Sat.Nov 18, 2023

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Using Breakdowns

Jon Loomer

Not nearly enough advertisers use or even know about breakdowns… They’re found by clicking the breakdown dropdown menu in between Columns and Reports in Ads Manager. There are six categories of breakdowns. By Time: Day Week 2 Weeks Month By Demographics: Age Gender Age and Gender Audience Type (for Advantage+ Shopping) By Geography: Country Country and Audience Type (Advantage+ Shopping) Region Business Locations DMA Region By Delivery: Placement Platform Time of Day (ad account time

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Dream On! YouTube Testing AI-Powered Music Creation Tool

Forbes Social Media

The Google-owned service introduced an experimental tool dubbed Dream Track in YouTube Shorts, powered by Lyria, Google's DeepMind's advanced music generation model

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How to Recover a Lost Snapchat Streak and Get It Back


Exchanging Snaps daily without fail, helps you maintain a streak on the popular social media app – Snapchat. It is indicated by a fire emoji next to your friend’s name on the Chat screen, along with a number that shows the number of days you have been on a streak. Snapchat streaks are a fun way to show your friendship and loyalty to someone on the app.

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Firms That Use Video Content To Drive Engagement And Business Results

Forbes Social Media

Helen Aboagye, CMO of Imagen, identifies firms and industries that are using video content to drive consumer engagement and business results.

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Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.