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How to Create a Content Library in 5 Easy Steps

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Start by meeting with a few of your sales managers or top performers to learn more about what they’d like to see in a content library. Where should you host your content library to see the highest adoption—your company intranet or somewhere else? Keep these needs in mind as you begin building out your content library. Evangelize Your Content Library. Start Building.

Facebook Launches Creative Library to Manage Ads


When you go to the Creative Library , you will be presented with a list of all the ad campaigns that you have run during your time on Facebook. This new feature is probably going to be very popular among Facebook advertisers that often make use of Facebook ads, as the Creative Library provides an easy way to go through old advertisements on a visual basis.

The Library Is Dead. Long Live the Library!

Geoff Livingston

The other day Caitlin told Soleil they would visit the library for story time. I had come to believe that libraries were dying, just like the traditional publishing business that fills their shelves. I remembered reading that libraries were dwindling, and just wrote them off. Well, the library is alive and well. How Children View the Library. What a relief.

Manage & Publish Your Team’s Social Images With Sprout’s Asset Library

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Today we’re excited to announce Sprout’s Image Asset Library (available in Team and Enterprise plans), an update that simplifies collaborative publishing and asset management. The Image Asset Library helps your team plan, schedule and publish high quality, engaging social media content. Once your Asset Library settings are defined, you’re ready to get started. Product Updates

Open Community Case Study – American Library Association


Community: American Library Association. The American Library Association (ALA) is the oldest and largest library association in the world. Its mission is: “To provide leadership for the development, promotion, and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all.”.

Caption Contest: Win the ProBlogger Library of eBooks!


Caption Contest: Win the ProBlogger Library of eBooks! Okay, time for a little light-hearted fun. Caption Contest! This morning on Twitter (follow me @Problogger ) we were sharing our most embarrassing moments as bloggers and I shared the above picture which appeared in newspapers across Australia. When the article came out five years ago, it was one of my first. ProBlogger Site News

Twitter Allowing Video Creators to Share Revenue From Pre-Roll Ads

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Key upgrades include: A new unified media library (videos, GIFs, and images). Advertising/Marketing Twitter Amplify Amplify Publisher Program Applications apps Earnings GIFs Guy Snir images Kurt Wagner Media Libraries Media Studio monetization Niche Opt-In Photos Pre-roll Ads Re/code Scheduled Tweets Tweet Scheduling Twitter Engage Video Ads Videos YouTube

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You Down with UGC? (You Soon Will Be): Best Practices in Repurposing User-Generated Content

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Give your fans clear directions on what they need to do to and watch your content library grow. UGC, how can I explain it? User-generated content is an authentic, cost-effective way to get branded content that’s really going to resonate with your brand’s audience … because they create it! It’s also a big hit with millennials. Break it down! Ask permission. The user used your brand’s hashtag.

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Verified Pages (All Pages Soon) Can Schedule Facebook Live Videos via API

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Once you’re in Publishing Tools, select “Video Library” and then “Live.”. If you need to find the credentials closer to the time you’re going live, they are also available by editing the post in Video Library. Verified pages on Facebook will be able to schedule Facebook Live videos, complete with pre-broadcast lobbies, via the Facebook Live API (application-programming interface).

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Facebook Debuts Several Ad Products, New Features at Cannes Lions

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The social network also announced the availability of audio and text overlay for Slideshow ads, the release of a video-to-Slideshow creation tool, the ability to create a Slideshow ad from a mobile device and integration with Facebook’s pages photo library and Shutterstock stock image library. Advertisers can now share their Canvases with stakeholders to simplify the review process.

Visual Literacy Means Better Thinking

Geoff Livingston

This was the classic role of the library. Libraries recognized visual literacy well before it became hot as a trend. Microfiches, video libraries, etc. Now the visual may become the primary media form within the libraries of the future. Marketing graphic intelligence library literacy marketing media Neal Stephenson photo snow crash text trend video Visual

Gin and Topics: Book Burning Parties and a Drunk Makeup Tutorial

Spin Sucks

Save the Troy Library. I’ve been thinking a lot about books and publishing and libraries and bookstores. It’s a video Leo Burnett did to talk about how the Troy library was saved by “book burning parties” and voting to close the library. Alright. Mother Nature, if you read Spin Sucks , we need to have a talk. It is currently 37 degrees. Just cold.

11 Things Donald Trump Stole From the Gary Vaynerchuk Playbook

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In 1,000 episodes of Wine Library TV, Gary developed his persona and honed many of the skills identified in this post. Gary Vaynerchuk used the exact same tactic in his Wine Library TV days, with loyal watchers (like me) clamoring to buy or win the coveted series of wristbands that proved you were a true Vayniac. Image via BigStock. They claim he has “reinvented modern politics.”

Twitter, Curation and iPad: Meet Tweet Library

Update, Aims At Becoming Best Facebook App for iPad review Meet My New Gmail App for iPad stories Back to the Cloud news Rumor: The White iPhone 4 Has Been Canceled review TabCloud, Useful Chrome Extension to Sync Sessions Between Computers Oct 6 Twitter, Curation and iPad: Meet Tweet Library by Federico Viticci Retweet! Developing a new app? Tell us. Tip us! Geeks think so. That’s it.

