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The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012

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A year ago, the #Nifty50 honored 50 remarkable men and women on Twitter. We’re proud to acknowledge these 50 women from 41 different organizations as the top #Nifty50 women of technology on Twitter for 2012. She also hosts the talent chat (#TChat) on Twitter Wednesdays from 7-8pm eastern time. She’s a rock star on Twitter and also speaks French. sacevero.

As Twitter Locks Out Developers, a New Site Welcomes Them

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It won’t come to a surprise to many of you that I love Twitter. I’ve always contended Twitter wouldn’t last forever. Until now, Twitter has been an open platform and it’s part of the reason the social network has grown as quickly as it has. The latest in the death of being able to use Twitter? As they should. But the way they’re doing it?

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Marketing Twitter

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It's hard to imagine a brand not seeing Twitter as an opportunity to share and connect with customers and potential customers. It's near-impossible to find any semblance of a marketing campaign that hasn't attached itself to some kind of hashtag or Twitter call-out. Some might argue that Twitter is less about communication these days, and much more about a place to share information (a micro-broadcasting platform instead of a micro-blogging platform). At the very least, Twitter continues to be an amazing, public water cooler of information, links and consumer insights.

Twitter to Stop Counting Photos, Links Toward 140-Character Limit?

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No, Twitter is not increasing its 140-character limit for tweets, but users may soon be able to pack a lot more information into them, regardless. Bloomberg added that the 140-character limit was originally adopted to match the limit of text messages in 2006, when Twitter launched. Twitter 140 characters Bloomberg links Photos SMS Text Messages URL shorteners URLsBloomberg reported that photos and links will not be counted as part of the 140-character limit, with the change possibly taking effect in the next two weeks. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Should You Post To Twitter Daily? | Small Business Mavericks

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The question arises often about how often is often enough when posting to the popular social media sites – particularly Facebook and Twitter. If you manage a Twitter and a Facebook account, that’s one hour per day. When it comes to Twitter and Facebook, moderation is best. 3 Responses to “Should You Post To Twitter Daily?&# About Us What’s a Maverick?

2012 #Nifty50 Top Men in Technology on Twitter

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Last year, my colleague Tom Pick ( @TomPick ) and I introduced the #Nifty50 awards , which honored 50 men and 50 women who were leading the way in social media through their active engagement on Twitter. So, without further ado, here are the 2012 #Nifty50 Men, each of whom has represented the technology world on Twitter with class, dedication and integrity. in August 2006.

“Reclaim Blogging”: Why I’m giving up Twitter and Facebook

Home Buy Art Here Stormhoek Winer(y) Hughs Book Daily Cartoon Email About Contact/Connect Home Hugh MacLeod Cartoons drawn on the back of business cards August 19, 2011 (3 days ago) “Reclaim Blogging&# : Why I’m giving up Twitter and Facebook. Earlier today I told everybody on Twitter and Facebook, that I’m leaving Twitter and Facebook. Twitter. Decide.

New Twitter Update Coming: How Marketers Will Soon Be Able to Maximize All 140 Characters

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What was once a rumor that Twitter would update its 140 character count guidelines is now official in the social media sphere: Twitter announced Tuesday morning that within the next few months, usernames, quoted tweets, photos, and other media attachments will no longer count against the tweet’s 140-character limit. — Jack (@jack) March 21, 2006. Replies on Twitter.

