Link-building Tips and Tools for Bloggers in a Post-Panda and Penguin World


So you might be asking what more can be written about link building for bloggers? Bloggers have an advantage that static and retail websites don’t. This affected anyone who used article marketing as a way to build links and drive traffic to their websites, since article networks were hit the hardest , though some—like HubPages— regained their rankings in subsequent updates. Link-building strategies for bloggers. See the first paragraph of this post as an example.

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Hubpages – Create a hub somewhat a cross of Squidoo and Real-Time News Curation – Types And Real-World Examples. The Sun: how not to win friends or influence bloggers.

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Reasons to Love CommentLuv Blogs


Let’s use this example. What if you don’t own a blog, but you do write on sites such as HubPages, Squidoo, Bukisa, EzineArticles, GoArticles, or similar article networks and directories.

How to Really Build Backlinks and Dominate Google

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These are some high profile examples, but there are literally millions of useful sites online. For example, this site is “trying&# to rank for the phrase viral marketing. As an example, a site ranking 2nd for me right now is a page on Wilson Web. For example, if I contact a big blogger out of the blue and ask them to link to my latest article, it’s probably not going to happen. Do you think it will chase other bloggers away? Home What the F ?

65 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog


Let’s take article marketing as an example. Create a hub about your blog on HubPages. Then find other bloggers in your niche and exchange banners with them. The other bloggers will notice and might do the same for you. You can either search manually or make it easy for yourself by registering for free with MyBlogGuest , which matches guest bloggers with blogs that accept guest posts. This guest post is by Satrap of

Does Size Really Matter?


Lately, I have been reading more and more advice about how bloggers and article writers should be writing shorter, more concise text in order to make it more attractive to readers. Long posts typically fulfill their headline – if it is a how to post, for example, you should be able to follow the steps and accomplish the objective. For bloggers, you have to evaluate your audience, as well as your goals. Successful Examples of Lengthy Posts.

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20 pages every blogger needs to hvae – I don’t have several on my site, so it’s a good wakeup call. 15 tips for attracting and connecting with non-blogging readers – sometimes it’s easy for bloggers to forget about new readers who may have never left a comment or subscribed to an RSS feed before. 40 inspiring examples of dark websites – some of these did a good job combatting the hard to read on a dark background issue.

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FAQ pages – best practices and examples – elements that make a successful FAQ page. 66 fresh examples of single page website designs – although they are not the best for SEO, they are great to look at and easier to create for the design talented developer. Excellent banner ad examples – beautiful ads and placements to keep your design beautiful while earning income from your website.

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Six Figure Writing: My Journey from English Failure to Blogging.

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For example, I’m currently writing this on a Sunday and plan to schedule it for Thursday. James Chartrand and the team at Men With Pens are one example that comes to mind. As a blogger, I loved reading about your experience and I really appreciated the tips you offered.