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One-Third of Consumers Are Visiting Top Digital Retail Sites Via Mobile Exclusively

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New research from  comScore’s Data Mine  reveals that while the majority of the digital consumers use both desktop and mobile devices, around one-third of consumers are visiting the top digital retail brands  exclusively via mobile  as of September 2013. And those visiting sites via mobile are “behaving very differently” depending on which retailer they are engaging with.

Where to Find Affordable Apple Parts and Accessories


Are you searching for high quality Apple parts? You can easily buy them from Apple’s retail stores. Still, Apple sells them at high prices and makes a killing. If you are willing to shop around, it is possible to buy screen protectors, power cords, batteries, cases, logic boards, and additional memory for your Apple devices without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Copying Apple

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Some will make the argument that Apple is loosing a little bit of its luster. While I am an Apple consumer (and a fairly recent one), I'm hopeful that you won't misconstrued this blog post as someone who is a biased and loyal customer trying to defend a brand (Apple Fanboi!). What makes Apple such a fascinating brand, from my perspective, is how the brand is managed. thought that the Apple people had jokingly replaced the white, glowing apple sign with the Windows logo. Their stores do look and feel like an Apple store. apple. retail.

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Apple Debuts iBeacon Location Technology in U.S. Stores

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How can a retailer effectively reach consumers in-store and educate them about deals that might be of particular interest? Apple’s iBeacon technology is looking to accomplish both, and after a successful run with the MLB’s ‘At the Ballpark’ mobile app at Citifield , Apple has now installed the location technology into its own retail stores.

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Apple Is Laughing All The Way To The Bank

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love Apple. You can have you own feelings and philosophies about the brand, but go into any modern shopping mall, and the two stores with the most energy, excitement and activity are - without question - the Apple and LEGO stores. About 10% admit to having used the gadget during sex." We live in this fascinating duality where technology is a must-have part of everything that we do, and - in the same breath - it is still a luxury, that is getting more and more expensive (did you see the pricing for the new Apple Watch ?). Apple Engineer Talks About The New 2015 Macbook.

The True Omni-Channel Is Convergence

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" The wake-up of retail. Over the past several months, I have spent a serious (and significant) amount of time presenting to retailers throughout North America. Senior retailers from some of the world''s biggest brands at events for Google and Twitter , to local merchants with unique retail specialty at retail association events. Internally, retailers will say that becoming omni-channel is the true imperative. Amazon has been teasing at a physical retail operation for a long time, and it seems more real than ever before. apple. brand.

The Future Of Personalized Pricing

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Once you are logged in, they probably know more about you (from personal data and buying habits) than any other retailer. This occurs if a retailer offers different prices depending on information they have collected about that customer. Firstly, retailers can collect details of a customer's previous purchases made on the website. The regulator says that there is no evidence, but a lot of concern, that this information allows retailers to charge a higher price to certain customers." Both marketers and retailers are going to have to take the lead here.

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The New Newer Economy

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No, we're not talking about the latest iPhone from Apple and we're not talking about waiting in line for Star Wars - The Force Awakens (which, by the way, is an incredible movie that I saw at 6:30 am today!). Some of the markups were 1200% above the retail value (not a typo). retail. retailer. Tags: apple. Have you ever heard of resellers? Still, times change.

Do Shopping Centers Have A Future?

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Retail, consumerism and how we buy has changed in the past few years, like never before. If you speak to a brand that has retail as one of their primary transactional channels, they are nervous. " It's important to understand the new retail landscape. Online, we tend to shop for the things we've indentified, while retail outlets can suck consumers in by surrounding the products we went to the store for with other opportunities. We can shop online while we're still in the physical retail space. Apple has the Genius Bar and Lululemon gives yoga classes.

The iPad Should Be Free

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In a world where Apple not only sells their iPad (ranging from $400 - $900) and also controls the majority of the content that you can put on it from iTunes , why wouldn't they deploy a similar model to Amazon's in the hopes of owning the consumer by way of the hardware? It's amazing how divergent Apple and Amazon's business models are. One could argue, that this is the right play for Amazon, as they are the ones who have to catch up to the deep penetration that Apple and iTunes has in this space. Actually, it's not about Apple. apple. retail. retailer.

