5 Ways Crowdsourcing Improves Your Content Marketing

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Crowdsourcing, when done properly, can play a pivotal role with your content marketing. Below are five ways crowdsourcing is impacting the future of content marketing: Crowdsourcing speeds up the content creation process (and frees you up). Keep in mind, however, that crowdsourcing projects do take a lot of moderation & feedback. Crowdsourcing gets your customers & potential customers involved. Crowdsourcing gets your target audience invested.

5 Ways Fitness Brands Can Appeal to the Work-From-Home Crowd


Consumers are looking to engage with fitness brands that can make the transition to ‘working-out from home’ as smooth as possible. . Fitness brands have the opportunity to drive new connections and become the ultimate thought leaders in the fitness space with their communities right now. These five unique strategies can boost engagement, sales, and even help brands source necessary content for campaigns. Community is core to many fitness brands’ missions.

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3 Brands Boosting E-commerce Sales with User-Generated Content 


It’s been proven that integrating UGC into brand marketing campaigns helps acquire new customers, drive loyalty, and increase revenue. Consumers trust user-generated content above branded content and are more likely to make a purchase based on the word of mouth marketing from their peers. UGC marketing is powerful because it can be used across multiple channels and platforms. These examples show how three brands boosted e-commerce sales with user-generated content.

UGC 63

What Social Media Lesson Did Gap Learn?

Direct Marketing Observations

Unfortunately given the trying economic times, sometimes big brands think that a wholesale change in look and feel, brand identity and messaging is the thing that will pump new life into a company. The idea of a new shiny brand identity had completely backfired.

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

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Content curation offers a way to repackage and repurpose the work of others to serve the needs of your brand’s audience. Calling itself “the first digital publishing platform that is fully wired for social,” RebelMouse enables brands, media companies and individuals to create content that reaches and grows audiences across the social web. It caters to individuals as well as enterprises who have content marketing in their branding strategy.” — GetApp.

Instagram Stories Stickers: 8 Features That Are Perfect For Businesses


Whether you’re trying to grow your engagement, build more brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or even make ecommerce sales, there’s definitely an Instagram Stories sticker that can help you along the way. We’re sharing 8 Instagram Stories stickers that are perfect for businesses and how some of Instagram’s best brands are using them: Instagram Stories Stickers #1: Location Stickers. Highlighting your branded hashtags, hashtag campaigns, and more!

21 Ways to Get More Engagement on Instagram Stories


Building a large and loyal audience of Instagram Stories viewers is a great way to build brand engagement – think of your stories like a magazine or reality tv show about your business. When you storyboard your Instagram Stories ahead of time, you’re putting time aside to make sure that everything you post has a clear purpose and tells a little bit more about your brand and business. 9: Reposting UGC in Content Themes for Your Audience.

The Ultimate List of Social Media Definitions You Need to Know


Learn more : 7 Great Ways Brands Are Using Instagram’s “Questions” Sticker. When used creatively, augmented reality provides new ways for potential customers to interact with your brand, such as seeing what your products would look like in their home or which glasses look the best on their face. For brands, the company logo is usually the best avatar choice. Many brands use a blog as a way to share engaging content with their audience and establish their industry expertise.

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