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The Future Of Retail In A CTRL ALT Delete World

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Last month, I was invited to Dublin, Ireland by Google to give the opening keynote address for their Retail@Google event. Hosting over 400 retail marketing professionals from across Europe at their office (which is the largest Google office outside of Mountain View's Googleplex). future of retail. retail. retail at google. retail marketing. retailer.

Pinterest leads Facebook in retail customer aquisition

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In terms of online shopping audiences, Facebook is much larger than Pinterest by a ratio of almost four to one, however the study found  that Pinterest provides a better experience for shopping discovery, purchase consideration, and deeper engagement with retailer content. The ROI of Social Media for Retail Websites. Pinterest is  the stronger vehicle for brand association.

How To Organize A Brand Hackathon (And Why) – Interview With Betabrand’s Chris Lindland

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The company used its customer newsletter and social media to promote the event. ”Compensation: ” It’s also a good idea to communicate as much as possible in advance of the event to “bat around, or bat down some ideas that won’t work beforehand.” ” The best Betabrand brand hack from the event?  What’s the ROI of a Bigfoot Sighting?

3 New Social Media Features to Consider for Your Brand

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Consider Facebook 360 Video if your brand is: Opening a new retail location and you want your audience to be able to see the space. You may think this feature is only reserved for glamorous red carpet events for beauty brands or adorable footage of puppies for animal shelters, but think again. Having an experiential event with an influencer. Hosting or attending an event.

The True Omni-Channel Is Convergence

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" The wake-up of retail. Over the past several months, I have spent a serious (and significant) amount of time presenting to retailers throughout North America. Senior retailers from some of the world''s biggest brands at events for Google and Twitter , to local merchants with unique retail specialty at retail association events. Internally, retailers will say that becoming omni-channel is the true imperative. Amazon has been teasing at a physical retail operation for a long time, and it seems more real than ever before. apple.

How Nike Stole Social Media Gold From Olympic Sponsor Adidas

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Probably not, given Nike’s overwhelming success, especially on social media.  As Social Baker’s CEO Jan Rezab states, “There was a time when primetime slots around major sporting events were essential for maintaining position as a household name; but social media has levelled the playing field. Social Media Case Studies 2012 Olympics Adidas Nike Olympic sponsor retail

Alicia Travels: Farm & More Event, Edinburgh

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Next week I’m going on the road! I’ll be flying to Edinburgh to present a talk on social media at Farm & More – The Farm Diversification Event – an annual get together for the farm retail and diversified farming sector. This is all as a result of my talk at The Speciality Fine Food Trade Fair at Olympia in London last year.

I Attended a Networking Event…Now What?

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Saying It Social Your Social Media Marketing Resource Home About Polls Our Services Testimonials I Attended a Networking Event…Now What? So, you’ve attended a handful of networking events, met some interesting people, and acquired a handful of business cards. Write on the back of each business card , noting the date and event where you met the person. Seek out previous contacts at future networking events. Many of the same people often attend various events within an area, so your chances of running into them again are good. Now what? Follow up!

An Innovative Approach to Outreach Marketing from a Quirky Brand

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The Goal Since Unclaimed Baggage has one a retail location—no online store component—their goal was to connect with bloggers who were in a 2-3 hour radius of their location. Through an event catered and tailored to Alabama bloggers, Unclaimed Baggage wanted to generate blog and social posts about the unique and family fun aspects of their store. Unclaimed Baggage has a lot to offer.

What The Next Five Years Will Be About

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The brand's reality was this: as the years wane on, the amount of retailers that they sell to were diminishing. As the major big box outlets continue to grow and as consolidation rifles through the retail sector, the bigger brands only have a handful of outlets to sell their wares. With these retailers' size and growth comes another reality: they begin to dictate everything from quantity and terms to acceptable margins. Notwithstanding how the major retailers might feel about this project, it was a smart and wise play. retail. retailer. How do you win?

The Only Consumer That Matters

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often get to hang out backstage at conferences and events. Just because I spoke at an event (even after being paid for it), it didn''t feel right proclaiming that the company was my client. Most retailers struggle to retain customers because of digital technology. It''s easy for a potential customer to walk through a physical retail environment, and then use their smartphone to either find a better price, become more informed about their purchase or ask their social network their thoughts on the pending purchase. How does this change retail? retail.

How Brands Can Create Social Engagement Via Music Festivals

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Multiply these numbers – give or take – for all music events, including Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Stagecoach, and companies have themselves a gold mine for capturing the attention of a large, young and hip audience. The branded event hashtag #Coachella is easily one of the most blogged about, facebooked, and tweeted topics before, during & after the California festivities. Drink.