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Tracking, Personalization And Screams Of Privacy

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" Amazon beat out Apple , The Walt Disney Company , Google and many more to grab this coveted spot. According to the Business Insider article: "Nomi's team gives retailers a snippet of code that lets wireless routers listen for nearby smart phone signals. Instead, Nomi will show retailers how many customers visit each day, the average time spent in the store, and new versus repeat visitors." " Creepy invasion of privacy or awesome use of technology at the physical retail level? compare prices among retailers, the survey says. apple.

Is Marketing About To Get Really Creepy Or Really Good?

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Apple acquired a company last week. It is the ability for a brand to deliver contextual and highly targeted marketing at the local retail level. On March 23rd, 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple acquired a company called WiFiSLAM for an estimated $20 million (not bad for a two year old company with just a handful of employees that includes some ex-Googlers). Applications range from step-by-step indoor navigation, to product-level retail customer engagement, to proximity-based social networking." This is more than a defensive move for Apple.

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How To Curtail Showrooming: Charge Admission

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There have been a couple on instances in the news this week that highlight the general challenge that retailers face in the age of showrooming. In short, they're getting the full, physical retail experience - which could even include some consultation by the sales associate - only to lose the sale to the online channel or another retailer who is offering a better price. Many retail pundits agree that physical stores need to offer more services and value if they are ever going to compete. Could retailers charge a fee if they're simply worried about showrooming?

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The New Disruption

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Being a retail creature of habit, I realize how bad this is for the retailer, but the truth is that reading, buying and storing my books in the cloud trumps all. Retail is going to have to change. Amazon just released a new mobile app called, Price Check , that allows consumers at the retail level to use barcode scanning, their camera or speech to text search to price check and compare with Amazon (and their merchants). If you can have something shipped as fast as possible to you and can return it - no questions asked - then the retail game changes. apple.

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The Year Of More

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This year will see the introduction of many new devices (including the hotly anticipated entry of Apple into the television set business). This is going to be especially true for brands that sell their products and services through third-parties (like retailers or value-added resellers). apple. apple television. retail. While many article and columns look back at the year that was or posture on the year that will be, it's becoming abundantly clear that 2012 will - without question - be the "Year of More.". More social. Will this trend stop in the future?

Shocking Shopping Experiences At The Mall

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The news that I read would have you believe that this is the end of retail as we have known it. With that, I am a retail rat. . As I got older, I realized that my dad was visiting these stores to figure out a better way to merchandise, or work with his fellow merchants to have stronger buying power. I was, literally, brought up in the retail environment. just love the smell of retail in the morning. It turns out, that the mall that we're visiting is 2,700,000 square feet with over 300 retailers. It wasn't just Apple. apple. apple store.

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What The Next Five Years Will Be About

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The brand's reality was this: as the years wane on, the amount of retailers that they sell to were diminishing. As the major big box outlets continue to grow and as consolidation rifles through the retail sector, the bigger brands only have a handful of outlets to sell their wares. With these retailers' size and growth comes another reality: they begin to dictate everything from quantity and terms to acceptable margins. Notwithstanding how the major retailers might feel about this project, it was a smart and wise play. apple. retail. retailer.

3 Secrets To Having A Two-Way Conversation With Your Brand’s Customers Online

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That is what we saw in the  “Mobilizing the Retail Shopping Experience” research study. If that’s just the scenario on mobile retail sites, just think about all of the e-commerce sites and brands that rely on the Internet to drive traffic, click throughs, newsletter sign-ups and purchases. Posted in Branding Communities eCommerce Interactive Marketing Mobile Optimization.

The Complexity Of Simplicity

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Primarily, I''m a big fan of retail and an enthusiast of the industry. love the smell of commerce in the morning (to quote the movie, Mallrats ). I am fascinated with the changing landscape of retail and even more enthralled with the place of shopping malls in our culture (more on that here: Do Shopping Centers Have A Future? ). If you polled employees at Apple (and if they were willing to tell you the truth in candid fashion), you would probably uncover that Apple is not a simple company at all. apple employee. apple retail. retail.

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Building A Better Business By Thinking Like Amazon

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Retailers might not like to hear this, but it is true. Still, people like Avinask Kaushik and I would agree that trying to be like Amazon, Apple , Google can be hard for most (maybe even all) businesses. apple. retail. retailer. amazon apple avinashkaushik businessinsider businessthinking customerservice fieldnotes futureofamazon futureofbusiness google hardware henrybloodroot ignition innovation jeffbezos retail retailer software Don''t try to be like Amazon. Amazon is a business like no other. For a myriad of reasons. think you will too.

