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Google News Tip for Google+ Embedded Posts

Adam Sherk

A quick tip for news publishers on using Google+ embedded posts. When embedding a Google+ post in a news article, be sure to include enough original editorial text to meet the 80 word minimum for Google News indexation. The same goes for Facebook Embedded Posts , Embedded Tweets and any other form of embedded multimedia.

Twitter Eases Process of Embedding Timelines

SocialTimes Twitter

Or you can go straight to to customize your own embedded timeline display and get the code you need to copy and paste into your site–no computer science degree required. But going forward, you won’t need to log in to create or configure embedded timelines, and you’ll never need another widget ID again.

Producing Business Videos: Shooting, Editing, and Embedding

Spin Sucks

Producing Business Videos: Shooting, Editing, and Embedding originally appeared on Spin Sucks on October 27, 2011. Social Media Video Arment Dietrich business videos christina pappas editing videos embedding videos facebook question of the week producing videosIt’s Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap)! Do you have a stand for it? Thanks! ” Click HTML.

Periscope Adds Highlights Trailers, Embedded Tweet Support, Android Auto-Play

SocialTimes Twitter

Periscope announced  the launch of Highlights, which automatically generated short trailers containing highlights for every Periscope broadcast, as well as the ability to play Periscope broadcasts in embedded tweets and auto-play live broadcasts in Android. Just one day after Facebook Live added several new features , Twitter’s Periscope  livestreaming application followed suit.

Facebook Embedded Posts - Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

?Embedded Posts are a way to put public posts - by a ?Facebook The embedded post will show any media attached to it, as well as the number of likes, shares, and comments that the post has. Embedding posts will let people using your web site see the same rich information that is shown on, and they will enable people to follow or like ?Content? Only public posts from Facebook Pages and profiles can be embedded. Facebook ?Page Page or a ?an Individual Profile Facebook Page - into the Content of your ?WebSite WebSite or ?WebPage. WebPage. Content?

PB152: Challenge – Create a Piece of Embedded Content for Your Blog


Embedded Content Challenge. One of the things I noticed as I did that analysis was that over the last 12 months, some of the most shared pieces of content that we have published were actually posts where we embedded some curated pieces of content. The reason that they allow it to be embedded on any blog or any other site is that it gets them more views to their video.

Embedding Customer Reviews From Twitter Onto Your Blog Or Website

Small Business Mavericks

Embedding Twitter Tweets is one of those easy tasks that could potentially add to your business’s reputation. Customer reviews can be pure gold if they are left on third party websites. Their downfall is that they are only available to readers of that third party site. Unless that website is Twitter. Twitter has become a great source when it comes to reviews and recommendations, and they don’t have to be wasted, you can make use of them. If you have a website or blog, then you can embed individual Tweets into your pages. Tweets are independent.

Embedding Latitude, Longitude and NAP Data into Image Files to Help Local SEO

Bill Hartzer

Then, right-click on the photo and select “properties” You will see all of the data that I saved/embedded in the image file. For this test, I made up a word and embedded or “saved” that word in the EXIF data in the image file itself. Other information, such as the device that took the photo, and the image size, is also saved. Address. State. ZIP Code. Country.

Why Embedding Images Rule

Small Business Mavericks

Here are 5 reasons why you might want to use embedded images on your blog or website. What reasons can you think of for embedding images on your website or blog? Small Business Internet Marketing embedding embedding images images SEO Getty Images just announced that you can search for and embed images on your blog or website. Attribution is automatically credited when you do so, but the benefit (one of them) is that you don’t have to pay for the image. You also don’t have to worry about copyright infringement. Permission to use is already granted.


Have You Embedded A Facebook Post Yet?

Small Business Mavericks

That actually makes a lot of sense because most individuals would probably not want their posts embedded all over the Web, and most of them are not embed-worthy. Wouldn’t you like to see your Facebook posts embedded? Blogging for Small Business embedding facebook Facebook embeds Facebook pages Earlier this month I shared with you the knowledge that Facebook was planning a way for bloggers and other content marketers to embed Facebook posts. Now that’s possible. I’ve seen a few of the Embed Post notices on some of the posts where that option is available.

