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    [Marketing] Have You Activated Facebook Subscriptions Yet?
    Facebook is beginning to make smart improvements to its system now and these improvements allow small business owners to manage their Facebook marketing more intelligently. If you are using Facebook in any capacity as a small business owner – whether you have a personal Facebook profile or you have a Facebook page – then I’d encourage you to activate your Subscriptions. How do you do that and why should you? First, why should you? The reason you want to activate subscriptions is because it allows anyone to check out your updates without having to friend you.
    [Marketing] PPC As Branding
    Being the top spender in your market segment may mean that you lose money on your advertising. For years, large companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and ExxonMobil have spent millions of dollars simply to maintain a positive impression in the media. They weren’t so much concerned with the coveted ROI on advertising campaigns as they were with branding themselves and achieving top-of-mind awareness. Are you looking for ROI or would you be happy with branding effects? If ROI is your main concern, then you have to think about your budget. Which is more important to you?
    [Marketing] 7 Not So Obvious Ways to Earn Your Readers Trust
    This is the #1 reason why top online marketers aren’t worried by FTC testimonial regulations; simply, they’ve always be open with their readers – they never required a law.  So many marketers I see out there who rush to monetize their readers without giving much thought to longevity. firmly believe that anyone who is looking to profit off of the internet needs to spend a considerable amount of time first developing their voice and tone so they can easily build trust with their target market. Share Email This Listen here Focker…This is the Circle of Trust.
    [Marketing] The Only 2 Critical Decisions You Need to Make in Business
    for each time that is given as the reason they are not embracing social marketing or focusing in on who their customers are or what will drive future sales growth.etc etc. That you know what is your market, what you offer and the values that you will express even when that makes a decision unpleasant. Busting the Myths of Tradition and Social Marketing. 'I want to talk about decision making because the more I work with business teams the more I feel this is holding businesses back from achieving their aims. wish I had a pound (or euro, or dollar, etc!) What is critical?
    [Marketing] Crib Notes for #Humanize!
    So we’re getting a ton of buzz about Humanize: How People Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World , which has been out for only 2 weeks and already made it to #59 in Internet Marketing Books on Amazon. Yeah – we know – huh???) – although we can’t get too excited, those numbers change every five minutes and we’re starting to get obsessive about checking. So if you don’t have the book yet, please help us out by buying the book ! We dig into each one in detail on the next four chapters. Which are… Exploring Humanize: Open. Humanize
    [Marketing] Picking a new social media monitoring service
    With unlimited users, the tool can easily be shared with multiple parties including customer service, product marketing and the communications team. Cheers, Teresa Teresa Basich Content Marketing Manager Radian6 [link] @TransitionalTee jeffespo Hi Teresa, No problem, I was very happy with the tool and the widgets are awesome. My search did not incorporate everyone in the market. Therefore, M¦ Buzz entered into the social media monitoring market via a partnership with Techrigy SM2 in April 2009. With Radian6, adding sentiment to posts, Tweets, videos, etc. Thanks!
    [Marketing] It’s Time To Jump Off The Wheel
    The truth is what was true about markets, business, value creation, management, organizations and most importantly what was meaningful to the human network is no longer considered the truth. 'Everyday people go into the “job cage” and jump on the same wheel they ran on the day before. Management measures the output of all the wheels collectively then attempts to optimize each wheel to improve the whole. What management doesn’t realize is that by tinkering with each wheel they are sub-optimizing the whole. The “job cage” is the environment we are bound to work in.
    [Marketing] Businesses Are Measuring The Wrong Things
    As markets matured organizations realized that a customer satisfaction was important to financial performance. 'How does a business know if it is doing well? Some people would say it is the measure of profitability. Others would say the health of the balance sheet while others might say the stock price over time. Most everyone would chose some financial measure to determine how well and organization is doing. But those are the wrong measures for these times. Early in the industrial era what mattered was the organizations financial performance. So everyone tried to improve quality.
    [Marketing] A lesson in social media management for PR
    Whole Foods teamed up with Halal food brand Saffron Road to promote targeted products on their web site as well as some giveaways of coupons and gift certificates on their web site in their first Ramadan marketing campaign. Our company statement addresses it too: Whole Foods Market is NOT canceling our current halal promotion, which is centered around the timeframe of Ramadan. You may have been watching one of those PR nightmares in progress, this time with healthy food giant Whole Foods ? So far so good right? The feedback on the Whole Foods blog is overall positive and friendly.
    [Marketing] Danny we had a discussion on that post as well. If you want to.
    Sphinn Guidelines | Login | Help Hot News Comments Submit News Tip Start A Discussion Tools Sphinn Blog Sphinn Feeds SEO PPC SEM Social Media Link Building Analytics Display Ads Domaining Usability Searching Vertical Search Affiliates Sphinn Zone Other Internet Marketing Sorry this site requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser. Is it even possible these days to do SEO "naturally" by having a great site and marketing it professionally? Whats Sphinn? Join us! See the following guide on How to enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Safari.
    [Marketing] Yep, saw your comments Andy. Maybe I'll play with that, but I.
    Sphinn Guidelines | Login | Help Hot News Comments Submit News Tip Start A Discussion Tools Sphinn Blog Sphinn Feeds SEO PPC SEM Social Media Link Building Analytics Display Ads Domaining Usability Searching Vertical Search Affiliates Sphinn Zone Other Internet Marketing Sorry this site requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser. Is it even possible these days to do SEO "naturally" by having a great site and marketing it professionally? Whats Sphinn? Join us! See the following guide on How to enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Safari.
    [Marketing] That's the core issue to me. Google says do content, and yet you.
    Sphinn Guidelines | Login | Help Hot News Comments Submit News Tip Start A Discussion Tools Sphinn Blog Sphinn Feeds SEO PPC SEM Social Media Link Building Analytics Display Ads Domaining Usability Searching Vertical Search Affiliates Sphinn Zone Other Internet Marketing Sorry this site requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser. Is it even possible these days to do SEO "naturally" by having a great site and marketing it professionally? Whats Sphinn? Join us! See the following guide on How to enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Safari.
    [Marketing] Optimize, a [VIDEO] book review
    You should read this book if: You are new to content, social, or search marketing. A few weeks back the folks over at Wiley passed me a copy of Lee Odden’s Optimize to do a video book review. The book itself is an outline for using content, social media and search engine optimization together to maximize success. Kind of like a big gooey PB&J sandwich. My full review is below: This post contains video, click here if you are having trouble viewing. You are thinking about building out any of those programs. You are in one of these disciplines and are looking to add to your mix.
