media Network Marketing

Have you tried Forums For Social Media Acquisition? work as Freelance Social Media Network Online Professional. My Business Page is on Facebook at: [link] Do join me

Indian Forum Where India Meets - Social Media

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Today am sharing with you one Forum that is really working fine and has got many participants as well. The Forum has no spam. In addition to all this is the Forum Admin People - they are extremely hands on and answer very politely and with focus communication. This Forum is essentially around India - having said this it is not that registration of members is limited to Indian Citizenship. Add to all this the Forum Pays you - yes you get paid to write onto the Forum. Indian Forum Where India Meets Here You Earn As Well: [link

New gTLD Domain Name Forum Launched

Bill Hartzer

A New gTLD Domain Name forum has recently launched. The site, called gTLD.Link , is your everything link to the gTLDs. I’ve recently joined the forum, and so far have made several helpful connections through the site. Right now, there are domain name forums out there and they have areas to discuss the new gTLD domain names. Recently Sold gTLDs. gTLDs For Sale.

3 Forums with CommentLuv-Like Functionality


But what about forums? Sure, you might be thinking CommentLuv only works on WordPress, so how can there be CommentLuv enabled forums? But vBulletin-powered forums have the option for a third-party add-on that allows members to place an RSS feed in their forum profile. Then, when they post in the forum, their latest blog post comes up with their forum post.

Seven Professional Development Opportunities to Jumpstart 2017

Spin Sucks

On the seventh day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you seven professional development opportunities that will help you flourish in 2017. Gini Dietrich includes the newly launched Spin Sucks 30-Day Communications Challenge, online courses, business books, conferences, and more. The post Seven Professional Development Opportunities to Jumpstart 2017 appeared first on Spin Sucks. Super, super smart!

[GET] How I Stopped Blackhat Forums & File Sharers Distributing My Products

Viper Chill

Even IM forums share fitness products, courses on productivity, WordPress themes and video courses from independent creators. The forums pass it off to their users in their terms of conditions before you register. The forum user passes the blame off to the file sharing site because he doesn’t actually host it. That’s a slight lie. Then, what’s that? Or both.

Domain Name Uniform Rapid Suspension System URS: National Arbitration Forum First ICANN Provider

Bill Hartzer

The National Arbitration Forum is the first officially ICANN -approved provider of the URS. This appears to all have been resolved, and the National Arbitration Forum is set now to start taking on URS requests. If you haven’t heard, there is a new domain name system in place to quickly takedown or suspend domain names that clearly infringe trademark rights. Board response (1B).

My Warrior Forum Trojan Horse & The World’s Worst Email List

Viper Chill

mention the list not only because I want you to subscribe, but I recently launched my Warrior Forum guide there. My review received 13 thanks (the forum equivalent of likes) and hopefully stopped a few newbies from getting ripped off. paid for my account there and I’m 99% sure I have the highest post count to thanks (likes) ratio for any user on the entire forum. Wrong!

Grow Traffic to Your Blog Through Guest Posting and Creating Content for Other Blogs, Forums, Media and Events


So head over to for episode 37: Grow Traffic to Your Blog Through Guest Posting and Creating Content for Other Blogs, Forums, Media and Events , show notes, and to leave a comment, or a review. Grow Traffic to Your Blog Through Guest Posting and Creating Content for Other Blogs, Forums, Media and Events. Two Types of Content to Help You Find Readers for Your Blog.

The Six PR Conferences to Attend in 2017

Spin Sucks

12 Days of Christmas Communication 12 days of christmas content jam content marketing world MarketingProfs PESO model PRSA Public Relations Society of America sixth day of christmas social brand forum social media marketing worldThe role of the communicator continues to evolve. To that end, Gini Dietrich has six must-attend PR conferences to continue your professional development.

31DBBB Challenge: Join a Forum or a Social Media Group and Start Participating


One of those places could possibly be a forum or social media group (like a Facebook or LinkedIn Group), and you’re missing out on a wealth of untapped readers if you’re not in there being part of the community too. It also features the challenge of the day to find a forum or group and get started. I’ll show you how. Stay tuned for a brand new topic tomorrow!

Effective Online Marketing with Forums and Message Boards


Today’s companies are quickly recognizing the power that social media tools such as forums and message boards can have for finding new customers and spreading the word about products and services. Among these social media platforms, forums and message boards are the most popular for discussing products and services. Find out who runs the forum and send him a private message.

PR Pros Must Embrace the PESO Model

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Communication Planning earned media feedly IMC integrated marketing communications OPEN Forum outbrain owned media paid media PESO model PR measurement PR metrics shared media sprinklr By Gini Dietrich The business world, in the last seven or so years, has been upended with the introduction of social media and access to better data. This is good, but it also means change. And change is hard.

