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5 Infinitely Handy Content Curation Tools

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Categories: Blog , Content Creation , Content Marketing , Tools and Resources Tags: #tagboard , alltop , content marketing , Facebook interest Lists , HootSuite , , Social Media Marketing An integral part of content marketing, content curation (the process of finding, organizing and sharing digital content around a particular topic) can be time consuming. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Informer

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Its tagline is  “The Best Content about Social Media for Business”, and it sits alongside Alltop and Social Media Today in terms of content and community.  Featured Headline Social Media Alltop Facebook public relations RSS TwitterSome of social media’s top bloggers are featured on Social Media Former and it gives readers a great one-stop-shop to read their favourite blogs.

The Two Core Elements of B2B Social Media Marketing Success

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Identify the top blogs in any segment using AllTop , then note who those bloggers include in their blogrolls. Social Media Marketing AllTop American Idol amplification case studies content Content Marketing ebooks elements of b2b social media marketing success Field of Dreams infographics key influencers LinkedIn Groups presentations reports Twitter directories Twitter hashtags video viral video webinars white papersContent is like singing a song. Amplification (done well) is like singing that song into a microphone. On American Idol. Late in the season. Case studies. Video.

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How (and Why) to Map Your Company’s Digital Landscape

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If you’ve got the budget, the quickest and easiest way to build a list is by using a PR and social media monitoring tool such as Cision , Vocus or MyMediaInfo.  If not, or to supplement the results from those paid tools, do some manual research using free tools like AllTop , Technorati and Google Blog Search. But “use” and “success” are two different things.

Social Media At Alltop

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What's more alltop has information on other fields as well. So go on check out alltop and share you views on what you think of this space. While working on Social Media many a times you may need information to know what is taking place on the Social Media world map. At other instances you may want ideas to boost your thinking when you are about to write a blog post. There are couple of spaces on the net which can enable you to have good matter for your content. One such space is Here you can search for a range of topics and get to know the answers to your questions.

Wisdom of Technology Entrepreneurs

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Guy Kawasaki of Alltop - " Embrace, accept and cause change.The ability to change your mind means that you're thinking, questioning and courageous enough to admit mistakes". Careers Employee Engagement Leadership linkedin alltop wired mba guy kawasaki graduation speech graduation day business article tech entrepreneursI love Wired as a magazine and last month there was an article called MBA-in-a-minute. The business article looked at the graduation day wisdom of tech entrepreneurs and I wanted to share some with you. Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn - ".think inspire you.

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How Social Media Can Be Magic For Your Blog

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Add your blog to Alltop. Alltop is the RSS-feed aggregation site that helps people scan the news and find content. You can submit your blog’s RSS feed in order to get it on an Alltop page. Go here to submit your blog for any Alltop topic. Social media can be the magic that helps people find your blog articles. A few years ago, blogging and social media were separate.

The Death of Blogging: Part 271

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” NM Incite doesn’t indicate any peak and the number of blogs continually added to Alltop is not waning either. It seems that every month there is a newspaper article about the death of blogging. Editors talk. Verne Kopytoff wrote a sensationalist headline in the New York Times in February 2011 entitled, “ Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter.”

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Your Secret Weapon Against ‘Don’t Know What To Post’ Syndrome

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One of my other favourites is Alltop. Alltop is like an online magazine rack featuring some of the best blog sites neatly categorised in easy to find topics. Go over to Alltop now and watch the short video on this page: About Alltop. Come back to Alltop often (and remember to share what you find!). right. there. First of all, we all have something to share.

50 Tips to Make Your Company’s Blog Rock

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Use  StumbleUpon  and  AllTop  to increase your readership. I’m taking a few days of vacation time (before Patti Knight kills me) so we went through the 2010 most popular blog posts and updated a couple to run here again. Enjoy! It’s interesting to go back and look at both what I was reading two years ago and where I was getting blogging ideas. Ask questions. Create contests.

Take a Peek at Who I Read

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Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking Take a Peek at Who I Read Written on August 15, 2009 by Justin Levy in alltop , justinlevy , social media 3 Comments - Leave a comment! What is AllTop? If youre new here or just an old friend, Id love it if you subscribed via RSS feed. What does this mean? Not listed yet? 