    [Marketing] Ways to Use Google+ Hangouts for Business
    This post was written by Lior who is a marketing advisor to a shopping cart abandonment service for ecommerce companies and also works with a company who developed a Passbook app to get notification about suspicious credit card charges. 26 SEO Tips From the State of SEO and Internet Marketing Seminar. One of the most useful and underutilized tools offered from Google is Google Plus Hangouts. Hangouts are free and easy to access from a Google account, making it a versatile and flexible tool for businesses. Share Documents During Google Plus Hangouts. Find New Customers on Hangouts.
    [Marketing] Online Video Is Just As Expensive As TV Advertising
    smarter - more profound - marketing strategy should focus on building a healthy mix of ads with great storytelling and the ability to produce, distribute and share video-based stories about your brand that you have created. content marketing. contextual marketing. marketing strategy. 'You have to wonder just how power online video advertising really is. Targeting is - more often than not - the most significant value proposition that is given to brands from media professionals as to why online video is such a wise advertising investment. That works. Don''t be fooled.
    [Marketing] Can an Unknown Brand Become Word of Mouth? | Mindjumpers
    The Indonesian headache reliever brand Dumin was introduced at the market year 2005. Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex Subscribe to Blog Subscribe to Danish Newsletter TOPICS Best Practise Cases (46) Facebook (53) Linkedin (5) Marketing & Communication (104) Mindjumpers (32) Social Media (219) Social Network (128) Social Responsibility (43) Tech Development (51) Tips (25) TribeSourcing (15) Twitter (23) FLATTR MINDJUMPERS Mindjumpers © 2010 All Rights Reserved » Can an Unknown Brand Become Word of Mouth?
    [Marketing] Viral Video Ad Update: Hip Hop Hamsters Closing In On Old Spice
    Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « The Business Behind Facebook Five Digital Channels For Word of Mouth Marketing » Viral Video Ad Update: Hip Hop Hamsters Closing In On Old Spice Posted by Jonas Klit Nielsen Aug 11th, 2010 Tweet Old Spice owns the spot as the top Viral video Ad right now, but the gap is closing in – it’s the hip hop hamsters. Little less than a month ago, I was standing on a parking lot in San Diego. Our rented car had broken down, I really liked that car, a mid size Dodge. Now to the POINT.
    [Marketing] New Benchmarks for Success in the Knowledge Age
    Staff capabilities for improvising, thinking on their feet, re-configuring, identifying and seizing on hidden customer problems and emerging market opportunities. Through our years of interviewing and working with bright, strategic executives with change agendas, we were puzzled by one paradox.  While articulate about goals and visions for the future, many of these executives appeared oddly stymied when asked to describe what success might really look and feel like. How would they know if they succeeded? Suddenly, during a recent conversation with a group of CEOs, it struck me. Revenue?
    [Marketing] The Group Hug Effect
    you’re suggesting people to actually “learn to use Twitter to the best of your ability&# … that’s smart, but rarely people want to learn about Twitter, they’re dazzled with the so-called get 1,000+ followers instantly type of how-to guides… it’s a shame that such products are on the market. There’s a point to the criticism and I hope you’ll stick through it long enough to get to the end and join me in the discussion. It has to do with Twitter, blogging, and social media. Great quotes, great posts, and great discussions. Dominate it.
    [Marketing] BEST & BRIGHTEST: COM #238: New Nokia CEO, UX & MSG “Pick Of The Week”
    By way of background, Carlo Longino (our host at  COM #238 this week) and Russell Buckley (perhaps best known now as Global Chair Emeritus; Mobile Marketing Association and AdMob Evangelist) launched the COM over at the MobHappy blog with this post on October 13, 2005. The countdown starts! Just one month until the Carnival of the Mobilists marks its fifth anniversary. Since then we’ve grown to over 100 and we continue to add new Mobilists and mobile enthusiasts around the world. ). So let’s roll on with this week’s line-up. Read COM#237 here.
    [Marketing] Public Relations and the Rebirth of Storytelling
    There are times I think, following Apple and Disney, it’s like they’re putting on a marketing clinic. They Brewer is some sort of PR, Marketing, Social Media person who makes hats or something. Guest post by Davina Brewer. As a PR pro, one of the things I’ve liked best about this social media movement is the rebirth or revival of storytelling. Banishment of the Business Barf. Down with buzzwords , no more word vomit. UnSucking of the corporate babble. Back to basics , we’re trying to tell real, human stories again. It’s not all about you. Is it? Where. factors.
    [Marketing] Lifestreaming Lessons - a 90-Day Report - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs." He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 22 Sep 2009 Lifestreaming Lessons - a 90-Day Report As many of you are aware, three months ago I did something that some considered virtual heresy. After five years and 5300 posts I shuttered my blog, Micro Persuasion, in favor of this lifestream. So what's missing?
    [Marketing] Immediacy vs. Reflection - The Steve Rubel Stream
    stream allows me to post the trends that I follow as a marketing person working in emerging industries. He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 1 Jul 2009 Immediacy vs. Reflection My move from a blog to a lifestream format has elicited two kinds ofresponses so far: approvers and doubters. Such models favor immediacy over reflection. What'syour view?
    [Marketing] Changes in News Delivery Give New Power to Press Releases
    The European Digital Journalism Survey 2009 polled over 350 journalists across Europe and discovered that one in three thinks that their traditional channel may well be taken off the market. Ten years ago the Internet was in its infancy and most people got their news from newspapers and TV and the public, journalists and PR people alike were all accustomed to a 24-hour news cycle. That has changed dramatically in the last five years and we now live in a 24/7 news cycle where people expect to see eye-witness accounts of events as they are occurring. Just 5% had broadband at home.
    [Marketing] Obamacare And Social Media: 5 Must-Reads
    By Chris Miles Rolling out with the official opening of the new federal health care exchanges is a significant marketing campaign by the White House to inform and get people signed up for health insurance. Part of that marketing campaign is a social media push, designed to be cool and sexy. 'The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) health insurance exchanges have opened and social media is being used to both promote and debate the new law. Read all about it below. GetCovered Obamacare Square: Health Care Tries to Go Viral.