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Use Forums to Boost Your Blog’s Value


Consider the potential of integrating forums into your website. Working with an online community development expert, Heather integrated a Q&A forum into her website. How forums add value. Yet with forums, you gain a source of new content that won’t require much day-to-day commitment on your end. 3. Do you have a forum on your blog? It worked for Dooce.

Interview with Simon Sinek – Start With Why

Buzz Marketing for Technology

I had a chance to catch up with fellow author, Simon Sinek to discuss his book called – Start With Why at the World Business Forum held in New York at Radio City Music Hall on October 7-8. Branding Innovation Strategy Thought Leadership b2b marketing strategy market positioning Marketing Strategy positioning simon sinek WOBI world business forum Everybody knows what they do.

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Thumper’s Rule – Knowing When And How To Avoid An Online Argument

SocMed Sean

Sure, frequent contributors to a site often get to know each other personally, but do you really need to bring off-topic arguments to a forum where they aren’t of benefit to the community? Blogs Facebook Featured Google+ Humor LinkedIn People Social Media Twitter best practices discussion forum social media social networking tips YouTubeBut don’t be a troll. Prove it.

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Seven Effective DIY Market Research Tactics

Spin Sucks

Use Forums Every industry has a forum dedicated to it. is the tool you need to find the forum right for you. Marketing Customer Service demographics forums market research mystery shoppers topsy trade journals By Francois Bondiguel Market research  can be pretty expensive. It can even take years to conduct. Use Topsy Topsy is an interesting website.

4 Low Cost Online Marketing Strategies For 2012

Small Business Mavericks

Forumsforums are extension of the networking activity. If the forum allows, put a link to your website or blog that other forum users can follow. Forums are another activity that is free, apart from your time. Yes, there are a lot of blogs already on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean that yours is going to go unnoticed.  By building a network through other bloggers, forums, and social media, you can quickly build a loyal following. Small Business Internet Marketing blogging forums networking SEO

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Why Sustainable Competitive Advantage is so 1990

Buzz Marketing for Technology

also look forward to seeing her speak about this topic at the upcoming World Business Forum held in New York at Radio City Music Hall on October 7-8. Big Data Business Intelligence Innovation Leadership Columbia Business School Competitive Advantage Rita McGrath WOBI World Business Forums Tell us why sustainable competitive advantage really a failed notion these days?

Defining Social Business: a Call for Clarity and Collaboration


Dada IBM Jamie Notter Maddie Grant Michael Brito Muhammad Yunus Olivier Blanchard Peter Kim social business Social Business ForumYes, you are right: social business is a buzzword. It is omnipresent and it is trendy to proclaim “it’s not about social media anymore but about social business.” ” However, social business is not a hype, on the contrary. Business is business.

Social Media World Forum

Social Media Citizens

Home Content RSS Log in Social Media Citizens Home Case Studies Reports SMC List TOP Lists Video Consulting Portfolio Social Media World Forum March 4th, 2010 by Giedrius Ivanauskas Leave a reply » Share Are you ready? One of the biggest Social Media event’s in Europe – Social Media Word Forum is knocking on your door. Here it comes! Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional | Valid CSS 3

22 Twitter Pearls from Day 1 of #SMWF

Harp Interactive

The Social Media World Forum is underway today and will go on through tomorrow in New York. Blog Social Media & SEO Social Media Marketing Uncategorized #SMWF social media highlights social media tips social media world forumThis conference has entered its third year and continues to provide top-level strategic advice and social media marketing insight.

Finding Readers Week: Corinne Talks Commenting, Engagement, and Are Forums Right For Your Blog?


Corinne introduced forums at the beginning of the year and has seen that engagement increase sharply. Point of difference: Adding forums for your readers. As I’ve always been a lover of forums – joining my first in 2002 at 14, then being an administrator for another for over ten years – a forum was exactly what I was looking for. Planning is key! General

It’s Time to Own Your Social Community

Convince & Convert

Before the rise of MySpace and Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr, the “original” social media was created in the unglamorous yet impactful world of discussion boards and forums. Other discussion boards and forums were built and managed by brands, as a special place for enthusiasts to gather and interact. Thus, the trend pendulum (the trendulum?) It was the best of times.

Find Your Forum

The Social Media Incubator

Davos 2016: DiCaprio, Macri and Biden Dominate the Social Headlines

Talkwalker SM

After having arrived 20 minutes late to chair a panel on Cancer research, Vice President of the United States Joe Biden apologised profusely to the waiting audience, joking that the World Economic Forum in Davos had become so popular that even the Secret Service couldn’t get through the traffic caused by the world’s elite. Davos 2016: The Big Picture on Social.

Use Facebook Data to Unlock Consumer Affinity

Buzz Marketing for Technology

When I first saw the way in which Facebook data could combine with Twitter data, blog, forum, search and web data to make a rich profile of your consumer – I was blown away by the possibilities of knowing your customer better and knowing what really makes them tick. Today we are talking about almost 1 billion posts on Facebook per day, the same happens on Twitter every 4 days.

