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The Emotion found in Social Data

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Some might, but the vast majority of people who share content, post comments, or offer sentiments and opinions online do so because they are in what Andrew Jeavons of Survey Analytics calls “the point of emotion.”  In other words, they are emotionally invested in the product, service or experience about which they are opining. Let’s be clear.  In some contexts emotions are considered bad. 

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How to Use Your CEO’s Twitter Account to Build Brand Loyalty

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recent survey by BrandFog revealed that when executives are active on social media, consumers develop a higher level of confidence in the company’s leadership. Sample content: Really enjoying an article from @author (or @website) [link]. Approximately 100 characters on an exciting, fun, or out of the ordinary office event. Sample content:  @fellowCEO – I’m dragging today too!

A Strategic Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits


Consider how you will connect your organization’s social media efforts to your website and blog, email marketing, event promotions and any other content you share online. 2. You can gather this information in person, via an email survey or by asking on social media. Make it super easy: Provide sample posts for Facebook, sample Tweets, etc.”. Provide Sample Posts.

Survey: Third of Companies Use Social Media to Promote Their Business

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According to a brand new survey by CareerBuilder , one-quarter of businesses leverage social media to recruit and research possible staff. brand new CareerBuilder survey reports that 35 % of employers use social media to market their company. The survey was conducted among much more than 2,500 employers between March 18 and June 3, 2010. Survey Methodology. Digg this!

12 Most Creative Strategies to Craft an Effective Blog Post

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Some samples would be: Polls and surveys. Get real-time reaction from people using polls and surveys — and after a given amount of time, don’t forget to post the results! Now here comes one of the most trying events experienced by virtual writers around the globe: unintentional grammar and spelling mistakes. These are the ones we couldn’t help but click. Use subheadings.

Why You Can't Measure Influence

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The shared characteristic is that they're based on observable events. A web browser requests a set of files from a server, and the computers exchange information that can be tracked. In survey research, the survey itself provides an observable moment. We have discrete events in social media, too. Take influence. But have you ever seen a unit of influence?

Read the 2013 Speaker Report


Associations should follow these same practices when marketing to membership and event prospects: Don’t “spray and pray.” Do your research. Provide relevant samples for each association. Offer additional value before, during or after the event. On the Avectra blog , Deirdre Reid gives us an interesting summary of the new 2013 Speaker Report by  Tagoras  and  Velvet Chainsaw.

Active Twitter Users Are Your Most Influential Consumers

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Active Twitter users are three times more likely to impact a brand’s online reputation via Tweets, blog posts, articles and product reviews than the average consumer, according to a new survey by Exact Target. Twitter gives people access to  breaking news and events – it’s way faster than mainstream media. Get samples and coupons. Updates on future products.

Actionable Listening Promotes Real-Time Engagement


Stay current with any events or happenings that your brand could benefit from. 2:  Revealing your brand’s key influencers. Social listening can produce immediate data from a much larger sample that surpasses the performance of other, more traditional surveys. In the following we will shed light on the benefits you can reap from social listening. Why should you listen?

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010

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Marketing Salary Survey: Social Media Marketing by Aquent. According to an ExactTarget survey, Twitter users who follow a brand are more than twice as likely as Facebook users who “like” a brand to say they are more likely to purchase from the brand after becoming a social media follower. How are consumers and b2b decision makers using social media in their buying processes? Adam T.

From Shared Databases to Communities of Practice: A Taxonomy of Collaboratories

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Dataset and Sampling Methods. Dataset and Sampling Methods. The breadth of this definition of a collaboratory complicated the choice of a sampling technique. There did not seem to be any way to create a truly representative sample, because the true boundaries of the population to be sampled were unknown. Doing so required a type of nonrandom sampling, namely purposive sampling. Patton (1990) provides a taxonomy of purposive sampling techniques. Landscape samples must have criteria for inclusion/exclusion of cases that fit the definition.

Best Practices for Association Microsites


This is a guest post by Andrea Bona , of One Orange Feather, on their great survey of associations’ use of microsites. We also found that 47 percent of our sample and 49 percent of U.S. Download the paper here. It’s awesome. In our research for the “ Sub-Brands and Micro Web Site Use by U.S. Micro Sites and Sub Branding, the Ties that Bind.

