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PostRank Connect and Analytics for Bloggers

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It has come to my attention that not every blogger knows about or uses PostRank. You see, PostRank is one of the tools that AdAge uses to determine their Power 150. Depending on what your goals are: Highly engaged community, lots of traffic, social shares, moving your content to other referral sources, etc., is what PostRank can help you measure.

Tool Tuesday: PostRank Analytics

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Enter: PostRank. In short, PostRank endeavors not only to show you how much TRAFFIC you got, but how many times a particular post was talked about. There are several tabs within PostRank, each designed to give you a unique view of the data. Overall, I like PostRank, its a relatively new tool so I suspect that they will continue to improve. Anyway, hope that helps.

4 Ways to Improve Content

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combination of analytics on unique visits, time on page, and conversation (via PostRank ) should reveal an interesting picture. Marketing social media analytics best practices blog content first person Frequency listening mitch joel nihilism Postrank quality Richard BeckerImage by Markaud. Sometimes blog content doesn’t resonate as well as one would like. You do the math.

Top 25 Blogging and Social Media Posts on Kikolani


This first list is a compilation of the top posts on Kikolani, as determined by PostRank ’s engagement analysis. What is PostRank? PostRank calculates blog post engagement based on the number of comments and social shares through Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Buzz, Delicious, Digg, and several other social networks. Series. Blogging Tips. Blog Marketing. Commenting.

Lost Your Social Edge? Try JugnooMe

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I made the above video at the suggestion of JugnooMe Normally I am skeptical of web-based solutions like Klout and PostRank that claim to make better social media voices. When my friend and colleague Danny Brown announced JugnooMe, a web based solution that “levels the playing field for the benefit of all,” I opened my [.]. Social Media coach Danny Brown jugnoome tools

3 Marketing Tools I Miss (and Their Alternatives)


PostRank. PostRank was a social analytics platform that scored blogs based on their engagement (comments and social shares). wrote about PostRank regularly as a way to discover the most engaging content on blogs for inspiration, guest post pitches, and competitor research. PostRank Alternatives. Google Reader. Google Reader only has a few more days before it is retired.

Working On Your Business, Not In It

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Check email, Facebook , Twitter , G+ ,  LinkedIn groups and discussions, text messages, blog traffic, web traffic, and PostRank analytics all while brushing your teeth and feeding kids or pets. Check email,  Facebook ,  Twitter ,  G+ ,  LinkedIn groups and discussions, text messages, blog traffic, web traffic, and  PostRank analytics. Up at 5 a.m. Work a full day. Sleep by 11 p.m.

The Best Blogging Platform and Plugins

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PostRank. It’s Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap!). Jeremy Whittaker , my Utah turned Germany friend, asks, “Could you give a rundown of the the best technologies for a corporate blog? I’m looking for the best platforms and plugins that make a blog rock.&#. Sure, Jeremy! This is a question we get a lot so I have a handy dandy list already created.

5 Steps to Submitting a Guest Post & Getting It Published


One of the easiest ways to do that is using Google Reader in the Chrome browser with the PostRank Chrome extension. Simply subscribe to your desired guest post destination in Google Reader, and let PostRank do the rest. thought, not a bad idea. You will want to know what topics the blog owner posts, and what topics are popular. Get to know the blog owner. Have great timing. Blogging

How Do You Define Blogging Success?

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It can be easy to get caught up with the numbers and try to stray away from what comes natural to you as a writer.  My own desire to crack the AdAge 150 often has me banging my head on blog topic choices and how to drive my Alexa, Yahoo Backlinks, and PostRank ratings higher.  My blog often stresses me out. Lately I’ve been working hard to improve my link back strategy.  Blogging

6 Critically Undervalued Social Media Success Metrics

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PostRank. PostRank Analytics solves this problem. Free if you connect with their “influencers” outreach program, or $15/month if you do not, PostRank provides a useful, detailed blogging scoreboard, especially if you connect it with your Google Analytics account. The best part of PostRank Analytics is the Engagement Score, which is sort of your Klout score for each blog post.

Marketing via Aggregation, Filtering and Curation – Tools and Resources


Marshall Kirkpatrick talked about aggregation and filtering several years ago in How to Build an RSS and Blog News Site for Your Project where he had cobbled together a solution using Google Blog Search,  dapper, Feed Digest, PostRank, Roller, and others.  PostRank – Likely the best known of these tools.  How do you do it and what tools are available to you? Aggregation. Filtering.

