Wed.Nov 22, 2017

Using Social Data to revolutionise Human Resources


This is a guest post written by Nicolás Castro, Digital Marketing Manager at The Adecco Group in Spain. When Audiense approached me to feature as a guest writer on their blog there was no hesitation to accept.

Social Media Puns to Annoy Your Coworkers With

Ignite Social Media

I was told I need to write this blog post by my fellow coworkers who insisted I “just need to get it out of [my] system”. Apparently, this is supposed to quell my need to make puns in meetings, and the hallway, and the kitchen, and the… Maybe it is a problem. Derek and Kaity , the only employees who really punderstand me, helped to brainstorm this series of social-media related jokes & puns.

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You Can't Always Blame The Business Model When It Comes To Marketing

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"Stop crying and get to work on changing your business model!". When I started off in the agency world (early 2000s), this is how I used to think. This line of thinking was to my professional advantage and opportunity, as I was bringing to market (along with my fellow business partners) a new way to think about a modern marketing agency in an digital world. Over the past seventeen years, that new business model has been validated.