Sun.Nov 25, 2018

AI in PR: Where We Are and Where We’re Headed


There’s no denying there's a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI). A simple Google search brings up 921 million results for the term. The buzz is out there.For public… Read More >>>. PR & Comms AI & Innovation Planning & Strategy

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How to Save Money on Business Expenses

Operating a business means that you must control expenses in every way possible in order to boost profit. To increase that bottom line, a reduction in business costs is a must. Here are a few simple ways to keep outgoing funds to a minimum: 1. Reduce the Costs of Supplies.

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How Do We Create A More Diverse Community Of Social Entrepreneurs

Forbes Social Media

Is the social enterprise sector as diverse as it claims to be? Are we giving out some kind of subliminal message, creating an unconscious bias that social enterprise is not for the more marginalised members of the community

How To Pilot Emerging Tech, Like Social Media, Wearables, IoT, AI, Analytics, Crypto & Blockchain

Forbes Social Media

All companies should continuously pilot emerging technologies with the specific objective of measuring how impactful technologies can be upon specific business processes, products and services. There are 4 simple piloting steps and ever-growing lists of technologies. Start piloting

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

How Diverse Is Podcasting Really?

Forbes Social Media

Podcasts seem to be everywhere but how diverse are they? Turns out a lot but that's not the problem


Is Dropbox Still A Great Cloud Solution Today?

Forbes Social Media

Dropbox is a great cloud storage and now collaborative work solution for SMBs and startups. This is one of the most popular cloud storage solutions for both individuals and businesses. But is it still worth using despite starting out as a small start up in 2007? It depends

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Why Using VPNs With Instagram Makes Sense In Certain Situations

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Instagram, like many social media, is prone to targeted advertisement, content restrictions, and accessibility based on geographical locations of users. This is a prblem for those who value privacy and particularly travelers. One eay to overcome this is by using VPNs

The 4 Best Cyber Monday Deals On Amazon: Smart Home Devices

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See the top Cyber Monday deals from Amazon, Ring, Sonos, and more