Adapt Or Die

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You see, it's easy to be an armchair quarterback and say that the newspaper industry, the music industry, the book publishing industry, the retail industry, a traditional advertising agency. " When you actually start digging down deep into how these companies have evolved and stayed relevant, you won't see business models that look like anything from the playbooks of Apple , Google or Facebook. apple. retail. Do you like the saying, "adapt or die" ? and almost every other industry should adapt or die. Do you find it easy to adapt? Think about it.

3 Things About Facebook

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This article article pits Apple , Google , Amazon and Facebook against one another. Facebook Will Be 50% Of Online Retail By 2015: Infographic. apple. retail. amazon apple business charlierose content economy facebook fastcompany future google infographic markzuckerberg marketing media microsoft mobilestrategy onlinesocialnetwork purchasingdecision retail sherylsandberg socialcircle strategyFacebook continues to grow, change, add, adapt and connect us all (whether you like it or not). This would be a mistake. Charlie Rose interviews Mark Zuckerberg.

Five Steps to Insanely Good Customer Service

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Rogers Cable is the largest cable television provider in Canada, also offering high-speed Internet access, residential telephone services, and video retailing. The Apple Approach. Take a lesson from Apple and from Rogers. Client Service Communication Apple Bell Customer Service digital media rogers wireless By Lindsay Bell. It happened on Twitter. Over a weekend.

Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and the Gang of Four

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Jay: It’s interesting that you talk about Google and Amazon and Apple and those guys. By the same token, there’s no guarantee, as you know, that Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google will be as prominent in five years, unless these companies are constantly reinventing themselves, and even then, there’s no guarantee. Video production by my friends at Candidio.


A Twitch In Time

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Some may not be able to see the direct correlation between what the world''s largest online retailer is hunting for, but deals like this make perfect sense. after Netflix, Google and Apple ). apple. online retailer. retail. Admit it, you had no idea what Twitch was until Amazon bought it for one billion dollars, right? People are into it. I can''t even follow the chat box on the right side of the screen, because it''s moving too fast. That''s it, I am officially out of loop. have suddenly traipsed into the world of the uncool. It is my being. advertising.

Living In A Shopping Mall

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There's no denying that the digitization and e-commerce evolution has radically changed the retail landscape. As retail continues to tinker with models to encourage people to come down to their physical stores, it's hard not be overwhelmed by everything that brands like Amazon are doing (see here: When Real Time Becomes Really Real Time ) and how things like showrooming and smartphones are playing a major part in retail's struggle to keep pace and relevance. What retail should do. apple. retail. retail experience. retail landscape.

Be the Leader In Your Industry: Blaze the Trail

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Page from the Apple Book. The consumer electronics industry is built around copying the successful products that Apple produces. Apple blazed the trail. Apple blazed the trail. Apple blazed the trail. Microsoft opened 11 retail stores this year. Apple blazed the trail. Apple also is the most wealthy company in the United States. But How?

Podcast 385 - How to Deliver Insanely Great Customer Service

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Carmine Gallo , a former reporter and anchor for CNN and CBS who has sat down with many of the most dynamic and respected business leaders of our time, including Steve Jobs , joins  Anna Farmery  to discuss how to deliver insanely great customer service, based on his insights into the Apple Experience at retail. Carmine has previously helped us understand how to use Foursquare.a

NASCAR appeals to more than just Sports Fans!

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But when we think about the advertisers to that audience its mostly CPG brands: Skoal, Budweiser, MillerCoors and M&Ms or more Retailer brands such as: Home Depot, DuPont, Caterpillar, BF Goodwrench and Lowes. Our thoughts ran wild thinking of the Samsung Galaxy II car or an Apple iPhone car. As expected what we found in the social data was quite interesting.

Katie Couric Will Give Us The Internet That We Deserve

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What you will see is that the market value online is divided up like this: Apple = 41%. It''s not a true apples to apples comparison, but you get the idea. Sure, Amazon is one of the world''s largest retailers, but they''ve also just announced more original programming like Betas and Alpha House (kind of like their own, little cable network). apple. retailer. What kind of Internet do we want? Some might consider this a vague, daunting and even ambiguous question, but it begs for an answer. It was very different from anything that we had seen before.