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Website Optimization 101: A/B Testing Method

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Surveys are very tedious to conduct, not to mention a huge hassle to process. Getting a large enough sample size of users to fill out your survey could also prove to be a challenge. A/B tests let you forego these hassles by presenting a hands-on survey of sorts to your site visitors, where their actual and unbiased reactions to your content will prevail. Source: [link].

Your say: Personal knowledge management - Inside Knowledge

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Events. Surveys find that the average knowledge worker spends 30 per cent or more of their time searching for information and knowledge,? Request sample copy. exact. any/all. The original knowledge-management publication. denotes premium content | Jul 24 2008. mail: Password: Forget your password? Click Here. Business Intelligence. Collaboration. Competitive Intelligence.

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Abandonment Issues – What To Do with Content Archipelagos

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These are often contrived as reactions to timely news events or short-lived pop culture phenomena. Do your best to survey all the assets and accounts at your disposal. Sample Channel Ecosystem in which Pinterest is disconnected from other networks and web properties. 2. If you viewed your content marketing operations from a 35,000 foot level, what would they look like?

2011 B2B Marketing Trends

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Of eleven different marketing categories, all of those in which marketers said they plan to increase spending in 2011 are online activities: website design / optimization and social media topped the list with 69% of companies planning larger budgets in these areas, followed by virtual events and webinars, SEO, email marketing and paid search. Strange.). Want to know more? Share this on Bebo.

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The State of the Blogosphere 2010

Respondents for the survey, which was administered in English, represented 24 countries. An enviable array of bloggers are tapped to speak at industry events. Micromedia will serve as the bridges between the events, observations, and social objects that bind us. sol_dier your title is misleading, your sample group is skewed to the Western hemisphere and specifically N.America.

Web 2.0, Secondary Orality, and the Gutenberg Parenthesis

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Sampling & remixing; borrowing & reshaping; appropriating & recontextualizing," in the words of the call for papers for the conference. IT Cost Cuts in 2008 May Be a Trend, Study Says A first-quarter 2008 survey conducted by Computer Economics suggests a possible slowdown in IT spending and staffing lies ahead. Events. Event Calendar. Events. Events.

The Business of Social Media: B2B and B2C Engagement by the Numbers | Brian Solis

Even though measurement was more pervasive in B2B over B2C, participating companies appeared to actively measure social media in this case – at least those surveyed anyway. Therefore, conducting a benchmark survey to capture the state of the industry as it corresponds specifically to service, sales, branding, communications, HR, etc., General Buying Cycle 1. Acknowledging the need 2.

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5 Things to Email Your Subscribers About Today


More experienced bloggers can give away samples of products—anything from a free chapter from your upcoming ebook, to a complimentary fifteen-minute personal consultation with your business. When was the last time you surveyed your readers? When we think of surveys, most of us imagine questionnaires, but a “survey” doesn’t have to comprise multiple-choice questions—or even multiple questions. your plans for the blog, your offering, or a conference or event related to your niche. Your email list can help you meet both these challenges.

Koka Sexton dot Com

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Check your local park district’s website to see if there are any events in your area. Certain reward credit cards can get you free VIP access to certain events as well. Many beauty supply stores will give you free samples of their products to take home with you. Some stores, like Sephora , will offer a generous sample of almost anything in the store to try it out.

14 Ways To Earn $14 Blogging in 2014


Reading back through an intelligent survey Darren issued recently, I noticed a tiny problem that maybe you’ve seen too: 63% of ProBlogger readers earn less that $100 per month from blogging. On one of my first blogs, I asked a new tea company over Facebook to send me samples for review. Flip blogs that cover upcoming events. “What?” ” I thought. Me too.

Twitter Hashtags: Nonprofits Speak Up

Kate Foy: Good job Devon and team! Terrific article. Devon Smith: Good call. Thats become one of my favorite features of Hootsuite. wish there was a way to export. Devon Smith: Its a cool product. Like I said, I dont really do product reviews, but theres been a fair amount. Dan Martell: Devon, just wanted to say thanks for the details and honest review. especially the ROI calculatio. Click here.

Social Pros Podcast – Justin Levy, Citrix Online

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They did a survey of over 2,600 U.S. 55% of that sample stated that they were uncomfortable – and I’m doing air quotes, “uncomfortable” – providing their credit card information to social media sites for the purposes of conducting transactions. This is Episode 3 of the Social Pros Podcast : Real People Doing Real Work in Social Media. Listen Now.