How To Curtail Showrooming: Charge Admission

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There have been a couple on instances in the news this week that highlight the general challenge that retailers face in the age of showrooming. In short, they're getting the full, physical retail experience - which could even include some consultation by the sales associate - only to lose the sale to the online channel or another retailer who is offering a better price. Many retail pundits agree that physical stores need to offer more services and value if they are ever going to compete. Could retailers charge a fee if they're simply worried about showrooming?

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Hunting for Social Media at the OSRM09 (Outdoor Retailer Summer.

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Home About eBooks Social Media and Internet Marketing Speaking Twitter Says You Are Here: Home » Social Media » Hunting for Social Media at the OSRM09 (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market) Hunting for Social Media at the OSRM09 (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market) Written on July 22, 2009 by Josh Peters in Social Media 1 Comment - Leave a comment!

Case Study Crunch: Retail Social Media Case Studies « The Cube

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Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Case Study Crunch: Retail Social Media Case Studies 08/07/2010 tags: Case Studies , Marketing , Social Media , Social media case studies by Annalisa Morgan In retail, social media is everywhere. million – and counting. Larry Danna). Einstein Bros. Channels: Email, Photo sharing, UGC. what a year!

Endless Aisles

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What has your shopping experiences been like lately? I was recently in New York City giving a presentation at the National Retail Federation 's Big Show 2012 event. I was part of the First Look series and talked about the massive changes that retail will face as technology, Social Media and mobile collides at the retail level. It truly is a sight to see if you're into retail, commerce, fashion and a unique in-store experience. Pundits think that e-commerce kills the retail experience. How do you see the future of retail? retail.

10 Reasons Market Research is Critical to Social Media

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The market research team is typically the best equipped, since they a) know who your competitors really are, and b) likely keeps tabs on them already for other campaigns, pricing, promotions and events. 1.  That stuff is important to the business, no doubt.  People are the fuel behind social media, which is really just tools and tactics. Will there be future demand for products? 

Apple Debuts iBeacon Location Technology in U.S. Stores

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How can a retailer effectively reach consumers in-store and educate them about deals that might be of particular interest? Apple’s iBeacon technology is looking to accomplish both, and after a successful run with the MLB’s ‘At the Ballpark’ mobile app at Citifield , Apple has now installed the location technology into its own retail stores.

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We Should All "Pull A Kardashian" On Twitter (It's Not What You Think)

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thought brick and mortar retailers were struggling in the Amazon world. While, it doesn't feel like it from my vantage point, we had an amazing turn of events last week as Amazon reported their quarterly earnings. retail. amazon chom977fm chomfm ctrlaltdelete ctrlaltdeletewithmitchjoel digitalmedia facebook guestcontributor heatherbackman jwalterthompson jackdorsey jwt kimkardashian mirum mirumagency montrealradio morningshow morningsrockwithterryandheatherb radiosegment radiostation retail socialmedia soundcloud spyglass technology terrydimonte twitter walmart wpp

Social media training on Foursquare Google Plus Pinterest Facebook Training for June and July 2012

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Event registration for Facebook Timeline for Business Pages powered by Eventbrite. Why not spend a  couple of hours  learning about popular retail review site, Foursquare?  A demonstration with handouts for you to use at home or work. Online event registration for Foursquare Social Media Marketing powered by Eventbrite. Google Plus Business Page training and computer workshop.

Copying Apple

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What shocked me was how much the event looked and felt like an Apple event. retail. advertising android apple applefanboi blackberry blackberry10 brand businessstrategy consumerelectronics digitalservices influence iphone loyalty mac media merchandising microsoft microsoftstore pc perception retail smartphone stevejobs wallstreet windows windowsmobileIt's like an itch that you just can't scratch. Something has been bothering me, lately. It's not overt. It's not obvious. it's there. Some will make the argument that Apple is loosing a little bit of its luster. android.

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The Mobile Revolution is Here Now [Infographic]

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52% of retailers do not have a mobile website experience (You’re not alone!). will reach 4 billion dollars in mobile sales by end of 2012. 1 in 8 will use mobile tickets for airlines, rail and bus travel, festivals, cinemas, and sports events in 2015. The infographic in this blog post pulls together data that shows that the turning point is here now. people on Earth).

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Katie Couric Will Give Us The Internet That We Deserve

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Things, events and ideas to explore. Sure, Amazon is one of the world''s largest retailers, but they''ve also just announced more original programming like Betas and Alpha House (kind of like their own, little cable network). retailer. What kind of Internet do we want? Some might consider this a vague, daunting and even ambiguous question, but it begs for an answer. Anyone who has been online for a long time knows how interesting, diverse and different the Internet - as a medium - was (and can still be). It was very different from anything that we had seen before. CBS = 7%.