    [Marketing] Metrics that Matter vs. those which Don’t and Web Journal Mid January – Feb 1, 2011
    Why Influencer Marketing Needs to Go Beyond Follower Counts. Why Influencer Marketing Is a Dangerous Fad ( I read K.D. Paine’s post on Sometimes, metrics that ignore relationships are worse than no metrics at all citing a weakness of having  measurements program that only crunches numbers while failing to look at the people and the relationships behind the  numbers, it reminded me of lazy thinking (a.k.a. Paul Krugman’s blog post on Shiny Lazy People recently).   recent M.I.T. Related articles.
    [Marketing] Search Engine Optimization Tip: Your Heading Tags Should Include your Keywords
    Talk to someone who has over 10 years of website marketing experience who can steer you in the right direction, not just someone who is going to try to “sell you” search engine marketing or website marketing services. Lately, it seems as though many people have been concerned about over-optimization when it comes to search engine optimization of their web sites. Rightly so. There is some concern, especially since Google has been testing the over-optimization filter yet again. These are the headings for the body of your web page. contact-form-7].
    [Marketing] A Stop On The microMarketing Book Tour
    This is new way of marketing is occurring not through the channels of Mad Men mass communication; but fueled by micro cultures created by micro content developed by micromavens. . Diva Marketing rarely posts book reviews preferring to bring the author directly to you. Taking a cue from Mr. Verdino, Colonel Powell and my mom - who told me wonderful gifts come in small packages (I think she was talking about bling but in away this is marketing bling!). For a cool example of micro content check out  Social Media Marketing GPS  . Colin Powell. your customers. . Caution!
    [Marketing] Twitter Twisted Recipes For The Fourth of July
    Enjoy! .     Read more - Martha Stewart's Twitter Recipes complied by Diva Marketing  Celebrations for the Fourth of July are wrapped in tradition. In Hot'lanta the 41st Peachtree Road Race again closed Peachtree Street in Buckhead through Midtown to accommodate 55,000 runners, joggers and power walkers.  Tonight there will bo over 800,000 people, with blankets and picnics at the Esplanade on the Charles River, who will enjoy a night of Boston Pops, fireworks and @craigyferg.  There will also be millions who will turn on the grill and kick back with family and friends.
    [Marketing] No Place Like Home: Is Facebook the Wizard of Your Oz? | Spin Sucks
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Sep 09 2010 No Place Like Home: Is Facebook the Wizard of Your Oz? Market-driven prices that make your customers know they are receiving great value from you. But we must be careful not to let Facebook become the wizard of our Oz. Facebook, Facebook, Facebook.
    [Marketing] Podcast #15: On The Record with Eric Schwartzman: Getting started with QR Codes
    During the podcast we discussed the recent intrest in QR Codes by marketeers, how to deploy and implement QR Codes and some QR Code use cases. During the podcast we discussed the recent intrest in QR Codes by marketeers, how to deploy and implement QR Codes and some QR Code use cases. Last I was a guest for the On the Record podcast hosted by Eric Schwartzman. Also on the podcast was Don, who gave a few examples how he’s using QR Codes overseas. Listen: Length: 27:18 minutes. Thanks Eric for having me on the show. What are some QR Code examples you have seen?
    [Marketing] Association Social Media: American Diabetes Association
    am on the External Communications team, within the Marketing Communications division. There are dozens of Local Offices that carry out our mission in communities across the United States, and they maintain their own social media accounts to share what’s going on in each individual market. The Marketing Communications team meets monthly to identify the Association’s priorities and determine how that will look on the website, email, social media, and so on. 1) First things first – in what department in your organization does your role sit?  Who do you report to? .
    [Marketing] When members go rogue and other community frustrations
    Online Community Strategist Angela Connor on Growing Successful Online Communities Home About Angela Contact Popular Speaking Media Press Tips Subscribe to feed When members go rogue and other community frustrations January 24, 2010 in Community management | Tags: community manager , online communities I have a rogue group of members in my community. They don’t think I know it. But I know it all too well. Their tactics are completely juvenile. They plot against other members, and pat each other on the back when their antics cause others grief. have struggled with handling this group.
    [Marketing] Here's why you can't leave a community unmanned
    Online Community Strategist Angela Connor on Growing Successful Online Communities Home About Angela Contact Popular Speaking Media Press Tips Subscribe to feed Here’s why you can’t leave a community unmanned June 11, 2010 in Community management First off, this is not a bash against my former employer. They did what they had to do, much of which involved figuring out next steps for the community and how they’d like to see it develop going forward. That, I understand. After all, no one knows the struggles better than me, the person who launched and managed it from its infancy.
    [Marketing] Ideas - Protected species of business
    Ed Hardy Shirts on Show 300 - Facebook Marketing spyseo on Show 300 - Facebook Marketing Small Business Answering service on Putting the Wow into Customer Service Small Business Answering service on Customer Service and the Fred Factor Krishna De on Show 300 - Facebook Marketing LOGO DESIGN on Whats Missing in Your Logo? Show 301 - How Risky is Risk Show 300 - Facebook Marketing Show 299 - The 24 Hour Customer Do we need a new style of citizenship? Ideas are the fuel, they are the heartbeat of a company. Ideas are the fuel, they are the heartbeat of a company.
    [Marketing] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    You build a volunteer marketing army one soldier at a time, not overnight. Pedant “unprecedented … not unlike the 1920s&# *sigh* Pedant “unprecedented … not unlike the 1920s&# *sigh* Pedant “unprecedented … not unlike the 1920s&# *sigh* Pedant “unprecedented … not unlike the 1920s&# *sigh* [link] Allen – Personalbrander Social Media Marketing has become one of the essential marketing channel to business of any kind! link] #marketing #business [link] SMM_News Are you slow enough to succeed in social media?
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Yosemite HD
    How Bloggers and Content Marketers Can Generate Unlimited Video Ideas – How to come up with great video ideas to create a regular video publishing schedule. This post walks through how to investigate your competitors’ various online marketing strategies. 11 Social Media Marketing Gurus Revealed Their Best Social Media Traffic Source The author asks social media gurus what their favorite social media channel is to drive traffic and why. The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Writing. Business / Career. Learn what it is and how to do it. Freelancing. Find out how!