How Embedded Social News Grew My Content, Traffic, and Engagement, and Saves Me Time [Case Study]


We literally embedded the platform on our News page in three easy steps. I was relived I didn’t need a developer to completely redesign our website—we had it up and running on our blog in about five minutes. Since embedding the platform in August, we have seen traffic to the site increase by 25%. How Embedded Social News Grew My Content, Traffic, and Engagement, and Saves Me Time [Case Study]. This guest post is by Brian Lippey of Guitar Shop TV. Every blogger wants to offer the best content to his or her audience. We tweet. We post on Facebook. social news platform.

Free Tools for Monitoring Hot Search Trends

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Free Tools for Monitoring Hot Search Trends by Adam Sherk on October 1, 2009 This week Google started embedding a Hot Trends graph at the bottom of search results pages for queries that fall within their top 100 fastest-rising search terms, as seen in this example screenshot: While checking out search trends is interesting for users, it can also be valuable to publishers. Does this work? Sometimes. So how do you monitor these trends? Very helpful as I only used a couple of these previously.

Facebook rolling out option to Embed Posts

The Way of the Web

In use, it’s very similar to the process for embedding individual tweets into a blog or website. If a post is public (Shown by a globe icon), then it will be able to be embedded via an option in the drop down menu for any post, as shown in the following example: Facebook Embedded Post Example. Blog Marketing Social Media Marketing embedded posts facebook

Problems embedding Youtube videos in WordPress etc?

The Way of the Web

I’ve seen a few people ask why embedding Youtube videos seems to have stopped working on their WordPress blog recently, so thought I’d quickly share the reason. Basically Youtube (And Vimeo), both released a new embed code a while ago, to enable viewing through Flash and HTML5.

The El Show Episode 27: Embedded Journalism

Geoff Livingston

Episode 27 of the El Show featured Ike Pigott , and his recent discussions of embedded journalism. From Ike’s most recent post: “The [embedded journalists] of the future will work for the company, and be paid by the company to provide news about the company in a multitude of formats. How can embedded journalists overcome corporate distrust? No.&#.

Demo: Little Red Riding Hood (Embedded Video)

Myrland Marketing

Send to Kindle Looking to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or any of the other popular video sites? No problem at all. Simply take the embed video code, add it to the video settings, and you’re done. Video Creative

New Instagram Embedding – Great News for Businesses on Instagram!


The new Instagram embedding tools and features made available this week are offering businesses on Instagram some incredible new ways to share their content. If you’ve built a great following on Instagram, and want to start taking that with you to your website or blog, the new Instagram embedding features will allow you to do that! The new Instagram Embedding in action.

A Free & Easy Way To Improve Your Brand’s Social Media Visibility In Google Search Results


By embedding structured data markup in your website, you can specify the following social profiles to appear in that box: • Facebook. We’re frequently asked “How do we get links to our social media accounts to appear in that box about our brand in the Google search results like so-and-so?” ” This post provides the answer. Google+. Instagram. LinkedIn. Myspace.

Why It Might Be Time to Completely Change Your Social Media Strategy

Convince & Convert

My presentation was called “Shotguns Trump Rifles: Why Social Success is Now a Volume Play” and was one of most controversial talks I’ve ever given about social media strategy. I’ve embedded the slides below, and I do hope you’ll spend a few minutes now (or download for later) because this issue impacts every.

Paypal Launches “Embedded Payments” Platform for Easy Integration Onto Any Website

Stay N' Alive

Today at the Paypal X Innovate 2010 Conference Paypal, in a demo with the social shopping cart payments provider, Payvment , announced in a live demo their new “Embedded Payments&# platform. Tags: Technology platforms social api embedded Om Malik paypal payvment The platform, at least according to the demo, allows developers, by just copying and pasting, to place a simple “Pay with Paypal&# button into any app or website. Paypal also demoed an integration with GigaOm , allowing premium content to the readers of the site, enabling GigaOm to charge for premium content.

Community Managers in Scientific Communities


wanted to share my slides in case you’re interested, and the full Storify of the week-long program is embedded below.  If you are a scientist community manager (like the folks who run research collaborations), a science communicator, or a community manager working for a scientific organization of any kind, you may find lots of interesting tidbits in the Storify.

