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Embedding Latitude, Longitude and NAP Data into Image Files to Help Local SEO

Bill Hartzer

When you take a photo using your iPhone or Android mobile phone, the location data (latitude, longitude) of where that image was taken is usually saved in the photo file. Then, right-click on the photo and select “properties” You will see all of the data that I saved/embedded in the image file. recently ran a test using an image that I uploaded to the Google+. Address.

3 Ways To Improve Mobile Email Marketing

Small Business Mavericks

Chris Crum recently shared what not to do in mobile email marketing on WebProNews. This is important, because mobile is how many of us read our emails and respond to them. If you are going to use email marketing, and I hope you are, it’s a very good idea to make sure your emails are mobile-friendly along with your website. If you look at the results of surveys asking mobile users what they don’t like about getting emails, three big categories are frequency, relevancy, and usability. embedded video. Relevancy. live social feeds. live web content.

How Emails Are Evolving into Mailable Microsites

Convince & Convert

Mobile email design is moving a lot of nav bars from the top of emails to the bottom, where they have more room to be touch-friendly. The space concern associated with nav bars in mobile emails have led to the creation of hamburger menus within emails. Email digital marketing email functionality email marketing email strategy mobile marketing mobile technologyNavigation.

Facebook Announces New, Improved Share and Save Options, Social Plugins

SocialTimes Facebook

Additionally, new versions of all our social plugin buttons are now available with the following improvements: Mobile-friendly: The original like button was designed when mobile was in its early days. More than 30 percent of like button impressions come from mobile devices, and we are releasing new button sizes  so you can choose the best one for your site on desktop or mobile.

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E-mail Mysteries, Facebook Mobile and Other Quality Content

Writtent Blog

This week’s marketing news discusses the ways to increase e-mail deliverability, improve motivation for writing, Facebook Mobile App content optimization and tips on how to create high quality content. How to Optimize Your Social Content for the Facebook Mobile App. Another question is how to optimize your ads for the mobile interface.

Facebook Names New Managing Director for India

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook is where people and businesses connect on mobile, and with close to 150 million monthly active people in India, we see significant opportunities to help Indian businesses–large and small–deliver against their business objectives in the mobile world. And Bedi said in a Facebook post (embedded below): Really excited and energized that I’ll be joining Facebook, where I will get the chance to work with some of the best talent across the industry! Adobe  managing director for south Asia Umang Bedi is the new managing director for India  at Facebook.

The Digital Reality

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place where information and interaction is simply projected or embedded everywhere. We don''t need any technology physically on us, because it is (somehow) embedded in everything. mobile. Do you really think that Google Glass is a flop? I don''t. Google Glass did - and will do - what it was intended for. From a fashion standpoint, it flopped. Without question. To one another.

Twitter Allows Retweets with Comments

The Social Media Incubator

After entering comments and retweeting, your tweet shows up with the retweeted message in an embedded box below your comment. Apps Mobile Apps Mobile Marketing Public Relations Social Media Social Media Education Social Media for Business Social Media News Twitter retweeting with comments retweets twitter updates Monday, April 6, Twitter revamped its retweet feature.

The End of Credit Cards is Near!

Spin Sucks

We predicted mobile payments here on Spin Sucks last October, then talked about it as a growth area for 2011 earlier this month, and then CNN Money validated our prediction when they announced it earlier this week.  Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. What do think? Take the poll.

Apps Are Media

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There is no denying that mobile devices have become the consumer's primary screen (as the PC has been relegated to an accessory device). We have all seen the stats on mobile traffic, mobile advertising, and where consumer's time is now spent. are all mobile-first (meaning, the experience is fundamentally better on a mobile device than on the Web browser). Plus, these hottest platforms of the day were developed for mobile first (another huge, fascinating and powerful change). mobile. mobile advertising. mobile app. mobile first.

New Instagram Embedding – Great News for Businesses on Instagram!