Harvest more content ideas than you know what to do with! (+ a 30 minute jumpstart)

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Another popular tool is a content library. It’s a central store of ideas for when I need them most (at my computer!) , fed by the Notes app on my iPad or iPhone, and sometimes napkins, voice messages, notebooks – whatever I have to hand so I can jot it down and transfer into my content library later. Decide what your library will store. Never to be remembered.

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#FollowFriday: Margie Clayman

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Follow her on Twitter both at Margie Clayman and Blog Library. FollowFriday Social Media #folllowfriday blog library margie claymanI have found a blogger who is a head above everyone else. Yes, including me. She’s a great writer. But then there are lots of us who are great writers. This particular blogger, though, is a fantastic storyteller. Maybe two months ago.

Punish Geoff Fundraiser: Civilination!

Geoff Livingston

Civilination wants to build a library to help people learn how to handle the various misunderstandings, clashes, and reputational hits that occur online. Cause academy anger argument civil civility discourse fundraiser Geoff library punish My former colleague Andrea Weckerle is organizing a fundraiser to build a Civilination Academy for Online Conflict Management. Why an Academy?

Underwear Models, Law Library, Twitter Bring Buzz to Diesel

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On Thursday, Above the Law broke the story of the Diesel underwear ads that came out showcasing the lovely Brooklyn Law School library. The library could be any library. If they didn’t want to run the risk of this happening, they shouldn’t have rented out the library. Brooklyn Law, like any business, rented out its library for a photo shoot – end of story.

Cops harass 5-year old for late library books, news bloopers and IKEA sleepover – oh my

Jeff Esposito

Charlton Library Sends Police to Collect Overdue Books From 5-Year-Old – no you did not read the headline wrong it really happened. If I haven’t said it to you in the past week, Happy New Year to you and yours along with great mojo wishes for all of 2012. I am sure many of you were at the same time so won’t bother whining. What do you have planned for the weekend?

Thinking Smarter

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I love our local library. Do you know how many books I've looked for to no avail at the library, only to pop open my iPhone and buy it through one of book apps that I use? I can understand why people don't take/make the time to go to their local library to learn, but really, what's the excuse now? library. I've been thinking a lot about thinking lately. I know, that's very "meta" of me. When was the last time you spent five minute thinking about not only how you learn, but where it's all taking place? An exaggeration? Hardly. for free. Thinking smarter.

Don’t Ignore Content in Favor of Engagement

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The example used was Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV , the long-running video blog that made him a business star. . Gary has an insane work ethic and drive, routinely clocking 120 hour weeks when Wine Library TV was in full roar (and before he started a family). baer facts Content Marketing content marketing content strategy engagement gary vaynerchuk wine library

The Library and You in Fiscal 2011

Ari Herzog

In advance of Wednesday night’s budget hearing with the library director, I’ve received over a dozen email messages and phone calls from concerned residents that the library is in danger of being decertified. First: Massachusetts General Law Chapter 78, Section 19A requires municipal appropriation for public libraries to be 2 1/2 percent higher than the average of the library budget over the prior three years. I am a frequent user of the library and the consortium and I do not want to see the building lose the ability to offer services.

The Next New Now. Makers Of The Future.

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Making professional grade design and manufacturing skills and tools available to anybody and everybody in the same way that we can access books from a local library. library. We are getting it all wrong. When people ask, "what's next?" " you will hear one of three things: Social. Mobile. Local. Those are not "next" those are "now." " When I think of what's next, nothing has been more illuminating than watching the Makers Movement take hold. It seems small. Most people look at 3D printing and it seems small and inconsequential. It is not.

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This Week’s Awesome Association PR and Communications Jobs – March 16


Communications Director , Urban Libraries Council – Urban Libraries Council (ULC) is seeking a dynamic, collaborative and results-oriented senior-level communications leader to guide and implement strategic communications and outreach efforts. For more than 40 years, ULC has enriched communities by strengthening and promoting the value of libraries as essential public assets.

The Internet Will Break Your Creative Block

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Some might go to a concert, a movie, the library, have a deep conversation with a friend at the coffee shop or even hit the local stand-up comedy club. library. Writer''s block? Creative block? Can''t come up with something to create? Steven Pressfield hates the words "writer''s block." " He believes that we''re all just fighting the "resistance" to create something (writing, that new startup, a project, whatever). His books, The War of Art , Do The Work and others are all about "putting you ass where your heart is," as he calls it. Always.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #228

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when if you needed to understand or study any topic, you went to a library. The quality of the information at the library was always dependant on the quality of the city that you lived in. Big cities, with big populations, had the better libraries. Is there a lesson about how libraries were built and used to help educate America for us to ponder when it comes to the future of their institutions? Even if you never stepped foot into a library. library. He even coined the term ''cyberspace.'' Alistair for Hugh). The "How Does Stephen Colbert Work?" Daily.

