50 Shortcuts to Create Visual Content for Social Media

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The remix function is quite cool – you just enter your text and you have a new image in seconds: Designfeed – intuitive and creative all in one! They share their designs and you can remix them! Time. We all want more of it.

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Web 2.0, Secondary Orality, and the Gutenberg Parenthesis

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Sampling & remixing; borrowing & reshaping; appropriating & recontextualizing," in the words of the call for papers for the conference. Magazine. Campus Technology. Subscription. Newsletters. RSS Contact Us.

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Buzz Marketing for Technology

Facebook or LinkedIn) or other communities of practiceâ?? The investment these companies will make in blogs, social networks, and communities will â??stimulate The Social Media Game--Remixed and Some Comments. The Bamboo Project Blog.

A Blogging State of Mind


If I could sum it up in three little words, they would be: Magazine. Magazine advertising sales? Yes—magazine advertising sales. You see, (insert voice of the narrator from The Princess Bride ), once upon a time I sold advertising for a national print and online magazine, when the only writing I did involved contracts and thank-you letters. So, what do magazine sales have to do with blogging success? Blogging is about building community.

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