    [Marketing] Rethinking Public Relations Education
    economics majors (how has the ability to share data globally and instantaneously impacted the speed at which the market changes?), Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 Events Calendar Subscribe: Posts | Comments | Email Social Media Strategery Best Of Best Practices Enterprise 2.0 Government 2.0 Miscellaneous Personal Prof. Development Social Media Rethinking Public Relations Education Fri, Nov 20, 2009 Best Practices How should social media be incorporated into a PR degree? That’d be like adding a class for “Business Email 101.&# If not, why? Do they apply? 
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2012
    [Marketing] Videos Done Right: Dollar Shave Club & Invisible Children
    If you’re a PR or marketing professional, creating videos for the web is your new reality. Today’s guest post is written by  Gregg Jaffe. March 5, 2012. day that will live in vidfamy (patent pending). That’s the day startup Dollar Shave Club and NGO Invisible Children enchanted the web and the world by using video to deliver their messages – both quickly achieving the Shangri-la of web cred – “going viral.”. Clients want videos and they’re coming to you demanding the next big sensation. The Dollar Shave Club. They’ve made you love them for being the underdog. So What?
    [Marketing] Need a little Social Discipline?
    By this I don’t mean you are constantly pushing out your marketing messaging and talking about business. I follow almost 4,000 people on Twitter , over 1500 on Linkedin , and more on Facebook , Google+ , blogs , forums, a zillion social networks, wikis and more. get around 800 emails a day (half of them are alerts, newsletters and feed reports for my clients). I’m not bragging, there are plenty of people with more, it’s just a fact of my life. How do I manage to do all that every day and still run a full time business? Great question. don’t. Break it down.
    [Marketing] Ten Plus Insightful Reports and Slide Decks on Asia Consumer, Youth and Digital Trends
    If you liked this post, you might also like: Five Remarkable Trend Prediction Reports to Prepare You for 2011 Tracking Broad Social Trends Beyond Web and Mobile Across Asia Twenty Plus Insightful Slide Decks and Reports on Consumer Behavior in China Social Media Marketing Hall of Fame: 50 Global Case Studies Social Media Marketing Hall of Fame: The 50 Most Remarkable Platforms and Programs From 2006-2010 Times of India Story on Social Media Careers in India. I have been tracking broad consumer trends in Asia , beyond web, mobile and social. MTV/ Ian Stewart: Social Media in Asia.
    [Marketing] Steve Jobs: An Irreplaceable Icon
    Not even those of us who held our AAPL shares in the single digits and cheered when the company market cap passed $4 billion had any idea of what the next decade would bring. He was, to many, a hero - even to those who found themselves going against Apple in the market. The world's outpouring of affection for Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is remarkable. Amidst a world of awkward poor dressing techies, Steve exuded class and presented himself as being above the fray. His presentations were a masterpiece. His products were art. Each keynote worried us that it would be his last.
    [Marketing] Rockefeller. Carnegie. Google? How Will the FTC Outcome Impact the SEO Game?
    Google also agreed to give marketers more control over their Google AdWords campaigns removing restrictions that prevented any online marketing company from managing their campaigns on competing web platforms. The playing field between search engine companies however should now be less competitive and designed to give the marketer more of an advantage with their SEO campaigns. Marketers can now implement a stronger advertising campaign for their clients across a broader spectrum of search engine. These men single handedly changed the world. Related articles.
    [Marketing] Top 10 Public Relations Blunders of 2009
    It seems like a marketer’s dream, but Advertising Age reported it as “an unmitigated disaster” when millions downloaded the coupon, and the company could not fulfill consumer demand and “actually had to rescind the offer.” I always look forward to the end of the year. Not only is it a great time to look back at all of the good things that happened during the past year, but it’s also a great time to look at your mistakes. also love to look at the mistakes of others: so I don’t make the same mistakes. Military’s Flop of a Photo Op. ABC News reported that N.Y. Times. Disconnect.
    [Marketing] The Nine Types of Browser Home Pages - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 12 Aug 2009 The Nine Types of Browser Home Pages via My colleagues in the UK have an interesting post up about the the nine most common types of browser home pages. tend to fluctuate between iGoogle and Google. Whats yours and why? am always interested in how users set patterns to bow they use the Net - if at all. just have the new tab page open when I launch Chrome. Fosseng said.
    [Marketing] Listen to the Doers - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 21 Aug 2009 Listen to the Doers Last night was among the more memorable of my career. had the unique opportunity to dine with social media strategists who work for three giants. Joining me were (pictured above left to right) Michael Brito from Intel, Tony "Frosty" Welch from HPs personal systems group and Richard Brewer-Hay from eBay. full summary is here. Sound easy? Its not. lot of us think we know what works.
    [Marketing] Getting the Mosterous from Posterous - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 1 Jul 2009 Getting the Mosterous from Posterous Posterous has a number of little features that I absolutely love. Whats great is that they primarily benefit those of you who consume and engage with my content. For more, see the photos I attached to the end of this post.) like how transparent this is. Strange! From email?
    [Marketing] Why One Blogger is Shifting to Friendfeed - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 19 Jul 2009 Why One Blogger is Shifting to Friendfeed Cloudnotes is a gem of a little blog I have been reading for over a year. But now the writer, Marshall Preddy, is trying something new. Friendfeed Permalink Tweet Comments 10 Comments Jul 19, 2009 Adam Clark said. Maybe I should? Jul 19, 2009 Brent Hopkins said. havent.
    [Marketing] Enhancing Offline Relationships with Social Media
    Seth makes a brilliant example in his post,  Old Marketing with New Tools : Cost and speed pressure means that when you get your car serviced, it’s unlikely you’ll be greeted by the mechanic himself, wiping his hands on a greasy rag, telling you exactly what he did to your car. Why do we tend to shorten experiences? Why… as a society… do we keep inventing new ways to make things faster, harder, stronger, and compiled. Technology has managed to help our society do more in less time. Instead, you’ll get a difficult to decipher printout. If you do it right.
  • SOSHABLE  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 2011
    [Marketing] The Bing-Twitter-Tsunami Debacle: Intentions Speak Louder Than Tweets
    It can also be an excellent venue for marketing and promoting a brand message. As Bing learned, attempting to sneak marketing into news of a tragedy under the guise of good intentions is an insult to the intelligence of the Twitter community. Bing Marketing: “Let’s Ride this Wave!&#. real social media marketing firm would have understood the community and the way that social media works to they point that they would have warned the Bing marketing department of this faux pas. Instead, marketers won and Bing lost. We have donated $100K.&#.