Twitter: 15 Ways to Stay Interesting

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All your favorite blogs, all at once – Create a My Alltop page with all the blogs you follow and tweet it out. Tags: Social Media Twitter #FollowFriday alltop Cross Border Communications Elena Verlee foursquare groupon PR in Your Pajamas tweets twitpic Guest post by Elena Verlee , founder of Cross Border Communications. What else is there? Share your opinion – Go ahead, let it out!

Six Sources for Nonprofit News


Note: One might say, “Debra, what about Alltop?” Since Alltop is simply a curated blogroll, it does not meet the criteria of a curated article roundup. Guest post by Debra Askanase, reprinted by permission from Community Organizer 2.0. ———— I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to keep up with all the news. must-read.’s Mixed Links.

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The Ultimate Toolkit for the Professional Content Marketer


Alltop : You can set up an account with Alltop and get news feeds related to your niche. Content marketers have to wear many “hats.” This is a huge job, and it is no wonder that many businesses are abandoning their content marketing programs in favor of just plain old web-based advertising, if they can sustain it on their budgets. If you are considering such an abandonment, hold on.

Is Social Media Strategy Required or Redundant?

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Instead, he links to his own Alltop website , where he excerpts the original content and then includes a link for the “rest” of the story. Each of these Alltop pages include five banner ads. If so, I need to talk to the HR Director at Alltop immediately. I don’t have a problem with  Guy Kawasaki. enjoy his books. His track record in business is substantial.

Best Business Blogging Tips and Guides of 2010 (So Far), Part 2

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Jeff Bullas presents 50 tips to increase your blog’s readership, like asking questions of your readers, using StumbleUpon and AllTop , thoughtfully commenting on other blogs (with a link back to your own) and tweeting each of your new posts at least twice. Tags: Business Blogging Social Media Marketing aimClear AllTop Anil Gupta Annabel Candy blog link love blog SEO blogging for business business blogging tips Diana Adams Galen De Young Garrett French HubSpot Jeff Bullas Jill Chivers Kipp Bodnar Lisa Barone Marty Weintraub Patsi Krakoff writing a business blog

8 Steps to Write a Meaningful Blog Post

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also turn to Alltop when stuck. Choose a topic. I get a lot of my ideas from other blogs. Sometimes I want to restate something in my own words. Sometimes there is hidden fodder in a much larger post. John Haydon inspired me to write this post. He shared how to get blogging ideas from emails. wanted to personalize it. 2. Write the title. always write the title first. The body comes second.

Why to Join Me and Improve Your Life

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Libraries and bookstores exist for finding and reading printed books; and Alltop and Google Blog Search exist for finding and reading blogs. How many books sit on your shelf? Which books do you never read? How many shirts hang in your closet? Which shirts do you never wear? How many cups and glasses sit in your cupboard? Which cups do you never hold? How many blogs sit in your RSS reader?

5 Social Media Tips for Social Good Companies That Will Get Your Message Heard (In Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day)


Some of our favorites are Alltop , , and PostPlanner. Guest post by Meg Rulli, Co-founder,  ModMark Group. ———— “I don’t have time for social media.”. “I don’t have the money to hire anyone to do our social media marketing.”. Social media? wouldn’t even know where to start!”. Do any of these above statements sound familiar? Well, you aren’t alone.

10 Facebook Hacks to Make Your Small Business Look Colossal


You could also visit alltop to collect the best and trending articles from your industry. When a social networking site (read Facebook) has over 1.39 billion active users it’s wise to have a good brand establishment over there. Whether you are a blogger, artist or a small business, marketing on Facebook could surely get you tons of exposure and leads for your business. Benchmark’s email app.

Is Social Media Strategy Required or Redundant?

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Instead, he links to his own Alltop website , where he excerpts the original content and then includes a link for the “rest” of the story. Each of these Alltop pages include five banner ads. If so, I need to talk to the HR Director at Alltop immediately. I don’t have a problem with  Guy Kawasaki. enjoy his books. His track record in business is substantial. We have friends in common. But on the subject of social media strategy, we disagree in every possible way. Last month, Guy was interviewed (that happens a lot) in Inc. To which he replied: No.