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Twitter Updates for 2009-02-28

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Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Twitter Updates for 2009-02-28 February 28, 2009 by Taylor Marek Haha, my mind has been wandering all day. in reply to gavinseim # @ smosh like the new site, can’t wait till all the bugs are worked out in reply to smosh # Now to make a twitter category for gmail, then I can see more clearly. twitter is filling up my inbox # Finally got a group going on tweetdeck! I’m happy! # @ cstricklin np! Gratz!!! and Why Google Wave? (1)

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-28

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Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Twitter Updates for 2009-02-28 February 28, 2009 by Taylor Marek Want a video that you will die laughing @? Take note. :) Filed Under: Blog , General , Twitter Archives Tagged: Comments are closed. link] @ JenChicago knows that for a fact # @ JenChicago Gotta love this song! ? link] # @ JenChicago well, I went and did it. I’m now on blip. I’m scrobbing over from Listen to my station on! and Why Google Wave? (1)

Why Quora Is The New Twitter | Small Business Mavericks

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» Why Quora Is The New Twitter Quora has become quite popular lately in the Q&A arena. The problem is that Quora will run into some of the same problems that other websites have run into (namely, Twitter). Contact Us | Home Site Map | Legal Notices Small Business Mavericks is a part of Melberg Marketing, Inc © 2006 – 2010 Melberg Marketing, Inc.,

How to Set up a Twitter Account, and Start Tweeting!


Ever since its launch in 2006, Twitter has become an important marketing platform for companies as well as their brands. To make the most out of Twitter you need to start with a well-built account. […]. The post How to Set up a Twitter Account, and Start Tweeting! appeared first on Devumi.

The ONLY Way To Manage Your Twitter Account

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» The ONLY Way To Manage Your Twitter Account Leave it to Marketing Pilgrim to think outside of the Twox (Twitter box). The right idea is to manage your Twitter account YOUR WAY. I’m with Jennita when she says: These days it seems like every time we turn around someone is telling us how to manage our Twitter account(s). It’s your Twitter account.

Is Twitter Still A Good Marketing Tool? | Small Business Mavericks

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How Q&A Sites Can Boost Your SEO » Is Twitter Still A Good Marketing Tool? Twitter has posted some impressive numbers about its service and Frank at Marketing Pilgrim has picked up on them, and he’s asking some really pertinent questions. Not every Twitter account holder is active. With so much noise on Twitter, is it still a useful marketing tool?

How To Increase Your Twitter Followers | Small Business Mavericks

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» How To Increase Your Twitter Followers So you’ve set yourself up a Twitter account and you’re raring to go. The object of Twitter is to help you connect with people you’d like to do business with so, with that in mind, let’s talk about how to grow your Twitter followers. You could get your Twitter account suspended. Good for you!

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-02

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Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Twitter Updates for 2009-03-02 March 2, 2009 by Taylor Marek Taylor is having a blast! Take note. :) Filed Under: Blog , General , Twitter Archives Tagged: Comments are closed. literally! link] # Taylor is at lazertag waiting for the fun to begin!! link] # Now off to LAZERTAG! I’ll be back later # @ ThePodgineer yup, I’m working out the bugs in reply to ThePodgineer # Off to dinner! Love this tweet! Wanna take a peek? Woooo! What’s that?

Bloggers Flash Back to 2006 and Flash Forward to 2009

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2006. Several 2006 wishes came true. Twitter found its way into the 2009 blogger wishes as did more ways to collaborate. I hope you enjoy the 2006 - 2009 comparisons. Elana Centor , Funny Business 2006 If I am going to be completely honest and self-absorbed, the thing that I would like it see more of in 2006 is more traffic at Funny Business. More humor.

When did I first find value in Twitter?

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Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me When did I first find value in Twitter? June 28, 2009 by Taylor Marek I first found value in Twitter when I was at New Media Expo 2008. I'm equally glad to see that my love of food is the reason you started to use Twitter more regularly. Twitter is definitely full off opportunities. I suppose if I sat down and thought about it I could list 20+ different reasons why I use Twitter. Take a listen to find out more!

How are my Spiritual Birthday and this Blog related?

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I went to a conference in March of 2006, and there met Ken Pierpont. 1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? April 2, 2009 by Taylor Marek Well, very simple. It was at that conference I first heard about blogging and the power behind it. I strategically planned this blog out.