4 Free Tools for Researching Guest Blogging and Advertising Opportunities


PostRank. If you’ve been following my writing for a while, you will notice I always find a way to throw in a mention for PostRank , and for good reason. Simply search keywords in your industry, and PostRank will give you a list of the blogs with the top engagement on that topic. Engagement Details on PostRank. What Makes a Great Opportunity. Free Research Tools.

The “Must-Have&# Tool Kit of Social Media Citizen Vol. 2

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PostRank. There are as many social media tools as there are posts about these tools. It is a list of tools which has been used by top social media people generated from the interview series with Top Social Media Citizens. Free tools: Tweedeck. HootSuite. Seesmic Desktop. Google Alerts. Google Reader. Alltop. Techmeme. Addictomatic. BoardReader. YackTrack. Topsy. BackType. Technorati. Wibiya.

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The 4 Types of Content Metrics That Matter

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Even though my blog includes public displays of affection like number of tweets (look at the top of this page), by far my favorite way to track sharing metrics is PostRank Analytics , which combines all the sharing behaviors into one jambalaya of data that’s easy to track and compare. Instead, you need to create an array of metrics that are selected from four primary buckets: 1.

Which News Sites Get the Most Social Media Engagement?

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PostRank has a comparison tool that uses its Domain Activity API to measure total engagement based on user participation across multiple social platforms. PostRank counts “engagement events” which it defines as individual activities such as a tweet, like, comment, digg, RSS view, etc. So which news sites are getting the most out of their social media efforts? on their site). news/.

5 metrics to track on Twitter

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PostRank will help balance out the information from Google Analytics, including RSS feed tracking and conversation on Twitter surrounding a particular link. It happened again this weekend. Over mimosas and a lovely chat. Laser focused and sincere the question came: “How many followers should I have on Twitter?&# Ahh, yes. It’s still a common question, mostly I believe, because its the easiest to measure, its a number you can view at a glance.  I get this question a lot. My answer is always the same: “It depends on your goals. Increased brand value?

How to Audit Your Social Media Efforts: 20+ Questions to Ask Yourself

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Some tools you can use are Social Mention , Trackur , and PostRank. Some (OK, most) of them I have not been asking myself, nor have I been checking out PostRank, which I should. PostRank is becoming one of my favorite tools. Follow him on Twitter. If you look around the social web a lot like me, you will agree that most social media campaigns suck. You will need an audit.

Weekly Roundup: The Spin Sucks Edition

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PostRank Connect and analytics for bloggers , by Gini (yikes, this is getting old). Why: I’ve been using PostRank for a while, but Gini beat me to the punch in talking about it. 6. I don’t think I’ve ever done this before. Devoted an entire Weekly Roundup to posts from one – yes, one! – blog. But she, and they, did. So I must, and will. 1.

The Secret To Getting Attention

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PostRank is one of many online analytics tools that attempts to rate and score social statistics from reader's online to help people determine what is worthy of reading. It applies a PostRank score of 1-10 (1 being of little interest to 10 being of significant interest). While I am sure that there are many who might question the methodology of PostRank's algorithm, it often highlights something we should all acknowledge and accept that much more often. postrank. Brands and individuals spend their time trying to figure out ways to get attention. Don't Suck. brand.

A Review of Livefyre

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Engagement points are up 68 percent (as tracked by PostRank ). If you visit Spin Sucks often, you already know about Livefyre , the commenting system we’ve been using since September. New comment stream design and features (you also can post your comment to Twitter or Facebook, if you want). New sign-in options (Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Livefyre, or your own account).

Successful Blogging for Small and Medium Businesses

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Then measure it.You can use Google Analytics, PostRank or even (GASP!) Or someone said you should so your considering it. Blogs for business are an outstanding tool for business, they can build community, be the backbone of your social media program, and drive traffic to your website, just for starters. But where do you start? Well, its an often overlooked question. Define your goal. Commit.

100+ Social Media Monitoring Tools


PostRank. PostRank is the largest aggregator of social engagement data in the industry. PostRank social engagement data measures actual user activity, the most accurate indicator of the relevance and influence of a site, story, or author. PostRank offers both free and $ plans. From fans to followers, brands are actively working to engage their current and future customers via social media — and online reputation management is quickly becoming a vital part of doing business. Businesses also need to measure, analyze, and report on their social media efforts.

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Meet Kristi and Her Key to Blog Promotion

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Experienced blog publishers recognize that popularity and traffic come over time. When you build a blog for the first time, nobody will know about its existence unless you tell them. Once you tell someone, tell the person again. And again. And again. If you send a tweet or share a link about your new blog post, wait some time and do it again. This is her first book. You may not even notice them.