The new Instagram embedding tools and features made available this week are offering businesses on Instagram some incredible new ways to share their content. If you’ve built a great following on Instagram, and want to start taking that with you to your website or blog, the new Instagram embedding features will allow you to do that! Responsive and mobile friendly. Support HTTPS.

9 Videos on the Digital Future

Geoff Livingston

Given how much of the current web — social and content marketing included — revolves around search, voice search represents a game changer, especially given mobile use with Siri and Google Voice Search. Responsive Design and Experience in the Mobile Era. The RFID tags now embedded in everything from credit cards to the family pet.” Happy April Fool’s Day!

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Speaking your Members’ and Customers’ Language: Six Gaps that might be Dooming Associations to Irrelevance


Two articles about e-bay’s recent growth surge, by Marcus Wohlson in Wired magazine, confirmed for me our research insights: organizations that succeeded and grew in this fluid environment had a number of shared characteristics that were deeply embedded in the way they thought, framed challenges, perceived value, approached challenges, engaged people and defined priorities.

Why the Rebirth of Email Is Coming in 2016

Convince & Convert

The Rise of Mobile. Email marketing has also become central to mobile strategies. This holiday season has been a breakout one for mobile shopping and the momentum will carry into the New Year. Beacons, geofences, mobile bar codes, and app behavior triggers will further intertwine email and mobile in 2016 and beyond. Image via

“Digitally Mature” Companies Make More Money

The Realtime Report

These companies are “using technologies like social media, mobile, analytics and embedded devices to change their customer engagement, internal operations and even their business models. And they are very deliberate in how and where they invest in these domains; leveraging the synergies between, say, mobile and analytics to create a new customer experience.

Do Shopping Centers Have A Future?

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It's no surprise that mobile changes everything. The bigger deal here isn't how retailers combat this constant, persistent and mobile barrage of consumers being able to buy when, how and where they want. "Simply sell" means that the e-commerce department is not a department unto itself, it's a horizontal activity that sits embedded within all of the selling activity - as one. It's a cogent thought if you consider that consumers can shop the brand on their mobile devices while they're physically experiencing the brand at the retail level. mobile.

A Complete Guide to Twitter’s Q2 2016 Earnings Call

SocialTimes Twitter

Mobile ad revenue represented 89 percent of total ad revenue. The company said mobile MAUs represented 82 percent of total MAUs. Anywhere a tweet can live and be embedded, you can actually see a live Periscope. 80 percent of them are on mobile. Twitter reported its second-quarter-2016 financial results Tuesday, and Wall Street was far from overwhelmed. Product overview.

What Is Code?

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It's for you to understand what lies beneath these words, your website, that mobile application, Facebook , YouTube and more. for mobile, Beverly Hills for finance programmers, and all of Orange County for Windows. There There are lots of other neighborhoods, too: There are people who write code for embedded computers smaller than your thumb. mobile. mobile application. Every Saturday, I share links with good friends , Alistair Croll and Hugh McGuire. The process is simple: Each one of us must choose one link for the other person. It's the entire magazine.

Six social media tactical articles you need to read


Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses  (Moz Blog). Do not be fooled by the title, this is essential reading about mobile strategy for ANY business.  It includes some nice fails from some big sites you know well. Google+: author attribution & embedded posts  (Google Developer Blog). Content Strategy From the Trenches Implementation Industry Insider Mobile Please share.

Business Transformation. From Marketers To Makers.

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The frustration of brands having to revisit their various platforms (Web, mobile, apps, etc.) But, the underlying reality is that consumers are now mobile. The business transformation is in building a marketing infrastructure that understands that mobile is a strategy/way to move consumers, not a channel. Having a mobile strategy isolated from a social media, e-commerce, etc. The brand is now mobile with the consumer. Apple is now considering embedding the Beats By Dre music service on to all of their devices. mobile. Imagine. . Not easy. apple.