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The 4 Challenges of Cause Marketing

Geoff Livingston

Want to be my guest at the Cause Marketing Forum this May 30-31 in Chicago? CSR authenticity Cause cause marketing Cause Marketing Forum Danny Brown Inspiring Generosity slacktivismThe best comment wins a free registration worth $1,045.00 for a business or $795 for a nonprofit, compliments of Razoo (also cross-posted on Inspiring Generosity). decision will be made tomorrow morning based on comments on both blogs. Customers want [.].

Can Communities Serve As Perfect Add-On For Your Blog?


How does a blogger generally relate to a forum? For example, one of them is the application called Forums that I work with. Below, I have listed a few good things that a forum can do for your blog: Promote your blog/URL: Start a forum on any leading forum application like Forums or Ning with your blog name. Is that all? Then it is time to rethink!

Social Media Citizens teams up with Social Marketing Forum

Social Media Citizens

Home Content RSS Log in Social Media Citizens Home Case Studies Reports SMC List TOP Lists Video Consulting Portfolio Social Media Citizens teams up with Social Marketing Forum March 10th, 2010 by Giedrius Ivanauskas Leave a reply » Share I’m happy to share some great news for Social Media Citizens readers. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. SMC QUOTE “.As

Get Paid Forums

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One of the most buzzed methods of earning from the net is via the forums. There are certain forums that pay to post a comment. Forums are great places to meet new persons with a valid set of conversation. Yes image is what you can develop over a period of time amongst your forum members. is a forum site. Here you get paid to post in this forum (via egold and paypal) and get paid to refer new members too. They are places for good networking and thereby doing propaganda of your product, service, site or blog. You can form credibility.

Sony Builds Interactive Social Media Hub For 2014 World Cup

The Realtime Report

This online forum, which opened on May 1st, compiles the comments and conversations of soccer fans across the world on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, organizing them all on one website. The forum will also keep statistics on all 32 teams and their players as the tournament progresses. Sony’s

Monkeys, Ice Cream, and Everything In Between

Spin Sucks

love this HBR blog post for many reasons, but mostly because Umair Haque calls out the hoity toity, ultra-wealthy people who attend Davos, the site of the World Economic Forum. We need a new name. Danny Brown has Sunday Brunch. Beth Harte has Saturday Morning Reads. Lisa Barone has Weekend Coffee Links. Ingrid Abboud has SuperPost Sunday. But I hate it. So…what’s more Gini like?

Insider Trading, meet Outsider Traders, #SocialMedia style #Tesla

Laurel Papworth

Today, there is a thread going beserk on the Tesla forums : Tracking Highest VINs. Stay with me here… International Business Times said: A contributor to the Tesla’s Forum page identified as Craig Froehle updated his Model S VIN data. digital economy social media cars forums stock price tesla Twitter vins wall street Wall Street should be monitoring social media.

Blogging from the World Business Forum

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Whenever September rolls around I always get excited about 2 things – fall sailing and attending the World Business Forum at Radio City in New York. This year the HSM team that runs the World Business Forum is mixing it up a bit with more social media aspects of the program. If you are going to the World Business Forum please let me know and lets hook up

Forums to discuss and earn

Social Media Network Marketing

I have just come on this wonderful site that is a paid forum. As we know and understand Forums on the internet are places where one can discuss and get advice on various subject. Ofcourse the forum should have a focus on that topic or else people there will not be able to relate to what you are trying to say. Here is a forum that you can avail of. The web address is [link]. What this really means is that whenever you post your comment or request, replies etc they pay you! What you will need to do is simply fill in the registration form of the site.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Online Cause Marketing

Geoff Livingston

The above presentation was delivered to the Cause Marketing Forum last Tuesday, February 14. csr American Express AMEX Cause Marketing Forum facebook Girls groupon Haagen Dazs Inc. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Cause Marketing. View more presentations from Geoff Livingston. All of the campaigns featured were from 2010 or 2011 with the exception of one ( Haagen Dazs ). Conclusion.

Changing Trends in Social Media Can Influence Your Business Model (part II)


You can start a forum on the arena you think requires special attention and share the problem with a likeminded group. Social Media business model changing trends communication Community building Connect Engage Facebook Forum group communication interaction nabanita roy personal connections reachability relationship share Social Network transparency Twittersites.

Gin and Topics: One Billion Opportunities

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Want to Write for Open Forum ? If you’re interested in writing for Open Forum (I am!), Social Media Top 5 Canada Day gin and topics Independence Day mitch joel OPEN Forum seth godin Shonali Burke SocialnomicsHappy Canada Day to my Canadian friends! Boy do I wish I were in Ottawa today. LOVE Kate Middleton ! And happy long weekend to my U.S. friends. Read it.