Eggblogg: UK small business social media case study no. 1: Paganum Farmers Market

An early Twitter user , he knew that the micro-blogging community was awash with journalists, marketers and bloggers, so he started conversations and sent out food samples. As well as a Twitter presence, Paganum has a Facebook page featuring photos, video, surveys & discussions. First Friday Lewes Free monthly networking event taking place in Lewes, East Sussex.

Social Pros 10 – Lauren Teague, PGA Tour

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The company surveyed, I think it was around 400 people – I think I saw that in the notes – 400 people of all stripes, which was really my biggest issue with the survey, and we’ll come back to that. Surveyed these people about CEOs, leadership, and social media. This is Episode 10 of the Social Pros Podcast : Real People Doing Real Work in Social Media. sighs].

Social Pros 16 – Jay and Eric Strike Back

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Now, that surprises me, partially because when you have 900 million people doing anything, even like eating or sleeping, it’s hard to say that it’s a fad , and I also wonder, given the fact that I guess it’s good that they random sampled the survey, they actually controlled for population, et cetera. Listen Now. The RSS feed is: [link]. Find us on iTunes: [link].

Coca-Cola's Shrewd New Social Media Policy


According to  Deloitte’s 2009 Ethics and Workplace Survey , “55% of executives admitted that their companies do not have an official policy for social networks — and 22% would like to use social nets, but don’t know how.&# For the most part, companies have made up their approaches to this new medium as they went along. Have fun, but be smart. Keep records.

Social Pros 27 – Jeremiah Owyang and Rebecca Lieb

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Today’s stat of the week comes from the CMO Club , which is a pretty well-known marketing organization, basically did a member survey. One of the workflows that we found, Jay and Eric, is – I’ll just give you a sample. This is Episode 27 of the Social Pros Podcast : Real People Doing Real Work in Social Media. Listen Now. The RSS feed is: [link]. Eric : Hello, Jay. What are people searching for and where are they looking?

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Web Events. Event Calendar. Here’s a sampling of the information quests: Looking for SSA policy information related to performance management. Our surveys over the last six years show little change in the time that business users search online: roughly 9.5 This is a relatively small sample of self-selecting professionals who are willing to answer questionnaires. Covering the latest in Content, Document and Knowledge Management. KMWorld Magazine. Subscribe to KMWorld. KMWorld & Intranets Conference/Exposition. KMWorld NewsLinks. White Papers. Opinion.

Social media is more than a numbers game. Guest post from Ben LaMothe

Gemma Went

You can only tell that by seeing that there are more young people coming through the door, and you could measure the social media campaign contribution to that by using a voucher system for the tickets or a sample survey of visitors. Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Social media is more than a numbers game. Guest post from Ben LaMothe 26/02/2010 tags: Social Media by Gemma Went We’ve not had a guest post for a while. But when Ben approached me with this, I jumped at the chance. It’s a start in the right direction.

The 22 most unknown FREE things anyone can have.

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Check your local park district’s website to see if there are any events in your area. Certain reward credit cards can get you free VIP access to certain events as well. Many beauty supply stores will give you free samples of their products to take home with you. Some stores, like Sephora , will offer a generous sample of almost anything in the store to try it out.

A Behavioral Model of Information Seeking on the Web

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The study sample included a number of managers, IT specialists, and information specialists. Four methods of data collection were employed: questionnaire survey; tracker application that recorded Web browser actions; proxy server that logged Web resource and service requests; and personal interviews with participants. The questionnaire survey was administered at the participants work places, during the first visit. 1998 ASIS Annual Meeting. Contributed Paper. Chun Wei Choo, Brian Detlor, Don Turnbull. Abstract. Research Objectives. The paper is organized into five sections.

Be Here Now Marketing: How United Airlines Can Take Advantage of.

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How much does it cost the airline to have to rebook and provide meals and lodging in the event of a cancellation? With a voucher printed from the kiosk, a customer could pick up a kit that includes a toothbrush, personal hygiene samples, and a few coupons for later use. Here’s a real life example with several free ideas I have for United Airlines , or any airline really. Hawai?i