Content Curation Tips: 6 Places to Find Content to Share on Social Media

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AllTop. It’s tough to define what AllTop is exactly. Using AllTop effectively could incorporate the following steps: 1. The homepage of AllTop is dedicated to trending stories, but if you’re looking for specific content curation resources, it’s best to immediately start filtering your results by category. 75% of marketers don’t have the time to create custom content.

Marketing via Aggregation, Filtering and Curation – Tools and Resources


Alltop – Limited blog aggregation. Great picture and post on the Information Overload Paradox : The post talks about the issue of overload: I can certainly consume more content than I could two decades ago, but no matter how much content is available, I can’t consume much more. And relative to the sheer volume of content available to me, I’m actually consuming a smaller percentage every day.

Social Media Outreach for Beginners

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Alltop. Alltop is a huge repository of content from around the web for almost any topic you can think of. Social media outreach is one of the best ways to form new relationships, increase engagement and get more eyes on your content. Executing a successful outreach campaign can be difficult, tedious and even frustrating sometimes. What is Social Media Outreach? It’s spam.

How to Triple Your Audience and Lead Generation With Content Syndication

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AllTop. It’s pretty hard to define AllTop, and even more difficult to describe exactly how it operates. Hitting the front page of AllTop is the content marketer’s equivalent of striking gold. How to Begin: Create an account on AllTop, and submit your website. While that’s nothing more than a dream for many of us, greater exposure is certainly a goal that’s within reach.

The Death of Blogging: Part 271

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” NM Incite doesn’t indicate any peak and the number of blogs continually added to Alltop is not waning either. It seems that every month there is a newspaper article about the death of blogging. Editors talk. Verne Kopytoff wrote a sensationalist headline in the New York Times in February 2011 entitled, “ Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter.”

The Top 100 Blogs to Curate for Social Media Power Users

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Alltop –417. Looking for some fresh content to curate and share on social media? It’s out there — in spades! Almost too many spades, right? With so many blogs to choose from , the challenge can sometimes flip from finding content to share to choosing which content to share. We’d love to help. Keen to hear which blogs are subscribed to most? — 1. Mashable – 2,620. 3.

88 Expert Content Marketing Posts Worth Another Read

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How to get your blog post shared 1000 times [infographic] by Alltop. As noted here previously, content marketing is now ubiquitous, with 93% of all marketers saying they do content marketing. All of those marketers are creating an enormous amount of content, which is making it difficult to stand out and rise above the noise. Image credit: HubSpot. These writers face the same challenge.

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31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010

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Josh Rose reviews six “news aggregators (including Popurls , Netvibes and Alltop ) that…are moving beyond the simple RSS reader. Looking for an easy way to create a cool graphical email signature with trackable interactive buttons? Supplement your email list with your contacts’ social network info? Create video emails? Create animations? Promote events through social media?

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How to Increase Twitter Engagement with Nestivity


Top SM Leader seen by Forbes, CNN, Huff Po, Alltop News & other media etc. This week, I had the privilege of taking a new Twitter tool for a spin. Nestivity (currently in beta) takes your Twitter engagement to a whole new level by encouraging people to engage in conversations and making those conversations easy to follow by placing them in a threaded discussion form. Anything goes.

How to Create Your Own Industry Recap, Resources, & Mashups


Alltop – If you don’t have enough subscriptions in your RSS reader, you can always check out the top blogs on specific topics on Alltop. Photo Credit: Mrs. Magic. Examples of Great Recap Posts. Curious who else does regular daily or weekly recap posts? Links You Can Use by Copyblogger – A weekly recap of seven top links in various areas of online marketing.

The “Must-Have&# Tool Kit of Social Media Citizen Vol. 2

Social Media Citizens

Alltop. There are as many social media tools as there are posts about these tools. It is a list of tools which has been used by top social media people generated from the interview series with Top Social Media Citizens. Free tools: Tweedeck. HootSuite. Seesmic Desktop. Google Alerts. Google Reader. Techmeme. Addictomatic. BoardReader. YackTrack. Topsy. BackType. Technorati. Social Mention.