Expect Big Changes At Facebook

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In preparation for the IPO, Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg , embedded a "letter to the shareholders" within the SEC filing (to read the full letter, please go here: Fast Company - Mark Zuckerberg Hacks S-1 Filing With Letter To Shareholders On Eve Of Facebook IPO ) that stated: "Facebook was not originally created to be a company. Mobile. To stay competitive, Facebook is going to have to up their game when it comes to both mobile devices and smartphones. mobile. mobile app. There is a reason that Facebook is going public. Not at all.

How Much Google News Traffic Do Publishers Get? Here’s Data on 80 News Sites.

Adam Sherk

The figures include traffic directly from Google News and well as traffic from embedded news oneboxes in the regular Web search results. Related posts: Mobile Visits Account for 40% of All Traffic for Publishers. Google News has been in the news itself lately, from European efforts to impose taxes to questions about its value and even suggestions for giving it a full redesign. 24

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Six social media tactical articles you need to read


Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses  (Moz Blog). Do not be fooled by the title, this is essential reading about mobile strategy for ANY business.  It includes some nice fails from some big sites you know well. Google+: author attribution & embedded posts  (Google Developer Blog). The latest demographic info for each of the major social sites. Self-explanatory. Potluck

The 1 App Every NFL Fan Needs

Convince & Convert

In Youtility, I talk about my favorite mobile app Run Pee , which tells you when it’s okay to get up and go at the movies. also love the funny demo video for the app (embedded above), the witty-yet-informative FAQ , as well as the wise “we’ll hook ya” pricing model. mobile Youtility GameGuy Mike Donnelly mobile app NFL youtility Amazing!

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Apartment Marketing Predictions 2014: The New Breed Speaks


The website Apartment Ratings  will continue to gain ground on the traditional ILS.  If they can come up with a solid mobile plan they could overtake all of them, in my opinion. Mobile usage continues to climb with smart phones and tablets flooding the market. We currently have over 25% of our web traffic coming from mobile. 2014 is upon us. Mark Juleen, VP Marketing, J.C.

17 Productivity Tools for the Ultimate Business Gain

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

also use Dropbox to automatically save my screenshots and my cell phone’s camera automatically uploads the pictures taken to Dropbox with the Dropbox mobile app (I get backup redundancy on camera uploads by using Google as well). They have great mobile apps too. The forwarded email goes into my Remember the Milk, which is embedded into my Gmail pane through an awesome plugin.

F8 2016: It’s a Good Time to Be a Publisher on Facebook

Jon Loomer

Instant Articles allow publishers to share content from their website that loads immediately from a mobile device when a user on Facebook clicks a link (the average load time for a link clicked on Facebook from a mobile device is eight seconds). Better Embedded Posts. Embedded Live Videos. They are embedded the same way as instructed above. Embedded Comments.

25 Excellent Content Marketing Tools for Your Brand


creates lists that can be shared easily, edited quickly, and embedded anywhere. Useful for all companies — from startups to enterprises — KnowledgeVision helps you create video and audio presentations and make them available via Web browsers and mobile devices. Successful content marketing initiatives have many moving parts. Content Curation Tools. (free/paid). Curata  (paid).

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Facebook Lead Ads Simplify Opt-in Forms, and They Will Be AWESOME

Jon Loomer

Especially Helpful for Mobile. While mobile is great for engagement, many advertisers see a lower conversion rate. Not only is the user now not redirected to a site that may not be mobile friendly, but two taps is all it will take to complete the form. Additionally, the advertiser must provide a clear privacy policy up front that is embedded within the ad. Email. Phone.