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-03

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Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Twitter Updates for 2009-03-03 March 3, 2009 by Taylor Marek Taylor is still hobbling around from last nights FUN! Love the design work on your twitter page and website! # @ computerhilfe thanks for the follow. Looking forward to new content at your website, keep up the good work # Ok, who forgot to tell me @ AndyJenkins is on twitter!? I like that graphic you have on your twitter page # @ Joshlam thanks for the follow. Weird. link] # Ha!

Social Media is Like the Telephone

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It’s been nearly a decade since Twitter launched in March 2006 and while it’s been wildly successful, I still encounter business leaders and family members who think it’s all about bad grammar, cat videos, and other junk. You can even segment further by using Twitter lists. By Christopher Whitcomb. They are right after all…there are a lot of cats and bad links out there.

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-01

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Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Twitter Updates for 2009-03-01 March 1, 2009 by Taylor Marek Must pop out for a bit, but I will be back! # and tonights show… # Oh wow, I did a search for Donald Trump on twitter, seems someone is holding it ransom for $100k Not Kidding! Now I can still stay updated even when on twitter # Out of the blue, I wonder if Jim Cramer is on twitter?… Take note. :) Filed Under: Blog , General , Twitter Archives Tagged: Comments are closed.

Search and Social Lessons from the Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference

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20% of searchers, on average, looked at the second page of results on searches back in 2006. Finally, the brilliant Lisa Buyer and Lisa Grimm concisely and helpfully summarized everything new with Twitter in the past year or so, combined with timeless best practices, in “Breaking Bad with Twitter! Start with research: is your goal achievable?

87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012

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48% of these consumers responded to a retailer’s offer posted on Facebook or Twitter. Twitter is about in the middle (55% of users age 35 or older) while 65% of Facebook users are over 35 (didn’t this start with college students?) 83% use Facebook and 53% are on Twitter, though that gap is expected to narrow by 2014 due to rapid growth in Twitter use. MediaPost ).

Use Facebook Data to Unlock Consumer Affinity

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When I started this blog back in 2006 Facebook was just getting going but nobody had a clue on when it came to the volumes of valuable data that they would ultimately produce. Today we are talking about almost 1 billion posts on Facebook per day, the same happens on Twitter every 4 days.

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Analysis: Top 100 Twitter Users

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You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » Analysis: Top 100 Twitter Users Analysis: Top 100 Twitter Users Written by Glen, this post has 24 Comments In terms of traffic, I feel like Twitter is becoming a sort of hybrid between Digg of a few years ago and StumbleUpon. Neil Reply TwittLink - Your headlines on Twitter says: October 20, 2009 at 2:29 am [.]

Social Media Gone Wrong … and How to Avoid Making the Same Mistakes

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Moments later, @KitchenAidUSA , the company’s official Twitter account, sent this: “Obamas gma even knew it was going 2 b bad! During last football season’s Superbowl, Toyota launched a major Twitter campaign meant to promote the Camry. Use Facebook Data to Unlock Consumer Affinity When I started this blog back in 2006 Facebook was. We’re all human. Toyota Camry.

Why Customer Service is the Future of Social Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

In 2006, social media was building steam in the United States. With the rise of Facebook’s popularity, the launch of Twitter, and the surge of influence from social news sites like Digg, social media looked to be a great breeding ground for marketers to make their mark. I have over 42k real Twitter followers and even my good updates get no visibility. Then, thousands.

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Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old

Ari Herzog

2010: Twitter. Do I want to use Twitter to tell the world what Stephen Black ate for lunch or do I want to connect with an audience interested in art and creative writing? One night in 2006, over Tiger beer and carrot cake at a hawker center , my designer friend Little Ong told me about Multiply. Another friend, Dinnertube , started posting videos on Youtube in 2006.