How Women Use Social Media [Infographic] | pamorama


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact How Women Use Social Media [Infographic] by Pam Dyer on July 12, 2010 Share Social media sites are having a powerful effect on our lives. Women are online and interacting on social sites just as much — if not, more — than their male counterparts. Takeaways: 53% of adult females use social media at least on a weekly basis.

20 Top Twitter Monitoring and Analytics Tools


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact 20 Top Twitter Monitoring and Analytics Tools by Pam Dyer on April 26, 2010 Share Image via Wikipedia Social media is much more than a way to stay connected and to have fun: it’s a way to market yourself, your business, and your products and services. How is your brand perceived? Wide reach. Direct feedback. Share URLs?

Fans, Followers, or Subscribers: Which Are Better For Brands.


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Fans, Followers, or Subscribers: Which Are Better For Brands? by Pam Dyer on September 21, 2010 Share Which one is it? Twitter or Facebook? Facebook or Twitter? These aren’t the only choices in social media platforms, but many brand marketers seem to vacillate between the two. Host videos on your Facebook page.

Interview with Social Media Influencer: Tom H. C. Anderson

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PostRank is trying to measure this across a few channels. Tom H. C. Anderson is the founder and managing partner of Anderson Analytics , a full-service market research consultancy that takes a “next generation” approach to research by fusing advanced analytics and traditional methodologies with leading edge technologies. Named the “Uncrowned Father of Web 3.0 Tom served as the elected U.S.

100+ Social Media Monitoring Tools

PostRank PostRank is the largest aggregator of social engagement data in the industry. PostRank social engagement data measures actual user activity, the most accurate indicator of the relevance and influence of a site, story, or author. PostRank offers both free and $ plans. Businesses also need to measure, analyze, and report on their social media efforts.

Tools 53

17 Plugins to Improve Your WordPress Blog

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PostRank also runs invisibly and shows me metrics about the popularity of blog posts to help me know what you like to read and what you hate. Plug photo by Adam Mulligan on Flickr. One of the neat aspects about WordPress is nobody owns it. With more than 1,300 themes and over 13,000 plugins , the appearance and functionality of any WordPress blog is up to the blog owner’s imagination.

Influence is Not a Number

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No. I’d look at Klout, Traackr (for now, while I have access to the system), perhaps MyMediaInfo (I’m currently a subscriber), Technorati (I know, I know), maybe PostRank … and I’d also be doing good old-fashioned searching, reading and listening. Here I go again: Klout does not equal Clout. And while it may in the future, it certainly does not right now. Klout.

PR for Products vs. Services: Do They Work the Same?

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So we’ve been testing Google analytics, Clicky, and PostRank to track our leads. A couple of weeks ago, Marcus Sheridan hosted his second webinar for Spin Sucks Pro. It was a follow-up to his first webinar on creating content for pull PR and marketing. As is typical of anything Marcus does, the webinar was really good. blogger relations, inbound marketing, planning, etc.).

Interview with Social Media Influencer: Dr. Dave Chaffey

Social Media Citizens

To help this, PostRank is an underused tool – this uses a combination of number of Facebook shares, tweets and an estimate of views to finds the most influential content. Dave Chaffey is CEO and co-founder of Smart Insights , an online publisher who provide guides, templates and training to help businesses succeed online. Dave has worked with a number of companies including 3M, BP, HSBC.

Average Age of a Facebook User? 38. [Infographic] | pamorama


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Average Age of a Facebook User? Infographic] by Pam Dyer on September 14, 2010 Share The demographics of the most popular social networking sites are changing quickly and, once again, the team at Flowtown has done a great job of compiling the latest statistics about Facebook users and social network usage in general. 

35 Great Social Media Infographics


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact 35 Great Social Media Infographics by Pam Dyer on March 3, 2010 Share Here’s a collection of terrific social media infographics that might come in handy. As you probably know, infographics are visual representations of information, data, or knowledge. Most of these have been scaled down or cropped. Donut Marketing 12.

Is Twitter Still A Good Marketing Tool? | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

– Twitter has posted some impressive numbers about its service and Frank at … [link] Log in to Reply Gina Witucki says: March 16, 2011 at 7:32 pm Small Business Mavericks – PostRank (PostRank: All) – Is Twitter Still A Good Marketing Tool? About Us What’s a Maverick? How Q&A Sites Can Boost Your SEO » Is Twitter Still A Good Marketing Tool?

We're Addicted to Social Networks: 48% of Us Check Them in Bed


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact We’re Addicted to Social Networks: 48% of Us Check Them in Bed by Pam Dyer on March 21, 2010 Share If you had any doubt about the extent to which Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms have taken over people’s lives, stats like these should help put them to rest. msigeek This is Funntassticc.! Great post.