    [Marketing] Advertising Week With Joseph Jaffe
    Joseph Jaffe is widely regarded as one of the top marketing bloggers ( Jaffe Juice ) and podcasters (both Jaffe Juice in audio and Jaffe Juice TV in video). long-time friend (and one of the main inspirations behind the Six Pixels of Separation blog and podcast), we''ve decided to hold semi-regular conversations, debates and back-and-forths that will dive a little deeper into the digital marketing and advertising landscape. digital marketing. marketing blog. marketing podcast. This is also episode #29.20 of Across The Sound. Enjoy the conversation. blogging.
    [Marketing] Killer Online Content With Brian Clark Of Copyblogger
    In the past few years, Clark and his team, have built Copyblogger Media - a company that offers software and training with over 100,000 customers who are doing their best to create better content marketing online. have known Brian for many years, and we finally managed to schedule a conversation about the changing landscape of blogging, social media and content marketing. content marketing. digital marketing. marketing blogger. marketing podcast. It''s not an easy ask. It''s something that most brands struggle with. Enjoy the conversation. blogging.
    [Marketing] Social Media “Lists” – Something Not To Be Overlooked
    So it is also a good marketing and promotion feature. One feature of social media, which has steadily been gaining traction lately, is the concept of “lists” Facebook has them, and so does Twitter. The latest social media site to begin lists is Stumbleupon , and it is changing the way I look at the site, and how I use it. Used properly, social media lists are extremely useful, yet it is amazing how many people overlook the feature, and / or not use it to their full advantage. Facebook. How do Lists benefit you on Facebook? Twitter. How do Lists benefit you on Twitter?
    [Marketing] Facebook Home – The Pursuit of Social WOW for Brands
    Commercials such as these show marketing rhetoric at its best. Edelman – Global Co-leader, Digital Marketing and Sales Practice, McKinsey & Company. 'On April 12, in an exclusive partnership with AT&T, HTC released the exciting new HTC First. The First has many new features , perhaps the most exciting of which is the inclusion of the immersive new mobile platform Facebook Home. This new take on the mobile social experience should better equip brands to put the “wow” into their interactions with their Facebook community. Leave your family at the table. Features.
    [Marketing] 15 Wasteful Habits of Unproductive (and Unsuccessful) Part-Time Bloggers
    Everyone thinks they should have a blog when they start marketing online; yet, you’d be surprised how many “bloggers” have no idea why they’re doing so. For example, I wasted over a year with my Network Marketing blog because I was not clear about who my target audience really was. This is a guest post by Dr. Bob Clarke. It’s hard enough to build a successful and profitable blog when you have all day and night to devote to it. The fact is, if you want to succeed as a part time blogger, you’d better bring your “A game” at all times. You Don’t Understand WHY You Want to Blog.
    [Marketing] A Social Media Game-Changer? Facebook Quietly Launches Promoted Posts
    Although that may be useful if you’re looking for a new roommate or on a job search, it also opens the door for further infiltration of our news feeds with marketing material. Christopher Wallace is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Amsterdam Printing, one of the nation’s largest providers of promotional products for businesses large and small. For any business or organization using a Page rather than a personal ‘profile,’ the change occurred quietly. Facebook isn’t reinventing the wheel here. Social Media
    [Marketing] Please Retweet This
    Almost every single one of us have asked for and have been asked to RT for a fellow marketer, friend, or simply a follower. In life on Twitter, it’s virtually impossible to move far into one’s career without being asked to retweet (RT) something. But as time passes, more and more influence formulas are tied to RTs as a metric. This impacts the value of receiving RTs, both positively and negatively. There seems to be people who will ask for a RT on just about anything they do. Given the lack of capital that is involved in kicking out a RT these days, does it mean anything?
    [Marketing] The Upside of Limited Means
    They make sense, especially for startups that are post product-market fit. 'There’s 2 pieces of advice that I hear frequently given to founders: 1. Never run out of money. When you run out of money, you die. Raise enough money to give yourself 18 months of runway. Now I get why this advice is given. That said, you shouldn’t just accept advice because it’s common. think a lot of startups consider these two “rules” to be an absolute, which is why startups today are so quick to fundraise. Yes, it’s definitely a scary time. All the fluff just fades away.
    [Marketing] A Few Places to Catch Me This Week
    Marketer Monday Chat on Twitter. The first place I’ll be is tomorrow’s Marketer Monday chat on Twitter , or #MMchat. Hosted by Jeff Ashcroft , Marketer Monday is part of The Social CMO brand , and visits a different topic each week with various marketing professionals. Jeff kindly invited me to co-host tomorrow’s chat, and the topic will be The Increasing Role of Content as an Engagement and Marketing Tool. I always feel “weird&# writing these types of posts. The places. You can follow or contribute to the chat via the #MMchat hashtag.
    [Marketing] Davos On The Top Day 1 – a good day
    What transpired was probably not what the event organizers envisaged: I was there to advocate for a PR “takeover” of marketing, or at least for the merger of public relations and marketing into an all-encompassing function that I like to call public relations; Marshall was certainly not advocating the opposite. It was all streamed live and I expect videos and interviews I gave will be available in a few days; a press release also appeared today complementing our debate and the conference. argued PR is out of it’s league here – and i think Paul more or less agreed.
    [Marketing] ICYMI – Pinterest and men, Twitter newsfeed changes, Instagram analytics
    I’m a big fan of the Airbnb rebrand and this just shows what a great content marketing job they’ve done around it. This is a brilliant case study from Econsultancy looking at Amtrak’s content marketing approach. 'Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Pinterest is set to ramp up male-friendly content on the site to boost male users. Tom Hanks has inspired a new typewriter app for the iPhone and iPad. Campaigns.
    [Marketing] When Opportunity Knocks
    From Marcus, not just on content marketing, but on how to wake an audience up with a smart presentation style. If you’ve ever had an opportunity to attend a conference come your way and turned it down, thinking, “This isn’t directly related to what I do, what will I gain from it?”… read on. ve been out for the last few days, attending (and speaking at) the 2012 PRSA Counselors Academy in New Orleans. That’s Derek Skaletsky of Traackr, Gini Dietrich and Johna Burke of BurrellesLuce, in my breakout session.). Boy, was I wrong. who went out of their way to make me feel at home. It is?
