Sun.Jul 12, 2020

How To Disable Automatic Updates On Windows 10


Automatic updates on Windows 10 are quite frustrating especially when any new Windows update is introduced. You can anytime disable Windows update and control its installation and updates.

The Importance of a Good Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

The Realtime Report

The Importance of a Good. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse. PC gaming has evolved in recent years to bring realistic, innovative, and competitive computer games. These games bring an experience that is amazing for a gamer.

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Missing or Broken Mouse? Master the Art of Operating Windows Without a Mouse


The mouse is an essential part of the user interface system of a PC. As we used to do a lot of things with the mouse, it will be tough to work with your computer in the absence of a mouse. Sometimes you may have to work without a mouse due to unavoidable circumstances.

For Facebook, One Month Does Not Seem To Be Enough

Forbes Leadership Strategy

With the July advertising boycott that supposedly has so far cost Facebook $70 billion in lost revenue, the big question is what will happen when the month ends.

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How to Use Guest Mode on Android


In today’s world it is our smartphone that knows all the secrets of us. And when someone asks for it to make a call or click a picture it causes a lot of anxiety. I too have experienced these moments a lot of time in my life before I start using guest mode on Android.