Merging offline and online : two events we're speaking at

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Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Merging offline and online : two events we’re speaking at 20/01/2010 by Gemma Went There are two industry events coming up next month that I’m involved in. This is a two day event, the first is a workshop and the second is the conference. I’ll be speaking at the workshop on the 3rd February, where I’ll be giving advice on blogging in the aptly named ‘Making Your Mark on the Blogosphere’ session. The first is EMAP’s Construction Marketing.

Social Media Success is About The Customers, Stupid

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With each passing conference and industry event, the perennial mainstays of social media case studies tend to remain the same:  Dell, Comcast, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks.  10 Quick Tips for Retailers to Engage in Social Media Right Now (44). How do you define success with leveraging social media?  Here are some simple thoughts on defining success that may help illustrate the point. 

How Do You Sell?

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Last night, at a local workshop for entrepreneurs, I did it again. I was talking with a peer after the event and I said, “Channel trumps promotion…”. They have a solid distribution partner who’s getting them into key retail outlets, but that’s not energizing the brand in their minds. As I thought about it more afterward, I find that this is an all-too-common problem in marketing.

Non-Profits Use Vine for Good


Retailer Urban Outfitters recently hosted a Vine contest in which it asked users to document a day in the life of their sneakers. Promote an Event. Non-profits depend on word of mouth and creativity to get spread news about events. Vine is a relevant new way to promote an event and gain shares. Guest post written for SocialFish by Jason Stone. Get an Endorsement.

Increase Profits With Smarter Trade Promotions

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Getting your product to market may have been a daunting task, but any experienced retailer or manufacturer will tell you it’s only uphill from there. In a recent study done by Nielsen across 800,000 UPCs and 92 million promotion events, it was discovered that two-thirds (67 percent) of promotions didn’t even break even. Increase Profits With Smarter Trade Promotions.

The Social Media Monitoring Lighthouse – A Guide on What and How to Monitor

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You could be running an event and you want to track real-time mentions so you can respond to and track them. Here is an example of a clothing retailer who wanted to track influencers for a specific campaign using Brandwatch. Do you realize how valuable it is to monitor and track conversations online? Are you monitoring the trends related to conversations about your brand? Sales Leads.

Monday Roundup: #NovaCOM15

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Retailers need to look for ways to connect with the increasingly demanding consumer so that they become fans of the brand, instead of simply customers,” says  Dave Hochman as he shares six takeaways for the “C-store” industry. 4.  Around the Web Events #NovaCOM15 AHEM Aliza Freud Dave Hochman deirdre breakenridge Laura Stanik Meg Fry Michael C. ” 1.  ” 5. 

Which Social Media Channels Should I Use For My Business?


Use the great hashtag feature to keep up with and be part of the latest trends and news worthy events. If your business is image heavy – say, a photography studio, retail shop or an ecommerce site – then Pinterest for business makes sense. That is the million dollar question I get asked ALL the time. Social media may be free, but think about the value of your time! Stick with it.

The Complete Marketing Communications Measurement Guide

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Let’s say your goal is to drive more retail sales. If your goal is to drive more retail sales, use tools that drive people into your store and create loyalty, such as Foursquare or Belly. The soft metrics can lead to things such as paid speaking engagements, industry event appearances, and customer events that eventually lead to increased sales. love that. Do it.

Pinterest Marketing for B2Bs


Traditionally viewed as a hot spot for product retailers for most of its history, Pinterest has been virtually ignored by B2B companies looking to reach their target market. Five Web Design Trends to Watch Get Open Community on Audible How to Create a Pinterest Place Board for An Event Is your board asking these 5 questions about digital? Think Visually. Use a Tool or Two.

5 Apps To Enhance Your Brand


DoubleDutch Events. It’s one of the top  event apps  that provide a platform for businesses to interact with their customers. For example, customers attending an event organized by a company can see virtual participation from company officials who are not physically present at the event. Hootsuite. It’s available for iOS and Android. 2. DoubleDutch Instagram. FourSquare.

104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)

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Despite all the hype about online, 67% of B2B content marketers consider event marketing to be their most effective strategy. Not a shock: retailers and restaurants are the most engaging industries on Twtitter. Looking at marketing surveys and studies from the past year, a few trends are clear, among them that buyers are firmly (and increasingly) in control of the purchase cycle.

Five Signs the Future Belongs to User-Generated Content

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Live event social media generally involves a social media person or standard event-goer using a mobile device to put content online. Pic-N-Post , for example, is a social photobooth that allows users to take their own photos and upload them to the event, brand sponsor or organizer’s Facebook page with effects almost instantaneously. Hello, WUL readers! Remember me?

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Affiliate Marketing is Far From Dead

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Thousands of prominent businesses have successful affiliate marketing programs, from online sales companies such as eBay and Amazon to retail stores such as The Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond. Lastly, try to attend industry events. Not Top-tier events include  Affiliate Summit ,  CJ University , and the  Rakuten Symposium. By Chris Kramer. Wrong. Monitor. Check. Introduce