    [Marketing] Find Your Vision And Creativity
    Forget that fact that Alex was one of the guy's behind one of the most exciting advertising agencies of all time ( Crispin Porter + Bogusky ), and forget the fact that many in the marketing community (myself included) consider him one of the smartest creative minds our industry has ever seen. marketing community. I want to be Alex Bogusky. and you should too. while back, Alex decided to leave it all behind and look for something else. He also now hosts his own online show, and this week's episode is called, Unlocking Your Personal Vision. This should inspire you. alex bogusky.
  • JANET FOUTS  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2011
    [Marketing] Nonprofit Webinar Series – Social Fundraising
    Her books “Social Media Success!&# #SOCIALMEDIA PR tweet and “#SOCIALMEDIA NONPROFIT tweet&# draw on over 15 years of experience in online marketing and social media, working in the trenches with businesses of all sizes. Whether you work with a grass roots organization or a humongous nonproft you know that social media can be an effective way to make your message more visible out there in the world. Because they may never find you, and if you can’t create shareable content they won’t tell their friends about you either. So what to do? Free webinars you say? link].
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2012
    [Marketing] Gin and Topics: Man Named T-Rex and Dancing Harvard Boys
    And, on top of all of that, Marketing in the Round came out and, those of you who pre-ordered it began receiving it this week and sent in pictures (which we’ve posted on Pinterest ). It’s been a crazy couple of weeks! keynoted at Social Slam , took Mr. D to Vegas for his birthday, and co-keynoted (with Jay Baer ) at Counselors Academy. But I slept for eight hours last night so I’m beginning to feel myself again. Just in time for the big Chicago book launch party on Monday night (are you coming??). And you? You’re going to check out Gin and Topics. Stick with it.
    [Marketing] comScore Says Google Leads Internet in Brazil and India
    NASDAQ: SCOR) has recently released a study that focused on Google’s dominance in two emerging Internet markets: Brazil and India. Even though Google seems to dominate the search market, Internet users tend to use Google in more in some markets than in other markets. In comparison, Internet users in Brazil and in India seem to be more obsessed with Google than in other markets. In some categories, Google is the only player of consequence, commanding considerably high market shares. comScore, Inc. In July, 2009, 29.8 percent). percent). Digg this!
    [Marketing] Social Networks and Communities Can Be Content-Centric or People.
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « Why the Japanese Prefer Visual Thinking How to Scale Real-time Plus Face-time » Social Networks and Communities Can Be Content-Centric or People-Centric Welcome to the Gauravonomics Blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists ! Follow the blog on RSS , Twitter or Facebook and youll never miss a post again! What do you think? For more, read my bio.
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2012
    [Marketing] Are J-Schools Finally Going Digital?
    The digital journalists of today have to navigate the middle ground between traditional journalism (solid reporting and writing skills), programming (fluent or semi-fluent in HTML and CSS), graphic design (comfortable with PhotoShop) and marketing (attracting and building a following through social media). There’s been a lot of hand-wringing in the professional media and higher education over the state of journalism schools. Are they worth it? What are kids these days really learning? There’s merit to these questions, for sure. thought it was all coming together.
    [Marketing] The Power of Consumer Choice Drives Social Media Importance
    It shouts not only the benefits of being unique, but that businesses must inexorably retool to serve this new “weirdness” because the “mass” market has essentially disappeared. ” elitism that I suspect won’t be fully clenched to the bosom of flyover state marketers. For a more considered, practical book on niches and the granularity of modern business, I recommend Kelly McDonald’s How to Market to People Not Like You. That means that marketers evangelize this particular weirdness to those who might be entranced by it.”
    [Marketing] Is This the Year of Emotion for the Brand Bowl?
    ” In what many advertisers have liberally renamed the Brand Bowl, marketers showed a softer side with a more deft touch in their megawatt-exposure spots. 'After the Super Bowl,  the NFL themselves  noted that this year’s ads were surprisingly devoid of “crude jokes” or “sexual innuendo,” and also noted that “uncomfortable scenes were missing.” Even GoDaddy, the venerated Party-Ejected Frat Boy of the advertising event somehow managed to only show a woman. Read the whole entry.
    [Marketing] Salesforce to acquire Radian6 for $326 Million
    com is gaining the technology and market leader in social media monitoring,&# said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, Whether you currently use Radian6 as part of your marketing, communications, research, customer service, or any other initiatives you can be assured of our commitment to your business. will pay $276 million in cash and $50 million in stock for social media monitoring company Radian6. Radian6 started in 2006 and they are based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Radian6 has been able to capture many major clients including GE, Dell, Pepsi and UPS.
    [Marketing] Will the bad economy bring peer-to-peer social commerce a reality?
    Do you think the craptastic economy and social graph growth will lead to a peer-to-peer e-commerce platform similar to flea markets or yard sales? A few weeks back I read a TIME article on how the poor economy has contributed to a boom in reality TV with shows like Pawn Stars, Storage Wars and American Restoration. The premise of folks looking to save or make money on household items that are just collecting dust. didn’t think of it too much until my wife and I were looking for a bouncer for our son, scouring yard sales and the like for one.
    [Marketing] Pinterest Has New Analytics!
    Successful marketing requires the ability to track and analyze and deduce, it’s what makes the industry exciting. Original post about Pinterest marketing can be found on Wikimotive’s blog titled “ Pinterest Offering New Analytics ” by Zach Billings. Businesses are always clamoring for more analytics tools from the services they use, and now Pinterest is delivering an interesting new tool, sure to be a boon for any  SEO company  smart enough to invest in social media. Ensure you have a verified website. So go ahead any try out the new analytics tool.
    [Marketing] This week in social media (March 18-22, 2013)
    Facebook Facebook releases new targeting tool for marketers ( Facebook Pushes Privacy Education For Updated News Feed Users (AllFacebook) Facebook Hires Co-Founders Of Trustworthiness Verification Startup Legit (TechCrunch) Akimbo Card Deals Out New Ways To Send Money Via [.]. In social media, there is never a dull moment! Check out the list of headlines for March 4-8, 2013. Facebook Google LinkedIn News Pinterest Social Media Twitter WordPress social media headlines
    [Marketing] Election 2010: GetUp Tony Abbott Mashup
    Training: Social Media Marketing Campaign course (15). After the last election, all the government websites were wiped. That’s how it works. You get a new government and a new archive of information. I’m not sure why they do that? So we can’t quote past history maybe? Only now, we have the long tail of comments: Interesting move – Having women say Tony’s words back to him. What do you think? Gratuitious hot guy. Please spell out I.R.O.N.Y before going all politically correct on me. Ah but it could be so much more. Or respond to your tweet? Lemme know? Web 2.0
    [Marketing] How to Be Truly Efficient with Your Time at Work and at Play: We’ll Pay You $50 if We Fail
    Because both of us work in content marketing and social media, everything we do is in public view. 'While I’ve been relatively silent, 2014 has been a really fun year. I’ve been dabbling with projects of all shapes and sizes, finding myself doing lots of exciting work in sales to business development to strategy to customer service. In fact, I’m still hunting for the thing that marries all of those passions. But while I hunt, I want to share what I’ve been up to as of late. Recently, I formed an alliance with someone some of you probably know. Rinse and repeat.