When a Tree Inspires You

Ari Herzog

” I drove about 20 minutes to the Weston Public Library in one of the nation’s wealthiest communities — partially to visit the 43-member Minuteman Library Network and partially to take advantage of free wifi while researching job opportunities and customizing cover letters. And the boy loved the tree — very much. And the tree was happy. Thanks for reading.

Geek to Live: Organize your PDF library with iTunes

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Geek to Live: Organize your PDF library with iTunes. Using iTunes Smart Playlists and its PDF support, you can build a document library where PDFs are automatically sorted into keyword-based lists. Create a separate iTunes library for your documents. Once youve got a new library set up, you can drag and drop PDFs onto it to add them. Lifehacker. Tamar Weinberg | Email.

Attention all business book enthusiasts!

SocialFish has included When Millennials Take Over to their library. You’ll get access to every audio and video summary in their library, present, past and future… and they release a new book summary every single day! Do you love to read? I do! I read an absolute ton in airplanes and during the summer at the pool… yes, that’s basically when I find the time. Sigh.

Libraries could really be up the creek…

The Way of the Web

Well, first I wrote about the potential of the ebook to remove the relevance of libraries and how they could adapt. But there’s also a two-week limit on physical library books, not every book is available, and there are restrictions and fines. Kindles, Sony & Nook e-Readers Allowing Libraries To Thrive In Information Age? Tags: Digital Publishing books ereaders kindle lending libraries nook sharing I actually toned down the headline (the original one rhymed with ‘ducked’). The reason for this bleak prognosis? But now it’s done.

Cool Association Social Media Jobs This Week – March 2


Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. Guide the strategy for all communications, website, and public relations messages and collateral to consistently articulate and strengthen the AMAF’s mission and brand. photo credit ). Jobs Jobs Jobs

More on Content Strategy


I love decks related to libraries. Content strategy workshop for LACONI, an association of 150 Chicago-area libraries, given September 20, 2013. Comprehensive look at content strategy goals, opportunities, challenges, definitions, processes, elements for libraries today and in the future. Content strategy for library websites from Content Company. photo credit ).

Information Literacy in the Workplace - Special Libraries Association

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The definition that is most widely accepted, and that forms the basis of subsequent definitions, comes from the Final Report of the American Library Association Presidential Committee on Information Literacy , 1989 ([Online] Available: [link].): "To be information literate an individual must recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use effectively the information needed. College and Research Libraries. Department Head, Information Services & Resources Librarian/ Archivist Library Account Executive. Advanced Search Options.

The Digital Marketer's Master Library

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Here is the Essential Digital Marketing Library (in alphabetical order): The Cluetrain Manifesto by Rick Levine , Christopher Locke , Doc Searls and David Weinberger. What would be in your Essential Digital Marketing Library? What business books should you read if you are looking to up your game in the digital marketing channels or if you're just about to enter the fray? I'm often asked this question, but the answer is not so cut and dry. When people ask about Digital Marketing, it sounds more like they're thinking about Social Media. Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins. brand.

How Flickr and Google Help Us Remember

Ari Herzog

The Library of Congress did not know the names of French brothers Michel, age 4, and Edmond, age 2, when the institution uploaded this photograph to Flickr in the summer of 2008. They knew the duo were Titanic orphans. They didn’t know anything else. The LOC now has that data. They know the kids’ father and why he changed his name when boarding Titanic. The past is a click away.

Is the eBook, the end of the library?

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→ Is the eBook, the end of the library? As a result, our house has started to resemble the children’s section of an Amazon warehouse, and every time his family get the chance, he’s getting more books added to the collection – but that isn’t enough, and as a result, we’re making regular trips to the local lending library for the first time since I was a teenager.

The Victorian School Libraries Learning with Web 2.0 Program. Re-imagine.

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The Victorian School Libraries Learning with Web 2.0 On the side of the pages you will find some other links, a ‘ Site of the week ‘ link that will have a new interesting website to explore each week, the tracking log, where you can monitor your progress during the program, and the Participants’ Blogs page, where you can find a list of the blogs being created by staff at your library. Subscribe to some library related blogs. Week 8: Social bookmarking and Library 2.0. Read about the Library 2.0 School Library Association of Victoria.

Rough Guide: How to create visual content for social media with ease

Lucy Hall

Word Swag – Word Swag is an IOS app which generates gorgeous text styles over images that you either upload or you can you the pixabay (integrated) image library which includes thousands of free – do whatever you like with – images. Today we fight for more attention from our audiences on social media. It’s not as difficult as you may think to create visual images that stand out. link].

WhatsApp Now Lets You Send, Receive GIFs on iOS

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As reported by The Next Web , the app now allows users to search Giphy ‘s GIF library to find GIFs to send, and users can edit GIFs with text, stickers and drawings before sending them. To do so, users can tap the Attach button, then tap Photo & Video Library to browse the content on their camera rolls. Finally, users can now send Live Photos as GIFs.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #138

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Library Starts Seed Sharing Program Among Patrons - PSFK. What if libraries loaned more than books and other media? You know, get some seeds, plant a garden, collect the seeds from that garden and return them to the library for others. Does this have anything to do with libraries as we have known them to date? Could lending seeds be a strategy to keep libraries relevant?