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Best Social PR Guides and Tips of 2010 (So Far)

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Adam Vincenzini reviews 10 tools that he believes “MUST be part of a modern communicator’s arsenal&# including AllTop (for finding the most influential bloggers in any space), Social Mention (social media monitoring tool) and SWiX (an interesting tool though it appears to be no longer free). Social media has fundamentally altered the practice of public relations. And as any blogger can tell you, PR pros understand this, as witnessed by the incredible increase in blogger outreach “pitches&# from corporate PR departments and firms over the past two years. Like what?

The Devolving Civility Situation

Geoff Livingston

Here’s a man they worshipped for years; seeking his attention, putting Alltop badges on their blogs, clamoring for pictures with him at conferences, and generally treating him like social media royalty. This post was almost titled “Eating Kawasaki,” but the issue extends beyond Twitter behavior and influencers. So why bother? Pick your battles. Some Thoughts on Last Week.

7 Content Marketing Secrets to Increase Organic Traffic

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By using tools like Buzzsumo (seen above), Alltop , Quora , and even Google Trends to research and validate your topic before you start writing, you’ll ensure you’re not just creating content for content’s sake. 2. Here’s a question for you: How effective is your content at driving traffic to your website ? If If your answer is “not very,” then this is the post for you. Read on!

The Baconator on Social Media

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Right here on WUL, there are a few that I’m proud of (you’ll remember how thrilled I was when we finally got the Alltop badge ). We bloggers like badges. But today I’m exceptionally proud to unveil my newest badge and, perhaps, my favorite of all: the Baconator. All dreamed up in what has to have been a genius moment by Erin Feldman. Kaarina Dillabough. Bacon Artist. Oh No!

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30 Awesome Blogging Guides, Tips and Resources

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Peg Fitzpatrick passes along content curation tips from Guy Kawasaki in this post showcasing the top dozen places to find shareworthy content, starting with your own network and including both popular sharing sites (like StumbleUpon and AllTop) and less obvious choices (e.g., more here in 30 of the best business blogging guides and resources of the past year. Why Blog. Did you hear that?

Master List ?(A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples)?

For an additional 500, be sure to visit Master List 2.  And the third 500 has started on Master List 3. To learn how to contribute/edit, visit the Administration page. Wikis  Automotive  United States  David Bausola   Ford   Hurra Torpedo campaign   Presentation sharing  Automotive  United States  Philippe Deltenre   Ford   Where are the Joneses? adenin Facebook Page   Social networks  High Tech  United States  Meryl K. Evans   adenin TECHNOLOGIES Inc. Adenin Twitter   Microblogging / Microsharing  High Tech  United States  Meryl K. Whittemore   ePi Tech Inc.

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HOW TO: Gain Twitter Influence

Both Kawasaki — the co-founder of media aggregation site Alltop , author of nine books, and former Apple Fellow who uses Twitter to broadcast the interesting articles collected at Alltop — and Scoble, a blogger blogger who has carved out a niche in world-changing technologies, have met their own definitions of success. Kawasaki writes about 100 tweets a day, most of which drive traffic to Alltop. Contact Us Submit News Contact Us Write for Us Spark of Genius Series Mashable | The Social Media Guide Social Media Mashable on Facebook Join Us! That’s at one level.

10 Free Social Media Tools Every PR Pro Should Master In 2010

AllTop AllTop is an incredible resource. Pages. Home About Connect Got something? Paratus Comms #CommsChat PR Daily Top Blogs Speaking / events Thursday, 8 April 2010 10 Free Social Media Tools Every PR Pro Should Master In 2010 By Adam Vincenzini (Note: Part 2 of this series is available here ) Im always a bit hesitant when it comes to writing posts about social media tools. However, on this occasion I think the tools / resources Im about to walk you through MUST be part of a modern communicators arsenal, if not today, then by the end of 2010. excuses!! Very handy. Very useful.