    [Marketing] TRENDRR.TV Initial Review and Thoughts
    According to a VentureBeat post written about TRENDRR last year : Mark Ghuneim founded Wiredset after leaving Sony Records, where he was a top digital marketing executive, in 2004. gets their sentiment percentages, Demographics, or the breakdown of top markets- these are all things the should set a FAQ up to explain, at some point. in your marketing tool-set. In this stormy weekend, as Hurricane Irene heads up the eastern seaboard, I’m sitting in an internet cafe, at 100% humidity , with TRENDRR.TV before me.  Not the case here. TRENDRR.TV TRENDRR.TV Finally, TRENDRR.TV
    [Marketing] 10 Brand New Books That You Should Read
    Epic Content Marketing - How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less by Joe Pulizzi. In a world where everyone is talking about the merits of content marketing, Joe Pulizzi is one of the true, experienced voices in the space. If you''re looking at how to bulk up your content marketing strategy, or where to get started, this is a great primer and is right up there with Content Rules. Here''s a conversation we had back in 2012: SPOS #289 - Content Marketing With Joe Pulizzi. epic content marketing.
    [Marketing] 4 Quotes That Show Facebook’s New Touchy-Feely Intentions
    According to research compiled by data-driven social media marketing company Argyle Social (a sponsor of this blog, and the software that we use for social communication), 65-66% of 566 online retailers surveyed only post content about their own company on their Facebook pages. Jolie O’Dell nailed it in the summary of her article: Marketers love and live by calls to action, so if calls to action are illegal in Page cover photos but legal in Facebook ads, marketers will still be shelling out for Facebook ads to the tune of billions each year.
    [Marketing] Toon Time: Nice to Tweet You
    Erin Feldman  is the marketing communications manager at  TouchSystems , a touch screen company based in Hutto, Texas. Her background is in marketing and creative writing, and she riffs about writing right at her blog,  Write Right  (so write right, don’t make her use her red pen). Ed: seeing as how it’s “holiday week” here in the U.S., we decided to give the WUL team a bit of a break. So we’re re-running some older posts … not necessarily the ones that got huge numbers of comments, but the ones that are personal favorites of the team. ” Us too.
  • KIKOLANI  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 4, 2013
    [Marketing] 10 Ways Strengthen Your Twitter Community with
    for 14 days for free to find out how valuable it can be for your Twitter marketing. 'Twitter is one of my favorite networks to engage upon, primarily because you don’t have to wait until someone follows you to communicate with them and updates are fast to read as well as send at only 140 characters long. Plus, there are a ton of great tools for Twitter. Why I Use It has been almost a year since Sharel, one of the founders of, gave me a personalized tour. During that call, one thing became blatantly obvious. was inadvertently ignoring my followers.
    [Marketing] Some Radian6 Insights and other news – Web Journal
    Here’s the Visit-Level Segmentation for one Visitor Type (Consumers) on a Technology Site with various components including ecommerce, customer-support, supply-chain, branding, and marketing operations. My editor let me know the first copies of Social Media Analytics have arrived at the main office in Manhattan ( last Wednesday night) and review copies are just being sent out now. I’m having a book signing in Manhattan at the offices of @PeekYou (whose advisory board I’m part of) on August 18th, from 6-8 pm – information is on the sidebar of every page on this site).
    [Marketing] Social Media Tips and Tricks for Professionals
    It can also be an efficient way to market you as a professional. Whatever platform you choose to use to market yourself professionally, you want to ensure that your most current information is provided.  Twitter is also about sharing and not marketing yourself. 'Today’s social media is not just about keeping in touch with friends and family. There are very real benefits to tying your professional persona to social media , and here we provide some helpful hints for doing so. Facebook as a Vehicle for Your Professional Information. Put Your Real Self Out There.
    [Marketing] What it Means to Build a Tribe: A Fan’s Story
    There is most definitely a right way and a wrong way to leverage social media, content and personality marketing for business purposes. That’s ultimately the thread that defines the very fine line that separates general spamming from effective marketing – at least within the context of search, social and related channels. Seth Godin would be proud. After years of building a loyal tribe on NowSourcing, I had the pleasure of speaking with a long time tribal member, Peter Egan  of series on DVD, know what pwned means or understand why a lol cat is funny.
    [Marketing] How CRM and Social Media Evolved to Social CRM
    CRM has helped companies over the past 15 years to become more efficient in the three pillars of the Front Office: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. I just arrived at the CRM Evolution conference and last night I attended a pre-show meetup where I had a great conversation with Brian Vellmure.  Among one of the interesting things we talked about is how he and I (and others) got involved with Social CRM.  We are both very involved with and interested in Social CRM yet we came about it from very different sides even though we arrived a the same point.  It’s a great opportunity.
    [Marketing] Question of the Day: Can a Phone Replace a Laptop? (My Take.
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 3 Jul 2009 Question of the Day: Can a Phone Replace a Laptop? My Take: Probably Not) This is something I have been thinking about lately: as smart phones (pick one, any one) get more sophisticated, can one get away traveling for business sans laptop? For me the answer to date has been: sort of. Whats your view? Flattered.
    [Marketing] Five Fantastic Friendfeed Filters for Flow - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 10 Jul 2009 Five Fantastic Friendfeed Filters for Flow Friendfeed, it seems, isn't going mainstream anytime soon. That doesn't mean it doesn't rock. In fact, I am using it a ton as a real-time front end for in-bound social flow. Combine these  with email alerts and Gmail and it gets even better. Thanks Steve.