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Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010

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At its current rate, Twitter will process almost 10 billion tweets in 2010. Facebook, Twitter Growing As Video Referral Sources by MediaPost Online Media Daily. Well, about two-thirds (64%) of the traffic from third-party sites to video sources currently comes from Google, followed by Yahoo (11.9%), Facebook (4.3%), Bing (2.6%), and Twitter at 1.2%. Then Twitter. Adam T.

How To Use Twitter To Its Fullest Potential

The Realtime Report

How To Use Twitter To Its Fullest Potential. Since its founding in 2006, Twitter has become a global force in the field of social media. Over 310 million people use Twitter on a monthly basis to stay in touch not just with their friends, family and favorite celebrities, but indeed with the world at large. Put A Twitter Twist On Traditional Marketing Techniques.

Kyle Sandilands, Sponsors and Hypocrites

Laurel Papworth

Don’t employ a shock-comedian (Catherine Deveny) and then expect her to behave on Twitter. From Twitter: @Blackmores We instructed our media agency 2 pull all our ads from 2DayFM. And Twitter is rewarding you for doing the right thing- finally? If you don’t like the jokes, don’t follow them on Twitter. You deserve a different kind of badge… .

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Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Since I can’t read everything written by the Internet Marketing community, I ask my Twitter and Facebook followers for their own recommendations. Twitter. 11 Practical Business Uses for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter (GigaOM): Some lesser-practiced tips are suggested here, such as using LinkedIn polls. This post explores YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

11 Myths of Social Media Marketing

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Certainly the tools are new: Twitter has only been around since 2007, Facebook since 2006, and even blogging has been popular for less than a decade. Tags: Social Media Marketing best practices blogging Facebook myths of social media marketing offshoring risky rules social media marketing costs Twitter Social media is so easy we can hire an intern to do it. Argh, no! Um, no.

The Business Of Podcasting

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I've been creating this podcast - on a weekly basis - since 2006. twitter. advertisingawards advertisingpodcast audio blog blogging brand businessbook businesspodcast davidusher digitalmarketing donnapapacosta facebook google itunes jwalterthompson marketingblog marketingpodcast mirum mirumagency stevelubetkin sxsx thebusinessofpodcasting trafalgarcommunications twitter wpp Episode #477 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. It's hard to deny that podcasting is really coming into its own as a media format. audio. brand.

An Introduction to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


Here’s how it works: your board member, Kelly, creates a custom, online personal fundraiser on behalf of your organization and then announces the fundraiser to her peers via email, Facebook, Twitter, text message, LinkedIn, and any other platform she uses which will include the link to her fundraiser. 2006 and on the university’s Blue Ribbon Scholarship Committee.

Small Business Marketing Optimization Tips for 2016

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Ask yourself and your team how it is you communicate with your target audience through Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms —have you appointed anyone to dedicate their energy to this task? In 2006 and in 2009, John was awarded the Technology Executive of the Year, and the Titan of Technology awards by the CTA. Guest post by John Oechsle. Data Management. Social media.

Those Other Social Networks

Geoff Livingston

With an over-focus on Facebook and Twitter during the past few years, organizations may be doing themselves a disservice by failing to cultivate communities in other networks. In each case, if one invests the same amount of time they would in Facebook or Twitter — in essence replacing one with the other — they would likely get the same if not a better result from the community.

Open Research: A Framework for Social Analytics

After interviewing nearly 40 experts and working with Charlene Li and a bit of help from myself, she’s found six distinct use cases (see compass below) on how companies are measuring using these new toolsets. Why are social analytics so important? This is a new medium, and proof over re allocation of investment is key. The more you share it, the easier it is for us to produce more. Wowza!

10 Years Ago Today! My 1st Article About Blogging

Debbie Weil

The Corporate Bloggging Book was released exactly five years ago, in August 2006. The updated digital edition (with a new preface, a new section on Twitter and much more) is now available on Amazon Kindle. It was exactly 10 years ago today, Aug. 22, 2001 , that I published my first article about business blogging. Whew. Surprisingly perhaps, change has been slow. Lots more TK.