Up to 10 Photos, Videos Can Now Be Included in Facebook Carousel Ads

SocialTimes Facebook

Reader Chris Ruberg , digital marketing specialist at OneCommand , shared the ad embedded below  with SocialTimes, in which six elements are included, despite the fact that the social network’s ad guides  still specify that three to five images or videos can be used. Facebook has quietly doubled the number of images and videos that can be included in its carousel ads , to 10 from five. source close to Facebook confirmed to SocialTimes that the number of “cards” (photos or videos) that can be included in carousel ads has, indeed, been increased to 10 for all advertisers globally.

PB152: Challenge – Create a Piece of Embedded Content for Your Blog


Embedded Content Challenge. One of the things I noticed as I did that analysis was that over the last 12 months, some of the most shared pieces of content that we have published were actually posts where we embedded some curated pieces of content. The reason that they allow it to be embedded on any blog or any other site is that it gets them more views to their video.

Gordon Ramsay Cooks Up Facebook 360 Video

SocialTimes Facebook

The chef, television host and producer teamed up with immersive entertainment studio Surreal  to showcase his newly renovated kitchen by posting a 360 video (embedded below) of himself and his youngest daughter, Tilly Ramsay , also a chef, creating one of their favorite meals—a full English breakfast. A new 360-degree video  on Facebook was cooked up by none other than Gordon Ramsay. Readers: What do you think of Ramsay’s new kitchen? Image courtesy of Gordon Ramsay Facebook page.

Twitter Adds Periscope Button to iOS, Android Apps

SocialTimes Twitter

Twitter announced the new feature in a tweet (embedded below): Ready to go live? Twitter reminded its users that Facebook Live  is far from the only live-video streaming option, adding a Periscope  button to its iOS and Android applications. Now everyone can tap a new button on iOS & Android to easily broadcast on #Periscope from Twitter!

Getting Under the Surface of Member Engagement


And while not everyone can serve on the Board, getting members to volunteers is an attempt to move members from  being “regular” members to being more “embedded” in the association. The more they give, the deeper they are embedded. When you take this embedding concept to its fullest extent, you end up by focusing on community. Right? Content. Community.

Spotify Track Previews Can Be Added to Twitter Audio Cards

SocialTimes Twitter

Twitter wrote in its tweet (embedded below): You’ll want the volume up for this #SummertimeSoundtrack. Twitter announced  that 30-second previews of tracks from Spotify  can now be added to users’ timelines  and Moments. The integration with Spotify follows a similar move in April to support audio content from SoundCloud  in Twitter’s audio cards. Tweets with @Spotify  tracks now play in your timeline! You'll want the volume up for this #SummertimeSoundtrack. Tweets with @Spotify tracks now play in your timeline! 93avzwiQbs.

Cubs Win 2016 World Series, and Twitter and Facebook Explode

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook shared videos (embedded below) from Progressive Field in Cleveland during the final out and of the postgame celebration at iconic Chicago restaurant Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse, as well as celebrity reactions from Mindy Kaling , Sarah Michelle Gellar , Sean Hayes , Giuliana Rancic , Meagan Good , Blink-182 , Mario Lopez  and Common. million about game seven. Kris Bryant.

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Has Search Interest in Celebrity Gossip Peaked?

Adam Sherk

Google Trends Graphs No Longer Embedded in Search Results? Are searchers less interested in celebrity gossip than they used to be? According to Google Trends, yes. While doing some research I was surprised to see that search interest in the keyword phrase [celebrity gossip] peaked around 2009. As for celebrity gossip, despite the decline it is clear that it is still a priority term.

Facebook Live Coming to Desktops, Laptops

SocialTimes Facebook

Danny Goodwin  of Search Engine Journal  shared this video (embedded below) from Facebook user Delilah Taylor , in which a Live Video option appeared in her status update composer while accessing the social network via desktop. Facebook confirmed that it has begun rolling out Facebook Live  via desktop and laptop computers. 1st FB Live from laptop… Testing it out. Can you see and hear me? Posted by Delilah Taylor on Tuesday, September 13, 2016. Peripheral cameras are supported, in addition to built-in cameras on laptops, the source added.