    [Marketing] The Way We Talk About Business
    The iPad had been outselling desktop computers since the launch of iPad 2, Amazon , Google , Samsung and others have been aggressive to enter the tablet market. Last week at the Consumer Electronics Association CEO Summit , many senior executives from Sony , Panasonic and VOXX expressed their bullish outlook for the tablet market. After three years of the iPad being in market, was it saturated? The public market is pushing too hard for everything to be better, sell more and do more that it did last quarter. That the tablet market is now mature? Better? Faster?
    [Marketing] Making 'Real' Communities
    Offline communities aren't (typically) spammed with marketing messages nor developed with ulterior motives.  Is it really amazing when online communities act like real communities ? Howard Rheingold has been documentin g this for over two decades.    Communities (online or offline) are people interacting and building relationships around topics of interest. It shouldn't be a surprise when they mourn the loss of popular members, help to support each other, and rally around causes they hold dear. Does the medium change the meaningfulness of the community?
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Wonderful World
    Proving Trust on the Web – For those of us who’ve been deep in the trenches of online marketing for years, the question of who to trust may seem inane. Small Business Social Media Tips From the Pros – Small business social media marketing: hot tips from the pros on how small businesses can use social media to get more clients. How to Create a Jaw Dropping Social Media Strategy in 5 Steps – Like most marketing plans, social media channels need to go through the following five goals in order to produce the kind of results that are truly profitable.
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Baby Monkey
    54 Books Every Business Owner And Marketer Must Read – If you are doing your own marketing then you need to read and implement the ideas of every book on this list to find out what works today. Reactions From SEOs Come Loud, Fast & Often Angry To Google’s Switch To Encrypted Search – Google caused a major stir in the search marketing community today with the news that it will begin encrypting searches and outbound clicks by default in some situations. The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Writing. Business / Career. Personal Development / Productivity.
    [Marketing] Your Computer Is Not Your Friend
    Asks you “what’s on your mind” without having it permanently etched in a data base somewhere to sell to Facebook marketers. There was a time when I forgot how important friends were. There was almost zero people in a twenty mile radius I could call if things were difficult. forgot that spending time on social media is not “social” time. literally didn’t have good girlfriends–and it was negatively affecting my life. Community is not just something you build so you have users for your website. It’s something you REALLY need in your life.
    [Marketing] Google Says Google+ Doesn’t Influence Rankings
    It’s one of the most hotly debated issues in all of search engine optimization and digital marketing right now. 'Does Google+ influence search rankings to any noticeable degree? lot of people, experts included, are claiming that not only does Google+ have an affect on rankings, it is one of the most important ranking factors going. Other people, also experts included, are saying that it makes no appreciable difference. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Let’s take a look at the newest opinion to hit the scene, one that carries a lot of weight. Did you read the title?
    [Marketing] Exploring Strategies For Successful Social Engagement with Travis Unwin of Sitewire
    As part of our interview series on effective use of social media marketing, I recently caught up with Travis Unwin , Director of Media Strategies for one of Awareness’ partner agencies Sitewire , a full service digital marketing and interactive advertising agency.  This is why Sitewire’s consultants share diverse backgrounds – marketing, consumer psychology and customer service. As a socially-savvy marketer should, Travis sees the job of his team at Sitewire as business strategists first, with an eye towards how social marketing can support these objectives.
    [Marketing] Day 1: People of color impacting the social web. Day 1. Anjuan Simmons #28DaysofDiversity
    He is currently a Director at Adverlyze, a company that provides online marketing services. As we all know, February is Black History Month. It’s a month where we honor those who have made an impact on American culture for equal rights, those who have invented, those who have a helped others and those who have inspired everyone to be the best they can be, not only as a person of color but as a human. Even though it’s black history month, the goal for 28 Days of Diversity is to feature not just African-Americans but other minorities in the web/tech space.
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2011
    [Marketing] More Please: Why I Welcome the Technology Overload with Open Arms
    We deserve a break from the drudgery of end-of-the-world news reports and crashing stock markets to enjoy these wonderful creations. I had my MacBook open on my older brother’s couch one lazy afternoon, busy browsing the Internet for nothing remotely important. My iPhone happily chirped that I had a message. found my phone wedged under some couch cushions, and fired back a response within moments. picked up my Kindle, downloaded a book, and read the opening lines before being interrupted by my nephew. Now, he wanted to look up pictures of trains on my computer. Are we too connected?
    [Marketing] How to Apply a “Customer First” Mentality to Your Ecommerce Business
    Apart from the fact that we marketers love using phrases and buzzwords like Mobile First , there was something else begging for immediate attention. SEO, design, functionality, and marketing, last time we checked, all got down on their knees for the customer (and the omnipotent Google also intends to keep it that way). So it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to market first with mobile, but that the customer should be able to come and go from whichever touch-point she wants and get the information or get the experience. ”. 'Mobile happened. Now, that stands corrected.
    [Marketing] When You Want to Change the World, a Lifetime is Short-Term
    If you liked this post, you might also like: The Ultimate List of Meetups, Events and Conferences for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists in Asia Low-Tech Real-Life Social Networking Game at NEN E-Leader Workshop Disruptive Skills, Gifts and IdeaSlivers The IdeaSliver Manifesto How to Build a Social Network Based on a Single Feature Mail Today on Why the Internet is the Perfect Hunting Ground for Entrepreneurs. At the recent Startup Fair organized by the IMT Ghaziabad Entrepreneurship Cell , I moderated a panel on the importance of vision for entrepreneurs. Share this on
    [Marketing] Howdy From SXSW in Austin, Texas!
    Navigate In Social Media With The Social Marketing Compass [infographic]. Tweet Guest blog written by Iben Larsen, who is a cultural anthropologist and MA in Media Science, based in Copenhagen. She’s p assionate about entrepreneurship, networking, personal and professionel development. Currently, she is at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas, from where she is blogging. You can follow her on Twitter at @ibeniben. Howdy from SXSW in Austin, Texas! It is hectic, and wonderful and none of the people I have talked to have had an overview. The Conference Center.
    [Marketing] Email or RSS – Feeding the Inbox - Danny Brown
    removeClass(livefyre-hidden)" class="livefyre-show-comment livefyre-button"> View comment Show More Trackbacks Email or RSS – Feeding the Inbox - Danny Brown Email Marketing On Me says: September 4, 2010 at 4:05 am [.] Finest Online marketing Techniques For 2010 | Online Green Home Business says: September 4, 2010 at 7:51 am [.] Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Email or RSS – Feeding the Inbox September 4, 2010 36 voices share yours! But here’s the thing. If so, why? artyku?
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