Some Cheez-its, A Mountain Dew, A Snickers Bar. And A Kindle

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As Amazon continues to grow, expand and diversify itself as one of the largest retailers and technology service providers in the world, attention is always paid when the virtual store does something physical. Every so often, rumors crop-up that the online retailer (that has a market cap of over $157 billion) is about to open up physical retail locations or is providing delivery lockers (known as Amazon Locker ) or some other unique way to change the retail experience. Both in terms of brand affinity and a war chest to experiment with new ways of retailing.

Are Tablet PCs Just a Fad?


That sentiment has previously been echoed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs who released the memo “We’re living in a post-PC world”. While nobody can predict what may happen in the future, Stan Shih is positively correct when stating the netbook industry needs to dream big and be the leaders in regards to innovation rather than playing catch-up with the likes of Apple.

The Gift Of Facebook

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It's going to be even more amazing when Facebook can scale this platform into a world where you can easily send anything physical or virtual that you desire (the latest LEGO collectible or a $200 virtual gift card to the Apple store). The majority of retailers are struggling to find the best e-commerce experience on the browser-based Web, and few of them are pushing full-steam ahead into mobile commerce. apple store. retail. Let me be clear: I am still bullish on Facebook. I am not bullish on advertising as Facebook's main revenue model. love Facebook as an economy.

Big Can Often Be Much Better

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Take a brand like Apple. Putting aside their market capitalization, their stunning technology tools and retail environments, there are many people who struggle with their products and services. How Apple gets it so right. went to the Apple website, clicked the link for a customer support rep to call me, and took a deep, meditative breath. For all of their foibles and fall-downs, Apple never felt like a bunch of silos between customer support on the phone, the digital experience and the in-store experience. apple. apple genius bar. retail.

Is Smart Marketing An Oxymoron?

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With Samsung leading these sales (close to one third of all sales) and Apple in second (at about 14% of all units), the growth may be coming from areas like Asia Pacific, Latin American and Eastern Europe, but sales have grown in all regions (according to the analysts). According to the Marketing Charts news item, Mobile Devices Accounting for Almost One-Third of Online Conversions Across Major Verticals , saw that 31% of conversions in the telecom, retail, auto and travel verticals happened on a mobile device, and that 65% of those conversions took place on a tablet. apple.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #53

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Secrets From Apple's Genius Bar: Full Loyalty, No Negativity - Wall Street Journal. Every retailer now looks to Apple as the gold standard for what a retail experience should be. Apple is still a relative newbie when it comes to retail experience, but they started with two core concepts that this article hardly mentions: 1. apple. apple genius bar.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #63

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Local Rules: The Death (and Rebirth) of Retail - City of Sound. "Australian designer/thinker Dan Hill writes a brilliant piece about digital, retail, and how cities work." In Tribute to Steve Jobs, Tokyo Man Runs Giant Apple Logo - PC Magazine. "I guess we're all learning to cope with the new that Steve Jobs has resigned from Apple in our own little way. apple. retail. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? " (Alistair for Hugh). Slate. bitcurrent. gigaom.

Technology Advances: What to Do With Your Old Gadgets


Amazon – retail giant Amazon has recently joined the fray of electronic buy-back companies. Gazelle – Gazelle only buys certain kinds of electronics; until recently they only bought Apple products but have recently expanded to Android based tablets and phones as well. Blog Guest post Tools Amazon Amazon Kindle Apple Craigslist Ebay Gadget Gazelle PayPal

The Permanent Brand

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We live in a day and age when people not only tattoo their bodies with brands (everything from corporate logos like Harley Davidson and Budweiser to Apple and the rock band KISS ), but have what Kevin Roberts (CEO Worldwide of the advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi ) dubbed a " Lovemark " (a brand that delivers, "loyalty beyond reason" ). If you have ever waited in line for an Apple product, you know what this means. apple. retail experience. Have you ever read a book about branding? An impression. feeling. sentiment. To be more. amazon.

The Bright Side Of Black Friday

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Those who get the deals camp out for hours on end on unforgiving cement, and those who don't get the deals wind up trying to pick the retail shelves dry while muttering their disdain for the retailer under their breathe. While the hotel is very high-end and fancy, it's should not come as a surprise that they do tons of little things too (like chocolates at night, a personalized note from the hotel manager, green apples at the front desk and on every floor). retail. retail brand. retailer. Everybody loves a deal. Black Friday doesn't have to be so black.