Twitter Revises Terms of Service, Privacy Policy

SocialTimes Twitter

The social network announced the changes via tweet (embedded below), and it offered more details in a support post : We've updated our Terms & Privacy Policy. Twitter Friday announced revisions to its terms of service  and privacy policy. Check out what's new: ✔️ Z9WvxIi0Yt ✔️ uVZBuWspC3 tSxtVPmlLk. — Twitter (@twitter) September 30, 2016. In our terms of service, we’ve reorganized and simplified the structure, removing sections that are duplicative of the Twitter rules  and the privacy policy.

Media Companies’ Reach Per Facebook Post Plummeting in 2016 (Study)

SocialTimes Facebook

SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson  discussed his company’s findings in a video posted to Facebook , embedded below. Facebook has introduced several features and initiatives aimed at boosting the presence of media companies  on the social network, so why are those media companies seeing their reach per post nosediving? Media Companies’ Reach on Facebook. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Take Advantage of Additional Google News Opportunities for Publishers

Adam Sherk

Videos embedded in articles can be crawled but setting up a YouTube channel and notifying Google News increases the likelihood of your videos being pulled in. 7) Spotlight – the Spotlight section and the module on the home and channel pages is algorithmically generated, but if you regularly publish longer-form articles and opinion pieces you have a chance of being pulled in.

Twitter, Facebook Suit Up for UEFA EURO 2016

SocialTimes Facebook

Finally, the social network shared several Facebook Live  videos leading up to the tournament (embedded below). UEFA EURO 2016  kicked off Friday with host France’s 2-1 win over Romania, and Twitter and Facebook have soccer fans covered through the tournament’s final July 10. George’s Cross. This exciting feature will be available for all competing nations (e.g.,

Video 29

Facebook For Business Tip #7: Facebook Video


Facebook videos can be embedded into your blog or website. Yes, I know YouTube allows you to do this as well, but I personally prefer the minimalist look of embedded Facebook videos. Video can be a great part of an online marketing mix. Many people upload and share YouTube videos, but there are also advantages to Facebook Video as well. Upload to both places when relevant.).

Donald Trump’s Temperament Was Top Social Moment on Facebook, Twitter During Debate

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook shared some examples (embedded below) of how Facebook Live was used during debate coverage, from CNN , ABC News , Fox News , BuzzFeed , The New York Times , NowThis  and NBC News. Facebook and Twitter shared their analysis of users’ posts about the first presidential debate  Monday night, and their findings were fairly similar. Facebook said 18.6 million U.S. users generated 73.8

How Much Google News Traffic Do Publishers Get? Here’s Data on 80 News Sites.

Adam Sherk

The figures include traffic directly from Google News and well as traffic from embedded news oneboxes in the regular Web search results. Google News has been in the news itself lately, from European efforts to impose taxes to questions about its value and even suggestions for giving it a full redesign. But just how much traffic is it currently driving to publishers? total search visits.

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Twitter Moments Goes Mobile

SocialTimes Twitter

The social network said in an email to SocialTimes that the extension of the Moments feature to its mobile users marked “an effort to give people, brands and creators a new and dynamic way to tell their stories,” and it shared the news via tweet (embedded below): With Moments, you can bring together favorite Tweets to tell richer stories – rolling out on mobile starting today. Twitter gave all users the ability to create Moments via desktop  in late September, and the feature was extended to iPhone and Android users Wednesday. SMqIZ1Zngo. Reorder. Remix.

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How to Convert Blog Visitors to Social Media Followers

You can gain more credibility and followers at the same time by embedding social media posts, of people praising you, on your website. On their testimonials page they have embedded tweets from happy customers. Post by Adi Englander. Do you want to drive more blog traffic with social media? Would you like to convert blog visitors to social media followers? Add follow buttons.

How To Lift the Quality of Your Blog Posts with Embeddable Content


While as a judge in a recent blogging competition, I was asked to consider the quality of 20 social media blogs, and what stood out to me was how dynamic content could be when it is embedded. Ensure it’s quality and not just there for the sake of having embedded content. Do you use embedded content on your blog? Do you use embedded content on your blog? Why embed?