Knowledge Mobilization and Knowledge Translation

Buzz Marketing for Technology

One of the things I wanted to see Tom Carey explore in his talk today is the concept, suggested in this title, of knowledge mobilization. From iisd , "Knowledge mobilization addresses how external knowledge (outside of the organization) is sought out and combined with internal knowledge to create new knowledge that meets the needs of target users/clients." They continue, "Knowledge mobilization emphasizes purpose (meeting the needs of clients) and looks to how one brings in the knowledge of others. What do I mean by knowledge mobilization? 2003 )." As Davis,

Facebook Debuts 360 Photos

SocialTimes Facebook

Explore a 360 photo on mobile by tapping and dragging the photo or by moving your phone, and on the web by clicking and dragging. And Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg  caught the 360 bug, as well, sharing the following Facebook post (embedded below): Today we’re starting to roll out 360 photos worldwide across Facebook. Woods  for Time.

How Teens Use Social and What Your Brand Can Do About It

Simply Measured

The teens Choi embedded herself with see Instagram as the social network where you “put your best foot forward” and curate your profile accordingly. This shouldn’t be surprising: many teens use their phones to play games ( one recent report found that 60% of female teens play mobile games ), whether within separate apps or within social platforms themselves. FLIRT.

Vine Adds Loop Count, Updating Video Views in Realtime

The Realtime Report

Michael Kelly, senior/media consumer communications manager at American Licorice Company, which owns Red Vines (a regular user of Vine) says: “With digital/mobile spend being under intense scrutiny, the ability to measure the performance of content is key. Now with loop count, the number of people watching any Vine is updated — in realtime.

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Social Media News Ticker: Sum Up 2013 with Facebook Year In Review, Google+ Auto Awesome Movie

The Realtime Report

Twitter appears to be testing app store links and other customized links within promoted tweets – Twitter is testing out a new type of ad unit on mobile; promoted app installs on the Twitter mobile app (The Next Web). Facebook Year in Review. Twitter. Snapchat. Let us know if we missed any updates, and we look forward to bringing you more of latest social media news in 2014!

Social Media Updates: July


This is great for any business that uses local awareness ads to drive walk-in business as it will help measure the conversion from social or mobile ad campaigns. In-Store, Meet Mobile: New Ways to Increase and Measure Store Visits and Sales. Periscope Live Button on Mobile Twitter Apps :  If you’re ready to go live with Periscope,  Twitter has you covered. Facebook.

How to Clean Up Your Content for More Credibility

Convince & Convert

Some markers of quality text are more obvious (correct spelling and grammar) while others might be less conspicuous (embedding links, readability score ). If your target is mobile users, keep it short and sweet. Let’s face it: nobody likes a trash talker. Yet businesses are relying on subpar messaging to spread the word—while still expecting to yield positive results. Spellcheck FTW!

How to Build Trust in Your Brand Using Video

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

It takes less time to engage the user than reading, and the user is then engaged until ready to follow an embedded call to action. The video chat/recommendation also works on several mobile devices. This is a guest post by Neil Davidson. Instead of requiring users to navigate, scroll, and click to access information, online video is a one-stop destination for information.

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The Intersection of Online Communities and Learning Management Systems


JP Guilbault, President and CEO of, said about their acquisition: “At YM, we’re building an innovative and robust platform of offerings designed to help organizations enhance engagement across social, mobile, and web channels. This post originally appeared on Online Community Results. ————-. billion, the largest acquisition by LinkedIn to date.

Twelve Digital Tools You’ll Be Using More of in 2015

Spin Sucks

Nimble has a mobile app that lets you stay in touch on the go, and a free trial for the first two weeks. Pocket works as a browser extension and also as a mobile app. Add videos, ClicktoTweet options, embedded links, and more. Wordswag is like Canva , but for your mobile device. By Jess Ostroff. So these are not predictions. mean it! Stay Connected. Refresh. Get it here.

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Podcast Promotion: 7 Smart Ways To Improve Your Social Sharing

Peg Fitzpatrick

Embedding your podcast is a must! create graphics on my desktop and it syncs to my iPhone and iPad so I can post directly into Instagram and Facebook Mentions which are mobile-only for posting. Podcasting is super hot but many skilled podcasters aren’t using social media to it’s full advantage to build their podcast tribe. Skip the episode number for social shares.