Fri.Mar 29, 2024

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When to Create Multiple Ad Sets

Jon Loomer

When should you create multiple ad sets? I’ve been vocal about my preference to limit the number of ad sets. There are a couple of reasons for this , but there are always exceptions. Reasons to Limit Number of Ad Sets 1. If you use broad targeting or any audience expansion, multiple ad sets are rarely necessary for targeting. Regardless of what you use for the initial audience, the expanded (and largest) portion will be mostly the same.

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Youth Square’s Free Program Propels Young Creatives into the World of Micro-Influence

Bill Hartzer

Youth Square has once again paved the way for young visionaries to dive into the world of digital content creation with its latest initiative, ‘YS Digital Content Creator 2024’ Designed to empower the youth with cutting-edge skills in digital marketing, this program has been a beacon of innovation and learning, blending the traditional with the futuristic in a hybrid setup throughout February and March.